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想念爸爸(I Miss My Father) -- :01:0 来源: 想念爸爸(I Miss My Father)  i am a girl of ten, and i live in a small mountain village far from taiyuan. the only person that lives with me is my mother, because my father is away eight years, working in a city.  during the spring festival, my father came back home. he looked thin and tired. he gave my mother two thousand yuan, and told her that he would work even harder, earn more money, and then he could take us to the city he stayed at home only ten days.we are living a poor life now. but what i want most is not money, but my father. i miss him very much!    我是一个十岁的女孩,我住在离太原很远的一个小山村和我共同生活的唯一的人是我妈妈,因为我爸爸离家已经八年了,他在城里干活  春节期间爸爸回家了他看起来瘦瘦的,很疲倦他把,000元交给妈妈,并告诉她说他要拼命地干活,多赚点钱,然后把我们接到城里去他在家只呆了十天  我们的日子很苦,可是我最需要的不是钱,是爸爸!我很想念他!Wang Xiaoya 王小丫 --5 :37: 来源: Wang Xiaoya 王小丫  Wang Xiaoya is one of the most famous hostesses in China.She is clever,active and beautiful. She is 3cm tall, and her favorite colors are grey, orange and red. She is popular with viewers of all different ages.  Wang Xiaoya was born in Liangshan, Sichuan Province. She likes writing, and she worked as a reporter a few years. Then she went to CCTV and hosted programmes. Now she hosts Quiz Show. She works very hard, and she likes her work very much.王小丫是中国最著名的女主持人之一她聪明、活泼、漂亮她身高5厘米,最喜爱的颜色是灰色、橘黄和红色她受到所有观众的欢迎,不论老少王小丫出生在四川省凉山她喜欢写作,曾当过几年记者后来她去了中央电视台主持节目现在她主持“开心辞典”她工作勤奋,也热爱自己的工作

Four Seaso -- :5:30 来源: Four Seasons There are four seasons in a year. They are spring、summer、fall and winter. I like spring. It is warm. It often rains. I can plant trees and flowers in spring. The spring is green. Summer is very hot. I can swim in the river. Fall is a good season. It is nice. I can fly kites in fall. I can eat many apples too. Winter is cold. I wish I can play snow and make a snowman in Beijing someday. Because it does not snow in Xinxing. I love all the seasons, because they are nice.

毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词 --5 :: 来源: 毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词韶山是一个小山村,地处湖南省会城市长沙西南部0公里处,风景优美,具有典型的湖南山村气息1893年月6日,一个男婴诞生在韶山的一个富农家里,这个男婴就是改变中国命运的伟人毛泽东韶山是毛泽东度过童年和少年时期的地方,他在这里读书,帮父亲做事现在让我们一起开始伟人毛泽东故乡韶山之旅吧!  Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!       Today, we will go and visit Shaoshan, the hometown of Chairman Mao. Shaoshan is a small mountain village about 0km southwest of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, with some fairly beautiful scenery and a once typically Hunan village atmosphere, Shaoshan has been irreparably changed by history. On the 6th December 1893, a baby was born in a little house in this village, to a relatively wealthy peasant couple. The child was to grow up to become China’s Great Helmsman, Chairman Mao Zedong, and it was in this region that he spent his childhood and youth, attending school and helping his father with his work.   As the hometown of the great man of the generation, now Shaoshan is one of the important tourist zones in Hunan province. The major tourist sites including the mer residence of Chairman Mao, Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, Water-dripping Cave and Steles est of Mao’s Poems,and so on.   The mer residence of Chairman Mao is the most interesting site. Entered through a courtyard, the house is of a sunny yellow, mud brick walls, with a nicely thatched roof, and is found on a wooded hillside, above some lush paddy fields. There are and one half rooms in the mer residence, which include one and half central room, a kitchen, a dining room, three family bedrooms and a guest room. Within the rooms are various personal effects of Mao and his parents, as well as photos from Mao’s life.   This is the central room, used by two families: Mao’s family and their neighbor. So we said that there is only one half of the central room belongs to Mao’s family. And this is there kitchen, where Chairman Mao often helped his mother doing some housework in his childhood. Go through the kitchen was Chairman Mao’s parent’s bedroom, there are two photos of Chairman Mao’s parents on the inner wall, and it was in this room where Chairman Mao was born.   The Dripping Water Cave, about 3 km northwest of the village, is a very popular destination, possibly because of the fact that Mao allegedly spent days here in the early days of the Cultural Revolution Years (1966-76), contemplating the unknown. 韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词

  人鬼情未了 Ghost 英文剧本 --31 3:31: 来源: Ghost script -Oh, this is great! - Wow! Oh, that's incredible. There's got to be seven or eight feet up there. - And eighty years of dust. - Oh, look at all this height. We could put our bedroom upstairs, and get all this space. - what? - Just space. One! Two! Three! - And four? - Come on. And five? - Watch, watch! - God, this place is huge. - It's beautiful. - God! - You guys, it's absolutely incredible. - lncredible. - A little paint. - Sell it tomorrow, double your money. Carl, you're obsessed. A little bit. Wow, look! Hey, it's an lndian Head penny. 1 898. It's a good omen. You're the good omen. Oh, it's so great! I had Rose move your 3 o'clock with Bob Kahan to o'clock. Gary Alan called. He has to see you about the painting bids the loft. 3 o'clock is the only time he can make it. Is that OK? Sam? - I'm sorry. - Relax, man. You're not having brain surgery. Pitching these Japanese guys makes me so nervous. Sam, you're going to be great. OK? What am I supposed to say? I can't really tell them my Swedish girl joke. Great. Where did you get those? Molly. What do you think? Are they me? - Oh, man. Look at that, a Testarossa. - Wow... - Ouch! - Pay off your Mustang first. How are you? What did the doctor say? He said that it was contagious. That it was really... - No? - Yeah. I shouldn't even be coming in today. What about the rash? The rash? The rash is also incredibly contagious. - He said they've both been sping. - No? On your genitals again? Yeah, yeah, right on the genitals. Basically everywhere. He said that I shouldn't touch anyone. Excuse me, I'm sorry. - You're sick! - I know. - Morning, Paul. - Morning, Carl. Save it, Paul. - Morning, Mr Wheat. - Susie. You're looking good. - Sam. - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Here it is. - Thanks. - Morning, Sam. - Morning, Rose. - Listen, the Kobiashi people... - They're aly here. - They're early! - I know. - Come here! - Andy Dillon called... - How long have they been here? - Ten minutes. Andy Dillon called. He needs 0,000 transferred to Albany by ten. - By ten? - Yes. - Carl? - Yeah. Carl... Dillon needs 900,000 in Albany by ten. Can you transfer it to his ? - Yes, but I need your MAC code. - OK. - Discretion, right? - Got it. - You bet. I'll do it right now. - Thanks. Bill, I'll call you back. OK, that's fine. That's fine. This is too far out. Can you get this, man? Are you guys from the New York City Ballet? Almost... - Saved your life! - You shit. Why do you scare me to death? It's better than seeing this gorgeous body splattered all over the place. Look out! - Grab it! - Sam, Moll! Are you guys home? - Did you invite Carl? - Slave labour. - Carl! - Hurry, help! - Oh, my God. - Grab the bottom. - Now, go there. - Here? - Right here? - Watch your toes. - Where do you want this? - In the bedroom. - God, this place looks great! - You like it, huh? Like is hardly the word. I had no idea it would be this beautiful. It's incredible. - What about her? - Leave her until the other stuff is here. - What are these? - Oh, let me show you. Will you help me lift this up? - Just finished it. What do you think? - I love it. Sam, what's this chair doing here? - I love that chair. - I know, but we discussed this. I've had it ever. - When I watch TV, I sit in it. - This chair is ugly. - And it doesn't go with anything. - It goes with me. You're right, it does. - We'll paint it. - We'll what? Are you OK? I'm fine. What's the matter? Nothing. Are you worried about the promotion? No, not really. Then what - moving in together? No. I don't know. It's a lot of things. I just don't want the bubble to burst. It seems like... ..whenever anything good in my life happens, I'm afraid I'm going to lose it. I love you. I really love you. Ditto. The pilot's first report of trouble was he blew the number two engine... Oh, Jesus. Another one? Don't watch that. I should cancel my LA trip. These things always happen in threes. Sam, get serious! - Besides, you lead a charmed life. - Yeah, so did they. It's amazing. Just like that... Blackout. What are you doing? I