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想向你的她求婚吗?想设计一场别出心裁的求婚场景吗?想给你们今后的生活留下难忘的记忆吗?下面是几点小技巧,希望能帮到你! How To Propose如何求婚 If you're planning to propose to your partner, here's how to make sure it all goes to plan. This is one of the most nervous occasions in life, so learn how to propose to your partner properly. This will make sure they say "yes".Step 1: Are you y?准备好了吗?Before asking your partner to marry you, there are several things to consider. The first and most important thing to think about is if you are both y. Much more than the proposal, the marriage itself and the fact that you are asking them to spend the rest of their life with you are what it's all about. If you are thinking about proposing then it's essential that you and your partner have discussed marriage and your future together. You should only ask the question once you are sure you are both prepared for it. Once you know this, you will have a pretty good idea of what their answer will be. This doesn't mean they will be expecting it. If you go about it in the right way your proposal will still come as a very pleasant surprise.Step 2: Choose the ring选择戒指 When you do come to propose, nothing will have as great an impact as the engagement ring. This not only has to be something they love and are happy wearing every day, but also needs to be able to withstand countless showings off to friends and family for years to come. That's why it's so important to get it right. You should decide if you think they would like to be involved in choosing the diamond or if you are going to give them a ring when you propose. If you decide to choose it yourself, think about it very carefully beforehand. Look at the kind of jewellery your partner normally wears to find out what style they would like and be sure to find out their ring size. Stay within your budget when buying a ring. The standard guideline is that you should spend two month's salary on a diamond, but work out what is best for you.Step 3: Set the scene设置场景 Where you propose is just as important as how you do it. This could be anywhere that has a special meaning to both of you. It could be the place you had your first date or somewhere you've both always wanted to go but have never been. At home you can create a romantic atmosphere and tailor it to your partner, which is probably why it's the most popular place to propose.Step 4: What women want女人想要什么?The way in which you propose should entirely depend on the woman you are proposing to. Although the movies tell us that women want nothing more than to be proposed to in front of a huge crowd of people, preferably on some sort of scoreboard, this is not true of all women. If you know your partner at all then you should be able to figure out what they would want from a proposal. For those who like being the centre of attention go for a big and bold proposal. If they listen to the radio at a certain time every day, get your proposal on air. If your parter is more of a private person, keep it intimate. Take your partner to a special restaurant or prepare their favourite meal at home with champagne and flowers then propose over dessert.Step 5: Be romantic浪漫点 However you do it, remember you can never be too romantic. 80% of women who were proposed to said it was not as romantic as they had hoped. Whether you put a note in a fortune cookie saying "Marry me" or create a treasure trail at home that leads to the ring, when you ask the question, make sure you speak from the heart. Tell your partner what you love about them and why you want to marry them. Express yourself as best you can to let your partner know that they are the only person for you.Step 6: Prepare for the unexpected未雨绸缪 No matter how much preparation you put into your proposal it's highly likely things won't go exactly according to plan. Expect the unexpected and make sure you have a back-up plan in case your partner suddenly catches the flu or bad weather scuppers your plans. Check that everything is in place for your big night. If you've made a booking, call ahead and confirm your reservation. If you've hidden the ring, make sure you know where to find it. The main thing to remember is that the proposal is just the beginning so don't put too much pressure on yourself. There'll be plenty more as the wedding approaches.201109/155580

