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乌兰察布中心医院切眼袋手术多少钱玉泉区妇幼保健人民中医院去胎记多少钱  对于这种表面上是否定、实际上是肯定的词组,初学者一定要特别注意,以免把说话人的真实意思搞反了另外,上面这两句话,如果真想表达否定的意思,我们只要将cannot改成can't,再将too和but删除,就可以了,请看:呼和浩特市第二医院割双眼皮多少钱    管理人员面对的是商界前所未有的种种现实,诸如企业用工方式的不断变化 包括大幅度增加外部采办和新建联产单位析:careless of 表示 不重视,不修边幅怎么说呢?..想想..... 应该说 careless about.呼和浩特市第一医院纹眉毛多少钱

乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院祛疤痕多少钱考研英语 考研英语:阅读基础词汇() -- ::39 来源: 1、row[r?u,rau]n. 排,船游,吵闹vt. 划船,成排、plough[plau]n. 犁,耕地v. 用犁耕田,耕犁3、tend[tend]v. 趋向,易于,照料,护理、rot[r?t]n. 腐烂,腐蚀,败坏v. 腐烂,使 ...5、spare[sp]adj. 多余的,闲置的,备用的,简陋的v.6、alphabet[’?lf?bit]n. 字母表,基本原理(元素),符号系统7、indicator[’indikeit?]n. 指示器,指示剂[计算机] 指示符8、concerned[k?n’s?:nd]adj. 担忧的,关心的9、approach[?’pr?ut?]n. 接近; 途径,方法v. 靠近,接近,动、outlet[’autlet]n. 出口,出路,通风口,批发商店、cautious[’k?:s]adj. 十分小心的,谨慎的、crucial[’kru:l]adj. 关键的,决定性的、lag[l?g]vi. 落后,缓慢进行,衰退vt. 落后于,、temper[’temp?]n. 脾气,性情、counterbalance[.kaunt?’b?l?ns,’kaunt?.b?l?ns]n. 平衡,平衡力 v. 抵销 vt. 使平衡,抵销、pursue[p?’sju:]v. 追捕,追求,继续从事、intellectual[.intil’ekt?u?l]n. 知识份子,凭理智做事者18、optimistic[.?pti’mistik]adj. 乐观的,乐观主义的19、modest[’m?dist]adj. 谦虚的,适度的,端庄的、swing[swi?]n. 摇摆,改变,冲力v. 摇摆,旋转,动摇呼和浩特市中医医院点痣多少钱 年(TOEFL)词汇逻辑辨记忆库:complete -- :56: 来源:qnr complete a.1.完整的,全部的 .十足的,彻底的 3.完成的,结束的 vt.1.完成,结束 .使完整,使完全 plen,plete,ple,pli,ply来自拉丁文plere to fill; plenusfull plentiful a.丰富的,充足的,大量的 plenty n.丰富,充足,大量 ample a.1.足够的 .宽敞的,面积大的 amplify vt.1.放大(声音等),增强 .扩大,详述,进一步阐述 complement n.1.补充,互为补充的东西 .编制名额,装备定额 3.补(足)语 vt.补充,与…相配 complementary a.补充的 complimentn.称赞, 恭维, 致意, 问候, 道贺 vt.称赞, 褒扬, 恭维 comply vi.(with)遵从,依从,从 deplete vt.耗尽,使枯竭 depletionn.损耗,消耗,用尽 replenish vt.1.补充,重新装满 .鼓舞,使充满活力 replete a.1.充满的,装满的 .饱满的,吃饱喝足的 supplyn.1.供应(量).[常pl.]存货,必需品 vt.1.供给,供应.满足(需要),弥补(不足) suppliern.供应者, 补充者, 厂商, 供给者 supplement n.1.增补(物),补充(物).增刊,副刊 vt.增补,补充 supplementary a.增补的,补充的 accomplish vt.达到(目的),完成(任务),实现(计划、诺言等) 逻辑辨记忆提示:与plen,pete,ple,pli,ply有关的英文单词围绕着“to fill(充满,填满);full(满的,完全的)”造词这组词的难点:1)compliment n.称赞, 恭维, 致意, 问候, 道贺vt.称赞, 褒扬, 恭维 ←说一些让人满意的话;) comply vi.(with)遵从,依从,从←行为和某项规则完全保持一致 com-,con-,col-,cor-,co-来自拉丁介词cum(with,together,completely) Compile vt.汇编,编制,编篆 compose vt.1.组成,构成 .创作(乐曲、诗歌等),为…谱曲 3.使平静,使镇静 Companion n.同伴,伴侣 compromise n.妥协,折中办法 vi.妥协 vt.危及,放弃(原则、理想等) concentrate vi.1.全神贯注,全力以赴 .集中,聚集 vt.1.集中,聚集 .浓缩 n.浓缩物,浓缩液 concentrationn.1.专注,专心 .集中 3.浓缩,浓度 concern n.1.关切的事,有关的事 .关心,担心 3.关系,关联 .公司,企业 vt.1.涉及,有关于 .使关心,使担心 concerning prep.关于 condense v.1.(使)冷凝,(使)凝结 .浓缩,压缩,简缩 词汇 词汇 逻辑 记忆 complete TOEFL呼和浩特中医院治疗腋臭多少钱

