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How To Hike... and Enjoy It! on HowcastStep 1: Prepare for your hikeFirst, a hike entails walking. Sometimes strenuously, other times casual. Make sure that walking for longer periods of time works for you. Commence with a tmill until you feel comfortable with a saucy walk in the park, and then finally, graduate onto the track. Do this repeatedly until you feel your strength is adequate to withstand the duration of your desired hike.第一步:为徒步旅行做准备首先,徒步旅行需要行走。有时候很消耗体力,其他时候很随便。要确保你能长时间行走。先从踏车开始,知道你能在公园里随意行走,最后,去小道上行走。要反复练习智能你有足够的体力能达到想要去的目的地。Step 2: Dress appropriatelyNext, forget your exceptional fashion sense and make yourself comfortable for the adventure. Simple jeans and a t-shirt will be sufficient. If the weather is scorching, consider shorts.第二步:穿衣要合适下一步,忘记你的美感,尽量为旅行穿着舒适点。简单的牛仔裤和T恤就足够了。如果天气很热,要考虑短装。Step 3: Wear appropriate footwearThe most important aspect of your attire is the footwear. Tennis shoes, hiking boots, or even specialized sandals (for the audacious type) can be worn but make sure they are not brand new and that your feet are akin to them – or the results may be unfavorable.第三步:穿合适的鞋袜穿衣中最重要的环节是鞋袜。网球鞋,登山鞋,或是特别的凉鞋(对那些大胆冒险者)都可以穿,但是要保鞋不是新的而且脚穿鞋比较舒适,否则结果不堪设想。Step 4: Know your routeNext let's consider our two biggest predators we will encounter – the sun, and the ever alarming mosquitoes. Simply applying spf 30 or higher sunscreen and bug repellent will be sufficient to rid yourself of these pests.第四步:知道你的路线让我们来考虑下2个我们要面对的最危险的事物:太阳和使人害怕的蚊子。让你的防晒系数达到30或是更高,买些驱虫剂足够让你拜托这些麻烦。Step 5: PackingFollowing our spray baths, we must cognize the route. Be informed of the length and incline of your walk. Most areas provide free maps containing this and other imperative information.第五步:收拾背包我们必须认识路线。要知道所走路程的长度和斜坡。很多地方都提供免费的地图,其中包含这类的信息以及其他必要的信息。Step 6: Take your timeWith regards to packing, only bring simple necessities on our undertaking. Water and a few snacks should do just fine for a pint-sized hike. Making a list and checking off items usually benefits. And don’t omit a camera. One of the most enjoyable parts will be the memories that accompany you home.第六步:从容准备考虑到背包,只带些必需品即可。带些水和一些吃的,够一次短途旅行就可以了。列一个表,并检查那些有帮助的物品。不要忘带相机。旅行中最重要的部分就成为你以后美好的记忆。Step 7: Reach your destinationNow the most important step, besides avoiding cliffs and mountain lions of course, take your time. “Use your feet to get away from it all.” Don’t be scared to stop, ponder, and notice the simple things that surround you. Let nature take you to another place.第七步:到达目的地现在是最重要的步骤,除了要避开悬崖和美洲狮外,享受下吧。用你的脚来远离尘世。不要惊慌地停下来,思索并打量周围的环境。让大自然带领你去另一个地方。Step 8And finally, reach your destination. The feeling of accomplishment that you receive will rejuvenate, motivate, and inspire.第八步:最终达到目的地。你获得的成就感会激励并鼓舞你。 Article/201010/116102Jelly Recipe. A basic guide to making one of the world#39;s most famous and well-loved children#39;s desserts. Serve with ice cream for that complete experience. Sample our Jelly recipe.果冻的制作方法。果冻是世界上最著名的,也是最受儿童欢迎的食品。来学学如何做果冻吧。At a glance概览:Serves: 4份数:4份Step 1: You will need1.所需食材:#8226;90 g packet of flavoured jelly powder1包90克的风味果冻粉#8226;90 g packet of a different flavoured jelly powder1包90克混合风味的果冻粉#8226;500 ml hot water500毫升热水#8226;500 ml cold water500毫升冷水#8226;1 flat tray1只托盘#8226;4 glass serving bowls4只玻璃碗#8226;1 whisk搅拌机#8226;1 ladle1只长柄勺#8226;1 large bowl1只大碗Step 2: Make the jelly2.制作Pour the first packet of jelly powder into a large bowl and while whisking, add the hot water. Whisk until the powder has dissolved. Slowly add half of the cold water and whisk once more. Repeat exactly the same process with the second packet of jelly.将第一包果冻粉倒在大碗里,边搅拌边倒入热水,直到果冻粉完全溶解。然后再搅拌一次,边搅拌边倒入冷水,250毫升为宜。对于混合风味的果冻粉,做法与上面一致。Step 3: Transfer the jelly3.塑形Generously ladle the jelly syrups into separate glass bowls.用长勺将搅拌好的果冻浆盛到玻璃碗中。Step 4: Chill4.冷冻Place the jelly in the fridge and chill for 2-4 hours, or according to the instructions on the packet.把盛着果冻浆的碗放到冰箱中冷冻2-4小时,具体时间长短可根据果冻粉包装袋上的说明进行调整。Step 5: Present and serve5.取出享用Remove the jelly from the fridge when fully set and serve with cream or ice cream.完全成型后从冰箱中取出果冻,加上奶油或冰激凌就可以享用了。Thanks for watching How To Make Jelly谢谢收看本期“自制果冻”节目。 Article/201208/196109【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Keeping a promise offers many rewards. Highlight your impressive moral character by following through on a promise you made to yourself or to someone else.You Will NeedPen and paper Organization Commitment Step 1: Write down promises(写下自己的诺言)Write down promises you have made to yourself and to others on a piece of paper.Break down big promises into smaller steps.Step 2: Organize(安排好时间)Organize your schedule in order to keep promises.Step 3: Track your promises(追踪自己的诺言)Track the progress of your promises in a journal.Step 4: Look at consequences(预计一下可能会遇到的困难)Examine the consequences you will encounter if you break a promise.Step 5: Make a promise(承诺你自己可以做好的事)Make promises that you can keep.Step 6: Do not make excuses(不要给自己找借口)Do not make up excuses that will deter you from fulfilling your promises.Step 7: Recommit(重新许诺)Recommit yourself if you break a promise. Apologize to others if you let them down, and then get back on track.In 2008, there were 2,162,000 marriages in the ed States. Article/201004/100361Buchner bründler architects is responsible for the concept of the Swiss pavilion which is meant to be a representation of a hybrid, interconnected urban area where nature and technology, innovation and sustainability function and interact in symbiosis, which coincide with the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.The Swiss pavilion is composed of two cylinders. The high-tech urban cylinder is equipped with 3D television screens, life-sized projections of Swiss citizens commenting on their expectations for the future and a 10-meter-tall screen depicting Swiss scenery. Upon entering the rural cylinder, visitors have the option to tour by chair lift, no doubt paying homage to the fabulous mountains in this country. The lift loops up through the building to the roof, where a field of flora provides a natural landscape in contrast to the urban setting.The most distinguished feature of the pavilion is the outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity. The curtain presents an image of forest, which will remind people of the nature. And the fibre of the curtain could be degraded after being disposed in the soil in two week. Article/201009/112773