At this stage when were而当那个时候的人类hunting and gathering and killing wild animals,追逐 聚拢 杀死野生动物After you finish with them在完成之后youre creating a relatively large pile将会留下很大一堆of bone and leftover meat,骨头和剩下的肉things that these wolves would have been very attracted to.这将会吸引狼的注意Those wolves that were able to take advantage of that resource,而那些狼会很好的利用这些资源and were a little bit less afraid and could它们丝毫不恐惧人类Approach the human camp, were then setting themselves up当原始人类扎营时 他们便会跟随过来into a closer relationship with humans.这就进一步拉近了人类与他们的关系We are carnivores,我们都是食肉动物We are social carnivores,我们都是群居的食肉动物we hunt in groups and we hunt in daylight.我们在白天团队合作一起打猎There are not many other species that do that.只有很少的物种会这么做The wolf is a social carnivore狼是群居的食肉动物that hunts by daylight, and therefore,他们也在白天捕猎 因此Theres natural potential for teamwork between those two species.这两个物种就有了潜在的团队合作的可能We became much better hunters with dogs.我们在的帮助下变得更擅长捕猎We are more successfully taking down large game,我们可以更顺利地捕捉到巨大的猎物which means we have more food to eat, which means we can have那意味着我们有更多的食物可以享用more offspring, which means the overall populations of humans grow.那意味着全体人类可以更好地繁衍Dog domestication may have helped可能正是对的驯化帮助了pave the way for a fundamental change in human lifestyle.人类改变其生活方式Its hard to see how early herders would have moved and protected现在很难知道 在没有驯化之前and guarded their flocks without domestic dogs being in place.早期的牧羊人是如何生活的And one has to wonder whether agriculture would ever really have而你也会质疑农业能否像采集和狩猎一样Made it as a viable alternative to hunting and gathering.成为人类可选的生存方式之一201302/225003

Dust, fingerprints, and smudges are all attracted to a laptop screen, so get a better view with a cleaner screen.You Will NeedYour computer's user manual Cotton balls or a cotton cloth Distilled water Isopropyl alcohol A spray bottle White vinegar (optional) Step 1: Read computer manual(仔细阅读电脑使用说明书)Read your computer’s manual for cleaning product restrictions before you clean your screen.Step 2: Wipe the screen(用棉布轻轻擦拭屏幕)Turn off your monitor. Wipe the screen softly with a dry cotton ball or dry cotton cloth to remove any dust.Step 3: Mix solution(将蒸馏水和醋参半,放入喷雾瓶瓶中)Mix a solution of 50 percent distilled water with 50 percent isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle.You can also use 50 percent vinegar and a 50 percent distilled water solution.Step 4: Spray cotton ball(用自制的溶液喷在键盘上)Spray the cotton ball or cotton cloth with the solution.Do not spray the solution directly onto the computer screen.Step 5: Wipe the screen(沿着圆形弧线擦拭屏幕)Wipe the screen gently, in a circular motion.Step 6: Enjoy your clean screen(收工)Enjoy your clean screen.201002/97047Radishes are a fairly simple vegetable to grow, but can lose their flavour if not harvested at the right time. Gardener Tom Cole demonstrates how to get the best from your radish crop.萝卜是一种非常容易种植的蔬菜,但是如果不在正确的时间收获就会失去最佳风味。园艺师汤姆·科尔向你展示怎样最好地收获萝卜。Step 1: You will need1.你需要A hand fork叉子Step 2: When to harvest2.何时收获Summer radishes are best harvested five to six weeks after they have been sown. They should display a crisp texture, and be about 1 to 1.5cm in diameter. Leaving radishes in the ground after maturity will result in a loss of their crispness, and an unwanted peppery flavour.夏季萝卜最好在种植五至六周后收获。这时的萝卜质地鲜脆,直径大约1至1.5厘米。成熟后仍然留在土壤中会导致萝卜不再爽脆,而且味道比较辛辣。Step 3: Harvesting3.收获With a hand fork, enter the soil at the side of the plant at an angle. Get underneath the root, and gently pull the plant until it comes away from the soil. The radishes should be small for optimum flavour. If you find one that seems too large,squeeze it gently. If the flesh is soft and yields to the pressure, it will be too fibrous to be enjoyable. This usually occurs when they grow over 2cm in diameter, and are best suited to the compost heap. Very small ones can be added to a salad.用叉子在植株旁边倾斜着插入土壤,插到萝卜根部下面,轻轻地把植株拔起,直到萝卜离开土壤。为了获得最佳口味,萝卜的个头应该比较小。如果你发现有的萝卜太大,轻轻地挤压一下。如果肉质柔软塌陷,说明纤维太多,口味已经不好了。当萝卜长到直径2厘米的时候通常就过于成熟了,最好用作堆肥。非常小的萝卜可以用于制作沙拉。Step 4: Storage4.储存Radishes do not store particularly well, so they need to be used as soon as possible. Preferably eat them with in a day, or store in a fridge for no more than five days.