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The dragons, dire wolves, White Walkers and power-hungry political factions in HBO’s fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” will invade movie theaters later this month — on the big, big screen. An exclusive trailer the coming season along with the final two episodes of the previous season will be shown in 0 Imax theaters across the country.本月底,HBO频道的奇幻史诗电视剧《权力的游戏(Game of Thrones)中的龙、冰原狼、白鬼和渴望权力的政治派系将登上电影院的大银幕下一季的独家预告片和上一季的最后两集将在美国各地的0家Imax影院上映The critically acclaimed drama about rival dynasties in a medieval-like world will be the first television series ever to appear on Imax screens. Tickets the engagement, which will run one week from Jan. 3 to 9, will go on sale “in the coming days.”这部广受好评的电视剧讲述的是在一个类似中世纪的世界里的王朝争夺,它将成为首部登上Imax银幕的电视剧“几天后”将开始售票,上映时间是1月3日至9日The move signals a continued blurring of the lines among media platms, where digital s, television series and films stream across a proliferation of screens, from tiny mobile phones to movie theaters. It also shows the extent to which media companies are trying to turn their blockbuster hits into mega events, as drawing mass audiences becomes increasingly rare.这一举措表明,媒体平台之间的界线更加模糊——数字视频、电视剧和电影出现在越来越多的屏幕上,从手机小屏幕到影院大银幕它还表明,媒体公司在努力把自己的轰动作品变成大事件,因为吸引大量观众变得越来越难 Imax, the “Game of Thrones” screening is part of an eft to expand the type of programming it shows beyond its core theatrical releases, especially as the North American box office faces tumbling sales. The company has had preliminary conversations with other entertainment companies about showing other television series and also has tested technologies allowing the screening of live sports. Music concerts also are on the table, said Richard L. Gelfond, chief executive of Imax.Imax公司想通过上映《权力的游戏来扩展自己放映的节目类型,不局限于放映核心电影,特别是在北美电影票房不佳的情况下该公司和其他公司初步讨论了放映其他电视剧的计划,还测试了直播体育赛事的技术Imax公司的首席执行官理查德·L·盖尔方德(Richard L. Gelfond)说,音乐会也在讨论之列“We see the past of our company and the future of our company as innovating in the way that content is displayed,” Mr. Gelfond said.“我们公司的过去和未来都是在不断革新内容的呈现方式,”盖尔方德说Other experimentation includes a plan to show the sequel to the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” simultaneously on Netflix and in select Imax theaters.其他试验包括计划在Netflix网站和一些精选Imax影院同时播映《卧虎藏龙(Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)的续集HBO and Imax started talking about screening “Game of Thrones” several months ago, convinced that the high production quality of the series, the demographic of the fan base and the branding opporties made it a worthy experiment. At a reported million to $ million an episode, the show ranks as one of the most expensive productions on television today.几个月前,HBO和Imax开始讨论放映《权力的游戏,他们确信,这部电视剧制作精良,拥有庞大的粉丝群,又有许多品牌推广机会,所以值得尝试在影院上映据报道,该剧每集的制作成本为600万至00万美元,是如今制作成本最高的电视剧之一“ Game of Thrones’ is one of the few television shows that has the scope and cinematic qualities to really support the Imax mat,” said Pamela Levine, chief marketing officer at HBO.“从题材规模和拍摄品质角度讲,《权力的游戏是少数几部真正持Imax格式的电视剧之一,”HBO的首席营销官帕梅拉·莱文(Pamela Levine)说 HBO, the screening kicks off the promotion the coming season of “Game of Thrones,” which starts in April. It will also start what is expected to be a big year of marketing and promotion the premium cable network as a whole. HBO announced in October that it planned to introduce a stand-alone Internet streaming service later this year that does not require a standard cable or satellite subscription. It also is planning its first brand marketing campaign in about two decades.