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云阳奉节巫山县引产多少钱重庆市爱德华医院体检多少钱On the tenth day after leaving Troy,Odysseus and his men came to an island,where the people only took lotus fruit and flowers as their food.This plant had such a magic effect on its eaters that it could make them get their past and produce a dreamy laziness over them.When Odysseus' men arrived,they were kindly invited by the people on the island to eat the sweet food.Its magic power began to work on them immediately.They fell into a deep daydream.They lost all wishes future,To them the sea and ship appeared dull and hateful.And they were not eager to see wife,child and kingdom.When he saw no trace of his men coming back,Odysseus became suspicious.He set out with some well armed men to find out the truth.It did not take him long to find out the magic effect of the food.Not allowing his followers to touch the plant,he ordered them to drag their lazy friends back to their ship.There he had them tied to the benches until they slept off the harmful effect of the lotus .Without hesitation they set sail,leaving the dreamy lotus eaters behind. 7997重庆爱德华妇科医院做人流怎么样好不好 Virtue is like a rich stone, best plain set; and surely virtue is best, in a body that is comely, though not of delicate features; and that hath rather dignity of presence, than beauty of aspect.美德好比宝石,它在朴素背景的衬托下反而更华丽;同样,一个打扮并不华贵却端庄严肃而有美德者是令人肃然起敬的Neither is it almost seen, that very beautiful persons are otherwise of great virtue; as if nature were rather busy, not to err, than in labor to produce excellency.And theree they prove accomplished, but not of great spirit; and study rather behavior, than virtue.外表美丽的人,未必也具有内在的美因为造物主似乎是吝啬的,他给了此就不再予彼所以许多容颜俊秀的人却不足为训,他们过于追求外形美丽而忽略了内心的美But this holds not always Augustus Caesar, Titus Vespasianus, Philip le Belle of France, Edward the Fourth of England, Alcibiades of Athens, Ismael the Sophy of Persia, were all high and great spirits; and yet the most beautiful men of their times.但是这也不全对: 因为奥古斯都、菲斯帕斯、菲力普王、爱德华四世、阿尔西巴底斯、伊斯梅尔等都既是大丈夫,又是美男子In beauty, that of favor, is more than that of color; and that of decent and gracious motion, more than that of favor.That is the best part of beauty, which a picture cannot express; no, nor the first sight of the life.There is no excellent beauty, that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.就形貌而言,自然之美要胜于粉饰之美,而优雅行为之美又胜于单纯仪容之美最高的美是画家所无法表现的,因为它是难于直观的,这是一种奇妙的美虽然没有完美,但是有一些奇妙的可取点A man cannot tell whether Apelles, or Albert Durer, were the more trifler;whereof the one, would make a personage by geometrical proportions; the other, by taking the best parts out of divers faces, to make one excellent. Such personages, I think, would please nobody, but the painter that made them.Not but I think a painter may make a better face than ever was; but he must do it by a kind of felicity (as a musician that maketh an excellent air in music), and not by rule.曾经有两位画家--阿皮雷斯和艾伯特丢勒滑稽地认为,可以照几何比例,或者通过摄取不同人身上最美的特点,用画合成一张最完美的人像.其实像这样画出来的美人,恐怕只表现了画家本人的某种偏爱美是很难制订规范的(正如同音乐一样),创造它的常常是机遇,而不是公式A man shall see faces, that if you examine them part by part, you shall find never a good; and yet altogether do well.If it be true that the principal part of beauty is in decent motion, certainly it is no marvel, though persons in years seem many times more amiable; 有许多的脸型,就它的部分看并不优美,但作为整体却非常动人 有些老人显得很可爱,因为他们的作风优雅而美pulchrorum autumnus pulcher; no youth can be comely but by pardon, and considering the youth, as to make up the comeliness.Beauty is as summer fruits, which are easy to corrupt, and cannot last; and the most part it makes a dissolute youth, and an age a little out of countenance; but yet certainly again, if it light well, it maketh virtue shine, and vices blush.