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福建福清市中医院妇科预约东张镇妇女儿童医院收费好不好 Registration for the national entrance examinations for postgraduate study started last month, but it seems some students can’t resist the temptation to take shortcuts.上个月,全国考研报名工作启动,而似乎有那么一些学生抵制不住“走捷径”的诱惑。Media reports show that a cheating epidemic has swept many universities in recent years, with thousands of students plagiarizing, bribing teachers or buying essays online.从各大媒体的报道中我们可以看到,近年来许多高校考研作弊成风。学生涉嫌抄袭、贿赂考官,或在线购买论文的事例数不胜数。Bribery usually happens in the second round of written tests and interviews, in which universities have the final say on results. Education experts have expressed concern over the phenomenon.贿赂考官的现象常见于第二轮笔试和面试阶段,在复试阶段,学校方面掌握着生杀大权。教育专家们对这一现象表示担忧。“It’s quite worrying to find students offering precious gifts or even cash to a teacher,” said Zhang Guoliang, professor of communication at Shanghai Jiaotong University.来自上海交通大学的传播学张国良教授表示:“学生给考官送厚礼,甚至是送现金的现象令人十分担忧。”“Although universities are getting better at detecting bribery, the view across the education sector is that the practice has increased,” said Zhang.张国良教授说:“尽管各高校在揭发贿赂方面做得越来越好,但放眼教育界,这类事件还是频频发生。”Students are complaining about being affected by misconduct in graduate school recruitment. Chen Huanhuan, 26, enrolled in the postgraduate school of journalism and communication at a university in South China in 2009. She said there was only one government-subsidized place.学生们对于研究生录取环节中的不法行为抱怨连连。26岁的陈欢欢于2009年考上了南方一所大学的新闻与传播学专业的研究生。她说,当时学校只有一个公费名额。“I achieved the highest score in the preliminary exam - nearly 30 points higher than the next student. But the result of the second exam showed that another girl had surpassed me,” explained Chen. “Later, I learnt from underhand dealings. It was unfair. She took the subsidized place and I had to pay the fees.”她解释说:“我初试成绩最高,比第二名足足高出了近30分。但复试结束后,另一名女孩的成绩却超过了我。我后来才知道是走后门的原因。这太不公平了,她拿到了公费名额,我就得自费求学。”For students trying to enter postgraduate school at another university, competition from undergraduates in the target university can be fierce.对于那些想考外校研究生的同学们来说,与来自报考学校的本校学生间的竞争会尤为激烈。Lin Weiqiang, 24, was unable to enter graduate school last year after completing his degree in computer science at South China University of Technology.24岁的林伟强(音译)去年从南方科技大学计算机科学专业毕业后,遭遇了考研失利。He visited his target university, but could hardly even meet with tutors. “Local students can easily make an appointment with tutors. Some even bring expensive gifts,” said Lin.他曾拜访过自己想要报考的学校,但几乎连导师的面都见不到。他说:“他们本校的学生和导师见面很容易。一些学生甚至还给导师送上厚礼。”Candidates who get on postgraduate courses by cheating lack motivation to work hard.那些通过作弊考上研究生的考生往往缺乏刻苦学习的动力。“Many subjects are a waste of time for me,” said a student surnamed Zhao, 25, an art history major. “But earlier this year, I found a way to get better grades by bribing a teacher with fancy wines and money. ”就读于艺术史专业、今年25岁的赵某表示:“对我而言,许多科目都是在浪费时间。而今年年初,我发现只要给老师送上名酒和红包,考试就可以得高分了。”The government is trying to combat cheating by establishing new laws. Universities are also taking a more serious stance on academic misconduct.政府部门正尝试通过立法,来打击作弊行为。各大高校也更加严肃地对待学术不端行为。Educators have introduced measures to prevent inappropriate intervention. Many colleges require at least three teachers to sit in on interviews.教育工作者已经采取了一系列防止作弊的措施。许多高校规定,面试考官至少要三位以上。Luo Tiehui, deputy director of the Enrollment and Employment Center at Wuhan University said, “Anyone can complain via the phone number and email address published on our website. We monitor the performance of postgraduates through tutors.”武汉大学招生就业处副处长罗铁辉说:“每个人都可以通过学校官网上公布的电话或邮箱来投诉。我们会通过研究生导师来监督相关学生的表现。”Any suspected cases of impropriety in the marking of an exam will be reported and investigated by the university.任何涉嫌考试分数作弊的行为一律上报,由学校方面进行调查和处理。He Hong, deputy director of the academic affairs office at Sun Yat-sen University said: “For a student found guilty of misconduct, a range of penalties apply, including expulsion from the university.”中山大学教务处副处长何洪表示:“一旦学生被查出有作弊行为,将会受到包括开除学籍在内的一系列处分。” /201211/207652福建妇女医院引产多少钱

