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襄阳医院做包皮手术好襄阳医院可以检测艾滋病吗Hi, everybody. 大家好!Every day, we get thousands of letters and emails at the White House from Americans across the country-and every night, I ten of them. 每天,我在白宫都会收到来自全国各地无数的来信,每天晚上,我都会选出其中的十封认真阅读。They tell me about their hopes and their worries, their hardships and successes. 人们告诉我他们的期望和担忧,困难和成就。Theyre the Americans Im working for every day-and this year, several of these letter writers will join me at the Capitol when I deliver my annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.他们是我为之务的美国人民,今年,他们当中的一部分人将与我一起前往国会山,出席我在那里每年一度的国情咨文演讲,时间就在下周二的晚上。Carolyn Reed wrote to me from Colorado to tell me she was able to expand her business, thanks to a loan from the Small Business Administration. 卡罗琳·里德从科罗拉多给我写信,告诉我他的生意规模又扩大了,这要感谢中小企业给她提供的贷款。Today, she and her husband own seven Silver Mine Sub Shops-and last year, they raised wages for all their hourly employees.现在,她和她丈夫拥有7家银矿快餐店,去年,他们还给所有的计时工涨了工资。Victor Fugate, from Butler, Missouri, wrote to tell me that he was unemployed for a while a few years ago, but today hes earned his degree and found a full-time job. 维克多·福盖特是密苏里州巴特勒人,他写信告诉我他几年前失业了,但现在他获得了一份学位并找到了一份全职工作。Victor said that he and his wife were able to afford their student loans because our country offered millions of Americans the chance to cap their monthly payments as a percentage of their income-and, because of the Affordable Care Act, they now have the security and peace of mind of affordable health insurance.维克多说他和他妻子之所以能够还得起助学贷款,正是因为国家给了他们机会,使得月度还款额限定在他们收入的一定比例之内。此外,由于有了《平价医疗保险法》,现在他们也有了医疗保险,内心也得到了安宁和平静。While serving in Afghanistan, Jason Gibson was gravely wounded-he lost both his legs.杰森·吉布森曾经在阿富汗战场役,他光荣受伤,失去了双腿。When I first met him in the hospital, he was just beginning his long, difficult road to recovery. 当我第一次在医院看到他时,他漫长而痛苦的康复治疗才刚刚开始。But last year, Sergeant Gibson wrote to tell me that with the help of our extraordinary doctors and nurses, hes making extraordinary progress. 但就在去年,吉布森军士写信告诉我说,在优秀的医护人员的治疗和照顾下,他的身体恢复的很好。He just moved into a new home, and he and his wife just had a baby girl.现在他搬进了新家,跟他妻子也生下了一位千金。Stories like these give us reason to start the new year with confidence.这些故事让我们有信心开启新的一年。2014 was the fastest year for job growth since the 1990s. 2014年是自上世纪90年代以来就业增长最快的一年。Unemployment fell faster than any year since 1984. 失业率也下降到1984年以来的最低。Our combat mission in Afghanistan has come to a responsible end, and more of our heroes are coming home. 我们在阿富汗的战争也正式结束,我们英勇的战士们正陆续回国。Americas resurgence is real.美国复苏的步伐坚定而有力。Our job now is to make sure that every American feels that theyre a part of our countrys comeback. 现在,我们的任务就是要确保每一个美国人都能感受到强大的美国回归的力量。Thats what Ill focus on in my State of the Union-how to build on our momentum, with rising wages, growing incomes, and a stronger middle class. 这将是我在国情咨文中要重点阐述的内容,我们要形成我们的发展动力,提高工资水平,增加国民收入,打造壮大的中产阶级。And Ill call on this new Congress to join me in putting aside the political games and finding areas where we agree so we can deliver for the American people.我会呼吁新一届国会与我一起,搁置政治斗争,寻求共识,在诸多领域开展合作,为美国人民务。The last six years have demanded resilience and sacrifice from all of us. 过去的六年里,所有人都很不畏艰难,不怕牺牲。All of us have a right to be proud of the progress America has made. 我们所有人都有权利为美国取得的成就而感到自豪。And I hope youll tune in on Tuesday to hear about the steps we can take to build on this progress, and to seize this moment together.我希望大家能在周二的晚上收听我的演讲,我将阐述为实现这些目标,我们将采取的措施和需要共同把握的机遇。