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Interesting Facts About Girls: 10 Things You Should Know About GIrls女生的十个有趣事实:关于女生你应该知道的十件事This article is going to be a really interesting one. So I suggest you sit back, relax and get y to be entertained as I disclose to you the top 10 interesting facts and things that you never knew about girls and women.So without wasting any more time, let us proceed with the interesting facts that you never knew about girls and women in general:这篇文章将会很有意思。所以我建议你坐下来放松放松,随着我向你揭露十个有关女生的有趣事实,准备开心开心一下。话不多说,让我们开始介绍关于女生你不知道的有趣事实吧。1.Just like guys spend time thinking about a girl they have a crush on, girls also do likewise. Studies have shown that majority of girls spend about 15 percent to 20 percent of their time thinking about a specific boy or man that they have a crush on.1.就像男孩子们会花时间朝思暮想着他们迷恋的女生一样,女生也会如此。研究表明大多数女生会发大约15%到20%的时间相思她们心仪的男孩。2. Girls are more childish than guys. This is a plain fact! In as much as every person has some level of childishness in them, studies have shown that girls tend to be more childish than guys.2.女生比男生更加孩子气。这是一个明显事实!差不多每个人都有一定程度的童真,研究表明女生要比男生更孩子气。3.Girls are more caring than guys. Studies have shown that the proportion of girls and women that are caring far supersedes the proportion of guys who care. Girls are programmed to be more caring than guys are. Most guys might not want to agree with me on this but it is hundred percent true women are more caring than men. That is how come mothers are more caring than fathers.3。女生比男生更具爱心。研究表明,来自女生和妇女的关爱比例要远远大于男士。女生天生就比男生有爱心。在这点上可能很多男生可能不太赞同我,但事实百分之百如此。这就是为什么来自母亲的关爱要比父亲多。4. Most girls are under the impression that all what guys want is to sleep with them until the guys prove otherwise.4.在男生没有通过其它方式明前,大多数女生都会是这样的想法--男生想要的就是和她们睡觉。5.A lot of girls don’t like it when guys use profane words and say perverted things. Most girls find these kinds of guys as simply immature. And believe me girls do not like immature guys.5.很多女生不喜欢男生用一些不敬的词并且说一些歪门邪道的事。大部分女生认为这样的男生不成熟。相信我,女生们不喜欢不成熟的男生。6. Girls cannot keep a secret among their girl friends. You tell them a secret today and the next thing you know all their girl friends will know about it. Can you believe that? I find this very interesting. So if you want to keep a secret then try not to let her know.6.女生在她们的女性朋友圈里是保不住秘密的。你今天告诉她们一个秘密,接下来你会发现她们所有的女性朋友都会知道。你能相信这点吗?我觉得这非常有意思。所以如果你想保守秘密,试着不要让她知道。7.Girls remember things more than guys do. They remember even the smallest of events. They are just programmed that way.7.女生比男孩更好记事。即使是一件微不足道的小事她们都可能记得。她们只不过生来就这样。8.Females live longer than men. In a recent study in the ed States, it was found out that women live an average of 5 to 8 years longer than men.8。女性比男性长寿。美国最近的一项研究发现,女性的平均寿命要比男性长5到8年。9.Almost all girls flirt – especially if they want a particular guy. But the interesting fact here is that girls tend to hate other girls that flirt. Can you believe this? Crazy isn’t it?9.几乎所有的女生都会去调情——特别是如果她们着迷一个特定的男生时。但这里有趣的是,女孩一般都会讨厌其他打情骂俏的女孩。你能相信这点吗?太不可思议了,是吧?10. Girls are generally more complicated than guys are.10.通常,女生比男生更复杂。 /201206/188222。

