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I was in Tunisia.I was at college.那是在突尼斯 大学的时候 We went on this two-week trip and staying locally in this beautiful village.我们去旅行两周 我们待在当地一个美丽的村庄And the people were great.I arrived the first day and I had to go and I went in and they didnt have like a toilet.当地人很好 我第一天到了 我想去厕所 结果他们没有厕所There was just a hole in the floor.where you have to kind of squat down.只有旱厕 得蹲着上And something happened with my body,It just went no,thats not going to happen.我的身体就起反应了 拒绝了这种事Nope.Didnt want to do that.I didnt go.I didnt think about it.不行 我不想那么做 我就没上 我都没想到这事It was a little full at the end of the two weeks.两周之后 感觉肚子里慢慢的Then arrived back home in Denmark and I got home and within 28 seconds I was on the toilet.And it was,it was good.然后我回到了丹麦 不到28秒 我就上了厕所 感觉好舒畅It feels good sharing.I never told this story before.And I,wow.说出来感觉棒棒哒 这故事我从来没说过 现在Thank you.Something rotten in the state of Denmark.谢谢你 丹麦要坏掉了All right.I have to ask you,you are from Denmark.I am.Have you been?好吧 我要问你 你是丹麦人 是的 你去过吗You know,I have not.Its one of the things,I love my job,absolutely love this job.没有 我喜欢我的工作But because of the constraints of being here,I dont get to travel as much as I would like to.但我必须一直待在这里 我不能常出去旅游thats the only downside to this gig.and so I have never been to Denmark.I would love to go.这是这份工作唯一的坏处 我没去过丹麦 我很像去看看I dont think Americans,I dont think we know that much about Denmark.我觉得美国人 不是很了解丹麦What are misconceptions or what are thing thats would surprise us.美国人对丹麦有哪些误解和不了解之处We used to be the happiest people in the world.But we slipped down to third apparently.我们以前曾是最快乐的人 但现在排在第三位了Yeah,Do you know why?I have no idea.Right.I have no idea.Probably constipation.知道为什么吗 不知道 不知道 可能是因为便秘201608/460088。

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):A few weeks ago, a tweet went viral, because it explained something about adjectives that many people didnt realize they aly knew.Think about how you would describe someones eyes.Would you describe them as ;blue beautiful big eyes;? Probably not. That sounds weird, right?Youd probably say ;beautiful big blue eyes; without even thinking about what order to put the adjectives in. But why?The answer to that question was the subject of a tweet from the Bs Matt Anderson, which cites Matt Forsyths bookThe Elements of Eloquence.For a lot of people, this was a ;mind blown; moment, since most of us who grew up speaking English naturally order our adjectives in a certain way without realizing it.However, Anne Curzan says this rule isnt quite as hard and fast as the excerpt makes it sound.;Overall, the rule is generally true. A lot of the time, adjectives do come in that order. But its not true to say that if they ever come in a different order, you will sound like a maniac,; she says.The rule holds up nearly 80% of the time, according to Curzan, but there are definitely exceptions.Think about the huffing, puffing wolf that terrorized the Three Little Pigs.If we were to follow the rule and put opinion before size, the character would be called the Bad Big Wolf instead of the Big Bad Wolf.Obviously, that just sounds wrong. Still, the fact that this hidden rule applies to nearly 80% of the things we say is pretty amazing.201609/468598。