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快! 201501/355339襄樊治疗包皮包茎多少钱 And the question to me becomes:对我来说,问题就变成了:What do we do,我们要做什么as our science gets to be so good当我们的科学在解剖学上in looking at anatomy,如此先进的时候that we reach the point where we have to admit我们已经到了不得不承认that a democracy thats been based on anatomy基于解剖学上的人的民主might start falling apart?也许正在崩溃的时候I dont want to give up the science,我不想对科学失去希望but at the same time it kind of feels sometimes但是同时,有的时候隐约觉得like the science is coming out from under us.科学的发展是受到我们影响的So where do we go?因此我们将走向何方?It seems like what happens in our culture看起来我们的社会is a sort of pragmatic attitude:有着一种实用主义的态度:;Well, we have to draw the line somewhere,“好,我必须在某处画一条界限,so we will draw the line somewhere.;那么我就在那画一条界限”But a lot of people get stuck in a very strange position.但是很多人会因此陷在一个非常尴尬的位置So for example,举个例子Texas has at one point decided德克萨斯州有一个决定that what it means to marry a man嫁给一个男人is to mean that you dont have a Y chromosome,意味着你没有Y染色体and what it means to marry a woman means you do have a Y chromosome.同时如果你娶一个女人意味着你有Y染色体Now in practice they dont actually test people for their chromosomes.现实中,他们实际上不会去检测染色体But this is also very bizarre,但是这也非常奇怪because of the story I told you at the beginning因为我一开始告诉了大家那个关于about androgen insensitivity syndrome.雄激素不敏感综合征的故事If we look at one of the founding fathers of modern democracy,如有我们看一下现代民主制度的奠基人之一Dr. Martin Luther King,马丁·路德·金,士he offers us something of a solution in his ;I have a dream; speech.在他的“我有一个梦想”的演讲中,为我们提供了一个解决方法He says we should judge people ;based not on the color of their skin,他认为我们“不应该根据一个人的肤色but on the content of their character,;而是应该根据他的品格”去评判一个人moving beyond anatomy.摒弃人种差异And I want to say, ;Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea.;我想说“是的,那听起来确实是个好方法”But in practice, how do you do it?但实际操作中,你怎么去做?How do you judge people based on the content of character?你如何根据他的品德去评判他?I also want to point out我还想指出that Im not sure that is how we should distribute rights in terms of humans,我不太确定我们应该如何分配人类的权利because, I have to admit, that there are some golden retrievers I know因为,我不得不承认,有些黄金猎犬that are probably more deserving of social services比起我知道的一些人似乎更应该than some humans I know.得到社会的帮助I also want to say there are probably also some yellow Labradors that I know我还想说,我知道有些拉布拉多似乎that are more capable of informed, intelligent, mature decisions比有些40岁左右的人在性关系问题上about sexual relations than some 40-year-olds that I know.更慎重,更聪明,更能作出成熟的决定So how do we operationalize因此我们如何去衡量the question of content of character?品德的问题?It turns out to be really difficult.结果明是非常困难的And part of me also wonders,我还想知道what if content of character如果品德的好坏turns out to be something thats scannable in the future --在未来可以被扫描出来——able to be seen with an fMRI?也许可以用核磁共振成像看见?Do we really want to go there?我们真的愿意走到那一步吗?Im not sure where we go.我不确定我们将走向何方What I do know is that it seems to be really important我知道的是应该思考一下to think about the idea of the ed States being in the lead美国所引领的民主存在的问题of thinking about this issue of democracy.看起来是非常重要的Weve done a really good job struggling with democracy,我们在争取民主的问题上已经做得非常好了and I think we would do a good job in the future.我认为今后同样会做的更好We dont have a situation that Iran has, for example,我们情况和伊朗不同,比如where a man whos sexually attracted to other men一个男人在性方面对其他男人有吸引力is liable to be murdered,那么他是可以被杀的unless hes willing to submit to a sex change,除非他愿意改变自己的性取向in which case hes allowed to live.那么他将可以活下来We dont have that kind of situation.我们没有那样的情况Im glad to say we dont have the kind of situation with --我非常高兴的说我们没有那样的情况--a surgeon I talked to a few years ago对一位外科医生说,那是在数年之前who had brought over a set of conjoined twins他带来一个连体婴儿in order to separate them, partly to make a name for himself.