couldn't sleep. Boy... I really must have passed out. - What time is it? - It's am. Oh, no! I hope it wasn't a masterpiece. Well, it's not now. - Can I help? - Yeah. Put your hands here... Now get them wet. Let the clay slide between your fingers. Oh, no. - What's the matter? - A glitch. What's up? The Greenberg and White s, I can't get in. The code doesn't work. - I changed it. - Why? - I just want to nose around a bit. - Is something wrong? Can you keep a secret? Yeah, sure. What's up? There's too much money in these s. That's impossible. Sam, this is going to take you hours. Let me do this. - It aly has taken me hours. - Let me figure it out you. No, it's OK. It's like a vendetta now. Thanks, though, I appreciate it. - If you start to go blind, give a shout. - OK. Adios. Listen, what are you and Moll doing tonight? We're going to the theatre. She wants to see Macbeth. I think she likes the guys in tights. - You want to go? - No. I want a full report, though. - Later. - Yeah. Well, I loved it. I was spellbound the whole time. I could tell, and so could the rest of the audience, with that snore of yours. - Did I tell you what Marcia said? - About six times. It wasn't six times. Quit being so blase about this. This was really important. I'm going to have two pieces in her gallery. The New York Times reviews her gallery all the time. The New York Times is a frustrated critic with pimples on his ass who flunked art school. Who cares what they think? About 8 million ers, that's who. No, they're just ing the sports page. Your work is really beautiful. It really is. It shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks, just what I think. - I want to marry you, Sam. - What? - What? - Yeah, I've been thinking about it. I've been thinking about it a lot. I think we should just do it. - Are you serious? - Yeah. What's that look ? You never wanted to talk about it. - Do you love me, Sam? - What do you think? - Why don't you ever say it? - What do you mean? - I say it all the time. - You say "ditto." That's not the same. People say "l love you" all the time, and it doesn't mean anything. Sometimes you need to hear it. I need to hear it. Let's go! - What should we do? - Let me handle it. - What do you want? - Your wallet! Sam, just give it to him. Just take the money. Just leave... No! Sam! You son of a bitch! Somebody help us! Somebody! Somebody help us! Stop it, Sam! Molly? Molly! You got...? Oh, baby, hold on. You're going to be OK. Somebody? Somebody! Somebody help us! Oh, my God! Oh, Sam, come on. Come on, baby. You're going to be OK. Somebody? Somebody help me! Please, anybody! OK, lady, take it easy. We'll help you. Molly? Molly? Molly! What shall we do? What's happening? What's... Is he breathing? Oh, goddamn, hold on. Here we go. Sam, don't you leave me! Hold on! If you would just step this way. - So, what happened to you? - What? You're new, huh? I can tell. - Are you talking to me? - Relax, it ain't like bee. It's a whole new ball of wax. - Who are you? - I'm waiting my wife. She's in the cardiac wing. She's fighting it. Shot? That'll do it every time. Poor bastard. You may as well get used to it - you could be here a long while. I'll tell you a secret. Doors ain't as bad as you think. Zip-zap - ain't nothing at all. You'll see. You'll catch on. He ain't going to make it. I've seen it a million times - he's a goner. You see? Here they come. Lucky bastard! It could have been the other ones. You never know. Who are they? No! God help me! Help me! "l am sunk in the abysmal swamp where there is no foothold. "l have reached the watery depths. The flood overwhelms me. "l am wearied with calling." As we say farewell to our friend, Sam Wheat, we are reminded of his kindness, his generosity, his buoyancy of spirit. All that we treasure, our loved ones, our friends, our body... ..our mind, are but on loan to us. We must surrender them all. We are all travellers on the same road, which leads to the same end. As our loved one enters eternal life, Iet us remember that love, too, is eternal. That although we will miss him, our love will light the void and dispel the darkness. I picked up your shirts today. I don't know why. Mr Reynolds told me to tell you "hello." I broke into tears. It's like I think about you every minute. It's like I can still feel you. I'm here, Moll. What's the matter, kitty? What's the matter? Crazy cat. Sam? It's really stupid. I love this picture. It's great. Office. Let me see that! Sam's address book. - Dave Brubeck, should I toss them? - No. No? Molly, we hated that concert. You wanted to save those? Rolaids? Molly, what are you doing? I just miss him, Carl. Me, too. Carl? Wait a minute. Not that one. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put that on there. Hey, Moll. Why don't you come? - It's like summer outside. - No. I'm really not up it. - It would be good you to get out. - I don't want to. You can't stay in here all day. It's not healthy. I can't do it! You're not the one who died. - I'm sorry. - Don't apologise. Shit! - Maybe you're right. Just a short one. - That a girl! I'm sorry. Molly? What are you doing here? You bastard! You son of a bitch! What do you want? Molly? Molly, get out! No, Molly! No, please? He's got a gun, Molly! Hi, kitty. You hurt her, I'll... Shit! Is somebody there? Hello? Let go! What are you doing? Like trains? Stay out! This is mine. Shit! It's me. I couldn't get it. She came home. Give me a couple of days. I'll go back. Relax. I'll get it. Get what? Who are you? What do you want from us? No. You stay away from her! Do you hear me? You stay away from her! Rosa Santiago? Please be seated. Our sister will be with us soon. Sister Oda Mae, grant us the gift of your all-seeing presence. Appear bee us now. Mrs Santiago? - Buenos d'ias. - I'm Oda Mae Brown. You wish to contact your husband. I believe he'll be with us today. Thank you. But you know, Mrs Santiago, there's no telling about that other world, so you've got to be a believer. Are you a believer? S'i, I believe, I believe. Then let us begin. I can't. It's too difficult. I just can't seem to make contact. No - wait! I'm feeling something. Did he know someone by the name of Anna? Consuelo? Lucita? Julietta? Josephina? Linda? Maria? S'i, s'i! His Mama, she is Maria. Yes! Praise God. I knew he was with his Mama. Oh, my God... It's too difficult. It's two of them - I'm not sure I can do that. I pay more! How much? - How much? - Twenty dollars. Way to go. Milk her every penny. Yes. I believe we can start again. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus. Welcome, Mrs Santiago. You are tunate, the spirits are churning. - My husband? - Mercy! Oh, yeah, where? - Julio? - Yes. I feel his vibration. - I see him. - How is he? How does he look? He's a handsome man. Handsome? Mrs Santiago, in our Father's Kingdom, we're all handsome. Oh, Julio. Julio is coming towards us. I see him! He's coming. He's there. He's dressed in a black suit. Black suit? - Could be blue. - What a crock of shit. Who is that? Where are you? Did you hear it? Where are you? - Who are you? - Who? - You can hear me? - Can't you hear him? I don't believe this. My name is Sam Wheat. Can you hear me? - Say my name, "Sam Wheat." - Leave me alone! - Talk to me, Oda Mae. - Sam Wheat. - Jesus...! - Sam Wheat? I swear, no more cheating. I'll do anything, just make that guy go away. No way. It's OK. - All right, sister? - Yeah, you're all right. My mother had it, and her mother. They both had the gift. They always said I had it, but I never did, I never had it. They told me all about it, but now that I've got it, I don't think I want it. Just go away. Find somebody else. - You're out of your mind. - I'm getting there fast. She hit her head hard. She was talking to somebody bee that. Sister can do that. - Where exactly are you? - Standing right beside you. - You're standing right beside me? - Honey, we're right here! - Are you white? - What? - White? - You're white, aren't you? - You know what? - I'm calling the doctor. - I knew it, a white guy! Why me? - You're going to help me. There's a woman who is in terrible danger. The man who killed me is going back to our apartment. You've got to warn her. - Why would she listen to me? - It's just a phone call. Look... ..you're all I've got. I'm not leaving until you help me. I don't care how long it takes, because I can talk ever. - Hello. - Hi, is this Molly Jensen? My name is Oda Mae Brown, I'm a spiritual advisor. I have a message you. It sounds crazy, but it's not. You've got to believe me, don't be