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Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn#39;t get too excited about the results of animal studies, and he doesn#39;t make house calls.对于动物研究的结果,安东尼·弗契士并不是那么激动,他也从不上门亲访。But when a drug aly taken by thousands of people for intestinal conditions appeared to control the monkey version of HIV, it got the attention of the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.但是,当一种被成千上万人用于肠道环境的药似乎能够控制猴类艾滋时,这引起了这名国家过敏和传染病研究所主任的注意。Fauci hopped on a plane to Cambridge, Mass., to personally tell Japan#39;s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co#39;s U.S. representatives that their drug may offer a dramatic advance in the fight against AIDS.弗契乘坐飞往马萨诸塞州剑桥的飞机,亲自告诉日本武田药业公司的美国代表,他们的药物可能在抗击艾滋病方面取得了显著进步。Takeda#39;s drug suppressed the virus to undetectable levels in eight monkeys, some for two years.武田公司的药物将八个猴子体内的细菌抑制到了不可检测到的程度,有的甚至长达两年。The findings raise hopes for a so-called ;functional cure; – a treatment that puts the disease in sustained remission.这一发现燃起了所谓“功能性治愈”的希望--这种治疗方法可以让疾病得到持续缓解。;The data was so dramatic,; said Fauci, who has made AIDS research his life#39;s work.将艾滋病研究当作终身事业的弗契说道:“这一数据很激动人心。”The drug is one of several promising ideas heading into early-stage human trials, all seeking to help patients control the virus that causes AIDS for extended periods without daily antiretroviral therapy (ART).该药品是进入早期人体实验的几款很有希望的药物之一,所有这些药物都试图在不需要每天进行抗逆转录病毒治疗(ART)的情况下,帮助患者长期控制艾滋致病病毒。 /201612/482790。

All public hospitals have been told to end the longtime practice of drug price markups by the end of September as part of the ongoing healthcare reform, the National Development and Reform Commission said last Wednesday.国家发展和改革委员会上周三表示,已要求所有公立医院于9月底前取消长期以来实施的药品加成,作为正在进行的医疗改革的部分举措。Public hospitals#39; loss of revenue will be offset for the most part by an increase in the prices of medical services, the commission said.该委员会表示,公立医院减少的收入将主要由提高医疗务价格进行补偿。Since the 1950s, public hospitals have been selling drugs at a markup. The maximum is 15 percent.从20世纪50年代开始,公立医院一直在加价售药,最高时加价达15%。Charges related to the expertise of medical staff, like those for diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation, will rise, while those for tests requiring major medical equipment will drop, the commission said.国家发改委表示,诊疗、手术、康复等体现医务人员专业技能的项目价格将提高,大型医用设备检验价格将降低。The commission also is requiring local price regulators to carry out other necessary reforms following the measure, including changing medical insurance payments so rising service fees are covered by insurance reimbursement.国家发改委还要求,当地物价管理机构推行其他必需的配套改革,包括改变医保付方式,提高的医疗务收费要纳入医保报销范围。Many public hospitals in China had aly abolished drug price markups before the announcement. In Beijing, more than 3,600 medical institutions had abolished the practice starting April 8.我国许多公立医院在发改委宣布该政策前,就已取消药品加成。北京3600多家医疗机构本月8日起就已取消药品加成。 /201704/505074。