福清哪家无痛人流做的好 Believe it or not, Apple shares can go down. 信不信由你,苹果(Apple)的股价也是会下跌的。 The stock is selling off this afternoon, one day after the tech juggernaut surpassed Microsoft as the largest U.S. company ever, measured by stock-market value. 苹果股票周二下午遭到抛售,而一天前,这家科技巨头刚刚超过微软(Microsoft),成为史上市值最高的美国公司。 Shares are down 1.8% at 3.32, reversing earlier gains. The stock hit a fresh all-time high of 4.88 in midday trading, but started selling off as word circulated that a research outfit called Oracle Investment Research had downgraded Apple to hold from buy. (We#39;ll admit, we had never heard of this firm until today when news of the downgrade starting sping across Twitter). 苹果股价周二下跌了1.8%,至653.32美元,扭转了之前的涨势。周二午盘,苹果股价创下历史新高,达到674.88美元。但是,受研究机构Oracle Investment Research将苹果股票评级从买入下调至持有这一传闻的影响,投资者午后开始抛售苹果股票。(我们承认,评级下调的消息周二起在推特(Twitter)上被转发之前,我们从没有听说过这个研究机构的大名。) ;The hype concerns us,; Oracle#39;s Laurence Balter wrote in a note to clients, as he compared the current frenzy to when Microsoft and Cisco Systems previously were market-cap kings. 该机构的巴尔特(Laurence Balter)在给客户的报告里写道:炒作令我们担忧。他认为眼下这股投资苹果的热潮有点像微软和思科系统(Cisco Systems)登顶市值冠军宝座时受到的礼遇。 He cut his price target to 0 from 0. 他将自己对苹果股价的目标值从670美元调低至650美元。 Balter expressed concern about Apple#39;s potential latest endeavor into the television business. Apple is seeking to shake up the TV market with a device that can carry live television, although it remains to be seen whether cable operators will bite. 巴尔特对苹果可能进军电视机业务的最新尝试表示担忧。苹果目前正设法通过一个播放电视直播节目的产品来重组电视市场,但有线运营商是否会;上钩;尚不得而知。 ;We believe entering the low margin world of television set top boxes and TV is fraught with margin danger,; Balter says. 巴尔特说,我们认为进入机顶盒和电视机这个低利润率行业存在利润率危险。 An Apple downgrade doesn#39;t happen all that often, especially as most of Wall Street remains bullish. Last week Jefferies Group boosted its Apple price target to 0. And at least two analysts have predicted this year that Apple would top ,000 a share, which would represent a 50% gain from Monday#39;s closing level. 苹果股票评级遭下调的事情并不经常发生,特别是在大多数华尔街人士对苹果信心满满的时候。上周,杰富瑞集团(Jefferies Group)将苹果目标价上调至900美元。至少有两位分析师已在今年预测称,苹果股价将突破每股1,000美元,这意味着苹果要在周一收盘价的基础上再涨50%。 One of those analysts is Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, who earlier today published a note calling Apple a ;trillion-dollar baby.; Apple surpassing the market value of Microsoft#39;s 1999 peak removes ;a key sentiment barrier; that had been keeping a lid on the stock in recent months, he says. And now investors should think of Apple#39;s market cap in ;trillions; and not ;billions.; 美资券商Topeka Capital Markets的怀特(Brian White)就是这样一位分析师。周二早些时候,他发布了一份报告,并将苹果称为;万亿美元宝贝;(trillion-dollar baby)。他说,苹果打破了微软在1999年创造的市值纪录,这会移除近几个月来遏制该股的关键性情绪障碍。怀特说,如今投资者应该用;万亿美元;这一数量级来畅想苹果未来的市值。 He has an ,111 price target on Apple, which would carry its market cap above trillion. 他认为苹果股价会增至1,111美元,届时苹果市值将突破1万亿美元大关。 Another bullish theme to keep in mind is valuation. Apple is much cheaper than previous companies that had high market caps. Companies including Cisco Systems, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Intel and Microsoft at one time had market caps that approached or topped 0 billion. But they also had P/E ratios that topped 60. 还有一个需要牢记的看涨主题是估值。苹果现在的股价远远低于那些曾拥有庞大市值的公司。思科系统、埃克森美孚(Exxon Mobil)、通用电气(General Electric)、英特尔(Intel)和微软等公司的市值都曾逼近或超过5,000亿美元。不过,它们的市盈率也都曾超过60倍。 Apple#39;s forward-year P/E ratio is 14.8, according to FactSet 据FactSet统计,苹果的预期市盈率为14.8倍。 ;None of these companies delivered the annual [earnings] growth that Apple has achieved over the past seven years,; White says. 怀特说,上述这些公司没有一家的年利润增速能比得上苹果过去七年的表现。 Apple also doesn#39;t dominate its broad sector like Microsoft, Intel or Cisco did at their peaks. Microsoft held more than a 90% market share for PC operating systems at one time, Intel had 80% of the PC processor market and Cisco had more than 70% of the networking market, White notes. Apple, on the other hand, only holds a fraction of the mobile market, while dominating the tablet market. 苹果目前并没有在其主营领域处于配地位,而微软、英特尔或思科系统都曾在巅峰时期获得过这一地位。怀特在报告中指出,微软曾一度控制着个人电脑操作系统逾90%的市场份额,英特尔曾占有80%的个人电脑处理器市场,思科在网络市场中的份额也曾达到70%以上。反观苹果,它占移动市场的份额仅为很小一部分,尽管在平板电脑市场处于配地位。 So while there are many reasons to be bullish, the big question is how long can Apple keep up the dominance? The bigger it gets, the harder it is to keep growing at a speed that will keep pleasing Wall Street. 虽然看涨苹果的理由有很多,但目前一个很重要的问题是:苹果的这种配地位还能保持多久?这个地位越巩固,苹果就越难保持令华尔街满意的增长速度。 Balter of Oracle Investment cited a famous e in his report: ;Anything that can#39;t go on forever…will end.; 巴尔特在报告中引用了一句名言:任何事情若无法永远持续,则必将终止。 /201208/196394龙田镇妇女医院位置福建省东张镇产科医院



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