afraid. - Who is this? - I've got a message from Sam. - What? - Sam Wheat asked me to call. - I told you! - You've got to go there. I'm not going anywhere. Second verse, same as the first. I'm Henry the Eighth, I am Henry the Eighth I am, I am I got married to the widow next door, she's been married seven times bee Henry the Eighth I am, I am Henry the Eighth I am Second verse, same as the first I'm Henry the Eighth, I am Henry the Eighth I am, I am - I got married to the widow next door. - All right! Stop singing. I'll go anywhere you want to, just don't sing any more. I can't believe I'm doing this. What am I doing here? I hate downtown! She's probably not even there. Where are you? Which building is it? Push 3. - See, nobody's there. - Just wait. I did everything I said I would. She's not there. I'm going. I'm sorry. All right, don't sing. - Hello? - Hi... She can't hear you. I called you last night about your friend, Sam Wheat. I told you! Hey, Molly. I know you're up there. I know you hear me. Sam wants to talk to you. This is real! Remember the starfish at Montego Bay? How would I know that? I know about the underwear you wrote your name on! I won't get that. I know about the picture in Reno. Hey, Molly!. The sweater she knitted, in the closet, that's too big. He just told me about the sweater that you knitted that's too big. Four sizes. - Do you hear me? - I hear you! - Nobody's talking to you. - Hear of the phone? Want to kiss my butt? - I won't stay here all day. - Thank God! Oh, shut up! Molly, I'm going to count to three, and then I'm out of here. One-two-three. - No, wait. - No. It's Molly. Molly? I'm Oda Mae Brown. I don't know you or Sam, but let me tell you what he did. He kept me up all night singing "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am." That's how he got me to go out with him. Look, I'm sorry. I just don't believe in this life after death stuff. - Tell her she's wrong. - He says you're wrong. - You're talking to him right now? - Yeah. He asked me to tell you that you're wrong. - Where is he? - I can't see him, I can only hear him. - I'm right here. - That doesn't help, Sam. - I'm holding her hand. - He says he's holding your hand. What are you doing? What do you think you're doing to me? If you think I'm here my health, you're crazy. Sam's dead. He's dead. - Tell her I love her. - He says he loves you. Sam would never say that. - Tell her "ditto." - What is "ditto"? Ditto! I don't know how I'm doing this. Confidentially - nothing like this has ever happened to me bee. Now I can't turn it off. - Is this him? Is this you? - Yeah. Cute! White, but cute. What I don't understand is, why did he come back? - I don't know. - Why's he still here? He's stuck, he's in between worlds. Sometimes the spirit gets yanked out so quick, the essence still feels it has work to do. - Stop rambling. - I'm not, I'm answering a question. - He's got an attitude. - I don't. Yes, you do. We're having a little discussion. If you didn't, you wouldn't have raised your voice. - Oh, goddammit... - Don't take the Lord's name in vain. - Would you relax? - You're the dead guy. If you want me to help, you'd better apologise. That's it, I'm leaving. Nobody talks to me like that. - Now, you'd better apologise. - I'm sorry. I apologise. OK? Now would you sit down? - Please? - He's apologised. I need you to tell Molly what I'm saying, but you have to tell her word word, all right? Yes. He wants me to tell you what he's saying word word. - Molly, you're in danger. - You can't blurt it out like that! Quit moving around - you're making me dizzy. I'll tell her in my own way. Molly, you're in danger, girl. - What are you talking about? - He knows the man who killed him. His name is Willie Lopez, and I know where he lives. His name is Willie Lopez, and he knows where he lives. - Write it down. - I ain't no secretary! Just do it! He's so testy! - What do I write? - It's 3, Prospect Place, apt. D. 3 Prospect Place? - It's my neighbourhood. - Molly, he's got my wallet, he's got my key, and he was in here. - He was in here. - Yesterday, when you came back, you went upstairs, you talked to Floyd... When you came back he was here. He saw everything. Molly, go to the police. It was a set-up. I was murdered. He says go to the police. It was a set-up, he was murdered. - Somebody else is involved. - get it. I don't want this. - Where are you going? - I'm leaving. I did everything I said I would. Don't follow me, because I'm finished. Have a nice life, have a nice death, goodbye. There's no one on earth who'd want this to be true more than me. You've got to be rational about this. Sam is no more in this room than... I understand the need to hang on to him, I really do. - But this is absurd! - It seems absurd, but it had to be real. How could you believe a tune-teller from Brooklyn? - I watched them have a conversation. - I don't buy it, not a minute. - What about the things she knew? - What things? The photo Sam took of me on our trip to Reno. We were alone. And the green underwear that I wrote my name in. She said Sam knew who killed him. - That he was set up. - This is getting deranged. - She had a name and an address. - Good, Molly... Willie Lopez, 3 Prospect Place, apt. D. - This is sick. - Oh, Carl! Molly, I don't understand how you could... ..swallow this crap. This guy may not even exist. Maybe she's using you to set someone up. You're right. You're absolutely right. - That's what I've got to find out. - How are you going to do that? She said Sam wants me to go to the police. Sam wants you to go to the police? Jesus, Moll...! What are you going to tell them? That some storefront psychic lady has been communing with the dead? Do you know how that sounds? You're talking ghosts here! I'm sorry, this really gets to me. - It's OK if you don't believe me. - I'm trying to, Molly. Look... ..if it'll make you feel any better, I'll go check this out. I want you to try and get some sleep. OK? I'll call you in the morning. Goodnight. Be careful! Carl! What the hell are you doing here? - Who have you been talking to? - What do you mean? Some woman knows all about you. Where's she getting it from? - I haven't said a word to anybody. - She knows your name and address. - How do women know where I live? - She knows about the murder! Now, I want you to find this bitch, whoever she is, and I want you to... Just get rid of her, OK? I've got million dollars stuffed in a goddamn computer. If I don't get those codes, if that money is not transferred soon... ..I'm... dead. We're both dead. Tell them you only launder money on the first of the month. What the hell is wrong with you? Is everything a joke? You killed a man. You were supposed to steal his wallet. I did you a favour, man, that was a freebie. Look, these are drug dealers, OK? Just don't blow this me, Willie. I'd lose my job, go to jail. ,000 of that money is mine. Let me have the keys to Sam's apartment, I'll get the address book myself, OK? You goddamn bastard! Why? You were my friend! I had a life, goddamn you! I had a life! I don't even believe in this stuff myself. But she was real. Do you think I'd come here if it wasn't real? You told me if I had any new inmation, that I should come. So, here I am. I know how this sounds. I hear myself saying it, and I want to cringe. But she knew things she couldn't have known. Things Sam only said to me. According to this psychic lady, there are ghosts and spirits all over the place? Watching us all the time? I'm never going to get undressed again. Excuse me. I've got more important things to do. The guy's name is Willie Lopez. All I'm asking is you to check it out. OK. You wait here and let me see if the guy's got a record. Right.-Where's the file on Willie Lopez? - There's no file Willie Lopez. He was probably some old boyfriend she was trying to get even with. This psychic woman's got a long record. 1 967, Shreveport. gery, selling of false lD. Served one year in 1 971. Arrested fraud, numbers racketeering, served ten months, 1 97. - Look, this is impossible! - It goes on and on. She knew things - private things. How could she have known all that? A lot of times they the obits. All she had to do was see the word "banker"' Boom. They even go through your garbage to find things they can use. Letters, old papers. It doesn't take much. No. It was real. She knew about a sweater I knitted. And songs we sang. The trip to Montego Bay. I'm sorry. I know this is hard. People want so much to believe. They're grieving, they're vulnerable. And they will give anything one last moment. Believe me, these people know what they're doing. I know how you must feel, but you know you can press charges. No. Thank you. Oh, God, let this be it. Yes! - Hello. - Eddie, it's Carl Bruner. Everything's fine. We're all set. What do you want me to do? I want you to transfer the money into a single under the name "Rita Miller. " Tomorrow, at five minutes bee closing, 3. 