Lets start by reviewing the ways in which the surface of ourlips is different from the surface of the skin on the rest of ourbodies.首先,我们需要知道嘴唇的表皮有别于身体其他部位的。Basically, our lips are made of the same mucusmembrane that coats the inside of our mouths.基本而言,嘴唇有相同的粘液膜组成,保护我们的嘴巴。This means two things.这就说明了两件事。First, our lips dont have the same protective outer layer as theskin elsewhere on our bodies.第一,我们身体其他部位的肌肤有一层“保护层”,这是嘴唇所没有的。This layer is part of the barrier to evaporation, and its absencemeans our lip skin retains less fluid.“保护层”能有效保湿,嘴唇因为没有而不易保湿。Second, our lips dont have the same glands and pigmentsas ordinary skin.第二,嘴唇不像其他肌肤有腺体和色素。For example, lips dont have oil glands, which also help keep moisture from evaporating, and they contain less melanin, the pigment that helps protect our skin from sunburn.比如,嘴唇不能分泌油脂,不易保湿。此外,嘴唇缺少黑色素等色素保护皮肤免受太阳灼伤。Whats more, unlike much of the rest of our body, our lips are almost always on display, and rarely covered by clothing.别于身体其他部位的皮肤,嘴唇经常暴露在外面。As a result,the moisture on our lips is continually evaporating.这样一来,嘴唇的水分一直在蒸发,And thats before we take into accountexposure to sun, wind, cold, and air-conditioning.这还不算阳光、大风、天冷、空调的“摧残”。Plus, if youre sick or have allergies, and your nose is congested, your lips end up drying more quickly because you tend to breathe throughyour mouth.此外,嘴唇有此外,如果你生病了或者过敏而鼻塞,不得不用嘴巴呼吸,嘴唇会干得更快! 201409/328791。

And you can do that in so many different ways.所以你可以用不同的方式来实现Politics is one important form to do it,政治是一种重要方式And Im glad that people were willing to roll up their sleeves.我也很高兴 有人愿意在政治上挺身而出But I leave it to those folks and you know,I find other ways to...不过我把自己的精力放在大众身上 我找别的方式来...Yeah, theres a lot of ways to help people,and youre helping people.是的 帮助他人的方法有很多 你正在帮助他们And so 22 years of marriage, right? 22? 22 years of marriage and...Theres got to be...话说你结婚了二十二年 是吧 二十二年 二十二年的婚姻加上...肯定有一些.You cant say too much about him that would be bad or nasty.你不能爆料太多他的坏话或者糗事But there has to be something that...bug you.Like...Does he have a habit thats annoying?You know...但肯定有些事情让你困扰 比如...一些让人不愉快的习惯 你懂的...Let me say this about the two decades of marriage plus.二十多年的婚姻生活Its that what Ive come to find out is...That you dont sweat the small stuff.You know.让我领悟到 不要关注鸡毛蒜皮 你知道The journey that weve taken together.The fun weve had,The challenges that we face,我们在一起的日子 有过欢乐 也面临过挑战The two beautiful girls we were raised,I kinda...gave him a pass now when he leaves his socks on the floor.一起养育两个美丽的女儿 所以我不会计较他把袜子丢地板上Or...Tells that story for The 100th times and want us like...to laugh.或者 给我们讲 说过一百遍的老段子 想让我们At it like we first heard it...He has to have good stories though, whatever his 100th story.像第一次听到似得大笑 不管老段子是什么 他肯定还有一些精的故事100 times. You know, its good as a story,100 times, its a lot. I see.I understand.一百遍 你知道吗 再好的段子 讲一百遍也够头疼的 我知道 我理解 /201602/425746。

