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郑州/大学第二附属医院激光去痘多少钱郑州大学一附院激光脱毛价钱费用假如你去眼镜店配眼镜,你买了一副特别高级的水晶石镜片,却配了一个塑料镜框。当你戴上这副眼镜的时候,估计没几个人能看出来它们真正的价值所在。这就是我们今天要说的这个最新表达good lenses, bad frames,“好镜片,赖镜框”,真人不露相。“Good lenses, bad frames” is used to describe someone who gives a bad first impression but is actually a good person, or someone who doesnt appear to be competent, yet is extremely capable at what he/she does。“Good lenses, bad frames”(直译为“好镜片,赖镜框”)通常用来描述那些给人第一印象不太好,但实际上人品很好的人;或者看起来没什么本事,但其实工作能力很强的人。所以,可以译为“人不可貌相”或者“真人不露相”。For example:Dr. Bruce is a spaz, but hes one of the best doctors I know. You wouldnt know it by looking at him...good lenses, bad frames。布鲁斯医生是个怪人,不过他是我认识的医生中最好的一位。看他的样子你是看不出来的,他是真人不露相。 还记得预测世界杯的“章鱼帝”吗?今天来补充一个和章鱼有关的知识,最近Nic迷上了这样东西—章鱼小丸子。“章鱼小丸子”原本生意就很好,如今生意也是越发火爆。今天咱就来学学这路边一直能看到的“章鱼小丸子”,英语该咋说。  “章鱼小丸子”的英语是什么?  Tako means octopus in Japanese, and takoyaki are known as octopus balls. Takoyaki venders are very popular in Japan. To make takoyaki, a grill pan for takoyaki is used. The pan has many small cups to pour the batter.  在日本,我们所说的“章鱼小丸子”就是“章鱼烧”(たこ焼き),那在英语里面,我们可以用它的音译说法“takoyaki”,或者就是纯英语的说法“octopus ball”。大家注意,不是“鱿鱼”(squid)哦。 /201301/218207河南省去眼袋手术多少钱 打电话进来:Is Yang there? (最常用) Is Yang around? (次常用)Hello, May I speak to Yang please?Hello, Can I talk to Yang please?如果正是本人:This is he. (男的)This is she.(女的)This is Nic( 你的名字) speaking.You are speaking to him. (her)You are talking to him.如果是别人:Hold on. (最常见)Ill get him, Hold on please.Hold on, let me see if he is here.One moment please.如果他正好不在:No, He is out. (最常见)No, He is not here. May I take a message?No, He is not in.No, He is not available.No, He just went out, he will be back in 30 minutes.如果你要找的人不在:Do you know when he will be back?Do you know where he is going?Do you know where I can reach him?Do you know his office number? (or work place number)回答:No, I am sorry, I dont know! I have no idea. Yes, his number is 404-123-4567.如果要留言:May I leave a message?回答:Sure, go ahead.Hold on, let me get a pencil and paper.打错电话的回答:No, I am afraid you have the wrong number.What number did you dial?What number are you calling?听不清楚时:Pardon?Excuse me?I am sorry?Say again?Say what?Come again?结束对话:Thank you, have a good day. /201212/215765许昌/市鼻部修复多少钱

河南省中医院去痘多少钱登封市手术疤痕修复多少钱 1、reduce somebody to tears 使某人不禁流泪 He nagged and complained, and reduced Louise to tears.  他唠唠叨叨,不停地抱怨,使路易斯不禁流泪。 2、somebody’s eyes water(风、烟雾等) 使眼睛淌眼泪 Joe’s eyes were watering from the smoke that filled the room.  乔的双眼正被因满屋的烟雾熏得淌眼泪。 3、cry one’s eyes out(口语)痛哭流涕,哭得很伤心 Cecil came round later, crying his eyes out, asking me to forgive him.  赛西尔后来来了,哭得很伤心,请求我原谅他。 4、make somebody cry让某人哭,惹某人哭 David often teases his little sister and makes her cry. 大卫经常惹她哭。 5、break down(因情绪失去控制而)痛哭,大哭 I left quickly,not wanting to break down in front of the children.  我赶快离开了,因为我不想在孩子们面前大哭。 6、have a lump in one’s throat(因感动、悲伤而)哽咽,喉咙哽住 There was a lump in my throat and I didn’t speak because I knew I would cry. 我哽咽了,没有说话,因为我知道我会哭的。 7、turn on the water works(口语)(撒娇)哭出来,(故意)哭起来 It’s no good turning on the water works. You can’t stay home from school. 你哭也没用,因为你不能逃学。 /201107/143759南阳市减肥医院哪家好