55 pm, transfer the full to the First Island Bank of Nassau, registry number 86-9580. - Call us when it's done. - OK, I've got it. Just tell Mr Balistrari that there won't be any more problems, OK. Yeah, I'll do that. Good work. Molly, why can't you hear me? I need you. - Who is it? - It's Carl, Molly. No, don't open the goddamn door! He's a murderer. Listen, I know it's late. I'm sorry to disturb you. I've been thinking about you all day. I feel really lousy about last night. - This supernatural thing... - Don't worry about it, really. It's OK. It's not. You needed me to hear you, and I didn't. I wasn't there you, and that was wrong. It's just... I just... I want you to know that I'm your friend. - Thanks, Carl. - You were never her friend. - That means a lot to me. - Me, too. I've brought you some Japanese apple pears. - Thanks, that's very sweet. - Could I come in a second? I won't stay long, it's just been one of those days. - Yeah, come on in. - No, Molly. You seem a little tense. Are you OK? No, I'm fine. It's just... What can I tell you? It's been tough. It still hurts so much. - You lying snake! - On top of it, there's stuff at work. They've given me my own s, which is good. But I just haven't really had time to adjust, to absorb everything. It's no big deal. - Can I have a little more cream? - Yeah. Oh, shit! Jesus, I can't believe I did that. - Are you all right? - I'm fine. - Let me throw that in the washer. - Don't worry about it. It's OK. - Can I get you another shirt? - No, it'll dry in a minute. Where were you today? I thought you were coming into the bank. I was supposed to, but I didn't have time. I went to the police. You did? What did you tell them? What did they say? It was awful. I felt really stupid. They brought out a file on this woman at least ten inches thick. - Rip-off artist, huh? - No, Molly! You know, the sad thing is that I believed her. Molly... ..sometimes we need to believe. Why? What's the point? It's not easy to face the realities of life. Sometimes you've got to give yourself that. You've got to remember the love you guys felt. That's real. Remember how good Sam was, how much he loved you. You were everything to him, Molly. You were his life. I feel so alone. You're not alone, OK. You've got your work - you're talented. You're young. You're fantastically gorgeous. I don't know what's real anymore. I don't know what to think. Just think about Sam. Think about the time you two guys had together. How wonderful that was. Let your feelings out, it's OK. Life turns on a dime. You know...? People think they're ever, that there is always tomorrow. That's bullshit. Sam taught us that. We have to live now. today. - I can't. I'm sorry. - It's OK. - I can't, it's just too soon. - It's OK. You've been great, Carl. - But I need you to leave. - It's OK, I understand. Please... Could we just have dinner tomorrow? Just talk. - Yeah, sure. - Great. Hey! - Get off my train! - No. Get off! Get off! Get off! Get off! Get out of here! - Get off! - No. Show me how you do that. I'm not leaving till you teach me. Get off! - No. - Get off! You stubborn asshole! What the hell are you doing? You're trying to move it with your fingers. You can't push it with your finger. You're dead. It's all in your mind. Your problem is that you still think you're real. You think you're wearing those clothes? That you're crouching there? Bullshit! You ain't got a body no more. It's all up here now. You want to move something, you've got to move it with your mind. Focus! - How? How do you focus? - I don't know how you focus. You just focus. How did you do that? You take all of your emotions, all your anger, love, hate. Push it, down here into the pit of your stomach, and then let it explode, like a reactor. Don't laugh! - Way to go, kid. - I did it! I did it! Way to go. From your gut, like I told you. Give it time. What else have you got? How long have you been here? Since they pushed me. - Someone pushed you? - Yeah. - Who? - You don't believe me? You think I fell? You think I jumped? Well, fuck you! It wasn't my time! I wasn't supposed to go! I'm not supposed to be here. I'd give anything a drag! - Just one drag. - Are you all right? Who are you? Why are you hounding me? Who sent you? Who sent you? Leave me alone! Concentrate, and you'll probably rouse him. - What's his name again? - Orlando. Orlando, Orlando. Is there an Orlando here? - I'm here. - He's here. - Sam! - I'm Orlando. The line's over there. Where did these ghosts come from? You can hear them, too? In the morning and in the evening. They come into the shower! Did you tell every spook in the world about me? I got spooks from Jersey. There's stuff going on you wouldn't believe. - It's amazing. You're really doing it! - Can you please hurry this up? Chill out! I need your help again. There's something we need to do. I'm not doing anything else with you. You're holding on to a life that doesn't want you anymore. Give up the ghost. - Are you speaking to me? - Does it look like I'm speaking to you? You're supposed to be concentrating. Are you going to try it? Are you going to get out? I've got work to do. Fine, then stay there. Excuse me, are you y now? Let's do it. Listen, I've got to talk to you now. I've got a plan. Oda Mae? Oda Mae? Ortisha. - Orlando! Is that you? - Where are you at? I can hardly see. - She's here! - In front of you. I'm right here! Damn, baby, what did you do to your hair? Orlando, do you like it? It's autumn sunrise. Get out of me, you son of a bitch! - Don't ever do that to me again! - Orlando...? I can barely move. You should know better. Jumping into bodies wipes you out. - Everybody out! - What happened to Orlando? Are you deaf? I said everybody out! Everybody out! Get out, get out! Everybody get out! - Get out! - Are you the tune-teller? - Who are you? - That's an interesting question. - Why don't you tell me? - Willie. Willie? - Prospect Place Willie? - Get out of here fast! I'm all right. - We're in trouble. You have to help. - Who's we? You're aly dead. - They're trying to kill me! - And they'll be back. Why don't you find a house to haunt? Get some chains and rattle them. I have a plan. You've got to get some fake lDs. - get it. - If you do this, they'll leave you alone. Scout's honour. All right. What exactly do I have to do? Have you got a nice dress? - What's wrong with my clothes? - I made a joke. I love your shoes. I'm going home. I don't know anything about banking. I don't know if it'll work. - Just relax. - I'm nervous. I know you're nervous, but I'll get you through it. I don't think I should do this. - We're going to New s. - I'm giving them no money! Do what I say, and don't talk! You're here to fill out a signature card a new . - Can I help you? - Yes. I'm here to fill out a card a new . - Do you know your number? - 96-31 3. 96-31 3. - Rita Miller. - What? Tell her Rita Miller. Didn't you sign when you opened the ? Tell her Carl Bruner did it by phone. Carl Bruner opened that me by phone, and he's asked me to come in today. - Is that right? - Yeah. Just sign this card on the bottom line, please. May I use your pen? No! Rita Miller! I'm so sorry. I need another one. I signed the wrong name. Tell her to send it up to the third floor file, you have a transaction to make. Make sure this goes to the third floor, I have a transfusion to make. Let's go. You know what I mean...! Can I keep this pen? - Yes, sure. - Thank you so much. Bye-bye. I love these pens. What do you want to keep the pen ? Carl Bruner speaking. Mr Balistrari? Balistrari? It's me, John. John... Sorry! What's up? I've got the info on the Bradley portfolio. - I'll pick it up later, all right? - I'll be here till six. I couldn't talk you into losing the hat? Keep messing with me, you'll be here by yourself. You're here to see Lyle Ferguson. - I'm here to see Lyle Ferguson. - Do you have an appointment? - No, I'm here my health. - Tell him Rita Miller's here! - Tell him Rita Miller's here. - Just one moment, please. - Don't embellish. - Jawohl! Excuse me? This guy Ferguson is a real jerk. I've known him five years. - Why are you whispering? - Just listen! He's a social moron, you've got nothing to worry about. Tell the guard Ferguson knows you, from the Brewster's Christmas party. What is this in regards to? He doesn't remember me? We spent time at the Brewster's, last Christmas. He and his lovely wife, Shirley. It was beautiful. A big old tree and presents... Gas! I get a little gas from time to time. - Quit poking me! - Well, don't overdo it! Ferguson was so drunk, he could've met Tina Turner and not remember. Here we go! Hello. Of course. Well, it's been a long time. - Oh, a long time. - Ask about Bobby and Snooky. - How are Bobby and Snooky? - Fine... fine. Thank you asking. And how is your... -..family? - Oh, couldn't be better. Well, wonderful. Ask how they did on the Gibraltar Securities. I was wondering, how did you do on the Gibraltar Securities? Gibraltar Securities? Well, it looks like we topped out on that one. - We sure did. - That was a very useful tip. Good old Randy. Got a good head on his shoulders... her shoulders. - Her shoulders. - Randy. So, what brings you here today? I'm closing an . Do you have your number? - Yes? Yes. - 96-31 3. 