对HBO来说,《权力的游戏的上映拉开了该剧下一季宣传的序幕,下一季将于月份开播对于这个付费有线电视网来说,今年是整体营销和推广的重要年头去年月,HBO宣布将在年晚些时候推出单独的互联网流媒体务,它不需要缴纳常规的有线电视或卫星电视费用该公司还在规划约年来的首次品牌推广活动Some industry observers have speculated that HBO’s new subscription streaming service would start in tandem with the new season of “Game of Thrones” so that the network could capitalize on the buzz related to the show. The fourth season of “Game of Thrones,” which ended in June, averaged 19 million cumulative viewers, making it the most-watched HBO original series ever.一些行业观察者们预测,HBO新的订购流媒体务将和《权力的游戏的新一季同时开始,这样该电视台就能充分利用该剧带来的轰动效应《权力的游戏第四季于去年6月结束,平均每集的观众累积达1900万,是HBO原创电视剧中收视率最高的HBO has not released details about the timing or other aspects of the new service.HBO尚未发布这项新务的推出时间和其他细节Timing was crucial the “Game of Thrones” screenings. Blockbuster productions rarely are released in January, giving Imax some flexibility in scheduling an experiment. “It would be difficult to bump ‘Avengers’ or ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Bond’ to do something like this,” Mr. Gelfond said. “But in late January, you have a lot more flexibility.”《权力的游戏的上映时机很关键大片很少在1月份发布,这让Imax公司有了一些灵活性,可以安排一次试验“你很难挤掉《复仇者联盟(Avengers)、《星球大战(Star Wars)或《0(Bond),来做这样的尝试,”盖尔方德说,“但是1月底有很大的灵活性” 3866导读:年南非世界杯开赛在即,作为四年一届的体坛盛会,亿万球迷无不心神往之老牌劲旅,新晋黑马(dark horse)悉数登场,群雄逐鹿绿茵场上,是实力说话,还是命数已定?但是比赛的魅力恰恰在于,不到最后一刻你永远不知道谁是赢家  It is only natural that the world’s biggest sport has the world’s biggest rivalries. From European, warring neighbors to mortal enemies, the best sides in the world all have that team that they want to beat more than any other.  世界最大的体育赛事自然要配上世界顶级的较量不管是欧洲,抑或正在交火的邻国,或者是不共戴天的劲敌,世界上实力最强的国家都拥有一雄心勃勃誓要战无不胜的球队   What follows is by no means the definitive list. Imagine if the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea faced off against the US – or if Australia came up against its arch-enemy, New Zealand.   以下猜想绝非定论试想一下,如果朝鲜与美国同场竞技,或者澳大利亚队与劲敌新西兰队狭路相逢,将是怎样一番情景?   The following will take you through the World Cup favorites and dishes up the dirt.  接下来,我们将一同领略世界杯热门球队的风采,对它们评头论足一番 57

Victoria Beckham has managed to balance a successful fashion career with her family life – but not without some criticism ... from her children!维多利亚#86;贝克汉姆一直在设法平衡成功的时尚事业和她的家庭生活——但并不是没有一些批评……来自她的孩子!In the March issue of Elle UK, the 38-year-old mother of four says her cooking skills dont align with her design talents and her brood will attest to that.在英国《Elle3月刊上,这位38岁有四个孩子的母亲说她的烹饪技能不能与她的设计天赋齐平,她的孩子将实这一点;You know what they say to me, because Im not the best cook, although I try really hard? They always say to me: Mummy, we know that the main ingredient in what you make is love,; she says.“你知道他们对我说什么吗?因为我不是最好的厨师,但我真的很努力地尝试过了他们总是对我说:“妈妈,我们知道你做的食物中主要的成分是爱,”她说But when it comes to her clothing line, Beckham is the expert.但一旦谈到她的装系列,贝克汉姆夫人是专家As her family moves back to the U.K. after years in Los Angeles while her husband David played L.A. Galaxy, Victoria says she had to learn to rely on others more as she continues to articulate her vision in a growing fashion empire.