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我喜欢向日葵 I Like Sunflowers -- :: 来源: Sunflower is a kind of beautiful flower. It has golden color and a round face. It looks like the sun, that is why people call it sunflower. Besides, it looks like a warm smile, too. When you look at it, it seems smile to you. It can bring warm to people. So, I like sunflower very much. During the day, its face turns to the sun all the time. When autumn comes, it is ripe. Theree, we can eat its seeds. They are very delicious.向日葵是一种美丽的花它有着灿灿的金色和圆圆的脸蛋,看上去很像太阳,这就是为什么人们叫它向日葵而且,它看起来像一个温暖的笑脸当你看着它的时候,它好像在对你微笑它能够给人们带来温暖所以,我很喜欢向日葵白天,它总是面向太阳秋天来了,它就成熟了,我们可以吃它的种子,它的种子很好吃《毕业生经典台词 -- 3::37 来源:kekenet 在这一幕中,他经不起自己爸爸的好朋友的老婆的勾引来到了一个宾馆开房间,我们一起来体验一下他在极度尴尬的情况下说的英语说不定能帮你回忆起一些往事MRS. ROBINSON: Hello, Benjamin.BEN: Oh. Hello. MRS. ROBINSON: May I sit down?BEN: Of course.MRS. ROBINSON: Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: How are you?BEN: Very well. Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: May I have a drink?BEN: A drink? Of course.(Ben looks toward a passing WAITER and raises his hand.the waiter pays no attention. Ben looks back at Mrs. Robinson apologetically.)BEN: He didn''t see me.MRS. ROBINSON: Waiter!MRS. ROBINSON: I will have a martini.WAITER #1: Yes, madam.MRS. ROBINSON: You don''t have to be so nervous, you know.BEN: Nervous. Well, I am a bit nervous. I mean it''s 经典台词 毕业生爱情故事LoveStory经典台词 -- 3:: 来源:kekenet lt;六gt;《爱情故事Love Story:1.It seems like whenever anything good in my life happens, I’m just afraid that I’m going to lose it. 当生命中美好的东西到来时,我却觉得会失去它.People say I love you all the time, it doesn’t mean anything. 人们总把“我爱你”挂在嘴边,可那往往言不由衷3.He’s stuck, he’s in between worlds. 他进退不能,夹在阴阳之间.You want to move something, you’ve got to move it with your mind, you’ve got to focus. 你想要推动物体,就得靠意志,要集中意志5.Never say love if you don’t really mean it. 如果不当真的话你就决不要说“爱”  6.We’re going to graduate and then go our separate ways. 我们即将毕业,然后各奔东西7.I give you my hand. 我给你我的手I give you my love, more precious than money. 给你比金钱更珍贵的爱情I give you myself bee preacher or law. 在牧师和法律面前Will you give me yourself? 你愿意把自己托付给我吗?Will you come travel with me? 你愿意和我一同去跋涉人生之旅Shall we stick by each other as long as we live? 一起厮守 终生吗?8.In my whole life, I’ve never deliberately hurt anyone and I just don’t think I could. 我一辈子从未有意伤害过谁,我想我也不会9.Love means never having to say you’re sorry. 爱意味着永远用不着说对不起 爱情故事 经典台词 Love nbsp Story

小学生英语故事作文大全 -- ::55 来源: 小学生英语故事作文篇1.never to accept pay a kindnessOne day, a poor boy who was trying to pay his way through school by selling goods door to door found that he only had one dime left. He was hungry so he decided to beg a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal he asked a drink of water. She thought he looked hungry so she brought him a large glass of www.zhlzw.com milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked, "How much do I owe you?" "You don't owe me anything," she replied. "Mother has taught me never to accept pay a kindness." He said, "Then I thank you from the bottom of my heart." As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but it also increased his faith in God and the human race. He was about to give up and quit bee this point. The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved .(Victor Hugo , French novelist )Years later the young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally www.zhlzw.com sent her to the big city, where specialists can be called in to study her rare disease. Dr. Howard Kelly, now famous was called in the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately, he rose and went down through the hospital hall into her room. . Shopping Made EasyPeople are not so honest as they once were. The temptation to steal is greater than ever bee, especially in large shops. A detective recently watched a well-dressed woman who always went into a large store on Monday mornings. Once Monday, there were fewer people in the shop than usual when the woman came in, so it was easier the detective to watch her. The woman first bought a few small . After a little time, she chose one of the most expensive dresses in the shop and handed it to an assistant who wrapped it