96... ..31 3. Is that right? Well, Rita - it looks like you'll be withdrawing four million dollars. - Four million dollars! - Say yes. - Is that correct? - Yes. Yes. That's correct. - How would you like that? - Tens and twenties. - Pardon? - Tell him a cashier's cheque. - A cashier's cheque. - Cashier's cheque. Fine! Of course, you know we require identification. It's a procedural thing. Thank you. I'll be right back. Four million dollars! Get me the First lsland Bank of Nassau. It's on the Rolodex. Now, we have some things you to sign here. This officially closes the . Sign "Rita Miller"' Miller - that's my name. My name - Rita Miller. My name. I'll be right back. - Just anywhere? - Right here. Fine. The cheque... ..here you are. Mama took the money from the oil wells, and she sunk it into gas pumps. And those gas stations have five or six of those things, so it's lucrative. - Oda Mae, we've got to go. - Got to go now. It's been a pleasure doing business. May I keep the pen? Say goodnight to Bobby and Snooky me. Bye-bye. What is wrong? Excuse me - Lyle? Molly Jensen. The woman you were doing business with. What did she want? Did it have anything to do with me or Sam? - Sam? No. - That was Oda Mae Brown, right? Her name was Rita Miller. She was closing an . Is there a problem? No. I guess not. Carl? Is something wrong? Did somebody play with the computers? - One of my s is closed. - What's wrong? - Do you want me to call someone? - It's OK. Four million dollars! What am l going to do with this money? I'm going to buy the building. No, I'll buy the block. I'm going to make my sister go to a fat farm. Wait, Oda Mae. Take the cheque out of your purse. You're right, I'll put it where nobody can get it. No. Endorse it. No, if I drop it, then somebody will get it. It's not yours. I never said you would get the money. This is blood money. I was killed this money. Endorse the cheque. - What are you going to do with it? - Look over there. To your left. You don't think I'm giving this to a bunch of nuns? Otherwise they will track you down. Your only protection is to get rid of it. You're kidding me! You'll go to heaven! I want to go to a bank and cash this cheque. - Hello. - You'll thank me later. - Endorse it "Rita Miller"' - I know! Make it out to St Joseph's Shelter. I don't believe you're making me do this! - Give it to her. - I just want to feel it in my fingers. - Just give her the cheque! - I will! - Give her the cheque! - I will! Bless you, child. Bless you. Give it to her. Let go. Let go! - I'm proud of you. - I don't care. Stay away from me! What'll that nun do with it? She can't go buy underwear! Leave me alone! Never talk to me again. You're wonderful, Oda Mae! Go ahead, search! You'll never find it. They're going to kill you and Willie. You're going to be fertiliser. They're going to bury you next to Jimmy Hoffa. Who's doing that? Who's doing that? Hi. Where were you? I thought we were having dinner. - Things got a little crazy, I got. - A little trouble at the bank. I wish you'd have called. I've been worried. - I've got to ask you about something. - He needs to borrow $,000,000. When you said you thought Sam was talking to you, - what did he say to you? - Why? Listen, I want to know exactly what this psychic lady told you. Carl, let me go! Stop this! It doesn't matter. It wasn't real. What the hell's happened to you? Does this have anything to do with her being at the bank today? At the bank? Ferguson said she closed an . Her name isn't even Oda Mae Brown. It's Rita Miller. Carl. Are you all right? It's just my stomach. Do you have some Pepto-Bismol? - Cyanide. - It's upstairs. Sit down, I'll get it. What's wrong? Does little Carl have a tummy ache? Now do you believe in ghosts? I'll set the place on fire! - I'll cut her throat. - Carl! I swear to God. I'll cut her throat. I need that money. I want it tonight, at 1 1 o'clock. If that psychic lady does not bring it here, Molly is dead, OK? Carl, who are you talking to? Nothing. Molly, I have to go. I can't explain it now, but there's a problem at the bank. - You're scaring me. - I can't talk now, I'll be back. - Why not now? - I can't talk now. I'll come back at 1 1 o'clock, OK? I'm sorry, but it's really important. - Eleven! - Oda Mae! I'm Arsenio Hall. Don't try to adjust your television. I'm black. - I want to watch "Love Connection"' - I love "Love Connection"' Leave that! That's Arsenio. You love "Love Connection," send your picture in. - She did! - They just haven't answered yet. - Oda Mae! - Sam? We're in trouble. They want the cheque. The cheque you said they would never know about? - What's happening? - They're here! Get out of here, now! Go, go! Knock on the doors! Help! - Let us in! - Who are you kidding? What are you doing? The cat don't like visitors. They're going to get us. Where's Sam? - It looks like the bitch just left. - I'll check downstairs. Carl? Willie! You've got a serious problem, man. Help me! Help! That dude is dead. You're dead, Willie. Help me! Tell the driver to hurry. - Can you step on it, please. - I'm driving as fast as I can. Problems? - Carl, is that you? - It's me, Oda Mae. I know what you think of me, but we've got to talk. You are in serious danger. - I've got Sam here with me. - Get the hell out of here! - Im calling the police!. - Good. Tell her to do it! Fine. We want you to call the police. But you've got to let us in. Don't you get it? Sam wasn't accidentally killed, he was murdered. He found out that Carl was laundering money. Carl is dangerous. He tried to kill me. He's going to try to kill you, too. You are in deep, deep trouble. Why are you doing this to me? Do you hear me? Why are you doing this to me? Oda Mae. Tell her she's wearing the shirt that I spilt the margarita on, and the earrings I gave her Christmas. Sam says you're wearing the shirt he spilt the margarita on, and the earrings he gave you Christmas. Don't you see? I'm not a fake! Not about this. - Give me a penny. - What? - Push a penny under the door, now! - What are you talking about? - Tell her it's luck. - Sam says it's luck. Between Green and Mercer on Prince. It's the grey building across from the post office. Thanks, Sergeant. Please hurry! We'll be waiting. - They're on their way. - Good. - What do we do now? - Just wait. Is Sam here? Sam? I'm sitting beside her. He's sitting right beside you. Sam, can you feel me? With all my heart. He says with all his heart. I'd give anything if I could just touch you once more. He says he wishes he was alive again, so he could touch you. Me, too. OK. Look - you can use me. - Use you? - Use my body. - Use your body? - Quick, bee I change my mind. - Molly, are you home? - Carl. - Molly! - Fire escape. What's happening to me? Molly? Molly! Come on! Look! Let's go! - Molly! - Get away from us, Carl! - Molly! - You're just a liar. This woman's a thief. She's a con artist. Why are you doing this? Stop! Get away from us. I've called the police. Shit! - Carl, why are you doing this? - She's a thief! Just give me the cheque! Stay out of this, Molly! Get off me! Where is it? - Where is it, goddammit? - I gave it away. You're lying to me. Don't lie to me, goddammit. The cheque! I'll kill her, Sam. I swear to God, I'll kill her! Just give me the cheque, Sam. I promise you I'll let her go if you just give it to me. Sam? Oh, Carl... What? Are you two all right? Sam? Molly? I can hear you! Oh, God! Sam? They're waiting you. I'll miss you. Your mother'd be proud. I'm going to miss you too, Sam. You're all right! Bye, Oda Mae. Bye, Sam. I love you, Molly. I've always loved you. Ditto. It's amazing, Molly. The love inside - you take it with you. See you. See you. Bye. 剧本

