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台州哪间医院皮肤科强台州哪里有皮肤科医院Japan robots chat, play -- and help find lost specsRobots that can chat, find misplaced glasses, draw aeroplanes and play with your children are attracting thousands of visitors during an expo in Tokyo as Japan adapts to changes in society.Robots, such as the sound-sensitive Chapit, answer simple questions and even joke with people to help the solitary fight loneliness and stay alert in old age."Many older people in Japan live alone and have no one to talk to," said Kazuya Kitamura, a representative of the expo organizer. "Communication robots accompany people and don't mind listening to the same stories over and over again."While Chapit, a relatively simple robot, managed to attract a corporate partner, many researchers, such as Kiyoshi Matsumoto, a professor at the University of Tokyo, struggle to attract sponsors for more expensive projects.Matsumoto's "Personal Mobility Robot," equipped with four cameras and a sensor to recognize the user's centre of gravity, is designed to help elderly move around without pressing buttons, using joysticks or rotating wheels as in traditional wheelchairs.The robot can also help find misplaced spectacles by identifying them with a sensor."We have developed a robot that can assist many people, but because of the high cost, we still haven't found a sponsor," said Matsumoto, who added that the cost of the machine, if mass-produced, would be comparable to that of a compact car."In the current economic environment there are few companies willing to invest in such a costly project," he said.Other robots, such as the award-winning "DiGRO" can support busy parents who have little time to play with their children.The robot can use the Internet to find a simple image and then draw pictures, keeping children company while parents work.Japan has one of the world's fastest-ageing societies and the government predicts that by 2050 the proportion of people over 65 will reach 40 percent.Vocabulary:mass-produced: produced or manufactured (goods) in large quantities, esp. by machinery(大量生产的)compact car: 小型汽车背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110347温岭市中医院看男科好吗 Too hot to work? No sweat, go home, says German officialAs Germany wilts in sweltering temperatures, a manager in a Berlin government office told his 260 sweating workers to go home, a newspaper reported Friday, undermining Germans' reputation for efficiency.According to the BZ local tabloid, the boss of the Berlin office for tax evasion investigations sent an email to his employees saying: "Everyone should decide for themselves if they feel up to working in these temperatures.""This decision should be taken before you pass out ... taking time off work today could in many cases be a wise decision which would have my full understanding," wrote Erik Schliephake in the email printed by BZ."With greetings bathed in sweat," the boss signed off the note.The BZ carried the story on its front page with the headline: "Whoever sweats gets to go home."Berliners have been baking in a seemingly relentless heatwave in recent weeks, with the mercury frequently soaring into the high 30s Celsius (high 90s Fahrenheit) and July on course to be the hottest on record.Vocabulary:wilt: to become weak or tired(变得委靡不振;发蔫;变得又累又乏)sweltering: 闷热的tabloid: a newspaper with small pages (usually half the size of those in larger papers).Tabloids usually have short articles and a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, and are thought of as less serious than other newspapers. (小报,通俗小报,版面通常比大报小一半,文章短,图片多,经常报道名人佚事)feel up to: 觉得有精力(做某事);感到有能力(处理某事)pass out: to lose consciousness(昏迷;失去知觉)sign off: to end a letter(结束写信)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109453Bush 'Hopeful' for Agreement on US Forces in Iraq布什:驻伊美军地位协议会通过 U.S. President George Bush says he is confident an agreement with Baghdad on the future status of American forces in Iraq can be approved before their U.N. mandate expires on December 31. Mr. Bush spoke after talks at the White House with the President of Iraq's Kurdish regional government, Massoud Barzani. 