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The Greek myth of Ariadne offers hope to all who have felt the sting of love rejected. It tells of triumph after defeat, of sweetest success after the harshest sorrow.在希腊神话中,阿里阿德涅的故事足以让全天下所有爱意被拒的痴男怨女们打心里升起新的希望它说明了什么是否极泰来;;即使是经历了最痛苦的悲伤,一样能迎来最甜蜜的结果Princess Ariadne, daughter of King Minos of Crete, helped Theseus slay her monstrous half-brother, known as the Minotaur, by teaching him to use a golden th as a path within the labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. Deep within that dark maze where no man or woman had ever survived the Minotaurrsquo;s savagery, Theseus killed the monster, then followed the gold th to freedom. When he emerged triumphant from the labyrinth, Theseus claimed Ariadne his own. They escaped from Crete upon a waiting ship, running from crowds of citizens angered by Theseusrsquo;s murder of their half-bullhalf-human prince.阿里阿德涅公主是克里特岛国王米诺斯的女儿,她为了帮助自己的心上人;;英雄忒修斯,教他用一个金线团带路走出了半人半牛的怪物弥诺陶洛斯居住的迷宫忒修斯把这个残暴的怪物杀死了,而这个怪物却是阿里阿德涅同母异父的哥哥在那个黑暗的迷宫深处,从来没有任何人能从弥诺陶洛斯的血口下生还,而忒修斯不仅杀死了怪物,还在金线团的指引下走出了迷宫赢得了自由当忒修斯成功地重新出现在迷宫之外时,他声称要娶阿里阿德涅为妻由于当地的民众因为忒修斯杀死了他们半人半牛的王子而非常愤怒,于是他们乘坐一条等候已久的船逃出了克里特岛As they sailed the world, Ariadne was certain she had won the heart of the hero in return her brilliance, her loyalty, and her love. After all, she had betrayed those closest to her to save Theseus. When Theseus finally brought their ship to the faraway island of Naxos, Ariadne thought they would live there ever in bliss. Instead, he abandoned her upon the island, sailing off without an apology. Such was her thanks saving him.当他们的船四处航行时,阿里阿德涅坚信她已经赢得了英雄的心,他会回报她的才智、她的忠诚以及她的爱情毕竟,为了救忒修斯,她不惜众叛亲离当忒修斯的船最终到达一座遥远的岛屿纳克索斯岛时,阿里阿德涅以为他们将永远定居在这里,白头偕老然而,忒修斯却把她抛弃在了岛上,连声道歉都没有说就开船走了这就是他对她救命之恩的答谢Alone, Ariadne got her triumph as the untangler of the labyrinth. She was Ariadne the saken, Ariadne the foolish, rather than Ariadne the beloved of Theseus. At first, the heartbroken princess wept. Then she thought of killing herself out of shame and sorrow. But the Muses took pity upon Ariadne. They hovered around the poor girl as soft as winds, and whispered into her ear of a worthier love and a loftier fate. This made no sense to the girl, she could not see beyond her abandonment by Theseus.阿里阿德涅独自一人在岛上,忘记了她在迷宫之战中取得的胜利她从忒修斯心爱的阿里阿德涅沦落成了被抛弃的阿里阿德涅,愚蠢的阿里阿德涅刚开始,这个心碎的公主流尽了眼泪接着,她想用自杀来结束耻辱和悲痛然而缪斯女神们对她动了恻隐之心她们在这个可怜的女孩周围像风一样轻柔地盘旋着,对她轻声细语,告诉她还会有一段更值得守候的爱情和更高贵的命运然而这些言语对这个可怜的女孩来说都没什么用,因为她还走不出被忒修斯抛弃的悲伤But soon Ariadne saw a bronze chariot appear on the horizon. The Muses whispered it held a new bridegroom Ariadne, the man she was fated to love. As the chariot drew closer, Ariadne saw it was draped in vines and clusters of ripe grapes-- this chariot was driven by Dionysus, god of divine intoxication, who loved Ariadne her passionate bravery and loyalty.