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广州天河孕前检查免费吗广州天河流产去哪个医院广州看男科的医院 In a perfect world, here#39;s what Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. John Boehner might have said when confronted last week with the revelation that China stitches together U.S. Olympic uniforms: 如果是在完美的世界里,参议院多数党领袖里德(Harry Reid)和众议院议长纳(John Boehner)上周发现美国奥运代表团队乃“中国制造”这一情况时可能会这样说: #39;Small potatoes. Call us back after we#39;ve fixed the deficit, the economy, Iran, and our real problems with China.#39;相关报道小事一桩。等我们解决了预算赤字、经济低迷、伊朗问题以及我们和中国间真正的问题之后再来讨论这事。 But no such luck. Democrat Reid said we should #39;burn#39; the clothes. Republican Boehner said, #39;They should have known better.#39; Several senators this week spent their time, and the public#39;s money, introducing the #39;Team USA Made in America Act,#39; which would require that future Olympic uniforms be made─guess where.但我们没有这样的运气。民主党人里德说,我们应该“烧掉”这些队。共和党人纳则说,他们早该知道不应这么干。本周多位参议员花了大把时间和纳税人的钱试图引入一项法案:《奥运队美国生产法案》。这项法案将规定,今后美国代表团的奥运队必须由美国制造。 Election seasons often bend sensibility, and this year is no different. Populism gets votes. It also distracts from tackling the big China issues that actually matter to U.S. business: protection of intellectual-property rights, market access, forced transfer of U.S. technology to China, and the ability of China#39;s state-owned enterprises to crush competitors. These days that agenda is largely on the back burner.在大选季,敏感性问题常常会被扭曲,今年也不例外。民粹主义总是能赢得选票。这同时也分散了我们的精力,令我们无暇顾及那些对美国商界来说真正重要的“中国问题”:保护知识产权;市场准入;强迫美国将技术转移至中国;中国国有企业具有的压垮竞争对手的能力。最近这些问题反而大都退居次要位置。 Says an executive with a U.S. manufacturer that has operations in China: #39;The comments reflect either a lack of understanding of comparative advantage and how trade works (the Chinese are really good at producing low-cost uniforms, the U.S. is really good at innovative technology and advanced manufacturing-which would you rather be?), or cynical politics. More likely both.#39; He doesn#39;t want to be named and get his company in trouble with the politicians.各国2012奥运队一览一家在中国有生产业务的美国制造企业的高管说,这些言论要么反映出说话人不了解比较优势理论以及国际贸易的运行机制(中国人非常善于生产低成本的装,美国人的优势则在于技术创新和先进制造业──难道你希望情况反过来吗?),要么就是一种愤世嫉俗的政治观点,很有可能两种情形都存在。这位企业负责人不愿具名,他不愿有政客来找自己公司的麻烦。 It#39;s #39;grandstanding,#39; says another manager with a tech multinational. #39;There are far more important bilateral business and trade issues for both countries.#39; 另一家高科技跨国企业的经理说,这种言论无非是为了哗众取宠,对中美两国来说,还有很多重要得多的双边经贸问题值得关注。 The flap over the uniforms has a lot to do with America#39;s fraught relations with China-a sense that the U.S. is losing the race to this commercial juggernaut. Ask the average man on the street what percentage of what we buy in the U.S. is made in China-including those Olympic uniforms-and you#39;ll probably get estimates well into the double digits.美国议员在队问题上的焦虑其实和中美关系存在种种问题有很大关系。美国人觉得,在这场试图主宰商业世界的竞争中,美国输给了中国。问问大街上一个普通美国人,我们在美国购买的商品中,“中国制造”占比多大(包括那些奥运队)?你得到的估计比例很可能是两位数。 And yet researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco calculate that in 2010 goods labeled #39;Made in China#39; accounted for just 2.7% of U.S. personal-consumption expenditures on goods and services-all the things we buy in a given year, from cars to clothing to health care. (Services account for about two-thirds of our spending and are chiefly produced locally.) 