up her as quickly as possible. Then the woman simply took the parcel and walked out of the shop without paying. When she was arrested, the detective found out that the shop assistant was her daughter. The girl ‘gave’ her mother a free dress once a week. 3. Am I All Right ?While John Gilbert was in hospital he asked his doctor to tell him whether his operation had been successful. But the doctor refused to do so. The following day, the patient asked a bedside telephone. When he was alone, he telephoned the hospital exchange and asked Doctor Millington. When the doctor answered the phone . Mr. Gilbert said he was inquiring about a certain patient, a Mr. John Gilbert.He asked if Mr. Gilbert’s operation had been successful and the doctor told him that it had been. He then asked when Mr. Gilbert would be allowed to go home and the doctor told him that he would have to stay in hospital another two weeks. Then Dr Millington asked the caller if he was a relative of the patient. ‘No’ the patient answered, I am Mr. John Gilbert. . Food and TalkLast week at a dinner party, the hostess asked me to sit next to Mrs. Rumbold. Mrs. Rumbold was a large unsmiling lady in a tight black dress. She did not even look up when I took my seat beside her. Her eyes were fixed on her plate and in a short time, she was busy eating. I tried to make conversation. ‘A new play is coming to “The Globe” soon,’ I say. ‘Will you be seeing it ?’ ‘No’ she answered. ‘Will you be spending your holidays abroad this year?’ I asked. ‘No’ she answered. ‘Will you be staying in England?’ I asked. ‘No’ she answered.In despair, I asked her whether she was enjoying her dinner. ‘Young man,’ she answered, if you ate more and talked less, we would both enjoy our dinner!’ 5. Did You Want to Tell Me Something?Dentists always ask questions when it is impossible you to answer. My dentist bad just pulled out one of my teeth and had told me to rest a while. I tried to say something, but my mouth was full of cotton wool. He knew I collected match boxes and asked me whether my collection was growing. He then asked me how my brother was and whether I liked my new job in London. In answer to these questions, I either nodded or made strange noises. Meanwhile, my tongue was busy searching out the hole where the tooth had been. I suddenly felt very worried, but could not say anything. When the dentist at last removed the cotton wool from my mouth, I was able to tell him that he had pulled out the wrong tooth.6. Sticky Fingers After breakfast, I sent the children to school and then I went to the shops. It was still early when I returned home. The children were at school, my husband was at work and the house was quiet. So I decided to make some meat pies. In a short time, I was busy mixing butter and pour, and my hands were soon covered with sticky pastry. At exactly that moment, the telephone rang. Nothing could have been more annoying. I picked up the receiver between two sticky fingers and was dismayed when I recognized the voice of Helen Bares. It took me ten minutes to persuade her to ring back later. At last I hung up the receiver. What a mess! There was pastry on my fingers, on the telephone, and on the doorknobs. I had no sooner got back to the kitchen than the doorbell rang, loud enough to wake the dead. This time it was the postman and he wanted me to sign it registered letter!7. Can I Help You Madam?A woman in jeans stood at the window of an expensive shop. Though she hesitated a moment, she finally went in and asked to see a dress that was in the window. The assistant who served her did not like the way she was dressed. Glancing at her scornfully, he told her that the dress was sold. The woman walked out of the shop angrily and decided to punish the assistant next day. She returned to the shop the following morning dressed in fur coat, with a handbag in one hand and a long umbrella in the other. After seeking out the rude assistant, she asked the same dress. Not realizing who she was, the assistant was eager to serve her this time. With great difficulty, he climbed into the shop window to get the dress. As soon as she saw it, the woman said she did not like it. She enjoyed