有一句拉丁谚语说过:“暮秋之色更美”而尽管有的年轻人具有美貌,却由于缺乏完美的修养而不配得到最好的赞美美犹如盛夏的水果,是容易腐烂而难保持的世上有许多美人,他们有过放荡的青春,却迎受着愧悔的晚年 ,应该把美的形貌与美的德行结合起来这样,美才会放射出夺目的光辉 833英语口语练习:舌尖上的英语绕口令 -- 3:7:30 来源: 1. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.   麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦   第一、四个trouble是动词,第二、三个trouble是名词   . I know. You know. I know that you know. I know that you know that I know.   我知道你知道我知道你知道我知道你知道我知道   3. I think that that that that that student wrote on the blackboard was wrong.   我认为那个学生写在黑板上的那个“that”是错误的   第一个that是连词,引起宾语从句;第二、五个that是指示代词“那个”;第三个that在这儿相当于名词;第四个that是关系代词,引起定语从句   . We must hang together, or we'll be hanged separately.   我们必须团结在一起,否则我们将被一个个绞死   这是一句双关语前面的hang together是“团结一致”的意思,后面的hanged是“绞死”的意思   5. The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.   那只敏捷的棕色狐狸跳过了一只懒惰的   这个句子包含了英语中的6个字母   6. Was it a bar or a bat I saw?   我看到的是酒吧还是蝙蝠?   这是一句回文句,顺着读和倒着读是一样的类似于“上海自来水来自海上”   7. 上联: To China china, China with china, dinner on china   去中国买瓷器,中国有瓷器,吃饭靠瓷器   下联:Go front door buy front door, front door no front door, behind doorwith front door.   到前门买前门,前门没前门,后门有前门   这是一副对仗工整、妙趣横生的英汉对联下联中的第二、四、五个“前门”指“大前门”香烟   8. He never saw a saw saw a saw.   他从来没见过一把锯子锯另一把锯子   第一个saw是动词see的过去时,第二和第四个saw带有不定冠词"a"在前,是名词"锯子",第三个saw是动词"锯" 绕口令 舌尖 英语口语重庆西南医院做输卵管通液多少钱

荣昌万州区人民妇幼保健中医院生孩子价格“remind”提醒和“advice”忠告的日常用法 -- ::01 来源: 约翰,向她道歉 John, apologize to her. John, apologize to her. (约翰,向她道歉) Im really sorry. (真对不起) 约翰,你听我说! John, you listen to me! John, you listen to me! (约翰,你听我说!) I dont want to. (我不想听) 危险,别淘气 Watch out! Dont play with that thing. Mom, watch! (妈妈,你看!) Watch out! Dont play with that thing. (危险,别淘气) 自己的事情自己做 Do it yourself. Can you fix my bicycle? (能帮我修一下自行车吗?) Do it yourself. (自己修) Do it by yourself. Do it yourself. 你别半途而废 You should finish what you start. Im going to give up. (我想放弃了) You should finish what you start. (你别半途而废) Dont leave things half done. *也可用half done来表示“半途而废” 我认输了 Im y to throw in the towel. *这是一句拳击用语,用来比喻“认输” You failed the exam again. (你又没考上) Im y to throw in the towel. (我认输了) 这是你(应尽)的责任 It your duty (to do that). *duty “(法律、道德上的)义务,应尽的责任” It up to you to do that. (这是你应该做的) It your responsibility. (这是你分内的工作) 要善待他人 Be good to others. Do unto others as you would have done to you.*正式的说法 You should treat others kindly. Do unto others. 你要再三小心 You cant be too careful. *直译“再小心也不为过” You cant be too careful. (你要再三小心) That true. (那是当然) It best to be as safe as possible. (It) better safe than sorry. (保得安全总比后悔好) 三思而后行 Make up your mind after thinking it over carefully. *make up one mind 常用词组,表示decide(下决心)带有“仔细考虑之后再下决定”的语感 Make your decision after you give it a lot of thought. Think it over carefully bee you decide. 我全靠你了 Im counting on you. *这句表示“我全仗你了,你好好干” Im relying on you. 你终究会明白的 Youll see. I dont think she mean. (我没觉得她有什么恶意) Youll see. (你终究会明白的) Youll find out soon enough. Time will tell. (时间会明一切) 冷静下来好好想想 Calm down and think carefully. *calm down “冷静”、“镇静” Calm down and think carefully. (冷静下来好好想想) I cant! (我做不到) Calm down and think about it clearly. 