  小学英语论文 --19 :19:36 来源: 小学英语论文 "地球村"这一概念,体现了科技进步正在把大世界变为小村寨,也反映了世界经济相融相济的趋势随着世界经济的"全球化",教育所表现的"国际化"和文化发展的"世界化"现象也令人瞩目实现"一村""三化"新概念的基础是成功的语言交流与沟通,普及外语教育、鼓励外语学习、提高外语教学质量是很多国家促进经济发展的一个重要战略据专家说如果非英语国家的人3--7岁开始学英语,并不中断学习,到成年时,他们的英语可希望接近以英语为母语的人的英语水平;若8--岁开始学英语,则有一定的差距;若岁以后开始学英语,则会有明显差距正是基于这样的共识--学英语宜从儿童时代开始《国家英语课程标准中指出,基础教育阶段英语课程的任务是:激发和培养学生学习英语的兴趣,使学生树立自信心;养成良好的学习习惯和形成有效的学习策略,发展自主学习的能力和合作精神;使学生掌握一定的英语基础知识和听、说、读、写技能,形成一定的综合能力;培养学生的观察、记忆、思维、想象能力和创新精神;帮助学生了解世界和中西方文化的差异,拓展视野,培养爱国主义精神,形成健康的人生观,为他们的终身学习和发展打下良好的基础一、突出语言运用能力的培养英语是一门工具性学科学习语言的目的是为了运用语言进行交际,交际就是运用语言去做事情,去完成有实际目的的任务就英语教学而言,就是通过听、说、读、写等的训练,使学生形成运用英语的能力,从而很好掌握教材中的话题和内容都与学生生活密切相关,符合小学生的年龄特点,语言情景真实、自然,语言本身鲜活、实用 二、注重学习兴趣的培养 学习兴趣的培养是教材教学目的的第一句话爱因斯坦曾经说过:"兴趣是最好的老师"对小学生来说,他们有极为强烈的好奇心和求知欲,这是促使他们认识新事物、获取新知识的强大动力让他们学习英语,不能让他们感到是一种负担,要培养他们的学习乐趣小学低年级英语教学,应设计丰富多的课堂活动来培养他们学习的热情,调动每一位学生的学习积极性,使他们在玩中学、做中学、画中学、唱中学小学生好胜心强,教学设计应具有挑战性,教学活动的开展应可培养学生的竞争意识,同时也能培养他们的成功感并树立必胜的信心反之,如果对英语没有兴趣,他们是学不好英语的经过一学期的英语学习,从一窍不通到初步入门,可以说对英语已经产生浓厚的兴趣,为了使他们能始终保持高涨的学习情趣,教师要加倍努力,让学生通过听听、说说、做做、摸摸、唱唱、玩玩、演演等方式来学习,用亲切的微笑、眼神、语言以及游戏、比赛等鼓励学生积极参与、大胆表达,使学生在宽松、民主、愉快的气氛中发展听、说、读、写的综合语言技能,不断体验到成功的快乐 三、体现整体语言教学思想在英语教学的起始阶段,应尽可能地弱化语法教学,强调语言结构的整体性和表意性,尽量避免繁杂的语法结构的分析和词汇教学的无限扩展,以降低语言学习难度、减轻学生负担小学生对英语课的兴趣大部分原因就是因为英语课不象其他课那样单一纯粹上英语课不光学了英语,还学了唱歌、跳舞,手工制作,甚至于数学、地理等英语教学应强调个性化教学,要求教师寻求不同途径,学生的个人特点进行教学,因材施教,分层进行,注意启发式教学,引导学生参与,不拘泥于某一种教学模式和教学组织形式鼓励学生在生活中用英语 小学一、三年级的教材教学内容丰富有趣,贴近学生生活实际选择了大量这个年龄层次的孩子生活中经常会遇到的事物,如上学、生日聚会、交朋友等,且语言的呈现方式也是孩子们所喜欢的歌曲、韵句、故事、卡通人物的表演等重视语言学习的实用性、功效性和教育性,使孩子们学了就能用,让他们感觉到英语的实用价值,才能促使他们进一步的努力学习教材的特点使得教师不得不从各个方面来锻炼提高自己,去做一个多面的教师--要会说、会唱、会跳、会演,还要了解和掌握一定的英语文化背景知识在教学生的同时,自己也必须不断地参与学习,和学生们一起学教师的角色被定位于学生语言学习的合作者,参与者,鼓励者和引导者 《小学英语课程教学基本要求中明确讲到:小学英语教学评价的目的是激励学生的学习兴趣和积极性评价形式应具有多样性和可选择性评价应以形成性评价为主,以学生平时参与各种英语教学活动所表现出的兴趣、态度和交流能力等为主要依据教师应具?;镜"意识显微镜意识要求教师细微地去观察和了解每一位学生;放大镜意识要求教师放大每一位学生的优点;望远镜意识要求教师能够看到每一位学生发展的可能和潜能;平面镜意识要求教师做到客观公正要做到客观地把握学生层次,必须深入地了解学生、研究学生学生,是教学活动的主体,由于其能力、兴趣、学习方式的差异,他们接受信息的能力也会有所不同而且由于学生在身心发展方面的特点,往往不少有潜力的学生或朦胧状态或由于种种原因缺乏良好的心理素质,对学生的层次单纯地以学习成绩机械地分类是不太科学的应以学生进行全面的动态的考察来决定学生所处的层次,就好象在给学生的作业打分时,我们不能一味地看学生作业的好坏,而应根据其进步与否来正确看待如果我们始终用看待伤口时的眼光来看较低层次水平的学生作品,那么肯定是没有一件作品是令人满意,教师应根据学生的不同层次,及时褒扬,要知道哪怕教师的一句赞扬,也会给学生带来巨大的动力教师在教学评价上要重态度、重参与、重努力程度、重交流能力。

  樱花的英文介绍 -- ::5 来源: 樱花的英文介绍经过阵阵春雨的洗礼,迎来了阳光明媚的四月,气温逐渐回升,百花盛开此时,正是樱花盛放的时节,驴友们在飘舞的妩媚樱花下,把酒而坐,三五个知己,一坛好酒,真是人生一大盛事!樱花土生土长与一些东亚国家,如韩国,日本,中国日本的樱花品种就多达0多种樱花可以用cherry blossom或者Oriental cherry这个词,也可以用sakurasakura取自日本樱花的音译,听起来更加浪漫和诗意Flower viewing 赏樱花"Hanami" is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, "flower" in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms or ume blossoms. From the end of March to early May, sakura bloom all over Japan. The blossom ecast ( sakurazensen, literally cherry blossom front) is announced each year by the weather bureau, and is watched carefully by those planning hanami as the blossoms only last a week or two. In modern-day Japan, hanami mostly consists of having an outdoor party beneath the sakura during daytime or at night. Hanami at night is called yozakura (literally night sakura). In many places such as Ueno Park temporary paper lanterns are hung the purpose of yozakura.A more ancient m of hanami also exists in Japan, which is enjoying the plum blossoms instead. This kind of hanami is popular among older people, because they are more calm than the sakura parties, which usually involve younger people and can sometimes be very crowded and noisy.History樱花的历史The practice of hanami is many centuries old. The custom is said to have started during the Nara Period (7–79) when it was ume blossoms that people admired in the beginning. But by the Heian Period (79–85), sakura came to attract more attention and hanami was synonymous with sakura. From then on, in tanka and haiku, "flowers" meant "sakura."Hanami was first used as a term analogous to cherry blossom viewing in the Heian era novel Tale of Genji. Whilst a wisteria viewing party was also described, from this point on the terms "hanami" and "flower party" were only used to describe cherry blossom viewing.Sakura originally was used to divine that year's harvest as well as announce the rice-planting season. People believed in kami inside the trees and made offerings. Afterwards, they partook of the offering with sake.Emperor Saga of the Heian Period adopted this practice, and held flower-viewing parties with sake and feasts underneath the blossoming boughs of sakura trees in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Poems would be written praising the delicate flowers, which were seen as a metaphor life itself, luminous and beautiful yet fleeting and ephemeral. This was said to be the origin of hanami in Japan.The custom was originally limited to the elite of the Imperial Court, but soon sp to samurai society and, by the Edo period, to the common people as well. Tokugawa Yoshimune planted areas of cherry blossom trees to encourage this. Under the sakura trees, people had lunch and drank sake in cheerful feasts.Today, the Japanese people continue the tradition of hanami, gathering in great numbers wherever the flowering trees are found. Thousands of people fill the parks to hold feasts under the flowering trees, and sometimes these parties go on until late at night. In more than half of Japan, the cherry blossoming period coincides with the beginning of the school and fiscal years, and so welcoming parties are often opened with hanami. The Japanese people continue the tradition of hanami by taking part in the processional walks through the parks. This is a m of retreat contemplating and renewing their spirits.The teasing proverb dumplings rather than flowers hints at the real priorities most cherry blossom viewers, meaning that people are more interested in the food and drinks accompanying a hanami party than actually viewing the flowers themselves. (A punning variation, Boys Over Flowers is the title of a manga and anime series.)Dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees! is a popular saying about hanami, after the opening sentence of the 195 short story "Under the Cherry Trees" by Motojirō Kajii. Emperor Saga (786-8) of the Heian Period adopted this custom, and celebrated parties to view the flowers with sake and feasts under the blossoming branches of sakura trees in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. This was said to be the origin of hanami in Japan. Poems were written praising the delicate flowers, which were seen as a metaphor life itself; beautiful, but lasting a very short time. This "temporary" view of life is very popular in Japanese culture and is usually considered as an admirable m of existence; example, in the samurai's principle of life ending when it's still beautiful and strong, instead of slowly getting old and weak. The Heian era poets used to write poems about how much easier things would be in spring without the sakura blossoms, because their existence reminded us that life is very short: If there were no cherry blossoms in this world How much more tranquil our hearts would be in spring.’’Ariwara no Narihira (85 - 880)Hanami was used as a term that meant "cherry blossom viewing" the first time in the Heian era novel Tale of Genji ("Under the Cherry Blossoms"). From then on, in tanka and in haiku poetry, "flowers" meant "sakura", and the terms "hanami" and "flower party" were only used to mean sakura blossom viewing. At the beginning, the custom was followed only by the Imperial Court, but the samurai nobility also began celebrating it during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (68–00). In those years, Toyotomi Hideyoshi gave great hanami parties in Yoshino and Daigo, and the festivity became very popular through all the Japanese society. Shortly after that, farmers began their own custom of climbing nearby mountains in the springtime and having lunch under the blooming cherry trees. This practice, called then as the "spring mountain trip", combined itself with that of the nobles' to m the urban culture of hanami. By the Edo Period (00–1867), all the common people took part in the celebrations, in part because Tokugawa Yoshimune(徳川 吉宗, November 7, 8 - July , 51, the eighth shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, ruling from until his abdication in 5.) planted areas of cherry blossom trees to encourage this. Under the sakura trees, people had lunch and drank sake in cheerful feasts. The