herself making the assistant bring almost everything in the window, bee finally buying the dress she had first asked .8. SOSWhen a light passenger plane flew off course some time ago, it crashed in the mountains and its pilot was killed. The only passengers, a young woman and her two baby daughters were unhurt. It was the middle of winter, snow lay thick on the ground. The woman knew that the nearest village was mile away. When it grew dark, she turned a suitcase into a bed and put the children inside it, covering them with all the clothes she could find. During the night, it got terribly cold. The woman kept as near as she could to the children and even tried to get into the case herself, but it was too small. Early next morning, she heard plane passing overhead and wondered how she could send a signal. Then she had an idea. She stamped out the letters ‘SOS’ in the snow. tunately, a pilot saw the signal and sent a message by radio to the nearest town. It was not long bee a helicopter arrived on the scene to rescue the survivors of the plane crash.9. By AirI used to travel by air a great deal when I was a boy. My parents used to live in South America and I used to fly there from Europe in the holidays. A flight attendant would take charge of me and I never had an unpleasant experience. I am used to travelling by air and only on one occasion have I ever felt frightened. After taking of, we were flying low over the city and slowly gaining height, when the plane suddenly turned round and flew back to the airport. While we were waiting to land, a flight attendant told us to keep calm and to get off the plane quietly as soon as it had touched down. Everybody on board was worried and we were curious to find out what had happened. Later we learnt that there was a very important person on board. The police had been told that a bomb had been planted on the plane. After we had landed, the plane was searched thoroughly. tunately, nothing was found and five hours later we were able to take off again.. A Travel in a BasketA pilot noticed a balloon which seemed to be making a Royal Air ce Station nearby. He inmed the station at once, but no one there was able to explain the mystery. The officer in the control tower was very angry, when he heard the news, because balloons can be a great danger to aircraft. He said that someone might be spying on the station and the pilot was ordered to keep track of the strange object. The pilot managed to circle the balloon some time. He could make out three men in a basket under it, and one of them was holding a pair of binoculars. When the balloon was over the station, the pilot saw one of the men taking photographs. Soon afterwards, the balloon began to descend and it landed near an airfield. The police were called in, but they could not arrest anyone, the basket contained two Members of Parliament and the Commanding Officer of the station! An the Commanding Officer explained later, one half of the station did not know what the other half was doing?.自编英语故事Today,a young man sees lots of pupils who have Ipads.He asks his ugly rich Mum ?one.His mum says:“ Oh,you want a Ipad. OK, but you must do your homework very well.”Then his dog says:“ I want to pee. I want to pee.I want to pee!”His Mum says:“ Your dog wants to pee on your new Ipad.”“ Oh, Mum!This dog is very very foolish! I want to kick it.”His Mum says:“ Don't be angry!This dog only wants to pee.”Now,he says:“OK,I'm not angry now ,Mum.”. Quick Work Dam Robinson has been worried all week. Last Tuesday he received a letter from the police. In the letter he was asked to call at the station.Dam wondered why he was wanted by the police. But he went to the station yesterday and now he is not worried anymore.At the station. He was told by a smiling policeman that his bicycle had been found. Five day ago, the policeman told him, the bicycle was picked up in a small village four hundred mile away. It is now being sent to his home by train. Dam was most surprised when he heard the news. He was amused too, because he never expected the bicycle to be found. It was stolen twenty years ago when dam was a boy of fifteen ! 小学生英语故事作文大全篇由58英语网收集整理,版权属于原作者,转载请注明出处!

