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4.0 yards per carry and 1600 receiving yards your senior year When I graduated from Stanford, my father, grandfather crowded around me. 你高中最后一年4.0的平均冲球码数和1600的接球总码数我从斯坦福毕业时 我父亲 祖父围着我They grabbed the program and they said I see you didnt graduate magna cum laude. 他们拿起毕业书说我看到你没有以极优等成绩毕业You didnt graduate summa cum laude You just graduated thank you, Lordy. Im out of here. 没有以最优等成绩毕业你只是普通毕业 我没脸待在这里了And here I am at Yale coming to my graduation, my final graduation. 后来我读耶鲁最后一次参加自己的毕业典礼My father walks out to me and says, its about time boy youve got more degrees in the month of July and youre not hot. 我父亲跑来跟我说 是时候了 儿子你在七月份获得了更多的学位 但没有公司抢着要你Get a job And the sad thing is. 找份工作去最为悲催的是As a politician, my father still looks at me and says, get a job And so my parents have their stories, 2 of which I want to share with you. 作为政治人物 我父亲仍然对我说 找份工作去我的父母有他们的故事 我想同你们分享两个And then Im done about vision and please understand that when my mom, my sweet mother, my sweet grandmother. 这样我就把异象讲清楚了请大家理解 我亲切的母亲 亲切的祖母When they tell a story, they each have a pension, for accuracy and detail When they tell me a story, even if ive heard it before. 讲故事时都非常在意准确和细节她们讲故事时 哪怕故事我原来听过I pay attention because Im gonna learn something and get another fact. 我也会集中注意力因为我总能学到新知识When my father and my grandfather, 2 extraordinary man I loved them dearly but when they tell a story. 而我父亲和祖父 这两位我深爱的杰出人士他们讲故事时They have a pension for hyperbole and exaggeration Their stories gets so dramatic. 则非常在意夸张和夸大他们的故事非常具有戏剧性My father I tell you, he says, son, I was born poor Now you would heckle me if I said that. 我父亲他说 儿子 我出生时很穷现在我如果这么说 你可以诘问我Dont you tell those people I was poor because I was just po, p-o, I couldnt afford the other 2 letters. 别告诉别人说我很穷因为我只是po 我负担不起poor的另外两个字母And Im telling you though weather changed over the times, he tells stories. 我告诉你们他讲的故事中 天气总会不断变化Every single story was a storm, but then eventually the hail began. 他讲的每个故事都是一场风暴 但最后冰雹开始下落And Im telling you the hail moved from every single ball a sport has. 而且我告诉你们冰雹会经历体育中各种球的大小It was first the hail of the size of golf balls then the hail of the size of base balls. 首先高尔夫球那么大的冰雹然后是垒球那么大的冰雹201611/476794Despite their extraordinary achievements, none of these women have made it into our narrative of the First Intifada.尽管有这些非凡的成就,没有一个女人进入了我们关于大起义的描述中We do this in other parts of the globe, too.在世界上的其他地方,我们也是如此行事In our history books, for instance, and in our collective consciousness,比如在我们的历史教科书和集体意识中men are the public faces and spokespersons for the 1960s struggle for racial justice in the ed States.对于20世纪60年代的运动,对于美国的种族平等,公众面孔和发言人的形象都是男人But women were also a critical driving force, mobilizing, organizing, taking to the streets.但是女人也是动员、组织、上街的一股关键力量How many of us think of Septima Clark when we think of the ed States Civil Rights era?我们当中有多少人在想到美国民权运动年代时会想到Septima Clark?Remarkably few. But she played a crucial role in every phase of the struggle, particularly by emphasizing literacy and education.很少有人。但她在运动的每一个阶段都起到了关键作用,特别是她对读写教育的强调Shes been omitted, ignored, like so many other women who played critical roles in the ed States Civil Rights Movement.她被省略,被忽略,正如其他那些在美国民权运动中起到关键角色的女人一样This is not about getting credit. Its more profound than that.这不是关于得到功劳,这比那意义深远的多The stories we tell matter deeply to how we see ourselves,我们讲述的故事对我们如何看待自己and to how we believe movements are run and how movements are won.我们认为运动是如何进行的,运动是怎样成功的至关重要The stories we tell about a movement like the First Intifada or the ed States Civil Rights era matter deeply我们的关于运动的故事,比如大起义或者美国民权运动世代影响深远and have a critical influence in the choices Palestinians, Americans and people around the world并且对巴基斯坦人,美国人以及第三世界国家的人民will make next time they encounter an injustice and develop the courage to confront it.在再次遇到不公待遇时采取的抉择,以及获得对抗的勇气都有关键性的影响。201705/50723315. Speech by John Paul II15. 教皇保罗二世演讲How could man have such utter contempt for man? Because he had reached the point of contempt for God. Only a godless ideology could plan and carry out the extermination of a whole people.怎么会有人如此蔑视人类?这是因为他蔑视上帝。只有那些不信上帝的人才会计划展开对全人类的屠杀。The honour given to the ;Just Gentiles; by the state of Israel at Yad Vashem for having acted heroically to save Jews, sometimes to the point of giving their own lives, is a recognition that not even in the darkest hour is every light extinguished. That is why the Psalms and the entire Bible, though well aware of the human capacity for evil, also proclaims that evil will not have the last word.以色列大屠杀纪念馆为那些英勇解救犹太人,甚至有时不惜牺牲自己性命的人授予“正义外邦人”的荣誉,这是一种承认,即使在最黑暗的时刻,依然会有灯光。这就是为什么诗篇和整部圣经,虽然意识到人类邪恶一面的力量,依然宣布,邪恶终会消亡。Out of the depths of pain and sorrow, the believers heart cries out: ;I trust in you, O Lord:I say, you are my God.;在极度痛苦和悲伤之中,信徒在内心深处呼喊:“主啊,我相信你,你就是我的上帝。”Jews and Christians share an immense spiritual patrimony, flowing from Gods self-revelation. Our religious teachings and our spiritual experience demand that we overcome evil with good. We remember, but not with any desire for vengeance or as an incentive to hatred. For us, to remember is to pray for peace and justice, and to commit ourselves to their cause. Only a world at peace, with justice for all, can avoid repeating the mistakes and terrible crimes of the past.犹太人和基督徒拥有同样一个巨大的精神遗产,源于上帝的自我启示。我们的宗教教义以及我们的精神体验的要求我们以善胜恶。我们铭记,但不带有任何报复或仇恨。对于我们来说,铭记就是祈求和平与正义,并致力于这个事业。只有在和平的世界,一切平等公正,才能避免重复过去的错误和可怕罪行。201704/503869