美国总统布什说,他相信与伊拉克当局就未来驻伊美军地位问题的协议会在联合国授权令于十二月三十一号到期前得以通过。布什发表这番讲话前与伊拉克的库尔德政府主席巴尔扎尼在白宫举行了会谈。Time is running out for completing the Status of Forces Agreement between Washington and Baghdad. 华盛顿与巴格达之间达成部队地位协议的时间日益紧迫。A draft accord is in hand after months of negotiations, but the Iraqis have now proposed changes to the plan. 经过几个月的谈判,双方已经产生了一份协议草案,但是伊拉克方面如今提出要改动这一方案。President Bush told Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani that the request will receive serious consideration. 布什总统对库尔德族领袖巴尔扎尼说,美方会认真考虑有关要求。"We are analyzing those amendments," he said. "We obviously want to be helpful and constructive without undermining basic principles. And I remain very hopeful and confident that the SOFA [Status of Forces Agreement] will be passed." 他说:“我们正在分析那些修正条款。我们显然希望在不影响基本原则的前提下尽力提供帮助并富有建设性。我仍然充满希望,而且确信部队地位协议会得以通过。”But U.S. officials have warned that the bar for changes is set very high. They have indicated there is little desire in Washington to reopen negotiations on the substance of the deal. 但是美国官员警告说,对协议作出变动的要求是很严格的。他们表示,华盛顿方面不想对协议实质性的内容重新谈判。At the same time, they say the agreement is vital, and that the door is not closed to possible changes in wording. 同时他们又说,有关协议至关重要,对协议作措辞方面的改动是有可能的。At the Pentagon, spokesman Geoff Morrell stressed the proposed changes will be studied carefully, deliberately and with respect. 在美国国防部,发言人莫雷尔强调,美方将对改变的建议进行仔细、审慎的研究,并对伊拉克抱着尊重的态度。"Strategic partners give each other the courtesy of listening to concerns," he said. "So the Iraqis have raised some concerns. We are now trying to translate them and figure out what precisely they are. And we will listen to them. We will evaluate them and we will make decisions based upon our understanding at that point." 莫雷尔说:“战略夥伴之间本应倾听对方的忧虑。所以伊拉克现在提出了他们关注的问题,我们目前正在努力设法了解并明白它们真正的含义。我们也会听取他们的意见。我们也将评估这些意见,然后我们将在当时理解的基础上作出决定。”No one in the Bush administration is commenting publicly on the specifics of the proposals. But an Iraqi government spokesman in Baghdad says the amendments include language that would ban U.S. forces from attacking neighboring countries from Iraqi territory. The proposed changes also deal with the legal rights of American troops in Iraq and the outlook for a drawdown of U.S. forces. 布什政府内还没有人公开对伊拉克提议的具体内容作出。但是伊拉克政府的一名发言人在巴格达说,修正条款的内容包括禁止美军从伊拉克领土向邻国发动袭击的措辞。所建议的改动还涉及驻伊美军的合法权利问题,以及驻伊美军人数缩减的前景规划。Some Iraqi officials have acknowledged that these changes will be difficult for the ed States to accept, leaving open the possibility of seeking an extension of the U.N. forces mandate. 某些伊拉克官员承认,这些改动要美国方面接受是很困难的,因此有可能会寻求联合国延长部队授权令。Pentagon spokesman Morrell told reporters Wednesday that Washington is heartened by statements from Moscow and other capitals on prospects for renewal. But he stressed the focus remains on reaching a Status of Forces Agreement on time. 美国国防部发言人莫雷尔星期三对记者说,莫斯科和其他几个国家最近发表了有可能延续授权令的声明,华盛顿对此感到很高兴。但是他强调,目前的焦点仍集中于按期达成军队地位协议。200810/54475台州看性病科哪家医院最好

台州人民医院泌尿外CNN's Hala Gorani talks with fashion designer Alber Elbaz about the late Yves St. Laurent. A wonderful man. You know, I was hired by him, it was a myth. I mean the name Yves St. Laurent, the address of new Melzo, was more of a dream. And then you'll see a person, then you'll see eye glasses, and then you'll see the color of his eyes. Then you go into his soul, and you find out that he was a very, I mean it’s very difficult for me to say he was rather than he is. You know, when I think out that his creation, his work would stay with us, you know, he will never die. That’s the adventure (a tongue-slip by the interviewee, here it should be advantage) of being an artist, you’ll never die, you’ll stay forever. And he will.And