新乡市第二人民医院激光祛痘多少钱特别声明该文中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲由可可网站签约编辑编写,版权归可可网站所有。迷你对话A: You should not have criticize your son in front of his friends.你不应该当着你儿子的朋友的面批评他。B: Why? He did something wrong.为什么?他做错事情了呀。A: I know. But at that time your blame is rubbing salt into his wounds.我知道,但是你的批评是火上加油。A: I only wanted to help him.我只想帮助他。B: But it is not the right time.但是时机不对。对话精讲第一、 地道表达1. 习惯用语rub salt into one’s wounds2. 解词释义该习语的字面意思是“往伤口上撒盐”,引申为“火上加油”“雪上加霜”““加深某人的创伤”等意思。 其英文解释为:to make a difficult situation even worse for someone。 3. 持范例To rub salt into her wounds, he began to laugh at her. 为了加深她的创痛,他开始嘲笑她。 Losing was bad enough, having to watch them receiving the trophy just rubbed salt into the wound.失利已经让我们够难受的了,看到他们领奖让我们感到更加难受。第二、 词海拾贝in front of sb:当众,当面e.g.He enjoys posturing in front of an audience. 他喜欢在观众面前装腔作势。 e.g.In front of me lay the whole valley like an untouched paradise on earth. 展现在我面前的是整个山谷,犹如一个没人到过的人间天堂。 e.g.The good harvest scene emerges in front of us. 丰收景象在我们面前展现出来。 e.g.Can you make out who those people are standing in front of her? 你能认出站在她前面的那些人是谁吗? 2. right time:适宜的时间,时机,恰当的时间e.g.He came just at the right time, neither too early nor too late. 他来的正好,既不早也不晚。 e.g.He has the faculty of saying the right thing at the right time. 他有在恰当的时候说恰当的话的才智。 e.g.This snow has come at the right time. 这场雪很及时。e.g.The call came at the right time for Victor. 这个任命的时间对维克托而言是恰到好处。第三、句海拾贝Sb should not have done something.(1)使用情境在描述某人在过去不应该做的事情而做了,不应该发生的事情而发生了的时候,可以用这个句型。(2)持范例He should not have quarreled with his boss.他本不应该和自己的上司吵架的。 /201303/228863 习语:after ones own heart讲解:该习语的意思是:合某人心愿。此语出自《圣经·旧约》中的《撒母耳记》上卷第十三章的第十四节。撒母耳 Samuel 任以色列术师 Judge 时,奉耶和华之命,顺从民意,立扫罗 Saul 为王,建立了以色列王国。可是扫罗的所作所为不蒙耶和华的喜悦,其便让撒母耳再立新王即后来的大卫 David. 之前撒母耳对扫罗说:“现在你的王位必不长久,耶和华已经寻着一个合他心意的人 a man after his heart.”此语就是由此而来,至今语义不变。持范例:It was a job after his own heart.这是一件他称心如意的工作。Hes a man after your own heart.他是个很合你心意人。With his love for the great outdoors he is a man after my own heart.由于他爱好大自然,他跟我正是志同道合了。He likes good wine too hes obviously a man after my own heart.他也喜欢好酒--真是与我臭味相投了。She was engaged to a man after her own heart.她按照自己的理想同一个人订了婚。Thanks for agreeing with me about the class party; you are a girl after my own heart.感谢您对班级舞会的想法与我一致,您是位令人愉悦的女孩。He loves her very much. She is a girl after his own heart.他非常爱她,她正是他中意的姑娘。迷你对话:A:How happy you are! Next Monday is your wedding day. Congratulations!你真幸福!下周一就要结婚了,恭喜你了!B:Thank you!谢谢你!A:Fred is really a good guy. And he loves you so much.弗菜德真是个好小伙子,他那么爱你。B:Yeah. Im lucky to be his wife.对呀,做他的妻子是件幸运的事。A:Hes after your own heart, it is important.关键是他很合你的心意。B:So he will make a perfect husband. Make sure you will be here next Monday.所以他会是个完美的丈夫,下周一记得一定要来哦。A:I promise!一定!词海拾贝:1.make sure:(1)务必Make sure you are firm1y strapped in before the plane takes off.飞机起飞前务必系好安全带。Make sure that you understand the sequence in which these activities are carried out.务必使自己弄懂进行这些活动的顺序。(2)弄清楚Make sure of your facts before you write the article.先弄明白事实,然后再写文章。Make sure of your facts before you accuse him.在指责他以前要把材料核实一下。(3)确信Ill make sure he doesnt put his foot in his mouth again.我必须确信他不再胡说八道。2.make a perfect husband:做一个完美的丈夫特别说明:该节目中的迷你对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,讲解部分为可可编辑原创。 /201205/181766郑州大学第三附属医院激光去红血丝多少钱郑州大学一附院整形



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