但旧金山联邦储备(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)的研究人员计算后发现,2010年,标有“中国制造”的商品在美国商品和务的个人消费出中占比仅为2.7%,这里的“商品和务”包括了我们在一年中所购买的所有东西,从汽车到衣再到医疗保健。(在我们的出中,务占比约为三分之二,主要由美国国内机构提供的。) U.S. businesses transport, sell and market those Chinese goods. Strip that value out, and the percentage attributed to the actual cost of Chinese imports drops to just 1.2%. Products that are made in America also sometimes include made-in-China components. But when the researchers added those components into their calculations, the final figure inched up to just 1.9%.美国企业负责运输、销售和推广这些中国商品。剔除这部分价值,美国进口自中国的商品的实际成本在美国民众消费出中的占比降至仅1.2%。就算是那些标着“美国制造”的商品有时也包含中国制造的零部件。但当研究人员将这些零部件价值也计算在内后,最终占比仅升至1.9%。 #39;Although globalization is widely recognized these days, the U.S. economy actually remains relatively closed,#39; the researchers said in their report. #39;The vast majority of goods and services sold in the U.S. is produced here.#39;报告说,虽然全球化如今已是普遍公认的事实,但美国经济实际上仍然是相对封闭的,美国市场上销售的绝大多数产品和务都产自国内。 Ralph Lauren, which designed the U.S. Olympic uniforms, won#39;t say what factory in China has the work. Kersten Zhang in the Journal#39;s Beijing bureau says one company making clothes for Ralph Lauren is Hong Kong-based Luen Thai, which has operations in southern China. Just this one company makes millions of garments and accessories a year for several American and global retailers.设计美国奥运队的拉尔夫#8226;劳伦公司(Ralph Lauren)拒绝透露是哪家中国工厂拿到了装生产业务。《华尔街日报》北京分社的张永静(Kersten Zhang)说,为拉尔夫#8226;劳伦生产装的公司之一是香港的联泰控股(Luen Thai),该公司在华南地区有营业机构。仅这一家公司每年就为数家美国零售商和全球零售商生产数百万的装和配饰。 China can clearly make clothes and Olympic uniforms more cheaply than we do in the U.S. That said, Ralph Lauren used employees in America to design the uniforms. And if the San Francisco Fed#39;s calculations are correct, more than half of the value of any public sale in the U.S. of the made-in-China clothes will flow to American companies.中国肯定能够以低于美国的成本生产装和奥运会队。不过拉尔夫#8226;劳伦是让美国的员工来设计队的。如果旧金山联邦储备的计算准确,那么中国产装在美国的零售额中,就有一半以上将流入美国公司的腰包。 #39;Across the business community there#39;s a recognition that we need to talk about trade in a more sophisticated way-that global value chains can#39;t be boiled down to three words: #39;Made in China#39; or #39;Made in America,#39;#39; says John Murphy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.美国商会(U.S. Chamber of Commerce)的墨菲(John Murphy)说,整个商界有一个认识,即我们需要用一种更加成熟的方式讨论贸易问题:全球价值链不能归结为“中国制造”或“美国制造”这样简单的词语。 #39;I think the debate reflects the current economic and unemployment concerns#39; in the U.S., adds John Frisbie, head of the U.S.-China Business Council.美中贸易全国委员会(U.S.-China Business Council)会长傅强恩(John Frisbie)说,我认为这场讨论反映了美国人当前对经济和失业问题的关切。 Castigating foreigners during election cycles and economic downturns is familiar sport in America. Bill Clinton famously campaigned against the #39;butchers of Beijing#39; when he ran for president. But once elected he championed China#39;s entry into the World Trade Organization.大选年和经济低迷期斥责外国人,在美国是一种常见的游戏。众所周知,克林顿(Bill Clinton)在竞选总统时就曾抨击“北京屠夫”。但在当选之后,他又表态持中国加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)。 We#39;re seeing this dynamic again now. Mitt Romney has a #39;Confront China#39; policy and says he#39;ll declare China a currency manipulator if he#39;s elected president. Barack Obama recently announced tariffs on certain Chinese goods. Meanwhile, there#39;s little movement on the more complex issues.现在我们又看到了这种现象。罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)有一套“与中国针锋相对”(Confront China)的政策,表示他如果当选总统,就会将中国定性为汇率操纵国。