这是最重要的事情 That the most important thing. We need to know who buying our products. (我们需要弄清楚谁买了我们的商品) That the most important thing. (这是最重要的事情) That the name of the game. 人要有自知之明 Dont bite off more than you can chew. *bite off more than one can chew 直译是“咬下了自己嚼不了的东西”,常用来表示“接受自己力所不及的工作”、“接受超过自己能力的事情” Dont attempt more than you are capable of. 这事做起来没有太大价值 There isnt much merit in doing so. There is no reason to do so. I dont see the point (of doing that). 你还得再加把劲儿 What you need is a little more eft. *eft “努力”、“尽力” You should put a little more eft into it. (你应该再加一把劲儿) You should try a little harder. (你应该再努力一点儿) 有点自尊心吧! Respect yourself. 我希望你事事要积极 I hope youll be more positive overall. *positive “积极的” I dont think I can do it. (我觉得我做不了) I hope youll be more positive overall. (我希望你事事要积极) I hope youll be more positive in every way. I wish youd be more positive. You should be more optimistic. (希望你能乐观点儿) *optimistic “积极的”、“乐天派的” 你说得容易 That easy you to say. If you practice hard, youll get a gold medal. (如果你刻苦练习,一定能够得金牌) That easy you to say. (你说得容易) 你发什么牢骚? There no reason complaints. *complaint “不满”、“抱怨”、“诉苦” There is no reason to complain. There is nothing to complain about. 你脸上都写着呢呀! It written all over your face. Did you pass the exam? (考试都通过了?) How did you know? (你怎么知道的?) It written all over your face. (你脸上都写着呢呀!) It obvious. (明显地能看出来) *obvious “一眼就能看出来的,明显的” I can see it in your eyes. *你的眼睛告诉了我 我当然会生气了 It natural me to get angry. *It natural ...to “当然(自然)会” Why shouldnt I be angry? I have a right to be upset! My reaction is completely appropriate. (我这样的反应是自然的) *appropriate “与目的、条件等相称的,适合的,恰当的” 我是根据我的经验才这样说的 Im telling you this from my experience. Are you sure about it? (确实是这样吗?) Im telling you this from my experience. (我是根据我的经验才这样说的) Let me offer you some advice. From my experience... (我给你一个建议,据我的经验来看……) 没其他不同的看法吗? Cant you think of it differently? Cant you look at it another way? Cant you think of it in a different way? 好好想想 Just think of it! Just fancy. *有点过时的表达方式 Just imagine. (想像一下) 不要轻信 Dont trust it. *“不要轻率地相信对方的话,别轻信” The newspapers say that the yen will go up soon. (报纸上说,日元马上就会升值) Dont trust it. (别轻信!) Be cautious. (请慎重) Be careful. (要多加小心) Trust it. (请相信) 我是个容易上当的人 Im so gullible. *gullible “易受骗的,轻信的,太老实的” 别小看他 Dont underestimate him. *underestimate “过于轻视”、“小看” We dont need to worry about him. (我们不必担心他) Dont underestimate him. (别小看他的能力) You shouldnt underestimate his abilities. (你不该小看他的能力) He is better than you think. (他比你想像的要好) 那是最重要的呀! That the name of the game. 我不能对你特殊 I cant make any exceptions you. *exception “除去……”、“……除外” We cant give you any special treatment. I cant make an exception you. 动动脑子 Use your head! I dont know how to do it. (我不知道怎么做) Use your head! You can do it. (动动脑子,你能做到的) 自作自受 You asked it! *直译是“那是你追求的”常用短语“自作自受,活该” My boss scolded me today. (今天被老板训斥了一顿) You asked it! You didnt finish your report on time again. (自作自受,你又没有时交报告) 如果批评得对,你就接受吧 If the shoe fits, wear it. *直译是“如果鞋合适,你就穿上它”,表示“如果认为别人批评得有道理,就该接受” My boss criticized my sloppy personal appearance. (我的老板批评我穿得邋遢) Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. (如果批评得对,你就接受吧) 提醒 我得提醒一句 Let me give you a piece of advice. I want to buy this car. (我真想买这辆汽车) Let me give you a piece of advice. (我得提醒你一句) Let me tell you something. I think you should know... 小心! Watch out! *用于有险情时,“危险!”、“留神!”、“小心!” Watch out! (小心!) Thanks! You saved my life. (谢谢你救了我一条命) Look out! Be careful! Heads up! Youd better be careful! Please be careful! (请多加小心!) You should be careful! (你得多加小心!) You should watch out! (你得留神!) 