2012欧洲杯小组赛B组最后一轮比赛。南非世界杯亚军荷兰队风采不再,最终以1比2不敌葡萄牙,无冕之王荷兰三战全败小组垫底黯然回家。而在本组的另外一场焦点比赛中,德国队不出意外2比1小胜丹麦,三战全胜,昂首晋级八强。最终,德国和葡萄牙从准;死亡之组;B组顺利突围。Germany and Portugal both won their final group games to earn their places in the quarter finals. In the first game, Germany#39;s Lars Bender scored the winner 10 minutes from time. It came after the Germans had taken a 19th-minute lead through Lukas Podolski and a Michael Krohn-Dehli header had given Denmark some hope.Germany, who qualifies with a 100% record, will now play Greece in the last eight. A Cristiano Ronaldo double put Portugal into the European Championship quarter-finals and sent the Netherlands out.The Dutch needed to win by two clear goals and started well as Rafael van der Vaart’s strike put them ahead. But the Netherlands faded badly and Ronaldo equalised before slotting in the winner. Portugal will next play the Czech Republic. Article/201206/187265

Japan#39;s ;purchase; of the Diaoyu Islands from a self-proclaimed private owner has provoked fierce opposition in China. Protesters gathered on Friday in front of the Japanese embassy in Beijing, to voice their opposition.日本从一己之利出发的购岛行径激起了中国民众的强烈反对。北京抗议者于周五齐聚日本大使馆前表示抗议。;Diaoyu islands belong to China;—that#39;s the cry from this group of protesters who gathered in front of the Japanese embassy.“钓鱼岛属于中国”—这是一位抗日者的呐喊声。Hundreds of protesters holding national flags rallied, shouted, and demanded the Japnese government retract its move.数以百计的抗日者手举国旗,高声呐喊,要求日本政府撤销购岛决定。;Diaoyu Islands belong to China!;“钓鱼岛属于中国! ”;Diaoyu Islands are an inseparable part of China, we must take action!;“钓鱼岛是中国领土不可分割的一部分,我们必须有所行动!”China has carried out a series of countermeasures to reaffirm its sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands after Japan signed a contract to ;purchase; them.在日本单方面签署“购岛 ”合同后,中国已经采取了一系列措施重申中国政府对钓鱼岛的主权。They include a government declaration of territorial sea baselines, two China Marine Surveillance patrol ships sailing near the islands, and weather forecasts for the Diaoyu Islands being included in its domestic broadcast.其中,中国政府对外声明领海基线,派遣2艘海洋侦察巡逻船在钓鱼岛附近海域巡查,国内天气预报开始播报钓鱼岛天气。Chinese citizens however, have been demanding a lot more.然而,中国民众要求政府采取更多措施。;Japan#39;s recent move of ;purchasing; the Diaoyu Islands has provoked fierce opposition in China,some have cancelled their travel plans to Japan and refused to buy Japanese-made products,Protests also broke out in other major cities.;“日本政府近日的 ‘购岛#39;行径激起了中国民众的强烈反对,有民众取消了赴日旅行计划,还有民众开始抵制日货。其他大城市也不同程度爆发抗日行为。 ”What impact these protests will have on the Diaoyu Islands dispute remains to be seen, but as Chinese citizens begin to organize at the grass roots level to voice their deep opposition, it#39;s very likely that more protests like this will break out if Japan continues with its unilateral actions that offend the Chinese nation.就钓鱼岛事件进行的抗日行为,其影响还尚未可知,但是,就目前中国公民开始不断组织民众抗日的情况来看,日本如果继续单方面触犯中华民族利益,更多的此类抗日行为将会相继爆发。 Article/201209/200196

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