blossom ecast is announced each year by the Japan Meteorological Agency, and is watched with attention by those who plan to celebrate hanami because the blossoms last very little time, usually no more than two weeks. The first cherry blossoms happen in the subtropical southern islands of Okinawa, while on the northern island of Hokkaido, they bloom much later. In most large cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, the cherry blossom season normally takes place around the end of March and the beginning of April. The television and newspapers closely follow this "cherry blossom front", as it slowly moves from South to North. The hanami celebrations usually involve eating and drinking, and playing and listening music. Some special dishes are prepared and eaten at the occasion, like dango and bento, and it's common sake to be drunk as part of the festivity. "Dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees!" (Sakura no ki no shita ni wa shitai ga umatte iru!) is a popular saying about hanami, after the first line of the 195 short story "Under the Cherry Trees" by Motojirō Kajii.Symbolism 樱花的象征 In Japan cherry blossoms also symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse, besides being an enduring metaphor the ephemeral nature of life, an aspect of Japanese cultural tradition that is often associated with Buddhistic influence, and which is embodied in the concept of mono no aware. The association of the cherry blossom with mono no aware dates back to 18th-century scholar Motoori Norinaga. The transience of the blossoms, the extreme beauty and quick death, has often been associated with mortality; this reason, cherry blossoms are richly symbolic, and have been utilized often in Japanese art, manga, anime, and film, as well as at musical permances ambient effect. There is at least one popular folk song, originally meant the shakuhachi (bamboo flute), titled "Sakura", and several pop songs. The flower is also represented on all manner of consumer goods in Japan, including kimono, stationery, and dishware.Cherry blossom is an omen of good tune and is also an emblem of love, affection and represents spring. Cherry blossoms are an enduring metaphor the fleeting nature of life, and as such are frequently depicted in art.During World War II, the cherry blossom was used to motivate the Japanese people, to stoke nationalism and militarism among the populace. Japanese pilots would paint them on the sides of their planes bee embarking on a suicide mission, or even take branches of the trees with them on their missions. A cherry blossom painted on the side of the bomber symbolized the intensity and ephemerality of life; in this way, the aesthetic association was altered such that falling cherry petals came to represent the sacrifice of youth in suicide missions to honor the emperor. The government even encouraged the people to believe that the souls of downed warriors were reincarnated in the blossoms.In its colonial enterprises, imperial Japan often planted cherry trees as a means of "claiming occupied territory as Japanese space". 樱花的英文

  一只导盲(Seeing Eye Dog) -- :: 来源: 一只导盲(Seeing Eye Dog)   a blind man is walking down the street with his seeing-eye dog one day. they come to a busy intersection, and the dog, ignoring the high volume of traffic zooming by on the street, leads the blind man right out into the thick of traffic. this is followed by the screech of tires and horns blaring as panicked drivers try desperately not to run the pair down.  the blind man and the dog finally reach the safety of the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and the blind man pulls a cookie out of his coat pocket, which he offers to the dog.a passerby, having observed the near fatal incident, can't control his amazement and says to the blind man, "why on earth are you rewarding your dog with a cookie? he nearly got you killed!"the blind man turns partially in his direction and replies,  "to find out where his head is, so i can kick his ass."On Friends 谈谈朋友 -- ::3 来源: On Friends 谈谈朋友  We can hardly do anything without a friend. Making friends is very important in our life. If you are in trouble, you can ask your friends help, And you can share good things with them, and learn a lot from them.  In short, we all need friends. To make friends, we must be friendly to others. I would like to make more friends, including you.  离开朋友,我们几乎一事无成交友在我们生活中很重要如果你处于困境,你可以向朋友求助你还可以同他们分享好的事情,向他们学习好多东西  总之,我们都需要朋友想要朋友,我们就应该对别人友好我想交更多的朋友,包括您呦!:将相和之渑池会 --7 :9: 来源: setting mind to conquer State of Zhao,King of Qin State invaded the borders of Qin State in succession,and occupied several cities.79,King of Qin State pulled a stunt again,he invited King of Zhao State to meet in Mianchi.At first,King of Zhao State dared not to go,worring about being detained.But both Lin Xiangru and general lian Po thought that they would be looked down by State of Qin if they didn't go,so King of Zhao State decided to keep an appointment,taking Lin along with him.Together with the army,General Lian Po sent them to the border ,Lian and the army set the scene defence of Qin State.秦王一心要使赵国屈,接连入侵赵国边境,攻占了赵国的一些城池公元前79年,秦王又耍了个花招,约赵王在渑池会见赵王开始惧怕被秦国扣留,不敢去蔺相如和大将廉颇都认为不去,反倒叫秦国瞧不起赵王这才决定动身,让蔺相如随行;大将廉颇带着军队送他们到边境上,做好了抵御秦兵的准备(Curtain rises,King of Qin State and King of Zhao State meet in Mianchi,they drink and talk together.)(幕启秦王和赵王在渑池相会,他们一起喝酒谈天)King of Qin State:(raises his glasses,turns to King of Zhao State,feeling tipsy)I hear that King of Zhao State plays the harp well,please play a song to amuse us.(motions the ministerto present a harp.)秦 王:(举杯,面带醉意对赵王)听说赵王弹得一手好瑟,请你弹个曲儿,给大伙凑个热闹(示意大臣把瑟拿上来)King of Zhao State:(hard to refuse)'Obedience is better than politeness,I'll show myself up.(managed to play a piece of music)赵 王:(难以推辞)恭敬不如从命,献丑了(勉强鼓了一段)King of Qin State:( to official historian of Qin State)Take this affair down quickly.秦 王:(面对秦史官)史官,快把这件事记录下来!Official historian of Qin State(Writing down and ing loudly)On a certain day,King of Qin State met with King of Zhao State in Mianchi,King of Zhao State played harp King of Qin State.秦 史:(边记录边高声读到)某年某月某日,秦王和赵王在渑池相会,赵王给秦王鼓瑟King of Zhao State:(turns deathly pale,and is all of a tremble)You,you......赵 王:(脸色铁青,浑身发抖)你,你——Lin Xiangru:(Suddenly kneels toward King of Qin State,with a Fou drum in his hand)King of Zhao State hears that King of Qin State is good at the instruments of Qin State.I prepared a Fou drum you,please do us a favor to play a song.蔺相如:(拿一个缶,突然跪到秦王跟前)赵王听说秦王挺擅长秦国的乐器我给大王准备了一个缶,也请大王赏脸敲个曲儿吧!King of Qin State:(greatly frightened,stammering)I,i'm going to hit,ok,i'm going to! 秦 王:(大惊失色,结结巴巴)我——我敲,好吧,我敲!Lin Xiangru(to official historian of Zhao State)Please take this affair down!蔺相如:(向赵国史官)史官,把这件事情记下来!Official historian of Zhao(Writing down and ing loudly)On a certain day,King of Qin State met with King of Zhao State in Mianchi,King of Qin State hit Fou drums King of Zhao State.赵 史:(边记录边高声读到)某年某月某日,秦王和赵王在渑池相会,秦王为赵王击缶!King of Qin State(stands up angrily)I request cities of Zhao State to celebrate my birthday.秦 王:(大怒,站起)请赵王你割十五座城给我秦王上寿!Lin Xiangru(bold with justice)We Zhao State requests Xianyang city to celebrate King ofZhao State's birthday.蔺相如:(理直气壮)请秦王你把咸阳城割让给赵国,给赵王上寿!Both sides stick to their own view,and refuse to give up双方各持己见,争持不下——(Situation is extremly difficult,King of Qin State knows that Lian Po has prepared well along the boarder,he's afraid that there's also no profit them if fight really begins,so.....)(局势十分紧张,秦王知道廉颇已经在边境上做好了准备,真的动起武来,恐怕也占不到便宜,于是……)King of Qin State:(stopping the ministers)It's a day King of Zhao State State and i gather happily today,just more drinking!秦 王:(喝住大臣)今天是我和赵王欢聚的日子,我们只管喝酒! :将相和之渑池会