注意脚下 Watch your step! *用于提醒地滑,看不清楚楼梯等场合常用于公共告示 Watch your step! (注意脚下) Oh, yeah? Why? (噢?是吗?为什么?) Mind your step. Be careful where you walk. Look where youre going. 抓紧我 Hold on to me tight. Dont let go! (别松手!) Hold me tightly. 要提防着点儿他! Watch out him! Watch out him! (要提防着点儿他!) Why? (为什么?) Be careful of him. Keep your eye on him. 这里有点儿蹊跷 There a little catch. *“小心有陷阱,圈套” That sounds easy. (好像很简单) Well, there a little catch. (可是,有点蹊跷) There something to it. It not as easy as it sounds. (并不像听起来的那么容易) 三思而后行 Think twice bee you do it. 轻拿轻放动作轻点儿 Easy does it. *表示“要小心谨慎地处理”易碎品或贵重物 Easy does it, doesnt drop the TV. (动作轻点儿,小心别把电视掉下来) Dont worry. I wont. (放心吧,掉不下来) Gently. Be careful. (小心啊!) 手下留情 Please go easy on me. *出自于新手和没有实力的人的口中 也可用于体育运动go easy on... 常用于命令句, 表示“对……要手软”、 “对人或东西要珍惜”、 “对……要留有余地” It my first time, please go easy on me. (我这是第一次,请手下留情) Alright, Ill try. (知道了,我会的) 别操之过急 Let not jump the gun. *gun为“手”,而jump the gun是固定词组,表示比赛响前就跑出去的意思即“抢跑”、“抢先……”之意 I think Ive got the job. Let celebrate! (我想我已经找到了工作我们来庆祝一下吧!) Let not jump the gun. (为之过早了吧) Let not be too hasty. Let not rush into things. Dont count your chickens bee they are hatched. *“别在小鸡孵出之前就数鸡”,常用于口语中 不要做得太过火 Let not go overboard. *go overboard “做过了”、“超限度” I bought four dozen eggs. (我买了四打鸡蛋) Let not go overboard. (别太离谱呀!) Let not go too far. Let not be extreme. 我们看情况再说 Let wait and see how things go. *用于各种情况 Let wait and see. 别这么快下结论 Dont jump to conclusions! *jump to conclusions直译是“随便下结论”,即“过早地下结论”、“贸然断定” So, I think she pregnant. (所以,我想她已经怀了) Dont jump to conclusions! (别这么快地下结论) Dont prejudge it! (别凭想像判断) Dont make assumptions! (不能主观臆断) Dont get the wrong idea. (不要抱有那种错误想法) 别那么自私 Dont be selfish. *selfish “任性的,自私的,利己的” Dont be self-centered. Dont be egotistical. 你的工作表现总是不稳定 Your work is always inconsistent. *inconsistent “不一致的”、“不稳定的”、“反复无常的” Your work is always erratic. Your work is always patchy. Your work is always uneven. 你不该随便乱花钱 You shouldnt spend money foolishly. You should try to be thriftier. (你该试着再节约些) You shouldnt spend your money like water. You shouldnt waste your money. (你不该那么浪费钱) 你的态度太恶劣了 You have an attitude problem. You have an attitude problem. (你的态度太恶劣了) Who are you to say that? (你不是在说你自己吧) I dont like your attitude. You have a bad attitude. You need to just your attitude. 别那么没有礼貌 Dont be so naughty. *naughty “不听话,顽皮的,淘气的” Dont do such naughty things. Dont be so bad. Behave yourself! (有点礼貌!) 请安静! Hold it down! Be quiet! *用于一般情况下 Keep it down! Keep it quiet! Silence! *用于学校老师对学生 Turn it down! *对看电视或听收音机的人说的turn down是“关小电视、收音机等的声音” 嘘!(安静!) Hush! Shh. 太吵了 It too noisy. It too loud. 别丢人现眼了! Dont make a fool of yourself. Im going to dance. (我想去跳舞) Dont make a fool of yourself. (别丢人现眼了!) Dont play the fool. Dont make an ass out of yourself. Stop acting like a fool. 分清场合 Think about where you are. You should consider where you are. 你也不看看你多大了 Act your age. *一般用在父母等上年纪的人教育年轻人时“做和自己年龄相符的举止、行为” How do you like my new red skirt? (你觉得我这条新的红裙子怎么样?) Act your age. (你也不看看你多大了) You should act your age. *比较温和的说法 Behave in accordance with what is expected of your age! You should behave more maturely. (你该表现得更成熟些) You shouldnt act like a child. (别像个孩子似的) 你想得也太天真了 Your view is too optimistic. *optimistic “乐观的”,“乐天派的” 你的想法太不现实了 You should get your head out of the clouds. *直译是“你应该把你的脑袋从云中伸出来”,即“你的想法太不实际了,回到现实中吧” You should get your head out of the clouds. (你的想法太离谱了) Maybe youre right. I should try to be more down-to-earth. (也许你是对的我该更现实点儿) You arent being realistic. You should be more logical. *logical “符合逻辑的”、“道理上讲得通的” 别再重复这种愚蠢的错误了 Dont make such stupid mistakes again! *make a mistake 惯用语, “出错” Dont make such stupid mistakes again! (不要重复这种愚蠢的错误) I wont, I wont. (不会了,不会了) You should be more careful! (你应该多加小心) Dont make dumb mistakes again! 