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2019年05月25日 19:17:34

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was shot dead during a public appearance in the capital Ankara last night, 俄罗斯驻土耳其大使昨晚在首都安卡拉的一个公开场合被杀。a year after the two countries came close to hostilities over the conflict in Syria.就在一年前,两国围绕叙利亚冲突的矛盾几乎升级为敌对行动。The Russian foreign ministry said Andrei Karlov had been shot after the assailant, reported by Reuters news agency to be an off-duty policeman, 俄罗斯外交部表示,安德烈.卡洛Andrei Karlov)被手疯狂开火射杀,当时他正在一个土耳其摄影家拍摄的俄罗斯图片展览上发表演讲。opened fire chaotically during a speech by the ambassador at an exhibition of pictures of Russia taken by Turkish photographers.据路透社(Reuters)报道,手是一名不当班的警察。We qualify what has happened as a terrorist act, foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters. 我们认定这是一起恐怖主义行为,俄罗斯外交部发言人玛丽亚.扎哈罗娃(Maria Zakharova)对记者们表示。We are in contact with Turkish officials who have assured us that a careful multi-party investigation will be held. 我们正与土耳其官员保持联系,他们向我们保将展开认真的多方联合调查。Ms Zakharova said Russia would raise the assassination at the UN Security Council. 扎哈罗娃表示,俄罗斯将在联合国安理会(Security Council)提起这起刺杀事件。Terrorism shall not pass. 恐怖主义不能逍遥法外。We will fight it decisively, she said.我们将果断打击,她说。Live footage from a Turkish TV broadcast of the event showed the assailant standing behind the ambassador before the attack.土耳其电视直播的现场视频显示,手在发起攻击之前站在大使身后。Dressed in a suit and tie, he shouted: I am on the path of Syria, I am on the path of Aleppo, referring to the Syrian city retaken by regime forces last week after a bloody siege backed by Russian air power. 穿西装打领带的手在开后喊道:我在叙利亚的道路上,我在阿勒颇的道路上,阿勒颇是叙利亚政府军在俄罗斯空军持下进行血腥围困后,上周夺回的叙利亚城市。The gunman was later killed by police.手后来被警察击毙。Relations between Moscow and Ankara have been strained by the Syrian war. 莫斯科和安卡拉之间的关系因叙利亚战争而紧张。Russia’s intervention in the conflict has helped turn the tide in favour of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime over the past year. 俄罗斯对叙利亚内战的干涉,在过去一年使战局向着有利于总统巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权的方向发展。The air campaign took Moscow and Ankara to the brink of armed conflict a year ago when Turkey, which backs the opposition to Mr Assad, shot down a Russian fighter jet, claiming it had breached Turkish airspace.俄罗斯发起的空中打击战役一年前差一点使莫斯科和安卡拉之间爆发武装冲突,当时持叙利亚反对派的土耳其击落一架俄罗斯战斗机,声称它侵犯了土耳其领空。The two sides have repaired ties in recent months, brokering a ceasefire agreement in Aleppo between regime forces and rebels without the involvement of the US. 双方在最近几个月修复了关系,在没有美国参与的情况下在叙利亚政府军和叛军之间斡旋达成阿勒颇停火协议。But public hostility in Turkey remains widesp: several thousand people were demonstrating outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul against the siege at the moment Mr Karlov was shot.但是土耳其公众的敌对情绪仍然很普遍:就在卡洛夫被杀的时候,数千人聚集在俄罗斯驻伊斯坦布尔领事馆门外,抗议俄罗斯持叙利亚政府军围困阿勒颇。Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish foreign minister, was today due to travel to Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, and Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif.土耳其外长梅夫吕特.恰武什奥卢(Mevlut Cavuso-glu)原定今日前往莫斯科与俄罗斯外长谢尔盖.拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)和伊朗外长贾维德.扎里Javad Zarif)举行会谈。Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the foreign policy committee in Russia’s lower house of parliament, told state television the talks would go ahead as planned.俄罗斯国家杜马(下议院)外交政策委员会主席莱昂尼斯卢茨基(Leonid Slutsky)告诉官方电视台,会谈将按计划进行。No matter how much our strategic opponents in Ankara and in the west want it, there will not be a new phase of deterioration in relations between Moscow and Ankara, he said.无论我们在安卡拉和西方的战略对手多么渴望,莫斯科和安卡拉之间的关系都不会出现一个新的恶化阶段,他说。来 /201612/484741郴州有专科皮肤病医院吗郴州尿道炎医院郴州桂阳县人民医院妇幼保健有治疗前列腺炎吗

