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Be prepared. Your Secret Santa will probably disappoint you this year, cause your Secret Santa isn#39;t Bill Gates.准备好啦。今年,你的神秘圣诞老人可能会让你失望了,因为他不是比尔.盖茨。A Reddit user named Aerrix says the world#39;s richest man -- worth a cool billion, in case you#39;ve forgotten -- sent her gifts last week through Reddit#39;s Secret Santa Gift exchange.红迪网的用户Aerrix称,这位世界上最富有的人上周通过红迪网“神秘圣诞老人的礼物”传递活动给她送了礼物——以防你不记得,提醒一下比尔.盖茨的身价高达750亿美元。The gifts were awesome, and she was a little bit excited about it. We know this because about half of the words in a post she wrote about it were in all caps.比尔.盖茨的礼物棒极了,Aerrix因此有点激动。我们之所以会知道这点,是因为她的帖子中近一半的单词都是大写的。Aerrix wrote of getting a mysterious box -- a ;freakin#39; HUGE BOX,; she called it -- of opening it and seeing a picture of Gates in a Santa hat on top, of calling her husband and blurting out the news -- ;BILL GATES IS MY FREAKIN SANTA!!!!!!!; -- and of course, going through and unwrapping these gifts of pure joy.Aerrix在帖子中描写了她得到的神秘盒子——她称之为一个“大得惊人的盒子”,她还写道打开盒子后看到一张盖茨戴着圣诞帽的照片,她立即叫来老公告诉他这个消息——“比尔.盖茨居然是我的圣诞老人!!!!”当然帖子里还写了他们非常开心地拆礼物。She loved them, because Gates, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, did his homework. You see, Aerrix loves stuff like games and the Legend of Zelda. It says so on her Reddit Gifts profile page, which Gates obviously , because he loaded her up with all kinds of goodies like:因为这位微软创始人兼慈善家盖茨做足了功课,所以Aerrix非常喜爱这些礼物。Aerrix的红迪网礼物资料页上写着,她喜欢和《赛尔达传说》这类东西。盖茨肯定读过她的资料,因为他送给Aerrix的各式各样的礼物包括:the matching Zelda mittens for her and her dog ...为Aerrix和她的准备的同款赛尔达手套……and the Minecraft edition Xbox One (with three wireless controllers) ...一台Minecraft版的Xbox One游戏机(配有三个无线游戏控制器)……and the Harry Potter slippers ...哈利.波特款拖鞋…and the Cajun cookbooks (because she#39;s from southern Louisiana and hasn#39;t forgotten her roots) ...法餐食谱(因为Aerrix来自路易斯安纳州南部,而她一直思念着自己的故乡)…and a Legend of Zelda master sword (it#39;s made out of paper) ...《赛尔达传说》中的大师剑(用纸做的)……and the photoshopped picture of Aerrix, her husband and Gates in a cute as pie Zelda frame.以及一张将Aerrix和丈夫以及盖茨P在一起的照片,而且照片被放在了一个可爱的赛尔达相框里。But Gates wasn#39;t done, she wrote. He also made a donation in her name to code.org, which helps students learn about computer science.Aerrix写道,但这还没完事儿。盖茨还以她的名字向code.org捐款,这家网站帮助学生了解计算机科学。;Which is AWESOME because it#39;s something near and dear to my heart as my husband is a programmer and my brother has a degree in computer science!; she wrote.她称,“这个礼物太棒了,它对我来说是非常亲密的礼物,因为我的丈夫是一名程序员,而我弟弟拥有计算机科学学位!”This Secret Santa stuff is nothing new for Gates though. He#39;s has been doing this since at least 2013.“神秘的圣诞老人”活动对盖茨并不是什么新鲜事儿。至少从2013年起,他就在做这件事了。And he#39;s not the only celebrity doing the Santa thing. Other celebs like Alyssa Milano and Snoop Dogg have also taken part in Reddit#39;s Secret Santa exchange.而他也不是唯一一个当圣诞老人的名人。艾莉莎.米兰诺、史诺普.道格等其他名人也参加了红迪网的“神秘圣诞老人”传递活动。So it makes you wonder for next year ... is Warren Buffett on Reddit?人们因此好奇明年沃伦.巴菲特会来红迪网吗? /201612/485545A Filipino beauty queen has been shot dead moments after opening the front door to #39;hitmen#39; who gave her flowers and chocolates.