希望可以帮助他们分离,某种程度上也想让自己出名But when I was on the phone with him,但是当我跟他通电话时asking why he was going to do this surgery --问他为什么希望做这个手术——this was a very high-risk surgery --因为这是个危险性很高的手术——his answer was that, in this other nation,他答道,在这个国家these children were going to be treated very badly, and so he had to do this.这样的孩子将会被残忍的对待,因此他必须要帮助他们这么做My response to him was, ;Well, have you considered political asylum我对他的回答是,“恩,你为他们考虑过政治避难instead of a separation surgery?;而不是进行手术吗?”The ed States has offered tremendous possibility美国为像这样的孩子保持他们自己的特征for allowing people to be the way they are,提供了很大的可能without having them have to be changed for the sake of the state.他们从不用为了国家改变自己的身体So I think we have to be in the lead.因此我认为我们应该要引领这种思想201508/395303And in poorer countries, smaller countries, fragile countries,conflict-afflicted countries, remittances are a lifeline,as in Somalia or in Haiti. 在更穷,更小,或者正发生冲突的国家,移民汇款就如同救命稻草,比如说在索马里或海蒂。No wonder these flows have huge impacts on economies and on poor people.难怪这些资金流会对经济和贫困人口带来巨大的影响。Remittances, unlike private investment money,不同于私人资助基金,they dont flow back at the first sign of trouble in the country.移民汇款不会在国家一出现问题的时候就回流。They actually act like an insurance.它们更像保险金。When the family is in trouble,当家人遇到麻烦,facing hardship, facing hard times,碰到问题,遇到困难的时候,remittances increase, they act like an insurance.它会增加,就像保险金一样,Migrants send more money then.移民们会寄更多的钱回去。Unlike development aid money,它们也不像发展资助基金,that must go through official agencies,through governments, remittances directly reach the poor,reach the family,and often with business advice. 那些必须经过正式的机构,通过政府。而移民汇款直接到达穷人手中,到达家人手中,通常还附带着商业建议。So in Nepal, the share of poor people was 42 percent in 1995,the share of poor people in the population.在尼泊尔,1995年时穷人占人口总数的42%。By 2005, a decade later, at a time of political crisis, economic crisis,the share of poor people went down to 31 percent. 十年之后,2005年时,当时尼泊尔正遇上政治危机,经济危机,可是穷人的比例却降到了31%。That decline in poverty, most of it,about half of it, is believed to be because of remittances from India,another poor country. 贫困人口的减少,大部分,大约一半,是依靠从印度,另一个穷国,寄来的移民汇款。In El Salvador, the school dropout rate among children is lower in families that receive remittances.在萨尔瓦多,儿童辍学率在接受移民汇款的家庭中就比较低。In Mexico and Sri Lanka,the birth weight of children is higher among families that receive remittances.在墨西哥和斯里兰卡儿童的出生体重在接受移民汇款的家庭中较高。Remittances are dollars wrapped with care.移民汇款是被爱包裹的钱财。Migrants send money home for food,for buying necessities, for building houses,for funding education, for funding healthcare for the elderly, for business investments for friends and family. 移民们寄钱回去买食物,买必需品,建房子,用于教育,老年人的医疗,还有家人和朋友的商业投资。Migrants send even more money home for special occasions like a surgery or a wedding. And migrants also send money, perhaps far too many times,for unexpected funerals that they cannot attend.遇到特殊情况, 移民们还会寄更多的钱,比如手术或婚礼。也许更多的时候,遇上突如其来的葬礼,他们因为无法参加而寄钱回去。Much as these flows do all that good,there are barriers to these flows of remittances, these 400 billion dollars of remittances.虽然这些资金流动有这么多好处,它们的流动却受到很多阻碍,阻碍这四千亿美元的流动。Foremost among them is the exorbitant cost of sending money home.最大的障碍是寄钱回家的高额费用。Money transfer companies structure their fees to milk the poor.现金传递公司收费的方式就是在压榨穷人。They will say, ;Up to 500 dollars if you want to send, we will charge you 30 dollars fixed.;他们会说,五百美元以下,我们固定收取30元的手续费。If you are poor and if you have only 200 dollars to send,you have to pay that fee. 如果你很穷,只能寄两百块钱,你也得交30元的手续费。The global average cost of sending money is eight percent.寄钱的全球平均花费是8%。That means you send 100 dollars,the family on the other side receives only 92 dollars. 也就是说你寄100块钱,到了另一边你的家人只能收到92块。