On 20th December 1924,1924年12月20日,Hitler was released from Landsberg Prison and set about trying to rebuild the Nazi Party.希特勒从兰德斯堡监狱获释着手重建纳粹党。Despite writing Mein Kampf,尽管著有《我的奋斗》一书,Hitlers charismatic credentials as a revolutionary were still largely based on his reputation as a speaker.但希特勒作为革命家的声誉仍然主要来自他的演讲风格。This series of studio photos, taken later in the 1920s shows how he attempted to demonstrate his dynamic image.这组20年代的摄影棚照片可看出他如何塑造活力四射的形象。But in the mid 1920s,support for the Nazis was dropping as the economy improved.但20年代中期援助纳粹党的经济来源减少。And one of the most senior Nazis, Gregor Strasser,纳粹一位高层领导,格雷戈尔·史特拉斯,wanted the party to be led in a less dictatorial way.希望纳粹党的领导能民主一些。His challenge now was to convince Adolf Hitler to agree with him.他面临的挑战就是说希特勒。On 14th February 1926,1926年2月14日,here, in the ancient city of Bamberg,班贝格,一个古老的城市,Hitler held a special conference to deal with Strassers proposals.希特勒在那里主持会议探讨史特拉斯计划。But there was to be no debate.但会议上不允许讨论。Hitler just spoke for several hours,他独自讲了几小时,repudiating Strassers ideas and was then cheered by his supporters.拒绝接纳史特拉斯的建议然后持者欢呼喝。Hitler did not approve of discussion nor of detailed policy.希特勒不允许讨论或详细公布政策。For a charismatic leader, vagueness is valuable.对于卓越领导者,含糊作答很重要。This is how he later explained the Nazi Party should operate.这是后来他对组织纳粹党的解释。Hitler worked hard to try and appear charismatic.希特勒致力于表现其非凡魅力。One technique he used was his stare.凝视是他的一个独门绝技。He would hold the eyes of the person he was looking at longer than was usual.他双眼会一直凝视着人的身上。One Nazi supporter later claimed he felt this when he looked into Hitlers eyes.一位纳粹持者后来这样描述当他望向希特勒的眼睛。That was one of the most curious moments of my life.那是我一生中最奇妙的时刻。The gaze, which at first rested completely on me,他凝视的目光,最初完全落在我身上,suddenly went straight through me and into an unknown distance.之后突然穿过我身体,投向未知远方。It was so strange.感觉很奇妙。 译文属201511/412539。

Street food街头小食Sandwich sp三明治酱The rise of decent outdoor dining体面户外餐饮的兴起ON A cold, blustery morning at Canary Wharf, Londons second financial district, eating outside does not seem appealing. Yet on a solitary concrete quay, suited workers huddle around picnic benches. Half a dozen food stalls line the waters edge. One sells Thai food out of a rickshaw, another salted pork buns from a converted horse box. Everything on offer is about6 (10). Such is the latest in Britains culinary evolution.寒风凛冽的早晨,在伦敦第二大金融区—金丝雀码头来份户外早餐看起来可一点都不吸引人。然而在一个偏僻的水泥码头上,穿着工作的职员们却围在了野餐长凳边。沿着水岸有半打的小吃摊。其中一个小贩在小车里售卖着泰式料理,另一个在改装的火车厢里往鲜肉包上撒着盐。这些售卖的食物价格大约都在6英镑(10美元)左右。这就是英国餐饮的新兴潮流。Street dining is hardly new. Kebab vans in university towns serve oily gunk to sozzled students; on weekends in London, grizzled men hawk frankfurters outside Tube stations. But until recently smarter nosh was mostly available only in restaurants. Now most big cities have at least one regular street food event, as a London fashion has sp out.街头餐饮并不是新鲜事物。大学城里的小吃摊向闲逛的学生们兜售油炸小食。周末的伦敦,头发花白的男人在地铁站外叫卖法兰克福香肠。但直到最近,精致的小点心大多都只在餐厅供应。随着伦敦潮流的扩散,现在大多数大城市都至少有一次定期的小吃美食节。Britains faltering economy is part of the explanation. “In a recession, people go into food businesses”, says Mark Laurie of NCASS, a trade association for caterers. Setting up a street food stall takes little capital or specialist knowledge. At Canary Wharf, the traders include a former architect and a bank worker, as well as restaurateurs. Demand is increasing, too, as pinched customers trade down from restaurants.