可是不久,阿里阿德涅就看到了一辆青铜色的马车出现在地平线上缪斯女神们轻声告诉她,车上坐着的就是她未来的新郎,她命中注定应该爱的人马车越来越近了,阿里阿德涅看到车上挂满了葡萄藤和一串串成熟的葡萄;;原来车上坐的是非凡的酒神和狂欢之神狄奥尼索斯他非常爱慕阿里阿德涅的火一般的勇气和忠诚Ariadnersquo;s heart was immediately healed by Dionysusrsquo;s admiration and loving embrace. She soon got about Theseus and accepted her happy fate. Dionysus and Ariadne were wed. Made a goddess by love, Ariadne lived ever with her immortal husband in ecstatic triumph.阿里阿德涅的心伤在狄奥尼索斯的赞美和浓浓爱意的包围中很快就痊愈了不久她就忘记了忒修斯,接受了自己更幸福的命运狄奥尼索斯和阿里阿德涅结婚了在爱的力量下,阿里阿德涅成为了女神,并在喜悦与幸福中与她不朽的丈夫永远生活在一起 573

The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but what they miss.生活的悲剧不在于人们受到多少苦,而在于人们错过了什么Thomas Carlyle, Scottish satirical writer托马斯·卡莱尔,苏格兰讽刺作家Histories make men wise; poems witty;历史使人明智;诗词使人灵秀;the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep;数学使人周密;自然哲学使人深刻;moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend.伦理使人庄重;逻辑修辞使人善辩Francis Bacon, English philosopher弗朗西斯·培根,英国哲学家Life is measured by thought and action, not by time.衡量生命的尺度是思想和行为,而不是时间John Lubbock, English polymath约翰·卢伯克,英国学家Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.不要为成功而努力,要为做一个有价值的人而努力Albert Einstein,American physicist阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦,美国物理学家Our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.我们最值得自豪的不在于从不跌倒,而在于每次跌倒之后都爬起来Oliver Goldsmith, Irish writer奥利弗·哥尔德史密斯,爱尔兰作家 8898

I believe we are not alone.我相信我们并不孤单Even if I am on the other side of the world from the farmhouse I live in, I still dream of the ancient vines out the window, and the shed out back that my grandfatherrsquo;s father built in 1870 with eucalyptus trunks. As long as I can recreate these images, I never quite leave home. 即使我处身地球的另一端,远离我家农庄,我仍然能梦见窗外那古老的藤蔓,梦见我爷爷的父亲在1870年用桉树建造的棚屋只要这些影像还在我脑中浮现,我就离家不远I donrsquo;t think farming in the same place six generations is a dead weight that keeps you shackled, doing the identical thing year in and year out. Instead, it is a rare link to others bee me, who pruned the same vines and painted the same barn that I have. If those in this house survived the Panic of 1893 or )the Great Depression, or bathed with cold water and used an outhouse, then surely I know I can weather high gas prices. 我不认为六代人在同一地方过着耕种的生活,年复一年地干着同样的活是一种让人喘不过气来的负担相反,我与这些先人修剪着相同的藤蔓、给同一座谷仓上漆,这是我与他们之间难得的纽带如果在这间屋子里住过的人能够挺过1893年的金融恐慌或是经济大萧条,能够忍受冷水浴、户外厕所,那么我也肯定能够应付攀升的汽油价格I believe that all of us need some grounding in our modern world of constant moving, buying, selling, meeting and leaving. Some find constancy in religion. Others lean on friends or commy permanence. But we need some daily signposts that we are not novel, not better, not worse from those who came bee us. 我相信在这个现代社会,在不停的迁移、买卖、相聚、分离的生活中,所有人都需要一些寄托一些人寄情于宗教,另一些人依赖于朋友或社区来寻求安稳,但我们还需要一些日常的标志物提醒我们我们也和前人一样,并没有更新潮、更好或更糟 me, this house, this farm, these ancient vines are those roots. Although I came into this world alone and will leave alone, I am not alone. 