To send money to Africa,the cost is even higher:12 percent.寄钱到非洲的花费就更高:12%。To send money within Africa,the cost is even higher:over 20 percent. 在非洲内部寄钱,费用还要更高:超过20%,For example, sending money from Benin to Nigeria.比如从贝宁寄钱到尼日利亚。And then there is the case of Venezuela, where,because of exchange controls,you send 100 dollars and you are lucky if the family on the other side receives even 10 dollars.而在委内瑞拉,因为货币兑换受到控制,如果你寄了100块钱,你的家人在另一边如果能拿到10块钱就不错了。Of course, nobody sends money to Venezuela through the official channel.当然了,没人通过正式渠道往委内瑞拉寄钱。It all goes in suitcases.都是装在行李箱里带。Whereever costs are high,money goes underground.收费高的地方,钱都从地下走了。And what is worse,many developing countries actually have a blanket ban on sending money out of the country.更糟的是,很多发展中国家实际上还全面禁止往国外寄钱。Many rich nations also have a blanket ban on sending money to specific countries.很多富裕国也全面禁止向某些国家寄钱。So, is it that there are no options,no better options, cheaper options, to send money? 那是不是没有办法,更好,更便宜的办法寄钱了呢?There are.还是有的。M-Pesa in Kenya enables people to send money and receive money at a fixed cost of only 60 cents per transaction.通过肯尼亚的M-Pesa寄钱,手续费是固定的每笔60美分。201505/377315襄阳市第一人民医院看男科好吗

襄阳最便宜的医院Technology is empowering civil society in ways that no iron fist can control科技让公民社会变得更加强大这是任何;铁拳;都无法掌控的New breakthroughs are lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty新的突破正让数以亿计的人摆脱贫困And even the upheaval of the Arab World reflects the rejection of an authoritarian order that was anything but stable甚至阿拉伯世界的动荡都反映出了专制制度无法稳定持久and now offers the long-term prospect of more responsive and effective governance反映出了人们对更加有效的政府的憧憬In countries like Egypt we acknowledge that our relationship is anchored in security interests from peace treaties with Israel, to shared efforts against violent extremism在埃及这样的国家我们承认关系是建立在安全利益之上的包括同以色列签订和平条约 共同打击暴力极端主义So we have not cut off cooperation with the new government but we can and will persistently press for reforms that the Egyptian people have demanded我们从未终止过同新政府的合作与此同时 我们能够 也愿意持续向埃及政府施压让其推进埃及人民所要求的改革And meanwhile, look at a country like Burma which only a few years ago was an intractable dictatorship and hostile to the ed States 40 million people另外 看看缅甸这样的国家 就在几年前 它还是一个棘手的独裁国家 对美国充满敌意缅甸有四千万人口Thanks to the enormous courage of the people in that country and because we took the diplomatic initiative, American leadership得益于缅甸人民巨大的勇气还有我们美国的外交尝试和领导作用we have seen political reforms opening a once closed society a movement by Burmese leadership away from partnership with North Korea in favor of engagement with America and our allies政治革命让一个原本封闭的社会变得开放缅甸领导者不再亲朝鲜而是加强同美国及盟国的合作Were now supporting reform and badly needed national reconciliation through assistance and investment through coaxing and, at times, public criticism我们持这种改革并亟需通过援助和投资来实现国内和解我们需要劝诱 有时还需要公开批评And progress there could be reversed but if Burma succeeds we will have gained a new partner without having fired a shot缅甸的进程可能会逆转但如果缅甸改革能够成功我们将不费一一炮赢得一个新的合作伙伴201506/380963襄阳哪个医院不孕不育比较专业 Throughout my career, Ive been fortunate enough to work with many of the great international architects,在我的职业生涯里,我非常幸运的和很多着名的国际建筑师一起工作过,documenting their work and observing how their designs have the capacity to influence the cities in which they sit.整理他们的工作,并观察他们的设计是如何有能力去影响其所在的城市。I think of new cities like Dubai or ancient cities like Rome with Zaha Hadids incredible MAXXI museum,我想到了如迪拜一样的新城市或者像罗马一样的老城市拥有扎哈·哈迪德不可思议的设计—21世纪国家艺术物馆,or like right here in New York with the High Line,或者像这里,高楼林立的纽约,a city which has been so much influenced by the development of this.一个被天大楼的建筑深深影响的城市。