寒假英语日记作文 寒假一天 -- :: 来源: Things Happened in Spring Festival Today, I went shopping with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a rare occasion because we hardly only get together few times in a year as a big family. On the way to the shopping mall, we watched the lion dance. Overall, we had an ungettable day.水滴与大海(Waterdrop and sea) -- ::5 来源: 水滴与大海(Waterdrop and sea)a long time ago, and has a small drop of water in the east china sea listening to the story of the east china sea grandpa stresses. it is aware of the east china sea using miles apart, can not be described in a vast sea, with 00 960 high enough to describe the depth of the sea. it is very envious of the east china sea. theree, it asked the east china sea grandfather : "grandpa east.why then has the vast east china sea so deep? "east grandfather told it :" i also another little drop of water, i and many partners around the clock to muddy pool together a small partnership, it becomes a small stream. but we do not stop pace, the ed states is continuing to pour ward, and then became rivers. finally many rivers come together, it becomes a sea, the mation of the east china sea. "small drop asked : "we really have so much power? can be turned into a stream, into a river into the sea? "east grandpa replied : "of course not! can not become small rivers flow, so you can become the sea. also, into the sea, do not get the existence of small water droplets, not to overlook the power of small water droplets, but it is the source of our life! without it, we would not. "small drop in the east china sea remember his grandfather, finally became the famous south china sea.在国外旅行中要付的小费 -01-01 :3:38 来源: Hotel workers depend on tips to augment their usually small salaries. Rather than being annoyed at having to tip the doorman who greets you, consider it part of the cost of travel and be prepared with the dollar bills you will need to hand out bee you even get to your room.Doormen  Depending on the amount of luggage, tip $ 1 to $ to the doorman who takes your bags and turns them over to a bellman. If you are visiting and have no luggage, you naturally do not tip him simply opening the door you. Tip him again when you leave with your luggage as he takes it from the bellman and assists you in loading it in your car or into your taxi. When the doorman obtains a taxi you, tip him to (the higher amount if he must stand in the rain a period of time to get it).Bellman  Tip a bag but not less than $ to the bellman who carries or delivers your luggage to your room. When the bellman does something special you, such as make a purchase or bring something you have requested to your room, but not room service deliveries, he or she should be tipped $ to $ 3 every service, at the time it is provided. Maid    stays of one night or more, the maid should be tipped $ per night per person in a large hotel; $ 1 per night per person in a less expensive hotel. Give the maid her tip in person, if she can be found. If not, put it in a sealed envelope marked "chambermaid".Valet  Valet services are added to your bill, so there is no need to tip pressing or cleaning when items are left in your room. If you are in when your cleaning and pressing is delivered, however, tip $ 1 the delivery one or two items, more when several items are being delivered.Dining Room Staff   Tips dining room staff are exactly the same as they are in any other restaurant - to 18 percent except in the most elegant dining rooms where tips are 18 to percent. If you are staying in an American -plan hotel where your meals are included in your total bill, tips are as usual, and an additional tip should be given to the maitre d' who has taken care of you during your stay. This tip ranges anywhere from $ to $ a weekend a family or group of four people to $ to $ 30 a longer stay or larger group.   