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South Korean President Park Geun-hye has offered to step down, asking parliament to come up with a plan to ensure stable regime change amid a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)已表示愿意下台,她请求国会制定一个计划,在一场举国关注的腐败丑闻中确保政权平稳更迭。Ms Park said she would step down according to a schedule agreed by lawmakers to minimise a leadership vacuum.朴槿惠表示,她将按照立法者商定的时间表卸任,以尽量减小权力真空。However, her proposal was rejected by opposition politicians as a ploy to delay her impeachment.然而,她的建议被反对党政治人士拒绝,他们认为这是一种手段,目的是拖延弹劾她的程序。“I have now laid everything down. I’ll leave everything about my future to parliament, including shortening my term,the president said in a televised address.“我现在已经放下一切。我会把关于我未来的一切交给国会,包括缩短我的任期,”韩国总统在电视讲话中表示。She faces mounting public calls to resign a move she has so far resisted as opposition lawmakers prepare to impeach her.她面临着公众发出的日益高涨的要求她辞职的呼声,而此前她一直不愿这么做。与此同时反对党议员正准备弹劾她。Ms Park has 15 months left of her single five-year term but, if she were to be impeached or resign, an election would be held in 60 days.朴槿惠的首个五年任期还剩5个月,但如果她辞职或者被弹劾,韩国将0天内举行选举。The main opposition Democratic party dismissed her proposal as a political attempt to delay her departure and pledged to push ahead with its impeachment motion, which could be voted on as early as Friday.主要反对党共同民主党拒绝了她的提议,称这是其推迟下台的政治企图,并承诺将推进弹劾动议,该项动议最快可能在本周五提交表决。“She is handing the ball to parliament, when she could simply step down,said Park Kwang-on, a Democratic party lawmaker. “She is asking the parliament to pick a date for her resignation, which she knows would lead to a discussion on when to hold the presidential election and delay everything.”“她可以干脆地下台,却把球踢给国会,”共同民主党议员朴光Park Kwang-on)表示,“她请国会挑选一个辞职日期,她知道这会导致一场有关何时举行总统选举的讨论,延迟一切。”Ms Park said she hoped her offer would end political confusion and put the country back on track as soon as possible.朴槿惠表示,她希望她的提议将结束政治混乱,使国家尽快重返正轨。But Shin Yul, a professor of politics at Myongji University in Seoul, predicted that the country’s political unrest would probably persist as Ms Park attempted to weather her crisis.但是,首尔明知大Myongji University)政治学教授申Shin Yul)预测,在朴槿惠试图挺过这场危机之际,该国的政治动荡很可能会持续下去。“She is trying to prolong this chaos by making things more complex,he said. “The opposition should put the motion for her impeachment within this week.”“她试图通过使事情更复杂来延长这场混乱,”他说, “反对党应该在本周内提交弹劾动议。”Ms Park’s approval rating has fallen to a record low of 4 per cent as her closest aides have been indicted for alleged abuse of power.朴槿惠的持率已跌至4%的历史最低点,她的几名核心幕僚面对滥用权力的刑事控罪。Tens of thousands of South Koreans have taken to the streets on recent weekends to demand her resignation. The protests followed allegations that her long-time friend, Choi Soon-sil, meddled in state affairs influencing everything from budget proposals to what Ms Park should wear and extorted funds from top companies.数万韩国人在最近几个周末走上街头,要求她辞职。引发这些抗议的导火线是,她的长期密友崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil)被指干涉政府事务(从预算提案到朴槿惠应该如何着装,什么都要管),并向韩国大企业勒索资金。Ms Park was named by prosecutors as a criminal “conspiratorin the scheme. She is the first South Korean president to face a criminal probe. But she has not made herself available for interrogation by prosecutors, with her lawyer saying she would instead comply with a probe by a separate independent counsel.朴槿惠已被检察官列为该案的刑事“共谋者”,成为第一位面对刑事调查的韩国总统。但她没有接受检察官的讯问;她的律师称,她将配合独立律师的调查。来 /201612/481311

China must hold a Winter Olympics that is ;clean as the snow; when it hosts the event in 2022, President Xi Jinping said on Friday, after two corruption scandals involving Chinese officials linked to the Games.在两起冬奥会相关官员贪污丑闻曝光之后,国家主席习近平在上周五的一次发言中表示,2022年由中国承办的冬奥会必须“和白雪一样纯洁干净”。Beijing, along with the nearby city of Zhangjiakou, won the right to host the Games last year. The only other city bidding to host the event was Kazakhstans Almaty, after other prospective cities dropped out citing costs and other worries.去年,北京和邻近城市张家口赢得了举办下一届冬奥会的资格。其他城市因经费不足和其他问题而退出竞争,当时唯一和北京竞争的城市是哈萨克斯坦的阿拉木图市;Strengthen supervision, let the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics be as pure and clean as the snow and ice,; the report paraphrased him as saying.