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郑州/人民医院减肥手术多少钱郑州/管城回族区大腿抽脂价格多少Two diaries written by Anna Nicole Smith have sold on online auction site eBay for more than 0,000 (255,00 pounds) to a German man planning to use them as the basis of a book, according to the memorabilia(1) house that sold them.Jeff Woolf, co-partner and auction director at Universal Rarities in Corona, California, said the diaries, from 1992 and 1994, were found a few years ago by a man cleaning out(2) a house in Los Angeles where Smith stayed during a filming project.He sold the diaries to a memorabilia collector who runs a shop on Hollywood Boulevard who came forward with the diaries after the mystery death of the former Playmate in a Florida hotel on February 8 at the age of 39.In the 1992 diary, which has the words "I follow my own star" on the cover, Woolf said Smith confesses: "I hate for men to want sex all the time. I hate sex." This diary sold for about 5,000.In the second diary Smith writes about the illness of her billionaire husband Howard Marshall, who died in 1995 at the age of 90, with a religious awakening with lots of references to Jesus. This sold for about 0,000.Woolf said the demand for Smith memorabilia had been overwhelming(3) following her death so the price realised for these diaries was not that surprising."I don't think I've had the luck of being in such a situation, where the timing was really that perfect as far as the peak of someone's popularity in the news," he told Reuters."The gentleman who bought them required to be anonymous but I can tell you he is from Germany and has the intention of making a book out of them and doing some things in the publishing world."The long-awaited results of an autopsy(4) on Smith will be made public on Monday by a Florida medical examiner.Her death triggered a bitter and highly publicised legal feud(5) over her remains and the custody(6) of her 6-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, who might one day inherit(7) millions.Smith was buried in the Bahamas on March 2.Her longtime companion and lawyer, Howard K. Stern, is listed as the father on her daughter's birth certificate but several other men, including Los Angeles photographer Larry Birkhead, also claim to be the father and the paternity(8) issue is still being fought in the courts. 两本Anna Nicole Smith日记在易趣上以50万美元的高价拍卖给一名德国人。出售日记的纪念馆透露这名德国男子计划用它作为写书的参考材料。加州科罗纳Universal Rarities合伙人、拍卖理事Jeff Woolf称这两本日记写于1992年到1994年间,几年前被人从洛杉矶一所房子中清理出来的。Smith曾因拍摄需要在这里居住过。Smith曾是,今年2月8日在佛罗里达神秘死亡,年仅39岁。她死后,这名男子将日记卖给好莱坞大道上的一个纪念品收藏家。1992年的日记封面上写着“我追随自己的明星”。Woolf说Smith在日记中坦白:“我讨厌男人总是要做爱。我讨厌做爱。”这本日记售价28.5万美元。在第二本日记中,Smith提到在1995年病逝的老公Howard Marshall。Marshall死时已达90岁高龄,是个亿万富翁。Smith对此写了很多宗教方面的觉悟并多次提到上帝。这本日记售价23万美元。Woolf说Smith的逝世使人们疯狂寻求她的遗物,这样的价格并不奇怪。他对路透说:“我从未想过自己可以如此幸运,在一个人的名声达到顶峰的时候出售她的物品。”“买家希望匿名购买,但是我可以告诉你他来自德国,将利用日记写一本书并在出版界有所作为。”等待良久的Smith验尸报告将于周一在佛罗里达由验尸官公布于众。她的死亡引起激烈、备受关注的遗产和女儿抚养权之争。她六岁的女儿Dannielynn有一天可能会成为上百万家产的继承人。Smith的遗体在3月2日埋葬于巴哈马。孩子出生明上注明的生身父亲是Smith多年的伴侣和律师Howard K. Stern,但是还有其他几名男士都称自己是孩子的父亲,其中包括洛杉矶摄影师Larry Birkhead。亲子之争仍然在进行中,等待法庭裁决 /200805/38709郑州冰点脱腋毛样 郑大第一附属医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

郑州医学整形美容去除狐臭多少钱新郑市去老年斑多少钱 1. “If you drive, I’ll pay for the gas.”“如果你开车,我就付油钱。”——“If you drive, I’m going to ‘accidentally’ forget my debit card.“如果你开车,我就会‘碰巧’忘了带卡。”2. “You look great!”“你看起来很棒!”——“You don’t look as good as me.”“你看起来不如我美。”3. “I’m on my way!”“我在路上了!”——“I haven’t left my apartment yet.”“我还没走出公寓门呢。”4.“I’ve been really busy lately.”“我最近真的很忙。”——“I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.”“我最近看了很多电影。”5. “My phone has been acting weird.”“我的手机最近抽风了。”——“My phone is fine. I’m just not answering your calls.”“我的手机没有问题。我就是不想接你的电话。”6. “I can’t go because I don’t feel well.”