饭店的工作人员主要靠小费来增加他(她)们平时微薄的收入不要对付给务员小费感到愤愤不平,而应该把它看作是旅游消费的一部分,并应做好准备在进入饭店之前就随时掏出钞票门卫   给门卫的小费数目取决于行李的多少,为你拿行李并把它递给行李员的门卫要付给1至美元的小费如果你没有行李,通常就不必为他们只为你开门这样简单的务付费当你带着行李准备离开饭店而门卫从行李员手中接过行李并帮你把它放入你的车子或出租车里时,你还应该付给他小费当门卫为你叫了一辆出租车时,你应该付他1至3美元(如果他为了叫辆出租车而不得不在雨中站着时,你的小费应该给得更多些) 行李员  一个行李包要付1美元的小费,但对于把行李送到客房的行李员要付给元以上的小费当行李员为你做了一些特殊的事情,比如替你购物或把你需要的东西送到客房(但不属于客房务范畴)等,他应该得到至3美元的小费 清理房间的女务员  在一个较大、较豪华的饭店,清理房间的女务员每人每天应得到美元的小费;档次次之的饭店的务员每人每天可得1美元小费你可以亲自给她们小费,也可以把钱装在信封里封好,上面写明"送给清理房间的务员" 清洗、熨烫衣的务员  清洗、熨烫衣的务费用被加到你的帐单中,如果在你外出的时候衣被放在房间内你就无需付小费如果务员在送衣时,你在房间内,可以为他们的送衣务付1美元,如果衣较多就应付更多的小费 餐厅务员  付给饭店餐厅务员的小费数目与其他餐馆务员所得小费的数目不相上下,都是-18%,而一些非常豪华、档次最高的餐厅小费要高达18-%如果你入住的饭店是餐费已包含于总帐单的美式饭店,小费还是-18%,且要直接付给那位从头至尾一直侍你的务员如果一个家庭或一行四人要在此饭店住一星期的话,他们付出的小费从美元至美元不等,而在住宿的时间更长或人数更多的情况下,小费要达到美元甚至30美元之多 在国外 旅行 中要 付

湖边小屋精对白:这些都是细节问题不重要 -- :: 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影听力系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第十段对白听力 面对这样的感情,Kate不知该如何面对,但妈妈似乎没有意识到严重性,以为仅仅是细节问题而Kate也不知道该如何跟妈妈解释这件事情,只能无可奈何Alex也终于有机会和父亲谈话当父亲问起这些年他都在做什么时,他终于说出,他一直在努力忘记父亲,因为在他眼里,父亲是个很成功的男人,却是个失败的父亲,他似乎对父亲一直有一种怨恨,但是对父亲的爱也确实大过恨,于是,就在这爱与恨之间,他很矛盾父亲正在写回忆录,对儿子的这种心理也是很内疚……Kate:So, what do you think? Kate's Mom:He sounds like a nice boy.Kate:Sounds like a nice boy. Anything else? Kate's Mom:He has wonderful penmanship. Kate:Mother, look at the date on the letter. The date. Kate's Mom:You mean the time thing? Kate:Yes. Kate's Mom:That's just a detail. Kate:Just a detail? Alex's Dad:About the...the other day...it was not a good moment. I was in a hell of a hurry. Alex:Of course. You've got some nice pieces here. Alex's Dad:Oh, yeah. Music's fine, music helps. It's like Nietzsche says "life would be senseless"Alex:Without music. Alex's Dad:I guess I told you that, huh? Pour yourself a drink. Can you appreciate a good wine by now? Alex:You bet. Alex's Dad:You know, you'll have to give your father being curious but... where have you been all these years? I thought your Kerouac days were behind you. Alex:I'm sorry, what? Alex's Dad:What? Oh, you can come up, if you like. Alex:What are you working on? Alex's Dad:Oh, I'm just - I'm just remembering things. It's not such an easy job, let me tell you. Nor is it particuIarly innocent, in my case. Your father is writing his memoirs. Alex:Are we in it? Alex's Dad:What do you think? Do you wanna be? Alex:Do you? Alex's Dad:Of course. You were all a part of your father's life. Alex:Why are you talking to me in the third person? Alex's Dad:Well, I - I don't - Because I'm writing about myself, I suppose. Why, doesn't it suit you? Alex:I thought you might like these. Alex's Dad:What are these? Something you've been working on? Alex:No, they're- They're yours. From a house I just bought on the lake. Alex's Dad:Oh, yes, I heard. They said some sleazy little condo developer had snapped it up. Oh, come on. Indulge your father. Can't you take a little joke, God's sake? Come on. Tell me. Where have you been? I really want to know. Alex:I was trying to get you. Or give you. Alex's Dad:Did you succeed? Alex:No. let me know if you need any help remembering. Alex's Dad:Oh, yeah, I will. 