日前,菲律宾一位选美皇后在打开房子前门接受一名“职业杀手”的献花和巧克力时,却被对方杀。Mary Christine Balagtas, 23, opened her front door to the two men at her home in Bulacan, the Philippines, last Wednesday morning.上周三清晨,住在菲律宾布拉干省的23岁的玛丽·克里斯汀·巴尔塔扎尔为两名男子打开了房子前门。They let off a single bullet into the student#39;s head then fled on a waiting motorbike, according to police investigating the murder.据调查这起谋杀案的警察称,这两名男子在这位还是学生的选美皇后头上开了一,随后跳上了一辆在旁边等候的托车逃走。She was rushed to hospital as paramedics battled to stabilise her but she died inside the ambulance.玛丽随即被迅速送往医院,医护人员试图挽救她的生命,但最终她还是在救护车中离世。Superintendent Julio Lizardo from Plaridel Police said they were now investigating a man who had a previous relationship with Ms Balagtas.普拉里德尔警方负责人胡里奥·利萨尔多表示,他们正在调查一位曾与玛丽保持恋爱关系的男子。He added: #39;We believe the attack could have carried out by a hired gun. We found an empty shell from a.45 calibre pistol at the scene and believe that two men had fled on a motorcycle.#39;他补充说道:“我们相信本次杀是雇佣杀手完成的。我们在案发现场发现了45口径手的空弹壳,并认为这两人是骑托车逃跑的。”Ms Balagtas previously won the La Bulakenya pageant in 2009 and second pageant in 2010. She was studying at the University of Regina Carmeli College when she died.巴尔塔扎尔曾在2009年和2010年连续获得La Bulakenya选美冠军。她生前在菲律宾的瑞吉娜·卡麦丽大学学习。Friend Flores Vecina said: #39;Life is just really too short. We may not even know what true happened to you but we let it given in the hands of our almighty God. We are confident that justice will prevail. We just pray that your family and us, your friends will get that fair.#39;她的朋友弗洛雷斯·贝西纳说道:“人的一生真的太短。我们可能甚至都不知道发生了什么,就将一切交给万能的神灵。我们相信正义终会胜利。我们祈祷你的家人们和我们--你的这些朋友们,能得到一个公道。” /201704/5039901. You Can Say Goodbye to Good Cholesterol After Just 2 Hours of Sitting1. 只要坐了俩小时,你就可以对好胆固醇说再见了Just like a light switch, electrical activity flips off the moment your butt hits the chair. ;Calorie burning is significantly reduced and lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that assists with the breakdown of fat, dramatically and rapidly drops,; says Dominique Wakefield, a health and fitness expert for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). That enzyme also plays a role in changing low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) to high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). Sitting for eight or more hours a day - a pretty standard amount of time for people who work desk jobs! - decreases the enzyme#39;s ability to convert bad to good by 95 percent, scientists at The Ohio State University have found.就像电灯的开关一样,在你坐上椅子的那一刻,电源就关闭了。“热量燃烧会显著减少,一种帮助分解脂肪的脂蛋白脂肪酶也会急剧快速地下降,”美国运动协会的健康健身专家多米尼克#8226;韦克菲尔德说道。脂蛋白脂肪酶还在将低密度脂蛋白(坏胆固醇)转化为高密度脂蛋白(好胆固醇)方面起着作用。俄亥俄州立大学的科学家们发现:每天坐8小时及以上——那些坐在办公桌前工作的人的标准时间!——那么脂蛋白脂肪酶转化坏胆固醇为好胆固醇的能力就会降低95%。2. Your Muscles Will Ache - Like, All the Time2. 你的肌肉会一直酸痛;The lack of attention to these things is what causes the problem. Sitting well, so it has minimal negative effects on you, is a skill. And like any skill it will take some effort to learn, but eventually will become habitual,; Schneider says.“不注意这些事情就会造成这一问题。坐姿正确是种技能,会使负面影响最小。