在她丈夫大卫在洛杉矶队效力多年后她一家人将重返英国,而当她继续阐明她不断增长的时尚帝国的远见时维多利亚说她必须学着更多地依赖他人;Youve got to trust people,; she says. ;And because I am a control freak, that difficult me because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I cant hand over,; she said. ;But Im trying to do that more. It hard because I have such a specific vision.;“你必须信任别人,”她说“因为我是一个控制狂,对于我那是困难的,因为我几乎要事无巨细地管控每件事我不能交给别人,”她说“但我想更多地尝试这很难因为我有这样一个特定的愿景”Beckham credits her own work ethic – and that of her husband – catapulting her into the upper echelon of the design world, where the mer Spice Girl was a fashion plate in her own right bee earning global respect her clothing and product lines.贝克汉姆夫人夸了她自己以及她丈夫的职业道德———将她送入设计世界的顶端,在那里这位前“辣”在她的饰和产品线赢得全球尊重之前以她自己的选择成为一个时尚风向标;It was never my intention to prove anybody wrong,; she says of her success. ;I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I dont have to work. I need to work. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it.;“这绝对不是我的本意来明谁错了,”她谈及自己的成功“我想向自己明我可以做到我不用必须工作我需要工作如果你足够努力去做我相信你能成就任何事” 0376

All of us may be trying desperately (or at least occasionally) to eat enough wild Alaskan salmon, leafy greens and quinoa salads. But let’s be honest; if we’re making the eft to pack a bag and book a flight in search of flavor, it’s going to be something decadent.我们大家可能会努力(至少也是偶尔)去吃很多阿拉斯加三文鱼、绿叶蔬菜和藜麦沙拉不过,咱们实话实说吧,如果我们不辞辛苦地整理行装、预订机票去寻找美食,那一定是去找不健康的食品The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival in Ireland and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris are two more obvious choices edible extravagance. Having just celebrated its 60th anniversary, the oyster festival has grown from a banquet 30 to one of Ireland’s most celebrated events, with music, shucking competitions and historical tours marking the beginning of the oyster harvest (Sept. 5 to 7).爱尔兰的戈尔韦国际牡蛎海鲜美食节和巴黎的巧克力沙龙是享用侈美食的两个好选择牡蛎节刚庆祝完60周年纪念,它从一个30人的宴会发展成爱尔兰最著名的活动之一,包括音乐、剥壳大赛以及标志着牡蛎收获季开始的历史游览(9月5日至7日)Salon du Chocolat hosts several events focused on the darling of indulgences, this year in Japan, Belgium, Russia and England; all amuse-bouches to the main course in Paris, a virtual fondue pot of international confectioners and pastry chefs mixing, tasting, building towers out of, and designing clothing with cacao (Oct. to Nov. 1).巧克力沙龙通常会举办好几场活动,全是围绕着这种人们用来宠爱自己的食品今年的活动将在日本、比利时、俄罗斯和英格兰举办;巴黎将展示全套巧克力大餐,从小点心到主菜应有仅有国际糖果商和糕点大厨们会在这些活动中搅拌、品尝巧克力,用可可建大楼、设计装(月日至月1日)But some of the world’s richest treats aren’t quite as refined. Take, instance, the “doppelbock,” a doubly strong version of an aly thick and malty beer first brewed by the Paulaner monks in Munich in the th century. Oddly, it was brewed during Lent, when fasting allowed only the consumption of liquids. The more potent the beer, the more nourishment they got, or so the story goes, and the local flock was happy to follow their example.不过,世界上味道最浓郁的一些美食未必都这么精致比如双倍浓郁的doppelbock柏龙啤酒柏龙啤酒本就是口味厚重的麦芽啤酒,最初是世纪慕尼黑修士们酿造的奇怪的是,它是在大斋节(Lent)期间酿造的——大斋节期间禁食,只允许饮用液体啤酒越浓郁,就越有营养,或者至少据说是这样的,所以当地人很乐意效仿修士们的榜样Today, the tradition is celebrated during Starkbierzeit, or “strong beer time,” the first of Germany’s spring beer festivals (Feb. 7 to March ). It begins each year at the Nockherberg brewery’s Paulaner beer hall and garden, mer home to those crafty friars, with the tapping of the first keg of Salvator, the original brew, just as strong. Look other varieties, as well as oompah bands and other entertainment, at any of Munich’s abundant breweries.