  口语对话:下班后邀请朋友到家里作客-- :6:3 Visit friends 作客Humans are social animals, and we have evolved to be in groups. It found that those who had a large network of friends outlived those with the fewest friends by %.情景对话1:玛丽打电话找汤姆,邀请他参加为吉姆举行的惊喜生日晚会Tom: (Answering the phone)Hello?(接电话)喂?Mary: Hello. May I speak to Tom please?喂,我找汤姆Tom: Speaking.请讲Mary: Hi, Tom, this is Mary. I'm a friend of Jim's.汤姆,我是玛丽,吉姆的朋友Tom: Hi, Mary. Jim has told me about you. What's up?你好,玛丽吉姆提起过你,有什么事吗?Mary: Today is Jim's birthday and we're having a party him tonight. Do you think you could come?今天是吉姆的生日,今晚我们想为他开个生日聚会,你能不能来?Tom: Oh, I didn't know it was his birthday today. Sure. I'd love to come. What time and where?哦,我还不知道今天是他生日我当然乐意去,时间、地点呢?Mary: Well, we're all meeting at Jim's neighbor's apartment at about seven thirty. It's at 789 Peace Street, Apartment 3.好,我们打算7点半左右在他的邻居家碰面地点是和平大街789号,3号公寓Tom: I'll be there. Do you want me to bring something?我会去的,你想让我带点什么来吗?Mary: Bring some flowers if you can.如果可以,带一些花吧Tom: No problem. See you tonight.没问题,晚上见Notes:Appropriate gift和中国人一样,在英、美、加等讲英语的国家,人们在拜访朋友或看望亲人时,比较重视用礼品表示礼节但礼品不一定贵重,具有特色就行,这是一条普遍适用的原则在这一点上,和中国人送礼显然有些区别一般来说,送鲜花、名酒、化妆品、录音带或唱片都是很合适的礼品,自己做的果酱、自己养的花、亲手做的生日贺卡、亲手烤制的食品也都是很好的礼品,而且更有意义礼品的价钱不重要,但礼品的包装很重要礼品一般以交给女主人为宜接受礼品时,人们习惯当场打开要在打开礼品后马上表示欣赏和感谢,否则就是不礼貌情景对话 :山姆请亚当去他家吃烤肉Sam: Say, Adam, I'm having a barbecue at my house on December th. Would you like to come?我说,亚当,我月号请大伙儿来我家烤肉你要不要来呀?Adam: The th? Let me check. (looking at his pocket calendar) Sure, I can make it.号吗?让我看看(看一看小记事本)没问题,我能来Sam: Great! Come any time after seven o'clock.太好了七点钟过后,什么时候都成Adam: Sounds great! Can I bring anything?好极了!你要我带点什么来吗?Sam: Nope. Just yourself. I'll give you directions to my house later.不用了你自己来就好了我晚一点再告诉你怎么到我家Adam: Fine.好的Sam: I'm glad you can come.很高兴你能来Adam: Thanks. I'm looking ward to it.谢谢你的邀请,我正期待着那一天呢Sam: Well, I should be going. I'll talk to you later.那么,我得走了再聊Adam: Yeah. See you.好的,回头见Notes:在英美等西方国家,邀请有书面邀请和口头邀请两种形式前者指通过发送请柬或写信进行的邀请,后者指打电话或当面以口头形式进行的邀请书面邀请比较正式,口头邀请比较随便听到别人的口头邀请,千万不要主动去问“什么时候”或“在什么地方”,除非你确认邀请方不是在应酬你,而是真的想邀请你应邀参加聚会或是吃饭的时候,通常应问主人:Can I bring anything? 如果是和朋友相聚的非正式场合,主人可能会请客人带一瓶葡萄酒或几罐啤酒常用句型:I'm going to play with a group of friends. Would you like to join us?Do you want me to bring something?Uh, are you going to be busy this evening?Do you have time to go to...?How about coming to...?Thanks. That sounds like fun.Thank you. That's very nice of you.闲逛酒吧放轻松…-- :5: 闲逛酒吧放轻松…Pub Crawl  A: Modern English.Is that Chris?  洋话连篇你是Chris吗?  B: Drew, how did you know it was me?  Drew,你怎么知道是我?  A: I guess so. What can I do you today?  我一想就是,今天想聊点什么?  B: I want to know if you want to go to the bar with me?  你想去泡吧吗?  A: Sure, what bar do you want to go to?  当然,你想去什么酒吧?  B: You choose, but make sure that they have some specials cheap drinks. I don't get paid till Friday, and I spent too much money at the football game!  你来选吧但啤酒一定要便宜,我要到周五才开资呢看球赛花了我太多钱了  A: Sure no problem, should I organize a pub-crawl with all of our friends?  没问题,我用叫上其它人一起去吗?  B: Yeah, that would be great! I really feel like getting pissed tonight. Work is starting to be a drag and I really need to blow off some steam!!  那样更好,我想今晚一醉方休,工作太多了,我得释放一下压力  A: Ok then, should I grab a bottle of whiskey bee we go out, it will save us some money because we can get loaded bee and not spend so much money at the bar!  好,我用买点whiskey吗?那样会省点钱,我们可以先喝点酒,然后在去酒吧  B: Great idea, should we set a meeting place bee so we can all get together?  好主意我们走之前要在哪碰一下吗?  A: Yeah, lets all meet at my house some quick drinks and then hit the town.  是的,到我家先喝一杯然后在进城  B: Ok man, I will see you there; don't get to shower if you want to pick up some ladies.  好,一会儿见,要想炮妞的话可别忘了洗个澡  A: All right come over around seven O'clock.  好吧,七点来吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]pub-craowl是指一家酒吧,一家酒吧的逛  []getting pissed这里表示喝醉,piss在英语中有很多意思,象尿尿就是take a piss  [3]blow off some steam. steam.是蒸气的意思,那么释放蒸气,自然就是释放压力了Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  keg dancing girls This one's on me. I'll get next round.

  My weekend() --1 :30: 来源: My weekend()  I think everyone will have a busy and interesting weekend. Now, let me introduce my busy weekend to you.  On Saturday morning, I am going to the bookstore. I’m going to buy some story-books and a Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary.  I like ing story-books. I find them very interesting. Then I am going home. My home is near the bookstore. So I am going by bike. I like riding my bike.  In the evening, I am going to play piano. Playing piano is my hobby.  On Sunday morning, I am going to do my homework. Now I am in Grade Six. I want to enter a good middle school next year. So I must study hard.  In the afternoon, I am going shopping with my parents and my little brother. My mom says she is going to buy a pair of sneakers me. I love going shopping.  I think all of the girls like going shopping. Am I right.  On Sunday evening, I am going back to school by school bus. I love my weekend, how about you? Tell me something about your weekend.

  旅行中兑换货币常用句型 -01-01 :5: 来源: Please tell me how much you want to change. 请告诉我你要换多少 How much of the remittance do you want to convert into Japanese yen?你要把多少汇款换成日圆?What kind of currency do you want?要哪种货币?What's it you wish to change?你有什么要换的?What kind of currency do you want to change?要换哪种货币?In what denominations?要什么面值的?Please tell me what note you want.请告诉我要什么钞票Will seven tens be all right?7张元的可以吗?Is it in traveler's cheques?换旅行票吗?I'd like to know how I shall give it to you.我想知道如何付钱给你How would you like it?你要什么面额的?Would you kindly sign the exchange m, giving your name and address?请在兑换单上签字,写出你的姓名和地址,好吗?Can you change me some money, please?能否请你给我兑换一些钱?Here it is, some French francs, Swiss francs, American dollars and a few Dutch guilders.这些就是:一些法国法郎,瑞士法郎,美圆和一些荷兰盾Would you please give me seven five-pound notes, four pound notes and four ten-shilling notes, and the rest in small change.请你给我7张5镑纸币,张1镑纸币,张先令纸币,剩下的要零票Would you mind giving me the six pence in coppers?劳驾给我6便士的铜币I'd like to know if you could change this money back into U.S. dollars me.我想知道能否把这笔兑回成美圆Could you change these French francs me?能给我兑换这些法国法郎吗?Can you give me 0 dollars in Swiss francs?能否给我0美圆的瑞士法郎?I'd like to convert the full amount of the remittance into U.S. dollars.我想把全部汇款换成美圆I'd like some coins this note.我想把这张纸币换成硬币I'd like to break this 50 dollar note.我想把这张50美圆纸币换开Five twenties and ten singles, please.请给我5张元和张一元的I need 300 dollars in 0-dollar cheques.我要300美圆票面为0美圆的票I hope you'll give me ten traveler's cheques of 0 dollars each.我希望给我张面额为0美圆的旅行票 In fives, please.请给我5元票面的Could you give me some small notes?给我一些小票好吗?Useful Words and Phrasescurrency, money 货币money changing 兑换货币an exchange m 兑换单bank note 钞票note of large denomination 大票note of small denomination 小票small change 零钱subsidiary money 辅币nickel piece 镍币plastic currency notes 塑料钞票convertible money 可兑换(黄金)纸币What's the interest rate the savings ?储蓄存款的利率是多少?Do you pay interest on this ?这种存款付给利息吗?Please tell me what the annual interest rate is.请告诉我年利率是多少Interest is paid at the rate of 1% per annum at present.目前每年的利率是1%It allows you to earn a little interest on your money.这可使你从存款中获得一点利息The carries interest of %.该存款有%的利息The interest is added to your every year.每年的利息都加到你的存款中The interest rate the savings is %.储蓄存款的利率是%It varies from time to time. At present it is 6%.(年息)每个时期都不同,现在是六厘Useful Words and Phrasesinterest rate 利率simple interest 单利compound interest 复利legal interest 法定利息prime rate 优待利率payable interest 应付利息lending rate 贷款利率usury 高利贷the subsidy rate value-preserved savings 保值储蓄补贴率 旅行 兑换 货币。

  I want to be a headmaster -- ::57 来源: I want to be a headmasterI want to be a headmaster when I grow up. I think that’s a good job. My school is in the est. It’s very beautiful. I go to work by Benz at eight o’clock in the morning. The teachers in my school are kind and patient. The female teachers in my school are good looking and young. The male teachers are handsome and strong. They are all hardworking so they get good salary. The children in my school have three classes in the morning. In the afternoon, they play and pick up mushrooms or strawberries in the est. They have no homework. They are very happy! At four o’clock in the afternoon, I go home with kinds of mushrooms and fruits in my Benz. They are my dinner.

  二年级英语作文:My holiday --1 01:8:39 来源: I’m going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a aceship. I will take a big blue aceshipthen I’ll pilot the aceship to the sun. the sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger my breakfast.At eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. they are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them ty minutes. then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the aceship. I’ll pilot the aceship to the earth.

  克隆 My View on Clone -- :7:31 来源: With the repid development of technology, clone comes to theworld. It can duplicate creature, which means it can make contribution to theproduction. People can pay a little and get a lot in the end. However, it alsohas disavantages. I think as the development of the high-tech, people can useclone to copy humen beings. It’s so horrible me to know that there issomeone the same with me. But in general, clone has more advantages thandisadvantages.随着科技的迅速发展,克隆来到了这个世界克隆技术可以复制生物,这意味着它可以为生产做贡献人们可以付一点,最后得到很多但是它也是有缺点的我觉得随着高科技的发展,人们可以使用克隆技术来复制人类是多么的可怕认识到有一个和自己在一模一样的人不过总的来说,克隆的优点多于缺点

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