Sitting down for more than three hours a day can shave a person#39;s life expectancy by two years, even if he or she is physically active and refrains from dangerous habits like smoking, according to a study to be published on Tuesday in the online journal BMJ Open. 一项最新研究表明,每天坐三个小时以上可减少两年的预期寿命,就算保持良好的运动习惯、禁绝吸烟等不良嗜好也无助于改变这一结果。《英国医学杂志》在线版(BMJ Open)将于周二发表该项研究。 Watching TV for more than two hours a day can exacerbate that problem, decreasing life expectancy by another 1.4 years, said the report, which analyzed five underlying studies of nearly 167,000 people over a range of four to 14 years. 报告称,每天看电视超过两个小时将使问题变得更加严重,进一步减少1.4年的预期寿命。该报告分析了五项基础研究,这五项研究在四年到14年的时间跨度内对167,000名对象进行了调查。 The meta-analysis comes just two years after Australian researchers found that people who said they watched TV for more than four hours a day were 46% more likely to die of any cause than people who said they spent less than two hours a day watching TV. Those watching TV more than four hours a day were also 80% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease. 这项综合分析报告出炉之前的两年,澳大利亚的研究人员发现,那些声称自己每天看电视超过四个小时的人因任何一种原因死亡的可能性都比那些声称自己每天看电视不到两个小时的人高出46%。而且,那些每天看电视超过四小时的人死于心血管疾病的可能性要高出80%。 ;Sedentary behavior is something we need to take note of beyond telling people to get 30 minutes of activity a day,; said Peter T. Katzmarzyk, one of the lead researchers for the study and a professor of population science at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La. 该项研究的项目主管之一卡兹马兹克(Peter T. Katzmarzyk)说,对于那些久坐成习的人,我们给他们的建议不仅仅应该是每天运动30分钟。卡兹马兹克是路易斯安那州首府巴吞鲁日市(Baton Rouge)彭宁顿生物医学研究中心(Pennington Biomedical Research Center)的一名人口学教授。 ;We have people who can meet that guideline,; explained Dr. Katzmarzyk. ;However, if you#39;re sedentary or sitting the other 20 hours a day, you#39;re still going to be at risk for that.; 卡兹马兹克解释说,有一些人的确可以做到每天运动30分钟,但如果在每天其余的20个小时里他都不动或是坐着,那么他仍有预期寿命缩短的风险。 But while the evidence linking sedentary behavior to various illnesses is mounting, it remains difficult for many people to find time to get on their feet, especially if they work desk jobs. 不过,尽管将久坐与各种疾病联系起来的据汗牛充栋,对很多人来说花点时间迈开双腿仍然非常困难,尤其是对需要伏案工作的人来说。 ;Try to stand as much as you can,; Dr. Katzmarzyk said. ;Typically when you#39;re on the telephone you can stand with speaker phone. Instead of emailing someone in the office, just get up and go talk to them.; 卡兹马兹克说,尽可能想办法站着;通常来说,如果你是在打电话的话,你就可以站着讲话;不必给同一个办公室的人发电子邮件,站起来走过去,当面跟他们讲。 However, Dr. Katzmarzyk added, standing shouldn#39;t be an alternative to exercising, but an alternative to sitting. ;Several studies show that when you#39;re sitting, your leg muscles are completely inactive,; he said. ;When you#39;re sitting and completely inactive, this is when you run into trouble managing blood glucose.; 不过,卡兹马兹克士还补充道,站立并不是用来代替运动的,而是用来代替久坐的。他说,一些研究表明,人在坐着的时候,腿部的肌肉是完全松弛的,如果你总是坐着总是不动的话,就可能在血糖控制上遇到麻烦。 Researchers determined the prevalence of sedentary behavior by using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which provided data on sitting habits between 2009 and 2010. The most recent available data on TV viewing was between 2005 and 2006. 研究人员在确定久坐这一行为的流行程度时利用了美国国家健康与营养调查(National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)提供的2009年至2010年间的久坐习惯数据。目前可得的最新电视观看数据是2005年到2006年间的数据。 When looking at the five underlying studies, the researchers eliminated data on patients with existing diseases and were therefore more likely to be sitting a lot. 研究人员在审视五个基础研究的过程中剔除了已经患病因而更有可能久坐的病人的数据。 One of the analysis#39;s limitations was that it relied on self-reporting, as people tend to underestimate how much sitting they do, Dr. Katzmarzyk said. 卡兹马兹克说,该项分析的局限之一就是完全依赖自我报告,而人们往往倾向于低估自己坐着的时间。 