“我有点不舒,所以不能出门。”——“I can’t go because I don’t want to.”“我不想出门,所以不能出门。”7. “I’m broke.”“我破产了。”——“I’m saving what little money I have for something stupid.”“为了做一件傻事,我正在一分一厘的攒钱。”8. “I’m on a diet.”“我正在节食。”——“I’m only eating healthy foods in front of the people who have heard me say I’m on a diet.”“我只是在那些听我说过要节食减肥的人面前才吃健康食品。”9. “I think your boyfriend is really cute!”“我觉得你的男朋友非常可爱!”——“I think your boyfriend needs to maybe not wear tank tops. Also, I’d like to stop looking at pictures of his Facebook now.”“我觉得你的男朋友应该别穿这件条纹衫。还有,我不想再看他脸书网上的照片了。”10. “I’m going to the gym this week.”“我这个星期打算去健身。”——“I’m not going to the gym this week.”“我这个星期不打算去健身。”11. “I’m not mad at you.”“我没生你的气。”——“I am mad at you. And If I had something bulky in my hand I’d throw it at your face.”“我对你很生气。如果现在我手里有什么大东西,我会用它砸到你脸上去。”12. “I’m not drinking tonight.”“我今晚不打算喝酒。”——“Okay, I’ll hold a drink because I’ll look stupid if I don’t. I’ll take a few sips because I’m obviously going to get thirsty. When it’s empty I’ll order another one. And so on.”“好吧,如果我不喝就会看起来很傻,所以我还是喝一杯。如果不喝一点的话我一定会口渴的,所以我要喝几口。等这杯喝完了我会再叫一杯……”13. “It was so good to see you!”“见到你真高兴!”——“I’m going to forget about this in half an hour.”“半小时之后我就会把你忘掉。”14. “You can study later.”“你可以等会儿再学习。”——“You can’t. But I wan’t you to make a bad decision with me and blame yourself in the morning. Come hang out, loser!”“你等会儿就不会学习了。但是我不介意你先陪我出去,明天早上再来后悔。起来一起出去逛吧,二货。” /201311/265478濮阳市激光除斑多少钱

河南省人民医院 做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱I#39;m not a hugger. When I see a registered personal-space invader coming my way at a party, the music from #39;Jaws#39; plays in my head. And there are lots of people like me -- reasonably comfortable in social situations, no particular phobias, just a bit reserved in expressions of physical intimacy.我不是个爱拥抱的人。在派对上看到习惯侵犯私人空间的人走过来时,我脑子里就会响起《大白鲨》(Jaws)的音乐。有很多人都和我一样——在社交场合挺自在,没有特别的恐惧症,只是在身体亲密行为的表达上有点保守。For us fans of personal space, these are difficult times. America has become a hugging culture. What#39;s an Academy Award without a gauntlet of hugs from seat to stage? Any sports win will ignite an orgy of whooping, full-body man hugs. Political empathy in tragedy is measured in hugs.对我们这些喜欢保持一定距离的人来说,这种时候就比较难熬。美国已经成为了一个崇尚拥抱文化的国家。没有从座位到舞台的一连串拥抱能叫奥斯卡颁奖礼(Academy Award)吗?任何体育项目的获胜都会引起一阵狂欢式的全身拥抱。悲剧事件中政治同理心是通过拥抱来衡量的。We remain a #39;medium touch#39; culture -- more physically demonstrative than Japan, where a bow is the all-purpose hello and goodbye, but less demonstrative than Latin or Eastern European cultures, where hugs are robust and can include a kiss on both cheeks. But we do seem to be hugging more.我们还是一个“中度接触”的文化——比日本人更喜欢用身体接触表达感情,但不如拉丁或东欧文化。在日本,鞠躬是通行的问候和告别礼节,而在拉丁和东欧国家,拥抱都很有力,还包括亲吻两边的脸颊。但我们确实似乎拥抱得越来越多了。For men, this is newly slippery terrain. Handshakes are scripted and reliable -- a firm grip, a couple of brisk pumps, and done. There is evidence of hand-shaking as far back as the fifth century B.C. It may have started as a gesture of peace by proving that the hand held no weapon.对男士来说,这是个新的需要谨慎对待的礼仪。握手已经约定俗成,比较可靠——握紧、轻轻摇晃两下、结束。早在公元前五世纪就有关于握手的记载,可能最早是一种表示和平的手势,是为了明手里没有武器。With hugging now in play, men must do rapid social calculations: body language, length and nature of the relationship, setting, alcohol effect and the other#39;s intentions. Decisions must be made in split seconds.如今到了流行拥抱的时候,男士们必须进行快速的社交计算:肢体语言、与对方关系的时长和性质、环境、酒精效应还有对方的意图。决定必须在一瞬间做出。Male friends tell me that they adhere to the one-second rule (one-Mississippi and . . . break). They also favor the A-frame hug -- shoulders touching, handshake high, a couple of quick taps on the back. There is no such middle ground for women. It#39;s either shake or hug.男性朋友告诉我,他们坚持“一秒原则”(默念“密西西比”刚好一秒……然后结束)。他们还喜欢A字型拥抱——碰肩、高举双手相握、拍拍背。对女性来说没有这样的中间选择,要么握手要么拥抱。