especially Yves St. Laurent has legacy, lives to this day in the way women all over the world dress. I was asked today whether, what do I think, did he do more for women or more for fashion. And I think he did a lot for both. He did a lot for fashion, and he did a lot for women. He changed the way they dress, in a way he changed the way they think. He brought beauty back to their life and modernity. Actually one time when I was hired by Mr. Belgee, he told me that he thought that Miss Coco Chanel, liberated women and Mr. St. Laurent gave them power and strength. And I thought that he gave them beauty and he gave them a lot of power by giving them that wardrobe that he did. He was the one that invented the y to where he translated his couture show or so, into, er, y to a business he was extremely smart, extremely sensitive, extremely, extremely, extremely wonderful man. And, and what gave him that vision, do you think, what about his creative genius, if you wanna call it that, what about his personality as a human being gave him that kind of vision that to this day lives on, do you think? I think life did it to him, he was extremely sensitive. He was like a spongy got everything. He saw people, he lived with them, he got them, he went into them, he understood women, he loved women. He worked with women, for women and they loved him back. And you knew him, what gave him these ideas, I mean, when you think of the trouser suit or when you think of the safari jacket or when you think of things that we see today on runways and take for granted as having existed for decades when in fact they were born with him.He actually was the one that introduced different elements into fashion, like art, like music, like street life, like movement in life. So he really brought fashion high, fashion to the street and brought it back from the street up to the runway. Em in that sense, I think that he was a very unique man. Coz' he was a pioneer, he was the first one. So he get the credit for doing all of the above. Now you are with Lanvin, now you are a celebrated designer, very much admired all over the world for having revived the oldest existing fashion house. (Alright) What did you think when you heard of the news yesterday that Yves St. Laurent died, what crossed your mind.Oh, my god. That I have to chill. I was very, very sad. You know, I went to the house of St. Laurent and I felt more like a son-in-law than a designer that was hired, I felt kinda I marry his daughter and he is my father-in-law. So it feels like somehow a death in my family.200812/59267台州哪家医院割包皮环切术 It just knocks yourself out, never see an animated movie like this computer generated movie. The story was incredibly moving.这就好像使你如梦方醒般,从未看过由计算机制作而成的这样一部动画电影。这个故事也是非常地感人。The world is the very first release from a small unconventional flim studio called Pixar with Steve Jobs at the hell.就如同打开了潘多拉的宝盒一样,这部该由被称为皮克斯公司的非传统的小电影工作室和史蒂夫;乔布斯打造的电影,让全世界为之惊叹。We just get stuck in to the beauty and sort of explodes.我们只是情不自禁流连往返于那个美丽的世界中。For the first time, computer characters are warm, cuddly, reliable.有史以来第一次,电脑角色是温暖的,可爱又可靠的。These were animated characters, but they seemed like they belong in our family or that we have them in our house.这些都是动画角色,但是他们好像正置身于我们的家庭或者我们能在房间中发现他们的踪影。Its the big comeback Steve Jobs has been waiting for. But it has taken Jobs and Pixar nearly ten years to get this bar, and it almost didnt happen at all. After he got the boot in 1985, he sold all his apple shares but one, he had millions of dollars buring a pocket. Any one but Jobs might have retired.这是史蒂夫;乔布斯一直等待的一次大翻盘。但是它已经花费皮克斯公司和乔布斯将近10年的心血,它差点就胎死腹中。当他在1985年拿到芯片的时候,他卖掉几乎所有的苹果股票,但只有一个他没有变卖,这使他的口袋里数百万美元在燃烧一样。除了乔布斯任何人都可能已经因此退休。词语解释:1. generate v. 产生,生成2. incredibly a. 难以置信的3. cuddly a. 令人想拥抱的201111/161797台州哪家医院割包皮