对我来说,这房子、这农庄、这些古老的藤蔓,都是我生活的根基虽然我孤独地来到这个世界,也将独自离去,但我并不孤单There are ghosts of dozens of conversations in the hallways, stories I remember about buying new plows that now rust in the barnyard and ruined crops from the same vines that we are now harvesting. 在屋里的门廊里回荡着许多旧时的对话,提到一些我记忆犹新的往事,如购买新的犁头;;如今已锈蚀在场院中,还有那曾被毁坏的作物,而我们现正在同一个藤架上获得收成I believe all of us are natural links in a long chain of being I need to know what time of day it is, what season is coming, whether the wind is blowing north or from the east, and if the moon is still full tomorrow night, just as the farmers who came bee me did. 我相信我们与前人都是人类长长纽带上的不同环节与以前的农民一样,我需要知道现在是一天里的什么时间,接下来是什么季节,会吹南方还是东风,明晚的月亮是否还是圆的The physical world around us changes constantly; human nature does not. We must struggle in our brief existence to find some transcendent meaning during reoccurring heartbreak and disappointment and so find solace in the knowledge that our ancestors have all gone through this bee.我们周围的现实世界在不断地改变,但人类的本性不会变在短暂的一生中,忧伤及失望会不断出现,我们必须努力找出超越现实的意义,要认识到我们的祖先都经历过了这些生活坎坷,从而得到心灵的慰藉You may find all that too intrusive, living with the past as present. I find it exhilarating. I believe there is an old answer every new problem, that wise whispers of the past are with us to assure us that if we just listen and remember, we are not alone; we have been here bee.你或者会觉得生活中有先人的介入太难接受,但我却发现这很令人振奋我相信每个新问题都有传统的,前人充满智慧的肺腑之言无处不在,只要我们能用心倾听、铭记,我们就不会孤单,因为我们以前也曾有过相同的经历 993

原创朗读:MrPan I saw the light fade from the sky我看见那光芒消逝于天际On the wind I heard a sigh风中我听到一声叹息As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers雪花飘落 覆盖我已倒下的兄弟身上I will say this last goodbye我会说出这最后的道别Night is now falling夜幕落下So ends this day白昼终结The road is now calling这条路呼唤着我And I must away我必须启程离开Over hill and under tree翻山越岭 跨越森林Through lands where never light has shone走过永远不会有阳光照耀的地方By silver streams that run down to the sea白银般的溪流潺潺流向大海Under cloud, beneath the stars云端星辰之下Over snow one winter morn冬日的清晨跨过积雪I turn at last to paths that lead home走向回家的那条路And though where the road then takes me这条路最终会指引我走向哪里I cannot tell我也无法知晓We came all this way我们经历了这一路的千辛万苦But now comes the day还是迎来了这离别的晨曦To bid you farewell向你告别Many places I have been我曾去过许多地方Many sorrows I have seen我曾见过许多忧伤But I dont regret但我不后悔Nor will I get我也不会忘却All who took the road with me与我一起上路的所有人Night is now falling夜幕落下So ends this day白昼终结The road is now calling这条路呼唤着我And I must away我必须启程离开Over hill and under tree翻山越岭 跨越森林Through lands where never light has shone走过永远不会有阳光照耀的地方By silver streams that run down to the sea白银般的溪流潺潺流向大海To these memories I will hold铭记这刻骨铭心With your blessing I will go怀揣那份祝福启程To turn at last to paths that lead home走向回家的那条路And though where the road then takes me这条路最终会指引我走向哪里I cannot tell我也无法知晓We came all this way我们经历了这一路的千辛万苦But now comes the day还是迎来了这离别的晨曦To bid you farewell向你告别I bid you all a very fond farewell向各位惜别更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 667

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