1.Your physical shape1.你的体型If you want to live well into your 60s, 70s, or beyond, you need to start taking your physical condition seriously.如果你想要健健康康地活到60岁,70岁或者是更多,你就需要开始注意你的身体状况。That means having a BMI that lies within the recommended range — or, not being overweight or obese.这就意味着将身体质量指数控制在推荐范围内——或者是不要超重或者是变得肥胖。Obesity can absolutely ravage your body in a number of ways, and many of the most common causes of death (including both cancer and heart disease) are closely linked to excess poundage.肥胖能够以多种方式损坏你的身体,很多最常见的死亡原因(包括癌症和心脏病)都与过高的磅重息息相关。2.Gnarly nails2.粗糙的指甲As we#39;ve covered previously, our fingernails can tell us a whole lot about the state of our health.我们之前就报道过,指甲能够告诉我们很多关于健康状况的信息。If your nails have spots, strange ridges, are discolored, or are seemingly falling apart? You probably have some serious issues to deal with.如果你的指甲出现斑点、奇怪的脊线、褪色或者是看起来要脱落?你就有可能会面临一些棘手的问题。3.A weak sense of smell3.嗅觉衰退Our sense of smell is important, and as we age, it can start to fade.我们的嗅觉很重要,随着年龄变大,它就会开始衰退。4.Grip strength4.握力Our grip strength can be an indicator of our heart health, among other things, which can tell doctors whether or not there are some serious underlying issues that are taking a toll on our bodies.我们的握力是心脏健康的一个标志,它能够告诉医生是否存在对我们的身体产生负面影响的严重潜在问题。5.Educational attainment5.接受的教育How much schooling you have can also give us an idea of how long you#39;re likely to live.你接受的教育程度也能告诉我们你可能会活多久。Research basically shows that the longer you went to school, or the higher the degree you have, the longer you#39;re bound to live.研究基本上表明,上学时间越长,或者学位越高,就活得越久。That may mean that you make more money, and live a less stressful life. It may also mean you can afford more nutritious foods.这就可能意味着你能够赚更多的钱,生活压力更小。还意味着你能够付得起更多的营养食物。6.Bad breath6.口臭Bad breath may indicate someone has a cancer or other infections that can, in fact, kill you.事实上,口臭可能表明一个人患上了致命的癌症或者是其他传染病。 /201610/473008。

Schools across China will soon not only shoulder the responsibility of educating children, but will also take on the task of educating children#39;s parents, according to a five-year plan for family education.根据《家庭教育的五年计划》,中国各地的学校不久不仅将承担教育儿童的责任,而且还将承担教育儿童父母的任务。The new program will be instituted by 2020, and the coverage rate of these classes in urban areas will be at least 90 percent. In rural areas, the rate will not fall below 80 percent.新计划将于2020年开始实施,这些课程在城市地区的覆盖率至少将达到90%。在农村地区,这一比率不会低于80%。Parenting education will also become a focus of work at public service centers, which will be required to organize no less than two parenting courses and two additional practical activities every year.家长教育也将成为公共务中心工作的重点,每年将会要求组织不少于两次家庭教育指导和两次额外的实践活动。Primary and high schools will organize at least one parenting course every year, along with one family practice session; for kindergarten, two parent-child activities should be organized, in addition to parenting courses.中小学家长学校每年至少组织一次家庭教育指导和一次家庭教育实践活动;幼儿园家长学校除了组织家庭教育指导外,还应至少组织两次亲子实践活动。Vocational schools have also been instructed to hold at least one parenting course.职业学校按指示应至少组织一次家庭教育指导。The five-year plan for family education was jointly issued by the Ministries of Education, Civil Affairs and Culture, along with other government bodies such as the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the China Association for Science and Technology.《家庭教育的五年计划》是由教育部、民政部、文化部以及国家卫生和计划生育委员会、中国科学技术协会等国家机构联合发布的。 /201611/480732。

China lifted a decade-plus ban on some beef products from the ed States, according to agriculture and quarantine regulators.据农业和检疫监管部门日前表示,我国已经解除了十多年来对美国牛肉产品的进口限制。The ban on bone-in and boneless beef from cattle under 30 months old from the ed States was removed, said a statement released by the Ministry of Agriculture and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.一份由农业部及质量监督管理总局检验检疫部门发布的声明表示,这一针对产自美国、30月龄以下的剔骨牛肉、带骨牛肉产品的禁令已被解除。Authorities will formulate rules on traceability and quarantine for the beef products, said the statement.该声明表示,有关部门将会对牛肉产品的可追溯性和检疫制定规则标准。China halted beef imports from the ed States in 2003 to prevent the sp of mad cow disease. But due to surging demand, some Chinese consumers started to purchase smuggled beef via online stores.为防止疯牛病传播,中国从2003年起就暂停从美国进口牛肉了。但是由于需求激增,一些中国消费者开始通过网上超市购买走私牛肉。Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signaled the lifting of the ban when speaking at a welcoming dinner party organized by the Economic Club of New York.在纽约经济俱乐部举行的欢迎晚宴上,中国国务院总理李克强发表了讲话,并且表示要解除这一禁令。;The ed States also has very good beef. Why should we deny Chinese customers more choices?; he said.李克强总理说道:“美国也产好的牛肉。我们为什么不让中国消费者有更多的选择呢?” /201609/469072。