别那么自命不凡 Dont be stuck-up. *stuck-up “骄傲自满”、“自高自大” Dont be so pompous. *pompous “装模作样的”、“自负的”、“华而不实的” Dont be such a snob. *snob “势利小人”、“看人行事的俗人” Dont act like youre better than I am. Dont flatter yourself so much. (别那么自以为是) *flatter oneself “骄傲自满”、“得意洋洋” 人不可貌相 Dont judge a book by its cover. *谚语,直译“不要根据书皮来判断书的内容” He so short. (他的个儿多矮呀) Listen, dont judge a book by its cover. He was the best basketball player in Calinia last year. (喂!你可不能以貌取人,他是去年加利福尼亚最棒的篮球运动员) Never judge something by its looks. Appearances are deceiving. (不能以貌取人) Dont m an opinion about something based on appearance alone. (人不可貌相) 说话要留神 Watch your tongue. *直译是“看看你的舌头”,即“说话要小心” Hey, you, asshole! (你这个混蛋!) Watch your tongue. (嘿,说话留点神儿) Watch your language. Watch your mouth. Be careful of what you say. Dont use bad language. (不要说脏话) 要遵守规则 Follow the rules. *follow “遵守,从(规则、命令、劝说等等)” Follow the rules. (要遵守规则) Youre the one not following the rules. (你就没有遵守规则) Dont violate rules. (不许违反规则) Dont violate regulations. (不许违反章程) Dont break the rules. (不许破坏规则) 别偷懒! Stop goofing off! *这是一句俚语,用于针对在工作、学习或练习中偷懒、耍滑的人 goof off是口语表达方式,意为“懒惰”、“偷懒” Get a life! You should make something out of yourself! Dont be a bum! Get a job! (去找个工作) Grow up! (该长大成人了!你什么时候才能长大!) 照我说的做! Do as I said! Do what I said. Do what I tell you to do! 不要说别人的坏话 Dont say bad things about others. Dont speak ill of others. Dont speak bad about other people. 别食言 Dont go back on your word! Im sorry, I cant do that. (对不起,我做不了) Dont go back on your word! (别食言) Dont break your promise. (不能说话不算数) You should keep your word. 做你能做的 Dont take on more than you can. *“不要承担自己处理不了的工作,不要承担超过自己能力的事情” Dont take on more than you can handle. 别那么粗鲁! Dont be rude! Dont be impolite! 你被开除了 Youre fired! Man, youre out of here. *严厉的说法 I have to sack you. *温和的说法 I have to let you go. *温和的说法 你得像个男子汉! Be a man! I dont want to be a leader. (我不想当头儿) Be a man! (你得像个男子汉!) Be strong! (坚强些!) Dont be a wimp! (别那么窝囊!) Dont be a chicken! (别当胆小鬼) 别自吹自擂 Dont talk boastfully. *boastfully “夸耀的”、“自吹自擂的” Japan is a very rich country. (日本是一个富裕的国家) Dont talk boastfully. (别自吹自擂) Dont brag. Dont boast. You should be more modest. (你该谦虚一些) 请别让我失望 Please dont disappoint me. *disappoint “让……失望”、 “辜负……期望” Please dont let me down. 别挑逗女孩男孩! Dont flirt with girlsboys! *flirt with “对异性半开玩笑的引诱”、“男女之间的调情” Dont flirt with girls! (别挑逗女孩!) I was just being friendly. (我只是表示友好) Dont make eyes at herhim! (别跟她他眉来眼去的) *make eyes at... “向……送秋波” 别抱怨,叫你怎么做,就怎么做 Dont complain and do as you are told. Do what I tell you to do without complaining. 干脆点!(赶快!) Make it snappy! *这是一个惯用句, “快!”、“干脆点儿!” Hurry it up! Look snappy. *英式英语 麻利点!利索点! Step on it! *step on it 原意是“坐火车飞跑”现在常表示“赶紧”的意思 Be quick! Get a move on! Move it! Snap to it. 责备 别把责任推给我 Dont blame me. *blame “把责任归于……”、“让人承担罪责等” It all your fault! (都是你的错!) Dont blame me, Im innocent. (这可不能怨我,我是清白的) Dont say it my fault. Dont put the blame on me. Dont accuse me. 这是你的过错 Youre to blame. Youre to blame. (这是你的过错) Why me? (怎么是我?) It your fault. 