如今,人们在浓啤酒节(Starkbierzeit)上庆祝这一传统,它是德国的第一个春季啤酒节(月7日至3月日)每年,它在Nockherberg啤酒厂的柏龙啤酒屋和啤酒花园开始,当年那些手艺精湛的修士们就住在这里啤酒节的第一个活动是拧开第一桶Salvator啤酒,也就是最初酿造的那种啤酒,它依然浓郁你可以在慕尼黑的众多啤酒厂寻找其他口味和品牌的啤酒,以及各种节目The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival may have mile-long trains of crawfish b and stuffed-mirliton, but the gumbos and gravies of the South Louisiana Blackpot Festival amp; Cook-Offin Lafayette win crowds with personality. Each pot entered in the festival’s th anniversary cook-off this year (Oct. 3 to ) represents centuries of Acadian and Cajun history, family recipes tweaked and tooled over the years to compete modern palates.新奥尔良爵士乐与遗产节上也许会有一英里长的小龙虾面包和填馅佛手瓜;拉斐特的南路易斯安那黑陶罐和烹饪大赛则以独特的秋葵汤和肉汁吸引游客今年,这个美食节将迎来十周年纪念(月3日至日)烹饪赛上的每个陶罐都代表着阿加底亚人和路易斯安那州法国后裔几百年的历史,这些家庭菜谱在漫长的岁月中不断演变,以迎合现代人的口味Crowds gather at competitors’ pots on Saturday evenings while the judges decide which wins the day in five categories: gravies, gumbos, cracklins (or “gratons”), jambalayas and desserts (yes, pies, cobblers and even cinnamon rolls cooked in cast iron).周六晚上,观众聚集在参赛者的陶罐前,等待裁判们宣布当天的赢家,竞赛分为以下五个类别:肉汁、秋葵汤、猪油渣、什锦饭和甜品(是的,派和水果馅饼,甚至包括用铸铁锅做的肉桂卷)Americana plays throughout, from the region’s best zydeco to Appalachian bluegrass, topped off with an accordion contest and square dancing lessons. And in the campgrounds, where most out-of-towners settle in the night, there’s more grilled boudin sausage and fried catfish to be shared, most likely along with a fiddled fais-do-do from a neighboring tent美国传统贯穿活动全程,从该地区最著名的柴迪科舞到阿巴拉契亚蓝草音乐,还有手风琴大赛和方块舞课程大部分外地人在露营地过夜,那里有烤猪血香肠和煎鲶鱼供大家分享,很可能从旁边帐篷里还会传来fais-do-do小提琴催眠曲Could there be a better promotion a new music festival than the Great Wall of China? The Yin Yang Festival, which made its debut on the wall in Tianjin last fall, is to host a second edition in June ( to ). And while the music is a bit narrow in scope (the website touts it as “high quality noncommercial underground electronic dance music”), it can serve as a good jumping-off point those who want to see more of Chinese culture.要宣传一个新音乐节,还有什么比得过长城?去年秋天,阴阳音乐节在天津的长城上首次亮相,第二届将于今年6月(至日)举办虽然该音乐节的乐曲范围有点窄(官网宣称它是“高品质的非商业地下电子舞曲”),但是对那些想更多了解中国文化的人来说,它是个很好的切入点Tickets include three days of access to the Great Wall, which knocks out a big portion of the to-do list, and the event coincides with one of China’s oldest cultural events, the ,000-year-old Dragon Boat Festival. (Take the high-speed rail to Suzhou to watch races on Lake Jinji.)购买门票后,你可以在长城上游玩三天,这是活动清单上的重头戏该音乐节举办之际,正值中国最古老的节日之一——有00年历史的端午节(你可以乘高铁到苏州观看金鸡湖上的龙舟赛)Just make sure to bring plenty of supplies to Yin Yang, including food and water. Unlike its predecessor, the Great Wall Music Festival (an eclectic mix of dance music at the Juyong pass in Beijing each May), there are few, if any, established vendors nearby. And catch a nap — it’s an all-night affair.不过,去参加阴阳音乐节,你一定要带够食物和水不像它的前辈——长城音乐节(每年5月在居庸关举办的综合舞曲大会)——阴阳音乐节附近几乎没有固定商贩活动开始前,你可以先小睡一会儿——它是个通宵活动 6795Swedish Princess Madeleine fell in love in the Big Apple. Now she has said ;yes; to New York banker Christopher ONeill in a lavish and emotional wedding ceremony in Stockholm.瑞典公主玛德琳在有“大苹果”之称的纽约坠入爱河在斯德哥尔奢华感人的婚礼上,玛德琳公主对纽约家克里斯托弗·欧尼尔说:“我愿意”Madeleine, 30, was wearing a stunning silk organza dress with a lace top and four-meter (-foot) trail, designed by Valentino Garavani, when she tied the knot with British-American ONeill on Saturday. Around 70 European royals, top New York socialites and celebrities were in attendance.婚礼上,现年30岁的玛德琳身穿加拉瓦尼(Walentino Garavani)亲自设计的华美丝质婚纱与英裔美国人欧尼尔喜结连理,公主的婚纱上部缀有蕾丝,拖尾长达米(约合英尺)约70位欧洲皇室成员、纽约各界名流出席了结婚庆典The 38-year-old ONeill fought back tears as the princess walked down the aisle with her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, to a traditional Swedish wedding march permed by a children choir. The bride and groom were visibly moved as the ceremony proceeded with hymns in both Swedish and English, and permances by Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson and Broadway ;Phantom of the Opera; star Peter Joback.