注释:1. penmanship:n. 书法. in hell of:表示程度非常. Nietzsche:尼采,德国哲学家这里引用尼采的一句名言:Life would be senseless without music. 如果没有音乐,生活就毫无意义. You bet. :非常口语化的短语,“当然了”5. I thought your Kerouac days were behind you. :这句话的意思是Alex的父亲觉得Alex在外漂泊了这么久,应该安定下来了,Kerouac指的是美国著名流行作家Jack Kerouac写的经典小说《在路上(On The Road)中的一群年轻人这部小说以作家本人为原型描写了一群年轻人的旅行经历,他们的行径很像“嬉皮士”,包括偷车、裸游等,举止相当另类6. memoir:回忆录7. the third person:第三人称8. God's sake:看在上帝的面子上,务必 这些都是 不重要 湖边 对白 小屋 细节失恋-- :5: A:Hi,Modern English.  你好,洋话连篇  B:Hi is that Drew?It’s David here.  你好,是Drew吗?我是David  A:Hey,what’s new,buddy?  嘿,哥们儿,最近有什么新鲜事儿?  B:Not much,My girlfriend just dumped me.  没什么,我女朋友刚甩了我  A:Sorry to hear that.What happened?  真抱歉,怎么搞的?  B:Well she told me things weren’t working and that maybe we weren’t right together.But I thought things were just great.Why did she say this ?It’s completely out of the blue.  她觉得我们在一起和不来可我怎么觉得我们挺好的啊她为什么这么说这不是晴天霹雳吗  A:Hey,That’s not the girl with pink hair,is it?The girl I saw with Jack yesterday?  你说的是那个粉头发的女孩儿吗?昨天被我看见和Jack在一起的那个?  B:What?She was cheating on me with that ugly guy?Oh no,I feel like such a loser.  什么?她居然骗我还跟那个家伙我觉得自己好失败  A:Hey man,She’s not worth it.get her.  得了,她不值忘了她吧  B:But she lied to me.  可她骗我  A:Hey,Marco.She’s not worth it.Anyway,there are plenty more fish in the sea.Listen,let’s get the boys together and we can go out a night on the town.How about it?  Marco,她不配你的,而且这世界上好姑娘多的是对了,今晚我们进城去玩个痛快,怎么样?  B:Ok,then.  好啊  A:But you have to promise me that you are not gonna wear that face.  但是你得向我保别戴那张脸去  B:What face?  哪张脸  A:The one where you look like your dog just died.You have to get over her and the sooner the better.  就好象你们家死了似的那种脸你得赶紧忘了她,越快越好  B:Yeah,I know you are right.  你说的没错儿  A:So see you tonight then. at Poachers.  那我们今晚十点在Poachers见吧  B: it is.Catcha later.bye.  好的,回见  A;Bye  回见  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]My girlfriend just dumped me.我的女朋友刚甩了我类似的说法还有It’s over.[结束了],I never wanna see you again.[我在也不想见你了]等  []We weren’t right together.我们两个不合适Right是个很有趣的词,MrMrs right表示意中人  [3] It’s completely out of the blue真是晴天霹雳啊Out of the blue是指来自天上,引喻很震惊  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ ie:What does“***”mean?“***”是什么意思?]  I got a dear-John letter from her. It’s not you,it’s me. I wanna see other people.National Day 国庆节 --6 :5:30 来源: National Day 国庆节  There are many festivals in China, but I love National Day best. Why? Firstly, during National Day we can have seven days off. We can go shopping, visit our friends, go to some interesting places and so on.  Secondly, I love my motherland very much. China is a great country. The Chinese people are brave and hard-working. I am sure in the future China will be richer and stronger.中国有许多节日,可是我最爱国庆节为什么?首先,国庆期间我们能放七天假我们可以购物、访友、游览名胜等等  第二,我很爱我的祖国中国是一个伟大的国家,中国人民勤劳、勇敢我相信将来中国会更富强

Do Something the Olympic Games 为奥运做些事 -- 19::9 来源: Do Something the Olympic Games 为奥运做些事  I am very busy these days because the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. We have decided to do something the Olympic Games.  To make Beijing cleaner and more beautiful, my classmates and I will plant many trees. And we will go to the park and main roads to pick up rubbish. Though these are very small things, I will be proud of what I have done.  Besides, I should practise my spoken English. I'm sure it will be useful when I meet the athletes from all over the world.  