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But despite their popularity,但除了他们的数量之外scientists know surprisingly little about their behaviour科学家们对他们在猫洞之外的行为once theyve left the cat flap.了解得却出奇的少Got a fairly wide range of types of housing在这儿能找到很多不同类型的房屋and, hopefully, types of cat here.但愿能找到不同种类的猫Yeah, definitely.当然The built-up area, if Im looking at the map,住宅区 根据地图来看seems to be behind us.在我们身后And then these houses in front of us here而我们前面的房子look to back all on to fields.看起来背靠着田野They want to find out more about how far cats travel each day...他们想知道猫每天会走多远的路So hopefully well get cats roaming out of their back gardens但愿我们能发现猫猫们从后花园里and up into the farms.溜达到农场里..How these solitary creatures manage to live side by side...这些独居动物是如何生活在一起Ill expect some of these houses in this more built-up area,我希望那个住宅区的一些家庭there might be multi-cat households.他们也许养了不止一只猫..And where cats really find their food.以及猫究竟在哪里找食物Ive really been interested in the cat我一直对猫很感兴趣because its that combination of wild animal and domestic animal,因为他们是野生动物和家养动物的结合and the changes that are going on within it,还有他们身上发生的改变that I find fascinating as a biologist.作为一个生物学家我认为这很奇妙重点解释:1.look at (仔细地)看例句:Please raise your head and look at the blackboard.请抬起头来,看黑板。2.in front of 在 ... 前面例句;He was sprawling in the sofa in front of the TV.他伸开手脚坐在电视机前的沙发上。3.find out 发现例句:Find out what the conditions of the contract are.弄清楚合同的条件是什么。201605/445533

But then the doubts crept in.可是后来一些怀疑的声音却掺杂进来。Only Jarvik had ever analysed the ichthyostega fossil and you just had to take his word for it,只有Jarvik研究过这块鱼石螈化石,人们只能参照他的说法,but worse, mutterings began that there was a gaping hole in the story.更糟的是,有人开始议论这个故事中有一个破绽Eusthenopteron could not be the immediate ancestor of ichthyostega.真掌鳍鱼不可能是鱼石螈最近的祖先The difference between them was too vast.它们之间的差异太大了Ichthyostega was a fully formed tetrapod with a ribcage, pelvis attached to the backbone,鱼石螈是完全成形的四足动物,拥有与脊椎相连的胸廓和骨盆a spine with interlocking spurs and limbs with fingers and toes.具备关节突起的脊柱,以及长着爪和趾的四肢The fish was still a fish, despite its primitive leg bones.而鱼仍旧是鱼,尽管它有了原始的腿骨It showed little sign of evolving any of these other tetrapod features.它几乎没有其它向四足动物进化的特征迹象To prove one had become the other they needed more evidence.要想明一种动物进化成了另一种动物,他们还需要更多的据What this really adds up to is that these changes seem to be too gross to have happened in one step.这里总结起来可以看出,这些变化实在太大了,不可能一步到位There must be missing animals in here.这中间一定有缺失的物种For a start somewhere out there should be other species of Devonian tetrapods可以预见,某个地方肯定还有其它四足动物which might shed some light on the theory, but above all they needed to find an intermediate animal,或许能说明这一理论,但他们首先需要做的就是找到中间物种one that showed the changes between fish and tetrapod actually happening,一种能解释鱼如何演变成四足动物的物种some strange beast that could walk, but was half fish/half tetrapod that was a missing link.一只能够行走,但却是半鱼半四足类的奇怪动物,它就是进化缺环。201702/490247

This has my nerves tingling and all my senses working overtime,even my sense of smell.神经高度紧张 所有感官都高度集中起来 甚至连嗅觉都变得很灵敏The whole place just stinks of rotting pigeon carcass and all of these droppings,整个地方散发着一股腐烂死鸽子的恶臭 还有鸟粪的臭味although there are a couple of old shells here. Its a good sign.这里有些蛋壳的碎片 是个好迹象You know, normally, in the wild, pigeons only breed once a year when theres good food source around,一般说来 野生鸽子一年只繁殖一次 当有丰富食物来源时 but in the city, where theres more food,theyll breed up to six times a year.尤其是在城市 有更充足的食物 它们一年繁殖将会多达六次So theres a good chance of finding some eggs along here.所以完全有可能在这里找到一些鸽子蛋Wild pigeons nest in cliff tops,and their urban cousins also choose high, inaccessible locations.野生鸽子将巢筑于山崖顶部 所以城里的鸽子也会在高处筑巢And this is about as inaccessible as it gets.Bad place to fall. Lets take it steady here.而这里就是一个难以达到的高度 掉下去可就惨了 在这儿要保持平稳A fall from this height would mean certain death,but theres a nest.从这儿掉下去必死无疑 但是 这种地方才有鸽子筑巢Theres some eggs in this one.Here you go.这个巢里有鸽子蛋 快拍You know, and all bird eggs are fine just to eat raw as long as they dont smell rotten when you open them.Thats gonna be fine.打开的时候没有闻到异味的话 所有的鸟蛋都可以生吃的 这个没问题Nutritious meal on the go.Time now to head back down to ground level, but not too fast.Almost went straight off the edge of this.营养补充完毕 继续上路 该回到地面去了 但不要操之过急 差点直接掉下去201610/470608

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