The study bolsters an emerging body of research that points to a number of dangers associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle. 这项研究为一系列声称久坐的生活方式会导致一系列风险的研究提供了持。 Last year, scientists found that people who worked 10 years in sedentary jobs, or jobs that don#39;t require a lot of energy expenditure, had twice the risk of colon cancer and a 44% increased risk of rectal cancer, compared with people who had never worked sedentary jobs. 去年,科学家发现,与那些从未从事过需要久坐工作的人相比,那些坐着工作10年的人,或是工作中不需要消耗太多能量的人,罹患结肠癌的风险高出一倍,罹患直肠癌的风险高出44%。 And in March, scientists found that the rate of cancers linked to obesity and lack of physical activity, such as cancers of the kidney, pancreas, lower esophagus and uterus, rose every year from 1999 through 2008. 今年3月份,科学家发现罹患癌症的几率与肥胖程度和缺乏体育运动有关,比如从1999年到2008年间,肾癌、胰腺癌、食道癌和子宫癌的发病率每年都在增加。 /201207/189764。

Treece, Kansas, is a poisoned town. Only one house remains. Tim and Della Busby are the lone residents of the community today. And they say they#39;re staying put. Even if it#39;s toxic, Treece is still their home.美国堪萨斯州的特莱塞镇因受到污染已沦为“毒镇”。现在镇上仅有唯一的一家住户,只剩下蒂姆和妻子德拉-巴斯比。他们依然拒绝离开。因为即使那里变成毒镇,却依然还是他们的家园。This tiny community in southeast Kansas used to be a bustling mining enclave — with a school, hundreds of homes and bars the got rowdy with drunken miners on payday.位于美国堪萨斯州东南部的特莱塞曾是一个非常繁荣的矿业小镇,那里曾有学校、数百户居民以及发薪日挤满醉酒矿工的喧闹酒吧。But, the mines that turned Treece into a boomtown ultimately left it lifeless and abandoned.但曾经把特莱塞变为新兴小镇的矿业最终也使它成为毫无生气的被荒废小镇。It#39;s a toxic ghost town now. All but two residents left when the federal government offered buyouts to the 138 people who stuck around after the mines shut down, the Kansas City Star reports.如今这里已经沦为“毒镇”。根据《堪萨斯城星报》的报道,在矿山关闭后,政府向仍然居住在该地的138名居民提供资助,人们陆续搬走,仅剩蒂姆夫妇。The Environmental Protection Agency says decades of zinc and lead mining have left the soil, water and air contaminated.美国环保署称,数十年的锌和铅矿开采已经污染了当地的土地、水源以及空气。Massive piles of poisoned mining debris, called chat, litter the streets. The mines that were dug beneath the town are turning the ground into Swiss cheese, as massive sink holes develop throughout the town — many big enough and deep enough to swallow a man whole.大堆有毒的矿石碎屑凌乱堆积在街头上。地底挖矿使地面呈“蜂窝乳酪”状,全镇遍布大的灰岩坑,很多较大的坑洞深到足以把整个人吞没。In 2009, the federal government began offering buy-outs for the residents of Treece after Congress approved .5 million to vacate the town and turn it into a Superfund site.2009年,美国联邦政府开始“买断”该镇的居民,国会还批准了350万美元的资金让居民搬离小镇,并把它改造成一个超级基金场址。Treece was abandoned after nearby Picher, Oklahoma, which sits just across the state line, was bought out by the federal government and bought out for the same reason — lead contamination left by decades of mining.在人们搬离该镇之前,位于州界对面的俄克拉荷马州的皮歇尔镇也由于同样的原因被政府“买断”。数十年采矿使皮歇尔镇遭到严重的铅污染。Picher#39;s buyout came first — it was a historic event, the government giving people cash to leave the town they#39;d lived on their lives.皮歇尔镇先于特莱塞镇被“买断”,这是个历史性事件,美国政府付给当地居民现金,让他们搬离赖以生存的小镇。However, the EPA tried to save Treece. Only one child out of 16 in the town tested positive for having dangerously high levels of lead.美国环保署试图拯救特莱塞镇。该镇的16名儿童中,仅有一人在检测中查出体内铅超标。But the damage in Treece was aly done, the residents no longer believed it was safe to live there.但特莱塞镇的污染已经造成了,居民们不再相信住在那里是安全的。After Picher was abandoned, the town government in Treece also asked for a buy-out.在皮歇尔镇被人们放弃之后,特莱塞镇的政府也要求联邦政府出资“买断”。When it finally came, the EPA offered residents about ,000 each for their homes. By 2010, 63 out of 64 homeowners sold out and their houses were torn down.最终,美国环保署给每位搬离居民补贴了大约4万美元。截至2010年,64户居民中的63户搬离了小镇,他们的房子也拆毁了。 /201206/185921。