近些日子我忙的很,因为年奥运会将在北京举行我们决心为奥运做些事情  为了使北京更干净、更美丽,我和同学们要种很多树我们还要到公园和大街上拾垃圾尽管这些都是小事,可是我为我做的事情感到骄傲  此外,我应该练习英语口语我相信在遇到来自全世界的运动员时,英语口语是有用的巴塞罗那英文导游词 巴塞罗那英文介绍 -- :18:5 来源: 巴塞罗那英文导游词 巴塞罗那英文介绍巴塞罗那被认为是西班牙的第二大城市,仅次于其首都马德里Barcelona is regarded as Spain's second city, behind capital, Madrid. The city is steeped(浸,泡) in history, Barcelona was founded by the Carthegeeians and according to tradition, its name is derived from(派生出,衍生出) the great Barker family of ancient Carpage. After numerous different conquers, including the Romans and Moores that ravaged(蹂躏,劫掠) the city, the Argons made Catalonia, of which Barcelona was the capital, strong and prosperous. Since the 1970s, the city has reasserted(再宣称,再断言) its Catalon background. But it wasn't until the summer Olympics of 199 did Barcelona become the modern, vibrant(有活力的,活跃的) city that it still is today, and with this prosperity has come luxury and fabulous(非常的,巨大的) hotels. The Raewon Callas the 1st was opened in 199, by the King and Queen of Spain. It's situated in the north of the city, near the main University and is run by Jose Louis Torres. With buildings like the Casa Cal Bain and the Casa Minga, Antony Gaudy is credited with making the greatest impact on the image of Barcelona. He also built the fantastic Park Quell. Antony Galdy died in 196, leaving an unfinished cathedral as his epitaph(墓志铭). What are the attractions of coming to Barcelona? There are many, many different attractions: culture, leisure, monuments, our architecture, and the gastronomy(烹调法). Barcelona has commercial areas, shopping areas of five kilometers that goes around to the sea to the north, and on the street and continue at shop at the same time that you find the shops. You see our architecture, you see our monuments, our museums, and also our restaurants. So there is a mix between shopping and services. One label that's hot among the fashion conscious is Miro, and these trendy designs of clothing and shoes originate in Barcelona. The region itself now produces other international labels, like the Gallic(高卢人的) giant Lacose. No visit to the city would be complete without a tour of the Nou Camp, the immense home of one of Spain's finest teams, Barcelona Football Club. FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 along with the other Spanish team, Real Madrid. It's one of the greatest football teams in Europe. With players like Maradona and Ronaldo having played Barca, it's easy to explain their success! FC Barcelona is credited to winning more trophies(奖品,战利品) than any other team in European football history. The stadium, the Nou Camp, can hold one hundred and twelve thousand people, making it one of the greatest places to watch and play “the beautiful game”. 巴塞罗那 英文导游词The Tree in Front of My House 我家前面的那棵树 -- 19:3:35 来源: The Tree in Front of My House 我家前面的那棵树  There is a tall tree in front of my house. I love it very much. When spring comes, the thick leaves make the tree beautiful and lively. And in summer, my parents and I often sit under the big tree and enjoy the cool air.  But when autumn comes, the leaves will turn yelow, and fall from the tree. And then, it stands there in the cold wind alone. I am sad, too. Mother tells me the tree wil grow bigger and taller in the coming spring. I feel happy again.  我家门前有一棵高高的树,我很喜欢它当春天来临时,茂密的树叶使得它显得又漂亮又有生机而在夏天,我和爸爸妈妈经常坐在大树下乘凉  可是当秋季来临时,树叶变黄了,落到地面上那时,树孤零零的立在寒风中,我也很伤感妈妈告诉我说来年春天树会长得更大更高,我又开心了!

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