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Its illegal to smoke inside the B, but Neil risks his job to teach you an English expression. Can Feifei guess what it is?B大楼内不允许吸烟,可是尼尔冒着丢掉工作的风险教了一个英语表达方式。菲菲能猜到短语的意思吗?Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, Im Neil and joining me is Feifei...尼尔:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是尼尔,今天和我一起主持节目的是菲菲。Feifei: Hi there everyone.菲菲:大家好。Neil: In this programme we have an expression you can use when someone has almost succeeded — but not quite. Now Feifei, could you just pass me that lighter, please?尼尔:本期节目我们要讲的短语用来形容一个人几乎就要成功了,但是没有完全成功。菲菲,你能把打火机递给我吗?Feifei: Lighter? What on earth are you doing with that cigar? You cant smoke in here!菲菲:打火机?你到底要用那雪茄做什么?你不能在这里吸烟!Neil: Its a clue. You have to guess what the expression is.尼尔:这是个提示。你要猜出这个表达方式是什么。Feifei: Oh OK. Is it to smoke like a chimney?菲菲:好。是不是“烟瘾大”?Neil: Close, but no cigar.尼尔:接近,但是不对。Feifei: OK, is it no smoke without fire?菲菲:好,是不是“无火不成烟”?Neil: Close, but no cigar.尼尔:接近,但是不准确。Feifei: Oh, I give up!菲菲:好吧,我放弃了!Neil: Ive told you twice aly — its close, but no cigar. If someone almost succeeds — but not quite — you can say to them close, but no cigar. Here are some examples.尼尔:我已经告诉你两次了,这个短语就是“close, but no cigar”。如果有人差点就要成功了,但是没有完全成功,你就可以用这个短语。下面是例句。Examples例句A: How old do you think I am?A:你觉得我多大了?B: 36?B:36?A: Nope — 35. Close, but no cigar.A:不是,我35岁。你差点就猜中了。Five of my numbers came up in the lottery. Close, but no cigar.我的票中了5个数。差点就能了。They hit the post in the last second of the game. Close, but no cigar!他们在比赛最后一秒击中了门柱。差一点就成功了!Neil: So, there we go. If someone almost succeeds, but doesnt quite, we can say to them close, but no cigar.尼尔:好了。如果有人差一点就成功了,但是没有完全成功,我们就可以对他们说“差点就成功了”。Feifei: Right, well you can put that cigar away now weve finished.菲菲:好,现在节目结束了,你可以把雪茄收起来了。Neil: Actually, its a really good one — shame to waste it.尼尔:其实这雪茄很不错,浪费了太可惜了。Feifei: Neil!菲菲:尼尔!Neil: Uh oh!尼尔:噢! 译文属 /201610/472029。

  • unit 143 祝贺竞赛获胜dialogue英语情景对话A:Congratulations on your success in the competition. That is quite something.A:祝贺你在比赛中获得胜利。大有作为。B:Thank you. I was lucky this time.B:谢谢你,这次我幸运罢了。A:I think luck played a very small part in your victory. It is solely due to your hard work and efforts. That brings honor to you and joy to us.A:我想运气在你的取胜中只占了一小部分。它主要归功于你的勤奋和努力。它给你带来了荣誉,为我们带来了快乐。B:I am flattered.B:你过奖了。A:It is real word.A:这是真话。B:Thank you very much.B:非常感谢。 /201507/388337。
  • May I have his full name? 您能告诉我他的全名吗?A:Hello,A company.What can I do for you?您好,A公司,有什么可以为您效劳的吗?B:Id like speak to Mr Brown.I have an appointment with him today.我要找布朗先生。我今天和他有约。A:Could you tell me what section he belongs to?你可以告诉我他属于哪个部门吗?B:I dont know.我不知道。A:May I have his full name?您能告诉我他的全名吗?B:John brown.J-O-H-N-B-R-O-W-N.约翰 布朗A:I am sorry that there is no John Brown here.抱歉,这里没有约翰布朗这个人。B:But he did tell me that I could find him by dialing this number.但是他的确告诉我拨这个号就可以找到他。A:I am afraid that you have got the wrong number.Youd better check it again.我想您恐怕是打错电话了,您最好再核对一下电话号码。B:Okay,thank you.好吧,谢谢。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201706/515443。
  • 3. Declining to Buy the Car 3.决定买这辆车A: So, what did you think about the car?A:所以,你认为这辆车怎么样?B: It was a good test drive, but I need to think it over.B:试驾很好,但我需要考虑一下。A: Do you have any questions or concerns?A:你有什么问题或是顾虑吗?B: Im sorry, but I dont think I am going to purchase this car.B:很抱歉,我想我不会买这辆车。A: If I may ask, what didnt you like about the car?A:如果我可以问的话,你不喜欢这辆车的什么地方?B: I dont see myself driving this car.B:我不明白我自己为什么开这辆车。A: Is it the price? Let me talk to my manager; we might lower the price.A:是价格的问题吗?让我和我的经理谈谈,我们或许可以降价。B: Its not the price. I just dont think its the right fit for me.B:不是价格的问题。我只是认为它不适合我。A: Would you like to see another car at the dealership?A:你想看看代理商那里的另一辆车吗?B: Im sorry, but I didnt see any other car I liked.B:对不起,我没有看到我喜欢的车。A: Well, thanks for considering our dealership.A:好吧,谢谢你考虑我们的代理商。B: If I change my mind, I will let you know. Thank you. B:如果我改变了主意,我会告诉你。谢谢你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/408241。
  • Behave yourself 老实一点;表现好点;规矩点例句:A:Mom,Can I play ball for a while outside?妈妈,我可以在外面玩一会吗?B:Your father is in the study working hard.You cant make any noise or you might make him angry.He has some important work to do and he needs to get it done.你爸爸在书房工作呢,你不能制造一点噪音,否则他会生气的,他有很重要的工作要做,而且需要尽快完成。A:I promise Ill be quiet.Please!我保不会出一点声音,求您了。B:Behave yourself!Dont make any noise.Have you finished your homework?老实点儿,不要吵,你作业完成了吗?A:Yes,Ive finished.是的,我已经做完了。背景音乐:Tony Ferrari—by my side更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201701/487070。
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