【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.2. Now thank you all for your kind welcome.3. Ah, ah, ah, ah! Please be careful. You don’t want to be in the way when my laser goes off. /200605/7344

VOA流行美语 128: from scratch/all set李华正在为朋友的生日party做准备,她生平第一次烤了一个蛋糕。今天李华会学到两个常用语:from scratch和all set.LH: Larry, 这是我烤的蛋糕,你尝尝。这可是我生平第一次烤蛋糕,不一定会好吃!LL: Mmmm! This is delicious! Did you make this from scratch or did you use a cake mix?LH: 你觉得好吃呀?太好了!哎,你刚才问我是不是make it from scratch? 那是什么意思啊?我是照因特网上的一个食谱做的。LL: Then you did make it from scratch. To make something from scratch is to make it yourself using all of the basic ingredients.LH: 原来to make something from scratch就是自己用基本材料,从头做起。是呀,我用鸡蛋、面粉、牛奶和黄油做的。还有别的做蛋糕的方法?LL: A lot of people nowadays use a pre-packaged cake mix with all the ingredients in it aly, so it's easier to make.LH: 用事先调好的蛋糕粉那当然简单多了。那多没意思啊!自己把所有的材料准备好,从头开始做,其实很好玩呢!LL: Well, you should be proud of yourself. This cake is great!LH: 谢谢,你说好吃我就放心了!对了,Larry,你有没有自己烤过蛋糕?LL: No, but I tried making chocolate chip cookies from scratch once.LH: 自己做巧克力饼干啊?好吃吗?LL: They were awful because I forgot to put oil in them. After that, I decided that it was best if I didn't try to make things from scratch anymore.LH: 忘了放油!那饼干肯定会太硬。你一次没做成功就决定下回不做了!你知道,做这种东西是试验好多次才行。LL: I know, but I'm not that patient.LH: 嗨,要做好就得要有耐心嘛!******LL: All right, Li Hua. The cake is y, the drinks are prepared, and the decorations look great. I think we are all set.LH: We are all set? 这是什么意思?蛋糕、饮料都准备好了,一切都布置好了。你的意思是一切准备就绪了,是吗?LL: That's right. To be "all set" is to be y for whatever it is you're going to do. In this case, we are all set to have a party.LH: 对,要举行party的个方面似乎都准备好了。那我是不是可以说we're all set to have fun at the party?LL: If you're y to have fun, then of course you can say that. Hey, what about the music - is that all set?LH: 音乐啊?没问题!我把激光唱机和几片激光盘全放桌上了。So it's all set.LL: Great! Now, I'm all set to eat more of that cake you made. It's really deliciousLH: 不行,你现在还不能吃这蛋糕,要等做生日的人吹完蜡烛后才能吃的!LL: I know. I was just kidding. Hey, do you have a place for people to put presents?LH: 放礼物的地方啊?早准备好了!我在进门的地方有张桌子。大家可以把礼物和生日卡放在那儿。.LL: Okay, since everything is all set, we can relax until the guests start arriving.LH: 我早就准备好在客人来以前先休息一下。筹办一个生日party 可真是够累人的!LL: Preparing a party isn't that bad; it's cleaning up afterwards that's a lot of work.LH: Party结束后,我想你一定会帮我收拾的。对不对?LL:Of course!李华学到两个常用语。第一个是from scratch, 意思就是从头做起。第二个常用语是all set, 就是一切就绪,准备好了的意思。 /200602/3348

6th of December 19831983年12月6日Dear George,亲爱的乔治:You once said to us the world is full of assholes and I am not one of them.你曾经说过这世界上全是混蛋,但是我不是。I have a love for certain people and I have one for you.我对特定的人有种热爱,我对你也有。But by sheer lack of contact its running out.但是完全不联系之后,这种感觉已经消失殆尽。I found you frequently and never get a reply.我时常去联系你,但是从未收到回信。This is what you do.你要做的是这样。Its very simple.很简单。You stand in front of a telephone and you insert your fingers in the holes and carry out a series of numbers which have been given to you.你就站在一个电话前,把手指放进电话转盘,摇出曾经给过你的电话号码。Of course if you are rich, you will have two buttons which Irishman usually sew on their coats.当然了,如果你很有钱的话,你会有两个爱尔兰人会缝在衣上的那种按钮。Of course if you are extremely rich, you dont have to get in touch with anybody.当然如果你暴富,那你压根儿不需要联系任何人。And thats Im worried about.然而这正是我担心的事情。The funeral takes place at Golders Green crematorium.葬礼在戈尔德·格林火葬场举行。No flowers please.别带花过来,谢谢。Just money.带钱就行。Youll recognize me.你会认出我来的。I am the dead one.是我的葬礼。Love, light and peace.致爱,明亮与和平。Spike Milligan.斯派克·米利根201704/503735

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