在儿童唱诗班咏唱的传统瑞典结婚进行曲的旋律中,瑞典国王卡尔十六世·古斯塔夫(King Carl XVI Gustaf)挽着玛德琳公主步下走廊时,现年38岁的欧尼尔强忍激动的泪水当婚礼进行到赞美诗部分,罗克赛特女主唱玛丽·弗莱德里克森(Marie Fredriksson)和百老汇《歌剧魅影男星皮特·乔巴克(Peter Joback)分别用瑞典语和英语演唱,令新郎新娘十分动容With a smile on her face, Madeleine out the wedding vows in Swedish while ONeill his in English in the Royal Chapel, decorated with typical Swedish summer flowers. After the wedding, the couple kissed on the steps of the palace in front of a cheering crowd of several thousand who had gathered in the sunshine waving Swedish flags.在用最具瑞典特色的夏季花朵装点的皇家小礼堂中,玛德琳面带微笑,用瑞典语宣读结婚誓词,欧尼尔则用英语宣读誓词婚礼结束后,这对新人在台阶上拥吻,灿烂的阳光下成千上万的瑞典人聚集在周围舞动瑞典国旗;We hope she will be very happy in the future, the princess Madeleine,; Julia Huelsman, who had traveled from Munich, Germany, the occasion, said.专程从德国慕尼黑赶来的茱莉亚·赫尔斯曼(Julia Huelsman)说:“我们衷心祝愿玛德琳公主将来生活幸福”Later, the newlyweds travelled in a procession through the crowded streets of the capital in a special horse and carriage. They then sailed to the royal residence and UNESCO World Heritage site Drottningholm Palace, kilometers (6 miles) west of the city center, where a private wedding reception will be held.随后,这对新婚夫妇坐在特制的马车上,在首都热闹的街道开始婚礼游行游行结束后,他们乘游艇前往位于市中心西面公里(约合6英里)处的皇室官邸,并将在这所被列为联合国教科文组织世界遗产的官邸内举办私人婚礼宴会Madeleine is the youngest of Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia three children and fourth in line to the throne. She became known as Sweden party princess in her early s, when she was frequently spotted at Stockholm high-end nightclubs, and has attracted widesp attention her stylish clothes.玛德琳公主是瑞典国王卡尔十六世和王后西尔维娅三个孩子中年纪最小的,拥有第四顺位王位继承权她在二十岁出头的时候经常出入斯德哥尔高端夜店,而她的潮流穿着也受到广泛关注,被称作瑞典派对公主But her life hasnt always been a fairytale. Madeleine extravagant lifestyle has often been criticized by Swedes, who prefer the down-to-earth attitude of her sister, Crown Princess Victoria, who married acommoner. And in , she fled to New York after breaking off her first engagement to Swedish attorney Jonas Bergstrom amid media reports that he had cheated on her.然而,公主也并非一直过着童话般的生活,玛德琳奢靡的生活方式经常遭到瑞典民众的批评,他们更为欣赏玛德琳的维多利亚公主的务实作风,维多利亚公主此前也嫁给了一个平民年,媒体曝出与玛德琳订婚的瑞典律师乔纳斯·伯格斯特洛姆(Jonas Bergstrom)出轨,订婚取消后,玛德琳逃避似的去了纽约Since then, Madeleine has held a lower profile, working the nonprofit World Childhood Foundation in New York, where she met ONeill through mutual friends. The couple was first spotted together having lunch at the Central Park Boathouse in January and they announced their engagement in October .自那以后,玛德琳一直保持低调,在纽约为公益性世界儿童组织工作,经两人共同的朋友介绍才与欧尼尔相识年1月两人第一次曝光,当时他们正在纽约中央公园船屋(Boathouse)餐厅共进午餐,同年月,两人宣布订婚ONeill was born into a wealthy family. His late father, Paul ONeill, set up the European head office of Oppenheimer amp; Co. in London in the 1960s and his mother, Eva Maria ONeill, is involved in several charities. He studied at a boarding school in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and holds a bachelor degree in international relations from Boston University and a master degree from Columbia Business School in New York.