Bill Clinton has perfected the hug that is not a hug: a handshake complemented by also holding the other#39;s upper arm. Advantage -- more intense than a handshake but short of an embrace, and it can be maintained indefinitely. It can also easily progress to a full hug as the conversation dictates.比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)完善了一种不算拥抱的拥抱方式:握手的同时抓住对方的上臂。好处是——比单纯的握手更热情但又不算拥抱,而且姿势可以保持很长时间。随着谈话的进展还可以很容易发展成全身拥抱。When we expand our exploration to the man-woman hug, things get dicey. Especially at work.异性拥抱就比较危险了,尤其是在职场。Science says that hugs are healthy: They release endorphins, strengthen the immune system, boost self-esteem and promote bonding. But they can also put a warning in your personnel file.科学研究表明拥抱有益健康:可以释放内啡?,增强免疫系统,提升自尊,增进感情。不过同时也会让你的人事档案里出现警告。There are many valid reasons to hug in an office setting -- anything from a big team win to goodbyes after downsizing. But one senior executive I know shared some universal career advice: #39;Don#39;t yell, don#39;t cry, don#39;t hug.#39; His advice is backed by surveys that say that most people don#39;t want intimacy with other workers.在工作场合有很多拥抱的正当理由——从团队获胜到裁员告别,可拥抱的场合很多。但我认识的一位高管分享了一个通用的职场建议:“不要喊,不要哭,不要拥抱。”他的建议得到了问卷调查结果的持,调查显示大多数人不想和同事有亲密行为。As the question of whether or not to hug becomes more situational, the potential rises for awkward encounters. The biggest risk: going in for a hug only to realize too late that the other person had not planned the same. Expert consensus says that if you#39;re going for the hug and it#39;s too late to turn back, don#39;t stop. Press on, but make it quick.既然该不该拥抱的问题变得越来越取决于场合因素,那么会面时出现尴尬的可能性就变大了。最大的风险是:准备拥抱的时候却意识到对方并没有同样打算。专家一致认为,如果你准备拥抱,而且回头又太晚,那就不要停。抱上去,但动作要快。For nonhuggers, there are some defensive maneuvers. Deflect: Keep something (a desk, a table, a co-worker) between you and the serial hugger until the moment passes. Deny: #39;Sorry, I#39;m not much of a hugger.#39; Resist: Take physical control with a stiff handshake and firm elbow that keeps personal space intact. Escape: Find something that requires your immediate attention. If nothing comes to mind, drop your cellphone. Lie: #39;I really don#39;t want you to catch this cold I have.#39; Or when diversion isn#39;t feasible and escape is impossible, accept the hug with an icy response and hope that the hugger remembers.对不喜欢拥抱的人来说有一些防御动作。转移:让“连环拥抱者”和自己之间有个障碍物,比如桌子、茶几或者同事,直到那个时刻过去。拒绝:“对不起,我不大喜欢拥抱。”反抗:用身体控制,握手时故意保持僵硬,肘部僵硬一点,以防个人空间被入侵。逃避:寻找需要你们立即注意的事情。如果找不到的话就故意摔手机。撒谎:“我实在不想把感冒传染给你。”在没办法转移、又不可能逃避的时候,那就冷冰冰地接受拥抱并希望对方能记住教训。Workplace hugging is particularly problematic when your workplace happens to be a school. Teachers have been told never to hug any child for any reason -- even though a hug is precisely what a child might need.如果你是在学校上班,那么拥抱的问题就会格外棘手。学校要求老师不能以任何理由拥抱学生,即使学生需要也不行。Many schools have also added a written policy against hugging between students, with suspensions finding their way into national news. Students and some parents are irate at bans on a simple act of affection. But feel for the school administrator, responsible for determining when a simple act of affection becomes a more complex situation.很多学校还增加了禁止学生之间拥抱的书面规定,取消这种规定的呼声开始见诸于全美各处媒体。学生和部分家长不满学校禁止这种简单的表达情感的行为。但从校方管理人员的角度来看又情有可原,在简单的情感表达行为变成更复杂的问题时,需要做出决定的是他们。There is always the question: Are we overthinking this? Maybe we#39;ve complicated a simple act to the point that risk has overtaken reward, and it#39;s just not worth the effort. Some would say it#39;s a lamentable loss of human connection. As someone who believes that we call it personal space for a reason, I#39;m OK with that.总有这样一个问题:我们是不是想太多了?也许我们把一个简单的行为想得太复杂了,让风险压倒了好处,其实根本就不值得这么费尽心思去想。有人会说这是人类情感联系的可悲损失。作为一个认为私人空间很有必要的人,我表示赞同。 /201311/263465 郑州/祛除太田痣价格多少郑州华山整形医院光子脱毛手术多少钱




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