But what I find really fascinating is what happens when architects and planners leave and these places become appropriated by people,但是我发现最吸引我的是当这些城市的建筑师和规划者离开人们开始使用这些地方时,城市将会发生怎样的变化,like here in Chandigarh, India,比如印度的昌迪加尔,the city which has been completely designed by the architect Le Corbusier.一个完全由建筑师 勒·柯布西耶设计的城市。 Now 60 years later, the city has been taken over by people in very different ways from whatever perhaps intended for,60年后的今天,这个城市已经被居民以一种当初设计时不可设想的方式所使用,like here, where you have the people sitting in the windows of the assembly hall.像这里有人们坐在礼堂的窗户上。But over the course of several years,但是在这几年期间,Ive been documenting Rem Koolhaass CCTV building in Beijing and the olympic stadium in the same city by the architects Herzog and de Meuron.我在记录雷姆·库哈斯设计的北京CCTV大楼和同一个城市里由赫尔佐格和德·梅隆设计的奥运主体育场。At these large-scale construction sites in China,在这些中国的大型基建项目里,you see a sort of makeshift camp where workers live during the entire building process.你可以看到一种临时的帐篷营地是工人在整个施工期间居住的地方。As the length of the construction takes years,由于施工期需要多年的时间,workers end up forming a rather rough-and-y informal city, making for quite a juxtaposition against the sophisticated structures that theyre building.工人最终形成一种非常原始和简单的非常规城市,和他们正在建设的复杂结构的建筑并存。201601/422041襄阳男科哪里好

襄阳老河口市人民中心医院不孕不育医院预约挂号But it may be that an unprecedented demand and need for underlay action may call for temporary departure from that normal balance of public procedure.但现在前所未有的对紧急行动的需要要求国民暂时丢弃平常生活节奏,紧迫起来。I am prepared under my constitutional duty to recommended the measure that a stricken nation in the midst of a stricken world may require. These measures, or such other measures as the Congress may build out of its experience and wisdom, I shall seek, within my constitutional authority, to bring to speedy adoption.我准备根据宪法赋予我的职责,提出灾难深重的我国在当前灾难深重的世界中所需要采取的措施。这些措施,以及国会根据其自身经验和智慧所决定的措施,我都将竭尽宪法所赋予我的权力迅即予以采纳。But in the event that the congress shall fail to take one of these two courses and in the event that the national emergency is still critical, I shall not evade clear course of duty that will then confront me. I shall ask the congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis—broad executive power to wage a war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe.然而万一国会竟不能接受两类中中任一方式,万一全国紧急状况仍然严重,我也将绝不回避接下来明显由我面临的责任。我会要求国会准许我使用应付危机的唯一剩余的手段——应对紧急状况的广泛行政权力,就像真正遭受外部敌人入侵时所应授予我的大权。For the trust reposed in me I will return the courage and the devotion that befit the time. I can do less.对于给予我的信任,我愿意拿出时代要求于我的勇气和奉献精神。我绝不会有负众望。 /201305/240015 Hi, everybody.大家好。This weekend, I depart for Asia to advance American leadership and promote American jobs in a dynamic region that will be critical to our security and prosperity in the century ahead.本周末,我要前往亚洲参加APEC会议,提升美国的领导力,在这一经济活跃地区为美国争取就业机会,这对我们国家在这个世纪的繁荣安定至关重要。The democracies, progress and growth we see across the Asia Pacific would have been impossible without Americas enduring commitment to that region-especially the service of generations of Americans in uniform.大家好。亚太地区的民主、发展与进步,离不开美国持续的参与,尤其与数代美国军人的付出是分不开的。As we approach Veterans Day, we honor them-and all those whove served to keep us free and strong.退伍军人纪念日即将来临,让我们一起向他们致敬,向所有为我们的自由和强大而役的军人致敬。We salute that Greatest Generation who freed a continent from fascism and fought across Pacific Islands to preserve our way of life.让我们向伟大的一代军人致敬,他们将亚欧大陆从法西斯的铁蹄下解放出来,We pay tribute to Americans who defended the people of South Korea, soldiered through the brutal battles of Vietnam, stood up to a tyrant in Desert Storm and stopped ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.他们在太平洋的海岛上浴血奋战,他们为的是我们过上今天的生活。