如其它技能一样,这一技能也是需要花时间学习的,但最终会成为你的习惯,”施耐德说道。Be mindful of your posture and adjust alignment as needed, says Jessica Matthews, a personal training expert for ACE who#39;s based in San Diego. ;While standing, your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle should form a straight line with the spine in an #39;S#39; shape, due to its natural curvature. This also applies while in a seated position, except that the ear, shoulder, and hip should align, and the knee and ankle should align.;注意自己的坐姿,并根据需要进行调整,位于圣地亚哥的杰西卡#8226;马修斯说道,她是美国运动协会的私人训练专家。“站着的时候,由于脊椎的自然弯度,你的耳朵、肩膀、臀部、膝盖和脚踝需与其成一条直线,呈S型。坐着的时候,这也同样适用,只是耳朵、肩膀和臀部应成直线,膝盖和脚踝应成直线。”Until you master pro-level sitting, expect tight hip muscles, increased back and neck pain, and possible breathing difficulties, since the rounded shoulder, tucked chin posture decreases the ability of your ribs to expand, Schneider says.除非你掌握了专业级坐姿,否则就等着臀部肌肉变紧、后背和脖子越来越痛吧,甚至你还会呼吸困难,因为呈圆形的肩膀和缩进的下巴会降低肋骨伸展的能力,施耐德说道。3. Your Risk for Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease Will Climb3. 患癌症、2型糖尿病和冠心病的风险会飙升Beyond making you gain extra pounds, being too stationary can do a number on your longevity. ;Sitting increases risk of death up to 40 percent. Inactivity is killing people and is arguably one of this generation#39;s greatest health threats,; Wakefield says. Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease risks are more stark when overall physical activity levels are low, too, according to a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine.除了让你长胖,老是坐着也会减少寿命。“坐着会增加40%的死亡风险。不活动会慢慢消耗人的寿命,可以说是这一代人最大的健康威胁之一,”韦克菲尔德说道。《内科学年鉴》的表明:当整体的身体活动较低时,患癌症、糖尿病和冠心病的风险更为突出。译文属 /201701/487652

A 14-year-old Danish boy doing research for a history class found the wreckage of a German World War II plane with the remains of the pilot in the cockpit.一名14岁的丹麦男孩在为历史课做研究时,发现了一架第二次世界大战时德制飞机的残骸,机舱中还有驾驶员的遗体。Daniel Kristiansen and his father, Klaus, discovered what#39;s believed to be a Messerschmitt fighter plane buried in a field on their farm near Birkelse in northern Denmark.丹尼尔·克里斯蒂安森和他的爸爸克劳斯,在位于丹麦北部的他们家的比克尔瑟农场的一块地上发现了一架据称是梅塞施米特战斗机的残骸。;We went out to the field with a metal detector,; Klaus Kristiansen told CNN. ;I hoped we might find some old plates or something for Daniel to show in school.;爸爸克劳斯·克里斯蒂安森在接受CNN采访时表示:“我们带着一块金属探测器来到地里,希望可以找到一些旧盘子等物品让丹尼尔可以拿到学校展示。”Instead, they found bits of plane debris. So they borrowed an excavator from a neighbor and dug down seven or eight meters.没想到他们发现了一些飞机残骸。因此他们跟邻居借了挖土机,往下挖掘了7到8米。;At first we were digging up a lot of dirt with metal fragments in it. Then we suddenly came across bones and pieces of clothes,; Kristiansen said. ;It was like opening a book from yesterday.;克里斯蒂安森说道:“一开始我们挖出一堆混杂金属碎片的泥土,随后突然就找到一具骨骸和衣残骸,感觉就好像打开了一本历史书。”Kristiansen remembered being told by his grandfather, who lived on the farm during World War II, that a German plane had crashed there.克里斯蒂安森记得,在二战时期住在这座农场上的祖父曾告诉过他,有架德国飞机于二战时坠机在此。;We think it was around November or December 1944,; he said.他说:“我们认为坠机应该是发生在1944年的11月或12月。”