萝卜不是非常适合储存,因此应该尽快食用。最好在收获一天内食用,在冰箱内储存的时间也不应该超过5天。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Radishes.感谢收看“怎样收获萝卜”视频节目。201302/226751For a pet whos been around so long,对于一个围绕在人们身边的宠物dog research is an astonishing new area of science.类的研究是令人惊奇的科技新领域Its a very basic human need to have social relationships.而对于人类来说 社交关系是基本需求One of these wonderful things about dogs, of course,当然 关于最奇妙的事之一is they offer you a way of giving unconditional love是它们能给你无条件的爱and receiving unconditional love in the other end.而且另一方面也无条件的接受你的爱Dogs are the ones that live with us in the same enviornment和我们生活在相同的环境and theyre selected to live in this new enviornment它们被挑选出来在新的环境中生活and theyre specially tunned into human.它们特别适应人类So human are their natural social partner.自然而然的 它们就成了人类的伙伴But we are only beginning to recognize their full potential.然而我们才发掘出它们身上潜能一小部分Understanding dogs has the capacity通过对的进一步研究让我们有能力to give us insights into disease,更加深刻的了解人类的疾病the human mind and our varier existence.人类的内心世界以及我们丰富多的生活I think one reason that therere almost 7 billion people on earth我想地球上有几乎70亿的人口的原因is in large part due to the roles the dogs have played很大程度上也是基于in our evolutionary existence.在我们进化过程中所扮演的角色While we can have good relationship with wide variety of animals人类历史上和很多种类的动物historically our relationship with dogs有很好的关系 而我们和的关系seems to be the longest one among any domestic animal.似乎比任何家畜都长远Personally I dont think its any coincidence以我个人之见 我认为能成为the dogs is refered to mans best friend.人类最好的朋友 并不仅是一种偶然的巧合 201303/228857

Having shoulder pains doesnt always mean you have a pinched nerve in the shoulder so its important to find out other possibilities. There are many possible causes. Here you are likely to find an explanation to the problem.肩膀疼痛并不意味着一定是肩膀神经痛,所以要找出其他原因。造成肩膀疼痛的可能原因有许多种。看完本段视频,你或许可以找到原因所在。My name is Dirk Laubscher and Ive been a physical therapist for over the last ten years and working hardly for the last strait six. Today Im going to talk to you guys about the causes and the management of back pain. How to create a pinched nerve in the shoulder, from my experience its usually not a nerve that gets pinched in the shoulder.我是Dirk Laubscher,过去十年一直从事物理治疗师的工作,今天我将向大家讲述一下背部疼痛的原因和处理方法。怎样处理肩膀神经痛的问题呢?根据我的经验,这并不是由于肩膀的一条神经被压紧。If you look at the shoulder, if you look at the head of it where it goes into the socket, there are a few structured tendons,vertical tendons that run sort of underneath a little cup at the ball and sometimes what happens is when you move the shoulder, especially this movement, it gets, it impinges actual tendons running through that little pathway which gives you a really bad pain. Sometimes, here the front, well, mainly in the front, sometimes you have it and sometimes you dont. And the main reason of that is usually instability in the shoulder blade muscles.你可以看一下肩膀的顶部,在进入腋窝的地方有几个有结构的垂直的肌腱,就好像在一个小小的杯子的下面,有时当你活动肩膀的时候,尤其是做这样的运动的时候,会撞击到肌腱,让你感到非常疼痛。有时候,是前面的部位疼痛,有时候不是。主要的原因是肩膀叶片状肌肉不稳定。Okay now, the blades are on the back of the shoulder, runs around your ribcage and theres a certain rhythm that when you lift your arm up that it works together with actual shoulder joints. Okay, and when that rhythm is disturbed, again can cause the head of your upper arm to be driven up and pinching those tendons. If you do feel any other pain in the shoulder, again I dont think its a pinched nerve, but it can be coming from your neck.现在来说一下,叶片状肌肉位于肩膀后部,穿过胸腔,当你抬起胳膊的时候,叶片状肌肉与肩部关节一起运动。当这种节奏被扰乱的时候,会导致手臂上部的顶端被拉出,压迫到这些肌腱。如果你感觉到肩膀还有其他的疼痛,可能不是神经痛,而是来自脖子的疼痛。Most cases it will be coming from your neck. Where you may have a disk lesion in your neck and its causing pressure on the nerve as it comes out of the neck. Which gives you the third pain into your shoulder or into your arm, it could be anywhere really, okay, so just make sure.大多数情况下是由于脖子疼痛。你肩膀处盘状物可能受到损伤,对神经造成压迫,从而造成肩膀甚至胳膊,或者其他任何地方疼痛,所以一定要确认一下。Again there is treatment for that. A good therapist would be able to distinguish whether its coming from the shoulder or if its coming from your neck.这是可以治疗的。一位好的治疗师能够确定疼痛来自肩膀还是脖子。Thanks for watching How To Treat A Pinched Nerve In Shoulder.感谢收看“怎样治疗肩膀神经痛”视频节目。 /201211/209024

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