报道转述了习主席的讲:“通过加强监管力度,让北京冬奥会和残奥会像冰雪一样纯净。”The run-up to Chinas bid last year was overshadowed by corruption investigations into a deputy sports minister who had sat on Chinas Olympics committee and the Communist Party boss of Hebei province, where Zhangjiakou is located, who had attended meetings of the bid committee.去年在竞逐承办资格之际,中国爆出了重大腐败丑闻。涉案官员包括一位体育部副部长兼中国奥委会前成员,以及一位曾参加过竞标会的河北党内高级人员。Speaking at a meeting with senior Chinese Winter Games and sports officials, Xi said there must be strict budget management to ensure the cost of hosting the Games was kept under control, in comments carried by state television. Xi made no direct mention of either corruption scandal.中央电视台在就此事件作出的中表明,在和中国冬奥会高级官员及体育部官员的会面上,习近平主席要求必须要有严格的预算管理措施,来确保主办赛事的经费都在控制之下。不过习近平主席并未直接提及两起腐败案中的任何一起。Xi, who doubles as party and military chief, has pursued a relentless campaign against deep-rooted corruption since assuming power three years ago, vowing to go after powerful ;tigers; as well as lowly ;flies;.作为中国共产党主席及军委主席,习近平自三年前上任以来,不遗余力地打击腐败官员,誓要在打击“大老虎”的同时也要抓住“小苍蝇”。来 /201603/433461Donald Trump has upset Sir Cameron Mackintosh and co-creators of the stage musical Les Misérables for playing one of their songs at his Miami rally.唐纳#8226;特朗普在迈阿密的竞选集会上播放了音乐剧《悲惨世界》中的一首插曲,引起了制作者卡麦隆#8226;麦金托什和其它音乐剧主创的不满。Mackintosh, a leading British theatre impresario, is to make his objection felt in a joint statement with Alain Boublil, the musical’s librettist and others who own the copyright.麦金托什是英国著名戏剧经理人,他将同剧作者阿#8226;布比尔等其它版权人一起发布联合声明提出抗议。A copy released to the Guardian said: “The authors of Les Misérables were not asked for permission and did not authorise or endorse usage of Do You Hear the People Sing? at last [week’s] Trump rally in Miami, and have never done so for any of the songs from the musical for this or any other political event.”刊登在《卫报》上的声明写道:“《悲惨世界》的作者们没有收到许可申请,也没有授权或允许特朗普在上周迈阿密集会上使用《Do You Hear the People Sing?》,歌剧中的任何一首歌曲从未被允许在这次或任何其他的政治活动中使用。”Les Misérables has broken box office records worldwide, seen by more than 70 million people in 44 countries. It is a story of “broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption with songs that include I Dreamed A Dream. In Miami, the Republican presidential nominee took the stage as Do You Hear the People Sing? blasted through the loudspeakers.《悲惨世界》已4个国家演出,观看人次达七千多万,打破了全球票房纪录。它讲述了一个关于“破碎的梦和暗恋、热烈的情欲、牺牲和救赎”的故事。《I Dreamed A Dream》也是歌曲之一。在迈阿密,集会上的扩音喇叭高声唱着《Do You Hear the People Sing?》,共和党总统候选人在一片音乐声中登台亮相。Mackintosh’s statement said: “As the musical’s popularity and universal message have been part of international popular culture for more than 30 years now, countless political and social movements around the world, including the first Bill Clinton and Obama campaigns, have independently embraced songs from the musical as a rallying cry for their own cause.”麦金托什的声明中说道:“因《悲惨世界》的知名度和辨识度,这部歌剧0多年来已成为国际流行文化的组成部分。全球无数政治和社会运动,包括比#8226;克林顿和奥巴马的首次竞选活动,都各自使用了音乐剧中的歌曲作为个人竞选的战斗口号。”Trump has upset musicians before. In May, he faced demands by the Rolling Stones to stop playing their music at his campaign events. Earlier, he faced criticism from Neil Young for using his Rockinin the Free World. Whether Mackintosh takes legal action remains to be seen.特朗普的侵权行为早有先例。五月份,滚石乐队曾向特朗普提出停止在竞选活动中播放其音乐的要求。更早时候,尼尔#8226;杨批评特朗普使用了他的歌曲《Rockinin the Free World》。麦金托什是否就此采取法律行动仍有待观察。The intellectual property lawyer Mark Stephens of Howard Kennedy, said politicians were supposed to clear the use of songs. Sometimes permission was obtained without disclosing it was for a political purpose and there could be a question about whether Trump’s campaign said it would be used at a rally.霍华#8226;肯尼迪律师事务所的著作权律师马克#8226;斯蒂芬森表示,政客们应该澄清对歌曲的使用情况。他补充说,有时出于政治目的会对获得的使用权进行保密,但特朗普的竞选团队有无说明歌曲将在集会上使用还有疑问。Asked whether Mackintosh could potentially have a legal case against Trump, he said: “Assuming that there wasn’t a fully disclosed, informed consent given, then he can sue for infringement of copyright.”