欧尼尔生于富裕家庭,他的父亲、已故的保尔·欧尼尔(Paul ONeill)先生上世纪六十年代在伦敦设立了奥朋墨姆公司的欧洲总部,他的母亲爱娃·玛利亚·欧尼尔(Eva Maria ONeill)参与多项慈善事业欧尼尔曾就读于瑞士圣加伦(St. Gallen)的一所国际学校,拥有波士顿大学国际关系学学士学位,并在位于纽约的哥伦比亚大学商学院获得硕士学位ONeill, who holds dual American and British citizenship, has declined a royal rank in Sweden, which would have required him to become a Swedish citizen. He has chosen to continue working and the newlyweds are expected to move back to their apartment in Manhattan.欧尼尔拥有英国和美国双重国籍,谢绝了需要加入瑞典国籍才能接受的封爵他准备继续现在的工作,这对新婚夫妇可能会搬回他们在曼哈顿的公寓Guests at the wedding included the U.K. Earl and Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward and Sophie; Princess Takamado of Japan and princes and princesses from Norway, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg and Monaco.本次婚礼的来宾包括英国威塞克斯 (Wessex)伯爵夫妇、爱德华( Edward and Sophie)王子夫妇、日本宪仁亲王妃久子(Takamado)以及来自挪威、丹麦、希腊、卢森堡、纳哥的王子和公主们ONeill had also invited many of his super-rich friends, such as Opel heir Georg von Opel, Cadbury chocolate heir Joel Cadbury, Colombian billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo, and Aidan and Fizzy Barclay. Other well-known invitees were Duran Duran band member John Taylor, the CEO of fashion retailer Hamp;M, Karl-Johan Persson, and golfer Jesper Parnevik.欧尼尔还邀请了很多富豪朋友,如欧宝汽车公司继承人乔治·范·欧宝(Georg von Ope)、吉百利巧克力继承人乔尔·吉百利(Joel Cadbury)、哥伦比亚富豪亚历杭德罗·桑托·多明戈(Alejandro Santo Domingo)以及艾丹·巴克莱和菲兹·巴克莱(Aidan and Fizzy Barclay)其他受到邀请的名人包括杜兰杜兰乐队(Duran Duran band)成员约翰·泰勒(John Taylor)、Hamp;M 公司首席执行官卡尔#539;约翰#539;佩尔松( Karl-Johan Persson)以及高尔夫球员杰斯佩-帕尼维克(Jesper Parnevik)The marriage is the latest in a series of glamorous royal weddings that have mesmerized Europe in the past few years. In June , Madeleine older sister Crown Princess Victoria wed her personal trainer Daniel Westling in a grand ceremony in Stockholm and the year after, Britain Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in extravagant fashion in front of an estimated billion television viewers. Also in , Prince Albert II of Monaco wed Charlene Lynette Wittstock and in , Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg ed with Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy.此次婚礼是近年来一系列令欧洲着迷的奢华皇室婚礼中最新的一个,年6月,玛德琳的瑞典女王储维多利亚公主(Crown Princess Victoria )和她的私人健身教练丹尼尔·韦斯特林 (Daniel Westling)在斯德哥尔举行结婚盛典,翌年,英国威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿( Kate Middleton )在约亿电视观众共同见的奢华婚礼上喜结连理同样是在年,纳哥阿尔贝二世亲王和夏琳·丽奈特·维斯托克( Charlene Lynette Wittstock )结婚,年,卢森堡大公储纪尧姆( Guillaume )和比利时女伯爵斯蒂芬妮·德·兰诺伊( Stephanie de Lannoy)结婚The Swedish royal family has only ceremonial duties, such as attending award ceremonies, promoting Swedish businesses abroad and supporting charities. As the head of state, the king also receives eign dignitaries on mal visits to Sweden.瑞典皇室家族仅担负礼仪性职责,比如出席颁奖典礼、帮助瑞典拓展对外经贸、资助慈善组织等作为国家的精神领袖,国王也会接待来瑞典进行正式访问的外国政要 75If you love a man in unim, tune in to the December 6 episode of The CW Vampire Diaries. ;Weve got Damon [Ian Somerhalder] and Stefan [Paul Wesley] in Army gear!; says exec producer Julie Plec.如果你是制控,那你一定要看CW电视网月6号播出的这一集《吸血鬼日记“我们有Damon和Stefan的制造型!”该剧执行制片人Julie Plec说The brothers head to New Orleans to search someone from their past who could help solve the mysteries surrounding Elena (Nina Dobrev) vampirism. Later, flashbacks reveal the undead duo trolling the Big Easy in 19, when Damon gets involved with a woman named Charlotte (Madeline Zima). Lexi lovers alert: Arielle Kebbel returns in 0s regalia as Stefan BFF.他们兄弟两会去新奥尔良找一个能帮他们揭开环绕在Elena身上吸血鬼之谜的人之后将会有一段闪回,讲述19年两兄弟的故事,当时Damon卷入一个名叫Charlotte的女人的事情喜欢Lexi的亲们请注意:Arielle Kebbel(Lexi扮演者)将会身着0年代风格的华,以Stefan知心好友的身份出现在Stefan的身边 76

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