台州市中心医院泌尿科咨询President Barack Obama and other G8 leaders wrapped up a two-day summit in the French coastal town of Deauville with harsh words for the governments in Libya, Syria and Iran but promises of billions in aid for democratic transitions in Egypt and Tunisia.  美国总统奥巴马和其他工业化八国集团成员国领导人在法国沿海城镇多维尔结束了两天的峰会,他们严辞批评了利比亚、叙利亚和伊朗政府,但承诺会给埃及和突尼斯的民主转型提供上百亿美元的援助。Following talks Friday with French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy, President Barack Obama said the two were united in their call for Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi to go. 奥巴马总统星期五在和法国总统萨科齐会面后说,两国一致呼吁利比亚领导人卡扎菲下台。"We agreed that we have made progress on our Libya campaign but that meeting the UN mandate of civilian protection cannot be accomplished when Gadhafi remains in Libya directing his forces in acts of aggression against the Libyan people," the president said. "And we are joined in resolve to finish the job." 他说,“我们同意我们在利比亚的工作获得了进展,但如果卡扎菲还在利比亚指挥军队侵犯利比亚人民,我们就无法达成联合国保护平民的命令。我们决心一同来完成这项工作。”The push for Gadhafi's departure got a boost from Russia, which has offered to mediate the Libyan leader's departure. G8 leaders in Deauville also condemned Iran's nuclear program during their two-day meeting. Summit host, President Sarkozy, said he agreed with President Obama that Syria's leader Bashar al-Assad should either allow a democratic transition in his country - or step aside. 催促利比亚领导人卡扎菲下台的行动获得了俄罗斯的帮助。俄罗斯提议由它来协调卡扎菲辞职。工业化八国集团成员国领导人也在多维尔两天的会议期间谴责了伊朗的核项目。峰会地主国法国的总统萨科齐说,他同意奥巴马总统所说,叙利亚总统阿萨德如果不允许民主转型就应该下台。But the G8 leaders also offered major incentives to two Arab nations on the road to democracy - promising billion in aid to Egypt and Tunisia via multilateral institutions. President Sarkozy said another billion was available to the two countries in bilateral assistance and other aid. 但工业化八国集团成员国领导人也向正迈向民主的两个阿拉伯国家提供了重大的激励方案。他们承诺通过多国机构援助埃及和突尼斯两百亿美元。萨科齐总统说,还将通过双边和其他援助方式给这两国另外两百亿美元。201105/138386 Infidelity faces women with greater incomeMen who earn less than their female partners are more likely to cheat on them, a study published on Monday found.Cheating may be a man's way of trying to restore his gender identity when he feels it is under threat, Christin Munsch, a sociology doctoral candidate at Cornell University, says in the study, which she authored and presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association."Making less money than a female partner may threaten men's gender identity by calling into question the traditional notion of men as bwinners," Munsch said.Indeed, the study found that infidelity dramatically increased when the man earning less than his female partner is Latino, probably because bwinner status is "one of the defining features of Hispanic masculinity."Then again, the same study found that men whose partners were more dependent on them were also more likely to cheat, making it a lose-lose situation for women.It's different for girls, though. Overall, women are half as likely to cheat as men anyway, whatever the circumstances, the study found."Women's femininity is not defined by their bwinner status, nor is it defined by sexual conquest. Therefore, economic dependency does not serve as a threat to women," Munsch says.The study indicates ways to prevent one's partner cheating without giving up the well-paid day job. Both sides being satisfied in a relationship is a sure-fire way to make infidelity disappear, and getting your partner to go to church or the mosque or temple regularly is another: the more regularly an individual attends a religious service, the less likely he or she is to cheat, the study says.Looking for a partner in a university library, lab or lecture might also be an idea because, the study says, "the more education one reports, the less likely he or she is to engage in infidelity."Vocabulary:doctoral candidate:士生call into question: 使……受到质疑sure-fire:准不会有错的背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111664台州三甲医院有哪些?台州那里做精液检查比较好




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