当被问道麦金托什是否可能起诉特朗普时,斯蒂芬森说:“假如歌曲使用没有经过完全公开、知情的同意,他可以因著作权受到侵犯而起诉。”The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.特朗普的竞选团队未对请求作出回应。Trump is among numerous politicians who have upset musicians. Bruce Springsteen objected to Ronald Reagan’s attempt to use Born in the USA as a backdrop for his re-election in 1984, and Mick Fleetwood has said that Bill Clinton’s campaign never sought permission for his 1992 campaign anthem, Don’t Stop.除特朗普外,引起音乐人不满的政客还大有人在984年罗纳德#8226;里根在第二次总统竞选中试图使用《Born in the USA》,遭到歌手布鲁#8226;斯普林斯汀反对992年比#8226;克林顿使用《Don’t Stop》作为竞选歌曲,而米#8226;弗里特伍德说这从未征得他的同意。Sometimes, however, there is harmony between musicians and politicians. The Northern Irish group D:Ream approved Tony Blair’s use of Things Can Only Get Better during the Labour party’s 1997 campaign.不过,音乐人和政客也有和平相处的时候997年,北爱尔兰组合D:Ream就同意了工党托尼#8226;布莱尔在英国大选中使用他们的作品《Things Can Only Get Better》。来 /201609/468049

A second Scottish independence referendum is now almost inevitable, with ministers concluding it is a question of when not if a vote is called.第二次苏格兰独立公投现在已近乎不可避免,部长级官员们已得出结论,这只是一个什么时候举行投票的问题,而不是会不会举行的问题。People close to Theresa May’s administration said they expect Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, to seek a referendum next autumn, but that the government will fight to delay the vote until after Britain leaves the EU.接近特里Theresa May)的政府的人士表示,他们预计苏格兰首席大臣尼古斯特Nicola Sturgeon)将寻求在明年秋天举行全民公投,但英国政府将力争把公投延后至英国离开欧盟以后。Although the British government could withhold the legal authority for a vote, it now appears focused on determining the date instead.虽然英国政府可以拒绝授权公投,但它现在似乎聚焦于确定投票日期。“It’s looking inevitable, I don’t think we’re in any position to stop it happening,said one minister close to the discussions. Another person briefed on Downing Street’s thinking said: The debate is only going to be about the date.”“这件事看起来不可避免,我不认为我们处于阻止它发生的任何地位,”接近相关讨论的一名部长级官员表示。了解唐宁街思路的另一人说道:“接下来的辩论将只是围绕日期。”But a person close to the Scotland Office denied that a vote was inevitable, adding that Ms Sturgeon could decide not to push for one.但是,接近苏格兰事务Scotland Office)的一个人否认公投不可避免。此人指出,斯特金可能决定不推动公投。来 /201703/497253

China’s first female pilot of J-10 fighter jets dies in an air accident中国首位女性J10驾驶员在飞行事故中死亡China’s first female pilot of a J-10fighter jet died in a flying accident on Saturday, the day after China ’s airforce day, the Sichuan Communist Youth League reported on social media.中国首位女性J-10喷气式战斗机飞行员在周六的一场飞行事故中死亡,这天是中国空军成立纪念日,这则消息由四川共青团发布于社交媒体。Yu Xu, 30, who was born in Chengdu, thecapital of Sichuan, was a member of the August 1st aerobatics team of thePeople’s Liberation Army’s air force. She was one of few female pilots whocould fly domestically made fighter jets.余旭0岁,出生于四川省首府成都,是中国人民解放军空1特技飞行队的成员。她是中国国内少数能飞喷气式战斗机的女性飞行员。According to mainland media reports, Yu’splane plunged to the ground after an unspecified accident, and she was unableto eject in time. The incident occurred in Hebei province.根据中国大陆媒体报道,余旭的飞机在不明事故发生后冲向了地面,然而她未能及时弹射脱离。这场事故出现在河北省The reports said Yu was flying with a malepilot, who was able to eject but was injured.报道称,余旭是和一位男性飞行员一起驾驶的,这位男性飞行员及时的弹射逃生,但是也受伤了。Yu applied to become a pilot in the airforce in 2005 and, four years later, became one of China’s first 16 femalepilots of fighter jets, according to Xinhua News Agency.据新华社报道,余旭在2005年申请成为一名空军飞行员年后,她成为了首6名女性喷气式战斗机飞行员。The aerobatics team participated in AirshowChina in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, earlier this month.她所在的特技表演队在本月初在中国广东珠海参加了航展。The aerobatics team was founded in 1962 andnamed after the founding date of the PLA. It’s based at Yangcun Air Force Basenear the city of Tianjin, home to the 24th fighter division.这个特技表演队成立于1962年,以中国人民解放军的建军日命名。它驻扎在天津附件的杨村空军基地,隶属于空军24师。Besides the August 1st team, China has twoother aerobatic demonstration teams, Sky Wing and Red Falcon, which were bothfounded in 2011.除了81飞行特技表演队,中国还有其它两只特技飞行队伍,红鹰和天之翼,它们都成立于2011年。This year is the 67th anniversary of theair force, which was set up on November 11, 1949.中国空军成立94911日,今年是其67周年。来 /201611/477849

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