英国摇摇欲坠的经济是促成这一现象的部分原因。“在经济衰退期,人们会转向餐饮行业。”来自NCASS(Nationwide Caterers Association,国际餐饮联盟)的马克·劳里说。一个街头小吃摊只需少量资金和专业知识。在金丝雀码头,小商贩不仅包括餐馆老板,还包括一名前建筑师以及一名前职员。囊中羞涩的消费者们将消费由餐厅转向街头美食,需求也在扩大。Yet the biggest driver of outdoor eating is officialdom. Local authorities and commercial property developers see street stalls as a means of quickly gingering up struggling high streets and sterile plazas. The Canary Wharf Group does not charge for the use of its land by the cluster of street vendors (the market is organised by Kerb, a profit-making firm). Alistair Turnham, who runs Stock Mkt, a similar outfit, says some councils will even pay his firm to run events. Street food vendors thus avoid paying hefty rents or business rates—which helps them to undercut restaurants.然而推动户外餐饮发展的最大动力来自官方。地方机构和商业地产开发商们将街头小吃摊看做迅速为不景气的商业街和冷清的广场带来人气的方法。金丝雀码头集团并不向街头小贩们收取摊位使用费(这一市场由一家盈利公司Kerb组织)。运营着一家类似机构Stock Mkt的阿里斯泰尔·特南说一些地方委员会甚至会雇佣他的公司来运营类似的活动。路边的小吃摊因此也避免了缴纳高昂的租金和营业税,这使得他们能以低于餐厅的价格出售食品。Still, the distinction between indoor and outdoor food is blurring. The Marriot, an upmarket hotel in Mayfair, recently put on a street food-inspired . Trinity Leeds, a new shopping centre in Yorkshire, hosts rolling street food traders as part of its food hall. Some successful street food vendors are setting up restaurants—few want to work out of vans forever. Others are moving into catering for private events. The market economy is triumphing.室内餐饮和户外餐饮的区别还不是很明显。万豪酒店,一家位于梅费尔(伦敦西区高级住宅区)的高级酒店,最近推出了以街头小吃为灵感的新菜单。位于约克郡一个新购物中心—三一·利兹,将流动街头小吃引进了食品大厅。一些成功的街头小吃摊主正在筹备开餐厅—没有多少人想一辈子都在小摊里工作。另一些人正转向为私人宴会提供餐饮。市场经济大获全胜。译者:王颖 校对:周洋 译文属译生译世 /201510/403612。

Deutsche Bank德意志Two’s company两人成伴Hard questions loom for the new bosses of Germany’s national banking champion德国最大的新总裁们面临着隐隐出现的棘手问题Dual passports双重护照IN THE entrance to Deutsche Bank’s London office is a giant silver ball with a hole in the middle that offers an inverted reflection of the viewer and bank. The sculpture, which is called “Turning the World Upside Down III”, is a fitting metaphor for the changes sweeping the banking industry. Deutsche itself has had a good crisis, eschewing direct help from the German government and rebuilding its balance-sheet to regain its place as the biggest bank in Europe by total assets. Yet its world is turning upside down, too.德意志伦敦分行的入口处有一巨型银球,球中有洞,窥洞中可见观者与德行的倒影。这尊名为“颠倒世界III”的雕塑对于席卷业的变革浪潮是一个贴切的暗喻。德意志独善其身,很好的度过了危机,他们避开德国政府的直接援助,重建自己的资产负债表,欲借资产总额重归欧洲最大之席。然而,德行的世界也正发生着翻天剧变。The most obvious upheaval is in the executive suite. On June 1st two new co-chief executives, Jürgen Fitschen and Anshu Jain, will take over from Josef Ackermann, who has run the bank for a decade. Mr Fitschen, the boss of Deutsche’s German operations, is a far less controversial figure than Mr Jain, an Indian-born, American-educated British citizen who has propelled Deutsche’s rise in investment banking. Mr Jain’s elevation is a remarkable one in a corporate culture as crusty as Germany’s: most bosses are either German or native German-speakers from Switzerland or Austria. His appointment has also provoked a backlash from an “old guard” within Deutsche who fear the growing influence of the investment bank, which is based almost entirely in London and is staffed largely by non-Germans.