But he also said his grandfather had told him the German occupying force had removed the plane. ;I mainly thought it was just a good story.;不过他也表示,他记得祖父后来告诉他,德军占领军已经移走了这架班机。“因此我觉得这只是个有趣的故事”。The curator at the Historical Museum of Northern Jutland, which now has the pilot#39;s possessions and the remains of the plane, believes his team will soon be able to confirm the man#39;s identity.北日德岛历史物馆的馆长表示,现在有了驾驶员的遗物和飞机上的残骸,相信很快就可以确认驾驶员的身份。;We found the pilot#39;s papers, and I think we have a name,; Torben, curator and head of archaeology at the museum, said.物馆馆长兼考古学负责人托本表示:“我们找到了驾驶员的明,我相信我们能确认他的名字。” /201703/498317U.S. President Donald Trump lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping in recent comments and reversed his position on China#39;s currency.在近日的一些中,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普盛赞中国国家主席习近平,还转变了对中国货币的态度。His comments shocked some of his core supporters; but in doing so, Trump is practicing the art of the deal rather than the art of war, at least for now. This is good news for China-U.S. relations.他的这些言论震惊了一些他的坚定持者们,不过从这些可以看出,特朗普正在进行交易的艺术,而不是战争的艺术,至少目前看来是这样。这对于中美关系来说是一个好消息。Despite China#39;s love-hate relationship with Trump, many Chinese are trying to understand Trump better.尽管中国对特朗普是爱恨交加,但是仍有许多中国人试图更好的了解这位美国总统。The Chinese edition of The Art of the Deal, published by China Youth Press, can be found on various Chinese websites, including Alibaba#39;s Tmall. One professional bookstore on Tmall sells the official book for 23.50 yuan, or about .50.中国版的《交易的艺术》由中国青年出版社出版,可以在如阿里巴巴旗下的天猫等许多中国网站上找到。该书在天猫一家专业书店的售价是23.5元(约合3.5美元)。;I want to examine the #39;business madman,#39;; a customer wrote in the comments section. On Douban, a popular arts social networking site, a user suggested that Chinese use the book to ;understand the president of the ed States better.;一位顾客在部分中表示:“我想了解这位#39;商业狂人#39;”。在流行艺术社交网站豆瓣上,一位用户建议中国人通过阅读这本书,“更好的去了解这位美国总统”。What do Chinese really think of Trump? While opinions are certainly mixed, some of China#39;s netizens who have Trump#39;s autobiography have posted their two cents#39; worth to Weibo, China#39;s equivalent of Twitter, as well as other sites.那么,中国人到底是对何看待特朗普的呢?尽管贬褒不一,一些读过特朗普自传的人在微上--类似于推特--以及一些其他网站上发表了自己的见解。One Weibo user wrote, ;I didn#39;t know he is such a smart, interesting, and fun doer until after ing his book!;一位微用户写道:“直到读了这本书,我才知道特朗普是一位如此聪明、有趣、让人逗乐的实干家。”On Dangdang, China#39;s biggest online bookseller, there are thousands of comments. ;I haven#39;t finished ing it yet, but I think Trump is simple and direct. As a successful businessman, he must be a very capable person.;在中国最大的网上书店当当网上,关于本书的有数千条。一人道:“我还没有读完这本书,但我认为特朗普很简单,很直接。作为一个成功的商人,他一定非常有能力。”Not everyone was impressed. One user on Dangdang called him ;a weirdo,; but added that his book is a must for understanding the history of this president and his impact on the U.S. and China.不过并非每个人都赞赏他。当当网一名用户称他是“一个怪物”,不过他也表示,要想了解这位总统的生平以及他对中美两国的影响,这本书可谓是一本必读书籍。 /201704/505571

I loathe that tall freak!我真讨厌那个高个子的“奇葩”!Look at that douche showing off over there!瞧瞧那草包在那炫耀的熊样!The mountains next to Mount Everest珠穆朗玛峰旁边的群山 /201612/481244