奥巴马(Barack Obama)最近宣布对某些中国货物施以惩罚性关税。与此同时,那些更复杂的议题却少有进展。 #39;The relationship at this point is a bit stalled,#39; says Charlene Barshefsky, the chief U.S. trade negotiator in the Clinton administration and now in the trade practice at WilmerHale. #39;On the trade side there isn#39;t an enormous amount of genuine activity going on.#39;曾在克林顿政府担任美国贸易代表、目前在律师事务所WilmerHale从事贸易事务的巴尔舍夫斯基(Charlene Barshefsky)说,当前美中关系有些停滞;在贸易领域真心诚意的交流活动不多。 That will change after the U.S. elections and the leadership transition now under way in China, she believes. #39;Both countries will go back to trying to find elements over which they can cooperate. That#39;s been the pattern over the last 30 years.#39;她相信,在美国大选、以及中国目前正在进行的领导层换届完成之后,这一情况将会改变。她说,两国都会重新寻找能够合作的领域;过去30年一直就是这么一个情况。 This assumes, of course, that America can get past the critical issue of who should sew our Olympic duds.当然这有一个前提,那就是美国能够想通本国奥运队应由谁来缝制这个关键的问题。 /201207/191796Kissing,stroking and wild embraces are common enough, but now the quiet,romantic gesture of holding hands in public is a final frontier formany young couples in the West-even though, traditionally it wasthe first step towards intimacy。  亲吻、爱抚和热情的拥抱虽很常见,但如今,安静、浪漫的牵手却成了很多西方年轻人在公共场所的终极边界——虽然这在传统上不过是亲昵行为的第一步。  Power coupleson the world stage have taken to handholding as a sign of equalityand commitment. The Obamas are often snapped hand-in-hand. UK PrimeMinister Gordon Brown and his wife parade with fingers entwined.And Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni are notorious for their public affection。   世界大舞台上的权贵夫妇们已将握手视为平等、承诺的标志。奥巴马夫妇照相时总是两手紧握,英国首相戈登·布朗夫妇外出时也总是十指紧扣,法国总统尼古拉斯·萨科奇和妻子卡拉·布鲁尼更因二人在公共场合的亲昵举动而招致不少非议。  That very fact--that it's a simple but powerful statement of commitment--isexactly what deters many young people from linkinghands。  然而,正是这个简单却强大的承诺让众多年轻人对牵手望而却步。  There is nopublic display of affection more intimate between two people than handholding, writes New York bachelor Jozen, on his blog. "Holdinghands is the ultimate sign that two people are not only together,but happily so. Couples kiss madly, hug madly. But hold handsmadly? Oh no, they don't do that."  纽约单身汉Jozen曾在客中写道:“所有公共场合亲密行为中,两人间最亲密的行为莫过于牵手了。牵手不仅宣告两人在一起的事实,还将两人的幸福一并传达出来。情侣们会疯狂地亲吻、拥抱。但他们会疯狂地牵手么?当然是不会。”  Public Displayof Affection is so common and varied that it's earned its ownacronym, the PDA。  公共场合亲密行为很常见,也很多样化。它已经拥有了自己的首字母缩略词——PDA。 /201001/93655天河结扎复通哪家医院最好的

广州番禺哪家医院治尖锐湿疣最好500年前达芬奇·里奥纳多画了这幅当今西方艺术上最富盛名的画作,目前真迹被放在巴黎卢浮宫物馆,也成为了卢浮宫物馆的三大镇馆之宝之一,而蒙娜· 丽莎那神秘的微笑更是几百年来许多专家学者的研究对象。最新研究显示这幅画作中的模特可能是一位怀女性——而这也恰恰是达芬奇创作这幅画作的原因。Five hundred years after Leonardo painted the most famous picture in Western art, new research suggests that his model may have been an expectant mother - and that he painted her for precisely that reason.500年前达芬奇·里奥纳多画了这幅当今西方艺术上最富盛名的画作,最新研究显示这幅画作中的模特可能是位怀女性——而这也恰恰是达芬奇创作这幅画作的原因。Mona Lisa is a puzzle and quite unlike any other picture of the time. In the materialistic culture of early-16th-century Florence, portraits weren#39;t an expression of individuality and character, they were an advert for wealth and social status. But far from being the height of fashion, Mona Lisa#39;s dress is utterly plain and timeless and, despite the fact that she is a married woman, she wears no jewellery, not even a wedding ring.《蒙娜丽莎》这一幅作品和当时的其他作品不太一样。在16世纪早期的佛罗伦萨,一切都处在唯物主义的指导下,肖像画作不是用来展示个画中人物的性格而是一种财富和社会地位的象征。