让我们向在南韩为保护当地人民而战,在残酷的越南战场战斗,在沙漠风暴中敢于面对暴君,在巴尔干半岛终结种族清洗的人们致敬。And we celebrate our newest heroes from the 9/11 Generation-our veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.同时我们要祝贺911之后我们新一代的英雄们,包括从伊拉克和阿富汗战场回国的退伍军人。For more than 13 years, we have been at war in Afghanistan.13年过去了,我们在阿富汗的战争一直没有间断。Next month, our combat mission will be over, and Americas longest war will come to a responsible end.下个月,我们的军事行动就将结束,美国历史上最长的战争将完全结束。But the end of a war is just the beginning of our obligations to those who serve in our name.但战争的结束仅仅是我们承担起责任的开始,这是我们对以我们的名义而战的人的责任。These men and women will be proud veterans for decades to come, and our service to them has only just begun.这些男女将士将在未来数十年退伍,我们为他们务的时间刚刚开始。So as we welcome our newest veterans home, lets honor them by giving them the thanks and respect they deserve.因此,在我们欢迎最近回家的退伍军人的同时,让我们以对他们的感谢和尊重表达我们的敬意。And lets make sure were there for their families and children, too-because theyve also made great sacrifices for America.因为他们曾为美国付出了巨大的牺牲,所以,我们也应该为他们的家人和孩子们付出我们的爱心。Lets honor our veterans by making sure they get the care and benefits theyve earned.我们尊重退伍军人,就要让他们得到应有的照顾和福利。That means health care thats there for them when they need it. It means continuing to reduce the disability claims backlog.这包括当他们生病时需要的医疗保险,继续减少残疾索赔的积压案件,And it means giving our wounded warriors all the care and support they need to heal, including mental health care for those with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury.给受伤的战士治疗所需的所有照料和帮助,包括创后压力综合症和大脑创伤患者的心理健康辅导。Some of the most moving moments Ive experienced as Commander in Chief have been with our wounded warriors.作为最高统帅,我经历过很多与受伤的战士在一起的感人时刻。Some have to learn how to walk again, talk again, write their names again.很多人要重新学习走路、说话、写自己的名字。But no matter how hard it is, they never give up.但无论困难多大,他们都从不放弃。They never quit. And we cant ever quit on them.从不放弃。我们也永远不能放弃他们。Lets honor our veterans by making sure they get their shot at the American Dream that they risked their lives to defend-by helping them find jobs worthy of their skills and talents, and making sure the Post-9/11 GI Bill stays strong so more veterans can earn a college education.我们尊重退伍军人,就要让他们也有机会追求美国梦,这是他们曾为之冒着生命危险去保卫的梦想。我们要帮助他们找到可以发挥他们聪明才智的工作,确保《后911G1法案》的实施,让退伍军人可以上大学。When our veterans have the opportunity to succeed, our whole nation is stronger.当我们的退伍军人可以有机会获得成功的时候,我们整个国家就会变得更加强大。And lets work together to end the tragedy of homelessness among veterans once and for all-because anyone who has defended America deserves to live in dignity in America.让我们共同努力,一劳永逸的终结部分退伍军人无家可归的悲剧,因为,任何保卫美国的人在美国都应该过上有尊严的生活。Finally, lets honor our veterans by remembering that this isnt just a job for government.最后,向退伍军人致敬,我们要牢记这不仅仅是政府的任务,也是每个美国人的任务。Its a job for every American. Were all keepers of that sacred trust that says, if you put on a uniform and risk your life to keep us safe, well do our part for you.就像那句神圣的誓言所说的,我们都是你们的守护者,因为你们曾穿上军装冒着生命危险保护我们的安宁,我们也要为你们尽到我们的责任。Well make sure you and your family get the support you need. Wel have your backs-just like you had ours.我们要保护你们和你们的家人得到帮助和持,我们始终是你们的后盾,就像你们曾是我们的后盾一样。So this Veterans Day, and every day, lets make sure all our veterans know how much we appreciate them.因此,在这个退伍军人纪念日,以及今后的每一天,我们要让退伍军人知道我们多么感激他们。If you see a veteran, go on up and shake their hand. Look them in the eye.如果你看见一位老兵,请上前与他握手,注视着他的眼睛,Say those words that every veteran deserves to hear: ;Welcome home. Thank you.向他说出每个老兵都应听到的话:“欢迎回家, 非常谢您!We need you more than ever to help us stay strong and free.;您让我们强大,让我们自由,我们永远需要您。 201411/342148湖北医药学院附属医院男科预约谷城县不孕不育收费好不好



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