With 49% of the votes, Johnny Depp is the sexiest male thespian.约翰尼·德普以49%的持率当选最性感男星。 /200909/83903。

Posefen was a goddess. She was the only daughter of the Greek Goddess of harvest Demeter. Wherever Posefen went, the places would be full of flowers.泊瑟芬是一个纯洁的女神。她是人间的大地之母、谷物之神狄蜜特的独生女儿,是春天的灿烂女神,只要她轻轻踏过的地方,都会开满娇艳欲滴的花朵。One day, when Posefen played with her friends in the valley, she found a silver narcissus flower. She liked it and picked it up. Suddenly, the narcissus became a handsome man with purple eyes. Posefen was scared and took a step back. The man smiled and said, “Goddess, you broke the curse and saved me. Please let me fulfill my promise and marry me.” Before she understood what happened, Posefen was thrown into a rift in the ground.有一天,泊瑟芬和同伴们在山谷中的草地上摘花,她惊奇的发现一朵银色的水仙,美的光照人。她渐渐远离了同伴,伸手去采摘那朵水仙。就在她摘下它的一瞬间,水仙化作一团紫色的烟雾,一股淡淡的阴间的香气弥漫开来。烟雾渐渐散去,眼前出现了一个一身黑色,有着紫色眼眸的俊逸非凡的男子。泊瑟芬惊的后退了一步。只见那男子嘴角边流露出一丝可怕的笑,说到:“女神,你破除咒语救了我,那就履行我的誓言嫁给我吧!”泊瑟芬还没有弄明白是怎么一回事,地上就裂开一道缝,一股强大的力量把她卷了进去。After hearing her daughter’s cries for help, Demeter threw corn away and saved her daughter. However, without the Goddess of harvest, seeds did not grow and human beings would confront a great disaster. Zeus quickly got the news and knew it was Pluto that took Posefen away. Pluto could not win Zeus but he really loved Posefen. He knew he would be cursed and told Posefen, “My fragrance should belong to the world. Take it away.” Then he closed eyes.泊瑟芬的呼救声回荡在山谷里,狄蜜特抛下手中的谷物,飞跃千山万水去寻找女儿。人间没有了大地之母,种子不再发芽,肥沃的土地结不出成串的麦穗,人类面临巨大的灾难。这一切很快传到了宙斯的耳中,他知道劫走泊瑟芬的是冥王海地士,便下令再一次诅咒他。海地士终究敌不过宙斯的法力,但他是真的爱着泊瑟芬。他知道自己马上就会再次陷入长长的昏睡,于是对泊瑟芬说:“我身上的香气应该属于人间,请你把它带走吧!”说完,海地士闭上眼睛,再也看不见心爱的春天女神泊瑟芬了。 /201108/151417。


What Men Really Think About Our Clothes? 男人到底觉得什么样的穿着最性感时尚?   When it comes to fashion, most men could care less. Shopping? Same thing. Makeup? Not interested. But when it comes to how sexy a woman looks when she's all done up or just chilling in her sweatpants, men are all ears, or eyes we should say—they're visual creatures, what do you expect? They don't care about the hottest new fashion trends or how much a tank top costs (well, sort of), as long as it looks good on a woman and hugs her curves in all the right places, it's good enough for them. Common though, where's the fun in that? Men have to have a look they love on a gal, right? Here’s what we concluded after careful consideration:  一说到时尚,大部分男性都比较不会关心。逛街?都一样。化装?没兴趣。可是要说怎么样的女人看起来才性感,是盛装打扮还是只清爽地穿着运动裤,男人们可都要竖起耳朵目不转睛了。你还能指望什么?谁让男人都是视觉动物呀。他们不关心最潮的流行时尚趋势,也不在乎你身上这件背心花了多少钱(其实稍微还是有些在乎的),只要这件衣穿在女人身上看起来很漂亮,各处曲线尽现,那就够啦!虽然听起来很平常,可是到底乐趣在哪里呢?男人也总是希望女人能穿他们喜欢的衣的。看看下面我们经过深思熟虑总结出来的几条: 1. Men Love Women in a T-Shirt and Tight Jeans 男人喜欢女人穿T恤衫搭配紧身牛仔裤的样子  Turns out the casual, au natural look isn't so bad after all. “It's sexy and shows off the curves, but still leaves things to the imagination,” says Rafael, an LA based designer. Emma from UK would also have to agree, noting that her husband prefers her most when she’s wearing jeans, a t-shirt and no makeup.  事实明,随意自然的穿着其实也不坏。一位洛杉矶的设计师拉斐尔表示,T恤衫和紧身牛仔裤的搭配看起来很性感,展现了女性身体的曲线,同时还留下了想象的空间。来自英国的艾玛也同意这个观点,她提到自己的丈夫就喜欢她穿牛仔裤和T恤衫不化妆时的样子。 /201111/159626。

It’s not so much what you say that counts, it’ how you make people feel. 你说多少不管用,关键是你怎么去做。 /201106/139505。