呼和浩特永久性脱毛的机构比较好英语专业四级 专四英语阅读理解练习3 --7 :9: 来源: 专四英语阅读理解练习A controversy erupted in the scientific commy in early 1998 over the use of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid ) fingerprinting in criminal investigations. DNA fingerprinting was introduced in 1987 as a method to identify individuals based on a pattern seen in their DNA, the molecule of which genes are made. DNA is present in every cell of the body except red blood cells. DNA fingerprinting has been used successfully in various ways, such as to determine paternity where it is not clear who the father of a particular child is. However, it is in the area of criminal investigations that DNA fingerprinting has potentially powerful and controversial uses.DNA fingerprinting and other DNA analysis techniques have revolutionized criminal investigations by giving investigators powerful new tools in the attempt to trove guilt, not just establish innocence. When used in criminal investigations, a DNA fingerprint pattern from a suspect is compared with a DNA fingerprint pattern obtained from such material as hairs or blood found at the scene of a crime. A match between the two DNA samples can be used as evidence to convict a suspect.The controversy in 1998 stemmed m a report published in December 1991 by population geneticists Richard C. Lewontin of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and Daniel L. Hartl called into question the methods to calculate how likely it is that a match between two DNA fingerprints might occur by chance alone. In particular, they argued that the current method cannot properly determine the likelihood that two DNA samples will match because they came from the same individual rather than simply from two different individuals who are members of the same ethnic group. Lewontin and Hartl called better surveys of DNA patterns methods are adequate.In response to their criticisms, population geneticists Ranajit Chakraborty of the University of Texas in Dallas and Kenneth K.Kidd of Yale University in New Haven, Conn., argued that enough data are aly available to show that the methods currently being used are adequate. In January 1998, however, the federal Bureau of Investigation and laboratories that conduct DNA tests announced that they would collect additional DNA samples m various ethnic groups in an attempt to resolve some of these questions. And, in April, a National Academy of Sciences called strict standards and system of accreditation DNA testing laboratories.1.Bee DNA fingerprinting is used, suspects____.A.would have to leave their fingerprints further investigationsB.would have to submit evidence their innocenceC.could easily escape conviction of guiltD.cold be convicted of guilt as well.DNA fingerprinting can be unreliable when ____.A.the methods used blood- cell calculation are not accurateB.two different individuals of the same ethnic group may have the same DNA fingerprinting patternC.a match is by chance left with fingerprints that happen to belong to two different individualsD.two different individuals leave two DNA samples.3.To geneticists like Lewontin and Hartl, the current method ____.A.is not so convincing as to exclude the likelihood that two DNA samples can never come from two individualsB.is arguable because two individuals of the same ethnic group are likely to have the same DNA pattern.C.Is not based on adequate scientific theory of geneticsD.Is theoretically contradictory to what they have been studying.The attitude of the Federal Bereau of Investigation shows that ____.A.enough data are yet to be collected m various ethnic groups to confirm the unlikelihood of two DNA samples coming from two individual membersB.enough data of DNA samples should be collected to confirm that only DNA samples m the same person can matchC.enough data are yet to be collected from various ethnic groups to determine the likelihood of two different DNA samples coming m the same person 英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 寻物启示范文 --01 :0: 来源: 寻物启示范文Lost:I lost my keys in the classroom this afternoon.I must found them,becasue i can't enter my room without them.8-7- is my phone number.If you find them,please call me.武川县做疤痕修复多少钱呼市副乳切除多少钱



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