你站在我的立场上想想 Put yourself in my shoes. *直译是“把你的脚放到我的鞋里试试?”,即“你站到我的立场上考虑考虑” We will not take your illness into consideration. (我们没考虑到你生病) Put yourself in my shoes. (你们该为我想想) Try to see it from my point of view. Try to see it my way. 你就不觉得害臊吗? Arent you ashamed of yourself? *ashamed “做了不好的事感到的羞愧和惭愧” be ashamed of... 表示“……觉得害臊” How do you live with yourself? You should be ashamed of yourself. (你该为自己害臊) 我要教训他一顿 Ill give him a piece of my mind. *give...a piece of... mind “严厉批评、责备……”、“大声地叱责……” Ill give him a piece of my mind lying! (他撒谎了,我会好好说说他的) I dont blame you. (我不会怪你的) 别把我卷进去 Dont involve me! Id like you to lie me. (能不能帮我撒一次谎?) Please dont involve me! (请别把我卷进去) I dont want to get involved. (我不想被卷进去) 我早说过了吧 I told you so. I got in trouble lying. (因为撒谎,我闯祸了) I told you so. You shouldnt lie. (我早说过吧,你不该撒谎) See, I told you so. There now, didnt I tell you? You should have listened to me. (你要听我的就好了) 你知道的吧? You knew that, didnt you? My son stopped going to school. (我儿子没去上学) You knew that, didnt you? (你知道这事儿吧?) 好像是我做错了什么事似的 It is as if I had done something wrong. *as if... “好像……似的” It as if it my fault. It as if Im to blame. It like I did something wrong. 他在最后关头胆怯了 He chickened out at the last moment. 别冲我发火 Dont take it out on me. *take it out on... “为泄愤而冲……发火” Dont take your frustration out on me. Dont treat me badly just because you had a bad day. (别因为今天你不顺就拿我撒气) I didnt do anything wrong! (我没有做错什么事) 还我钱 Pay up! Pay up! (还我钱!) Can you wait till next month? (能等到下个月吗?) Pay your debt! Pay me back! Give me my money now! (现在你就还我钱) 我会找你算帐的 Youll pay this. *威胁他人,带有“要报复你”的语感 你疯了! Youre out of your mind! *直译“你失去理智了” Youre off your rocker. Youre nuts. 你怎么这么说? You shouldnt say things like that. Dont say stuff like that. (你别这样说呀!) 这可全为了你! It your own good! I dont want to. (我不想做) It your own good! (这可全为了你!) It your own benefit. It your own sake. 你干吗老挑我的刺儿? Why are you picking on me? *表示“为什么责备我?”、 “干吗我非得挨责备?” Youve got an ugly tie on. (瞧你系这么条难看的领带) Why are you picking on me? (你干吗老挑我的刺儿?) 他对我的工作总是鸡蛋里挑骨头 He always finds fault with my work. *find fault with... “吹毛求疵”、“有意见”、“挑剔” 制止 停! Hold it! *用来表达“等等!”、“停下!”、“别干了!” Hold it! It time lunch. (别干了,该吃午饭了) It about time. (总算到点了) Stop! Cut it out! Knock it off! *俚语,“安静!”、“别动!” 等等! Wait! Wait! You got your umbrella. (等等,你忘了带伞) Oh, yeah. I almost got. (哦,我差点忘了) Wait a minute, please! (请等一下!) Just a minute, please! (请稍等!) Hold on! Give me a minute! 别动!别动! Uh-uh-uh! *为了阻止正在进行着的动作,而做出的强烈的警告 Uh-uh-uh! Leave the cake alone. (别动!别动那块蛋糕) I want it. (可我想吃) 别干那事! Dont do that! Stop it! Stop that! 你干吗要干那种事? Why are you doing that? Why are you doing that? (你干吗要干那种事?) Why not? (为什么不能干?) 请排队! Please line up! *用于人们不排队很混乱的时候line up 表示“排”、“列队” 、“排队” Please make a line. Please m a line. 别夹塞儿! Dont cut in line! *cut in line “插到队伍里” Dont cut in line! (别夹塞儿!) Sorry about that. (真对不起!) Dont cut! Get in line! Get to the end of the line! Please go to the end of the line. (请到后面排队去) 别推呀! Dont push! Quit pushing! (别推!) Dont shove! Get your hands off me! (拿开你的手) Dont touch me! (别碰我!) 别张口就骂人 Dont call me names! *call... names “骂人”、“说坏话”、“说脏话” Hey, dont call me names! (别张口就骂人) I didnt call you names. (我哪儿骂你了) 别多嘴多舌的 Dont be a blabber mouth! *“没必要说的话别喋喋不休地说” Dont blab this to anyone! (别对什么人都唠叨这事) Mum the word! (别声张!) *要求别说出去 Dont be so talkative! (别多嘴) *talkative “多嘴多舌的”、“好说话的” Dont tell anyone my secret! (别告诉别人我的秘密) Keep your lips sealed. (闭上你的嘴巴) 要做得不露痕迹 Keep it out of sight. *out of sight 短语,“看不见的地方”、“视线之外” Keep it out of sight. (要做得不露痕迹) Okay. Ill try. (明白了就这么着) I dont want anyone to see it. (我不想让人看到) I dont want to see it ever again. (我再也不想看到) 离我远点儿! Stay away from me! Hi! That a nice jacket. (嗨!