To celebrate the International Women#39;s Day on March 8, 2017, a construction company invited its female construction workers to take a series of photo shoots in Xi#39;an, Shannxi province.2017年3月8日,为庆祝国际妇女节,陕西省西安市一家建筑公司邀请该公司的工地女工人们拍摄了一组照片。Rather than putting on their usual construction uniforms, the female staff dressed up in beautiful gowns and put on delicate makeup.女工们没有穿平时的工地制,而是穿起了漂亮的长裙,画起了精致的妆容。The photos, taken by professional photographers, came out so stunning that they could barely recognize themselves.这组由专业摄影师拍摄出来的照片实在是太美了,以至于女工们自己都认不出来了。;I seldom think myself as young and girlish, but I do feel something different today,; a young worker said.一名年轻的女工说道:“我很少认为自己很年轻、很少女,但是今天我觉得有点儿不一样了。”;The makeup makes me feel like another person. It looks beautiful but actually I feel more exhausted to put on makeup than to work on the construction site,; another worker said.另一名女工则说道:“化妆让我觉得自己像是变了一个人似的。这看起来很漂亮,但是事实上我觉得化妆比在工地上干活还累。” /201703/498696Have you ever wondered why, on every social occasion, during every outing, Prince George is sporting a fine pair of shorts?你是否好奇为什么乔治王子总是穿着一条质地优良的短裤出席各大社交场合和外出活动呢?The young royal is always dressed in short trousers – wherever he is, whatever the weather. The reason as to why is a simple one, and we thought you might like to know.无论何时何地,天气如何,短裤似乎成了这位年幼王室人员的标配。原因只有一个,我猜你一定很好奇。Etiquette expert William Hanson told Harper#39;s Bazaar that three-year-old Prince George#39;s given fashion is stipulated by tradition. And very specific traditions are most often upheld by the #39;upper classes#39;. They love it.礼仪专家威廉#8226;汉森在接受《时尚芭莎》采访时说,三岁的乔治王子的这一时尚选择是合乎传统的。而这些特殊的传统通常是“上流社会”所推崇的,他们喜欢这样。Hanson explains that ;it#39;s a very English thing to dress a young boy in shorts,; and not doing so is ;decidedly suburban;.汉森解释说“年轻男孩穿短裤是非常英式的一种做法”,不这样穿的“毫无疑问是乡下的”。Hanson says: ;Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on young boys is one of those silent class markers that we have in England. Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class – quite suburban.他表示:“在英国,大一点的男孩和成年男性才会穿长裤,年幼的男孩穿短裤是一种无声的阶级标志。尽管时代在(慢慢)变化,但年幼的男孩穿长裤还是会被看作中产阶级或乡下人。;And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban. Even the Duchess of Cambridge.;“没有哪位自重的贵族或王室成员会想被看作乡下人,即使是剑桥公爵夫人也不例外。”Well, there we have it then. Prince George will be in shorts for the foreseeable future – until eight-years-old, in case you#39;re wondering, for that#39;s when it#39;s deemed appropriate for a boy#39;s style to be taken to the next stage.现在我们知道原因了。在未来的一段时间内乔治王子将会一直穿短裤——直到他八岁为止。在这里你也许会感到好奇,现在就来解开谜团:因为到了八岁,男孩子的着装便可以进入下一个阶段了。;The usual custom is that a boy graduates to trousers around eight years old,; Hanson adds. It#39;s something that dates back to the 16th century. We won#39;t bore you with the historic details.汉森补充说:“依据习俗,王室的男孩会在八岁左右结束‘短裤时代’。”这一传统要追溯到16世纪,这里就不介绍历史细节了。Ultimately, it#39;s the nod to a bygone age for the British upper classes, Hanson says. It ;marks them out from #39;the rest#39;.; Apparently.最后,这种着装方式是英国上层社会对过往岁月的一种致意。它能“将贵族同平民区分开来”。显然如此。 /201610/470223

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