郴州治疗睾丸炎最好的医院郴州治疗早泄费用Japan has been paying 10,000 pounds per month to a British think tank to hype up ;China threat; among British high-level politicians, local media reported.据英国当地媒体报道,日本以每0000英镑的价格雇佣一个英国智库,让其在英国高级政治家之间宣传“中国危胁论”。A detailed report carried out by The Sunday Times said that the Japanese Embassy in London reached a deal with the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a registered charity, to wage a propaganda campaign against China.据《星期日泰晤士报》一份详细的报道称,日本驻伦敦大使馆和一家注册慈善机构“亨利·杰克逊协会”达成了协议,通过付报酬令其进行反华宣传。It said that the deal was reached in response to growing cooperation between China and Britain.据悉这一协议的目的是为了应对中英两国之间日益增多的合作。The former British foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind acknowledged that the HJS, founded in 2005, had approached him to put his name to an article published by the Daily Telegraph last August expressing concerns about Chinas involvement in Britains Hinkley Point C nuclear plant.英国前外交大臣马尔科姆·里夫金德日前承认,成立005年的亨利·杰克逊协会接近他、让他署名去年八月在《每日电讯报》发表的一篇文章,该文章表达了关于对中国参与英国欣克利点C核电站一事的担忧。The article, titled ;How China could switch off Britains lights in a crisis if we let them build Hinkley C;, raised fears that ;no one knows what blackdoor technologies might be able to be introduced into the building of a power plant.;这篇文章名为《如果我们让中国建设欣克利点C核电站,他们会怎样在危机中切断我们的电源》,引起人们对“没人知道在核电站建设过程中会使用什后门技术”的担忧。The HJS has not responded to Xinhuas interview request.亨利·杰克逊协会目前还没有就新华社的采访要求作出回应。来 /201702/491738郴州哪里看男科多少钱Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russias border ;doesnt end anywhere;, addressing a televised awards ceremony for students.在一场电视颁奖典礼上,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京对学生们称:“俄罗斯的边境没有终点”;That was a joke,; Mr Putin said amid applause and laughter from the audience at the glitzy ceremony.在这场盛大的仪式上,面对观众发出的热烈掌声和欢声笑语,普京说道:“我只是开个玩笑而已。”He was asking a nine-year-old boy: ;Where does Russias border end?;当时普京正在问一岁的男孩:“俄罗斯的边界到那里为止?”The boy had said ;at the Bering Strait;. Mr Putin then provided his own answer.这个男孩回答道:“在白令海峡”。但是普京说出了他自己的。In July 2014, three months after Russian troops annexed Ukraines Crimea peninsula, he spelled out his doctrine to Russian ambassadors.2014月,在俄罗斯军队兼并乌克兰克里米亚半岛三个月之后,普京向俄罗斯大使们阐明了他的理念;I would like to make it clear to all: our country will continue to actively defend the rights of Russians, our compatriots abroad, using the entire range of available means - from political and economic to operations under international humanitarian law and the right of self-defence.;“我想对你们明确表示:我们的国家将继续努力保护俄罗斯人和海外同胞的权利,我们将使用一切可能的手段,包括政治的和经济的手段,以及包括采取一切符合国际人道法律和自卫权利的手段。”Nato and Western leaders accuse the Kremlin of sending regular troops and heavy weapons to pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied that, insisting that any Russian troops there are ;volunteers;.报道称,北约和西方国家领导人一直指责克里姆林宫向乌克兰东部“派遣正规军”,并向当地的亲俄民间武装运送重型武器,但克里姆林宫方面对此予以否认,坚称那里的所有俄军都是“志愿者”。来 /201612/481487郴州男性不育

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