这幅画作里的蒙娜丽莎却没有显现出当时的潮流,她穿着的装朴实无华,完全看不出来她是个已婚的女性,既没有佩戴珠宝也没有戴戒指。The mystery deepens when we learn that Leonardo never delivered the portrait. Instead, he continued to work on it for many years and kept the Mona Lisa by his side until his death on May 2, 1519.当我们了解到达芬奇·里奥纳多不仅没有把这幅画卖出,还在之后的很多年里继续创作这幅画,并最终将这幅画珍藏到死。这一切更加加深了这幅画的神秘感。Rona Goffen, professor of art history at Ruttgers University, argues that although Mona Lisa began as a portrait, at some point its purpose changed: ;It was intensely personal to Leonardo, something that he would develop over the years entirely for himself.;罗格斯大学艺术史教授Rona Goffen认为《蒙娜丽莎》起初是一幅肖像画,但是在某种意义上却有了不同的目的:“里奥纳多倾注了强烈的个人情感,让他在之后几年里都在继续创作这幅画作。”If Mona Lisa is not a portrait, then what is it? Perhaps more than any other painter, Leonardo#39;s art is imbued with his scientific observations. His ambition was to discover the very source of life itself.如果《蒙娜丽莎》不是一幅肖像画,那又会是什么呢?与其他画家不一样,里奥纳多的艺术中充满了他对科学的观察。他急切的想探索生命的奥秘。Professor Martin Kemp, widely regarded as the world#39;s leading authority on Leonardo, describes: ;If you think that Leonardo, in a sense, saw this inside her body, then you suddenly realise, wow, that is how Leonardo looked at it. He thinks he#39;s really getting to the mystery of life, the cyclical nature of birth, maturity and death.;被认为是里奥纳多研究领军人物的Martin Kemp教授说:“如果你认为里奥纳多在某种程度上看出了她已经怀了,你就会猛然发现里奥纳多的视角原来是这样的。他认为自己对神奇的生命了解越来越多,了解了人类从出生到成熟最终死亡的生命周期循环。”The life cycle and the female role in creation is still only half the story of the Mona Lisa. The other half, often overlooked, is the primeval landscape in front of which she is sitting. Most people assume that this was a product of Leonardo#39;s fertile imagination, but there#39;s increasing evidence it was inspired by the landscape of his childhood, the Arno Valley.生命的循环和女性角色还只是《蒙娜丽莎》这个故事的一半。常常被忽视的另外一半则是画中蒙娜丽莎背后的背景。大多数人觉得那是里奥纳多想象出来的,但是越来越多的据表示蒙娜丽莎背后的背景其实是达芬奇根据自己儿时的记忆创作出来的自己曾经生活过的地方——亚诺河河谷。The two great lakes continuous, hydrological cycle all match Leonardo#39;s observations about how the landscape we see today was shaped by the power of water. Many regard him as the father of geology as a modern science.两条大河持续不断的冲刷循环造就了我们今天所看到的风景。很多人将他视为现代科学中的地理学之父。It is a distillation of all that he had discovered through a lifetime#39;s observation into the secrets of nature.因此《蒙娜丽莎》也是达芬奇对生命和自然观察留下的精华所在。 /201208/194732广州番禺做一次人流多少钱 1。如果只是遇见,不能停留,不如不遇见。   If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered. /200909/84991广州长安不孕医院靠谱吗

天河区长安医院保胎怎么样好不好1.Bring back the feeling you've learned to forget.1.重温好不容易才放下的感受 /201103/128179 Detailed instructions for women on how to prevent men from looking up their skirts have been on microblog, which is posted by the Zhejiang provincial public security bureau, Zhejiang Online reported.据浙江在线报道,浙江公安官方发布微,传授女性防走光秘笈,防止男性偷窥穿短裙的女性。Liu Zhongmin, spokesman for the Zhejiang provincial public security bureau, said locations like supermarkets, bus stops and escalators are places where women are vulnerable.浙江省公安发言人刘忠民称,超市、公交车站和自动扶梯是女性最易被偷窥的地点。He suggested a few simple self-protection measures, such as wearing leggings underneath a skirt or pulling the shopping cart behind the back to prevent men from sneaking up from behind.他传授了几招女性自我保护的小绝招,如,在超短裙里面穿上打底裤。在逛超市时,穿裙子的女性最好拉着购物车走,防止色狼从身后探过来偷窥。 /201205/181080广州长安不孕不育医院男子复通手术多少钱广州番禺哪个医院看妇科好



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