这夹克真不错!) Stay away from me. (离我远点儿) Stay away! Get out of here! (从这儿出去!) Leave me alone. (让我一个人呆会儿) 不许耍花样! No funny stuff! *口语中常常使用,最好能记住funny除“奇怪”之外,还有“怪异”和“可疑”的意思 Drop the gun, and no funny stuff! (放下,不许耍花样) Anything you say. (照你说的做) 别介入那件事! Stay out of this! Im going to call the police. (我要给警察打电话) You stay out of this! (别介入这件事!) Dont get involved! Mind your own business! (少管闲事!管管你自己吧) Stay out of it! 别给弄砸了 Dont ruin it. *ruin “破坏”、“糟蹋” Ill finish the decorations you. (我要给你把这些都装饰好) Okay, but dont ruin it. (好吧!不过你别给弄坏了) Dont be a party pooper. *party pooper原指“使宴会扫兴的人” 别打架! Stop fighting. Stop fighting. (别打架!) But he hit me first. (是他先打我的) 警告 别动! Freeze! *“动就开!”,语气强烈 Hey, you, freeze! (喂,说你呢,别动!) 蹲下! Duck! *上面有危险的东西掉下来时,提醒对方注意“卧倒”、“蹲下” You have to duck down here. (你得躲到这儿来) *还有时间,不太紧急的情况 举起手来! Hands up! Put your hands up! Hands in the air! 不许动! Dont move! Dont make a move! 照我说的去做! You listen to me! Do as I said! 趴下! Get down! *“趴在地上” 站住! Halt! Hold it! 呆在那儿! Stay where you are! *“有危险,呆在原来的地方”的语气 往前走! Move on! Move! 跪下! On your knees! *knees “膝盖” 放手! Let go of me! *告诉对方松开抓着的手或东西 Let go! 快逃吧! Run your lives! Let get out of here! 截住他! Stop him! *指女性时用stop her 闭嘴! Can it! *这是个词的句子,说快了仿佛一个词 Shut up! *这是个词的句子,说快了仿佛一个词 后退! Stand back! *“一步也好两步也好,往后退退!”、“从站的地方向后退” Step back! 算了吧! Cut it out! Stop it! 你被逮捕了 Youre under arrest. *arrest “逮捕” 手脚分开 Spem! *是Sp them的口语连读形式them 指“手脚” 小心!危险! Heads up! Look out! Watch out! 放下! Drop it! *要对方放下手里拿的东西比如或刀子等的场合下使用 拿开你的手! Get your hands off! 趴下! Stay down! 快溜走吧! Get lost! *不愿意见到对方或不愿与对方说话的心情 滚出去 Get out of here! *四个词常连读 闪开! Back off! *当感到对方靠近自己,给自己带来危险时 Go away! (走远点儿!) Leave me alone! (让我一个人呆会儿) 日常英语 英语口语重庆处女膜修复要注意什么 有时需要独处人们才能发现真实的自我有时需要醒悟人们才能明智Sometimes it takes adverse conditions people to reach out to one anotherSometimes it takes bad luck people to understand their goals betterSometimes it takes a storm people to appreciate the calmSometimes it takes being hurt people to be more sensitive to feelingsSometimes it takes doubt people to trust one anotherSometimes it takes seclusion people to find out who they really areSometimes it takes disillusionment people to become inmedSometimes it takes feeling nothing people to feel everythingSometimes it takes our emotions and feelings to be completely penetrated people to open up to loveI have gone through many of these thingsand I now know thatnot only am I y tolove youbut I do 50重庆可视人流哪里好

梁平城口丰都县人民妇幼保健中医院妇科专家大夫Obama:This Victory Belongs to YouIf there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.?It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen, by people who waited three hours and four hours, many the first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different, that their voices could be that difference.It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states.We are, and always will be, the ed States of America. It's the answer that led those who've been told so long by so many to be cynical and fearful and doubtful about what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day.It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this date in this election at this defining moment change has come to