管理层的剧变尤为明显。新任联合首席执行官安舒·贾恩(Anshu Jain)和尤尔根·菲茨岑(Jurgen Fitschen)将于6月1日走马上任,从执掌德意志十年的约瑟夫·阿克曼(Josef Ackermann)的手中接过大权。论争议性人物,德行德国业务主管菲茨岑先生远不如贾恩先生。英国人贾恩先生出生于印度,求学于美国,他一手推动了德意志在投资中的崛起。德国企业文化素来顽固保守,高层大都以德国人或瑞士、奥地利的德语区人士为主,故贾恩先生的高升着实令人惊叹。这次任命同样也激起了德行内部“保守派”的对抗情绪——德行的投行部几乎完全设立在伦敦,员工多为非德裔,投行部日益增大的影响力令“保守派”担忧。Yet the focus on Mr Jain is a distraction. The bank’s biggest task is not to convince investors that it has the right executives in place—big investors and fund mangers see the new team as more shareholder-friendly than the old one. It is to prove that it has enough capital and liquidity to satisfy regulators and that it can adapt its business model to a topsy-turvy landscape.然而对贾恩先生的关注是件分心事。 依大投资者和基金管理人之见,新领导团对股东比上任要友好的多,因此德行目前的最大任务不是说投资者,自己选对了领导人选,而是向他们明,自己有足够的资本和流动资金来满足监管机构的要求,并能在业界一片颠倒混乱的情况下调整自己的业务模式。Start with capital Deutsche has total assets of close to 2.1 trillion (.7 trillion), and total equity of 56 billion.In terms of simple leverage, the bank has just 1 in equity backing every 38 of assets.先谈谈资本。德行的资产总额约2.1万亿欧元(2.7万亿美元),权益总额560亿欧元。而就简单杠杆率而言,德行每38欧元的资产仅兑换1欧元股本。The bank argues that these figures are misleading. By netting off derivatives that offset each other and making a few other adjustments, it calculates its leverage ratio at 21 times, still considerably higher than most peers in Europe and America.德行辩称上述数据有误导性。在扣掉了可互相抵消的衍生品,进行其他几项微调之后,德行自我估算的杠杆率为21倍,这仍旧远高于多数欧美同类。Like other banks, Deutsche also argues that a simple leverage ratio is not much use in assessing the risks that lenders take.与其他一样,德行也争论道,说简单杠杆率在评估贷方承担的风险时并无大用。So a second measure to consider is its levels of risk-weighted assets (RWAs), in which the size of the balance-sheet is adjusted to reflect its riskiness.如此一来,第二种要考虑的评估方法就是的风险加权资产等级,即通过资产负债表的规模标准推算贷方的风险。Using RWAs as a lens is like looking at Deutsche Bank through its lobby sculpture, with the picture turned on its head.以风险加权资产为透镜,就如同透过伦敦分行的大堂雕塑审视德意志,所见景象皆颠倒。On this view Deutsche is a midsized and reasonably well-capitalised bank, ranking just eighth in size in Europe. Deutsche’s risk-weighted assets are calculated to be a mere 17% of its gross assets, compared with 53% at JPMorgan Chase and 25% at Barclays.依此观点看,德行就是一家中型、资本相当雄厚的,论大小仅位列欧洲第八。德行的风险加权资产仅占其总资产的17%,与之相比,根大通为53%,巴克莱为25%。Different accounting standards and the high quality of German corporate and mortgage lending explain some of this gap, but not all. “Deutsche is the most complex institution I have to deal with,” confesses one banking analyst. The question many investors ask is which of these two pictures is more accurate.不同行的会计准则,高质量的德国企业和德国抵押贷款只能解释这些差距中的部分原委,却无法解释全部。一名分析师坦诚的说,“德意志是我遇到过的最复杂的机构。”众投资者需要问的问题是,以上两种情况哪一个更贴近事实。Part of the answer is aly being provided by regulators, who are tightening the definitions of what counts as core capital, capping total leverage and carefully scrutinising the risk-weightings that banks apply.监管机构早已给出了部分解答。近日来,监管机构一直在紧缩核心资本的界定标准,压制全部杠杆作用,并谨慎详核上报的风险加权资产。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/450721。