America. The election had many firsts and many stories that will be told generations. But one that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She is a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voices heard in this election except one thing—Ann Nixon Cooper is 1 years old.When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs and a new sense of common purpose. Yes we can. 576 Yellow Post-ItsCan you still find this day, my dear, among your possessions? Among the souvenirs of your trips to faraway lands, the textbooks from those halcyon days when you walked the hallowed portals of that engineering college, the cassettes whose covers were left behindafter one of those bacchanalian sessions in the hostel, the photographs of those classmates whose names you can't remember?Or is it hidden in the darkness, put out of sight along with the book you bought but never , the gift you never quite found a use and the letters you never finished or sent? I can still find it here, in the city, in the house which you have never visited, in the kitchen where I have imaginary conversations with you.It is here even when I am not, I go out now, leaving the light on and the music playing, so I can return home to the illusion of company. I am probably better off now. Without secrets to keep from my parents. Without someone to come between me and my friends, me and my pastimes, me and my work, me and my sensible, understandable, utilitarian life.The life that I keep trying, keep failing to bring in line with the expectations that I keep trying, keep failing to make my own. It is not that I always feel like this, sometimes I yearn those days when tears and laughter both came easy, those easy and quick transitions from ecstasy to despair.When a compliment could keep my mind occupied hours on end and a harsh word could prick like a pin the same skin which now seems dry and insensitive. Like probably millions around the world,I look outside the window of a crowded bus, lost in my own thoughts and wonder how it could happen to me. Was I not supposed to be different from the rest? Not the silly schoolgirl infatuation with the football team captain or the fascination with the good nothing, pot-smoking aspiring poet. Ours was a mature friendship that had blossomed into more. How could I feel a pang of envy then, when you lent a helping hand to another girl, when you spoke about someone who's far away and about to be married, when you were so involved in the book you were ing that you did not notice that we never met all day?Then came the rescue mission. The loud fights in the hostel wing, the long silences and the desperate angry notes. Frustration, anxiety and even love revealing itself in the ugliest possible ways. Then indifference, complacency and resignation. Calm, dispassionate discussions on how we could stay friends. The decision that we should always let the other know when we would be around. That's when I started leaving those yellow post-its on the door.Those yellow post-its which by the time I came back would have your coordinates that I never used. If we had all of them now, they would be telling this tale a lot better than I am now. Back home, I still continue leaving those post-its to this day, hoping that someone will write their whereabouts on them as well. 6933重庆打孩子哪家医院最好的石柱县人民妇幼保健中医院妇科人流



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