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龙岩腹腔镜手术需要多少钱福州治疗男性精子哪家好福州人工授精生男孩最好三甲医院 Hollywood had one of its best summers ever at the domestic box office, but it was a sharply lopsided victory. Studios either thrived or withered, an outcome that reflects the winner-take-all nature of the mass-appeal movie business.今年夏天,好莱坞的国内票房可以跻身史上最佳之列,但这却是一个极为不平衡的胜利制片公司不是大赚特赚,就是大赔特赔,这个结果反映出迎合大众的电影业赢者通吃的本质Ticket sales at North American cinemas rose an estimated . percent, to $.8 billion, the period between the first weekend in May and Labor Day, from the same period a year earlier, the analytics firm Rentrak said on Sunday. Hollywood’s summer, which was one week longer this year because of a calendar quirk, has historically ed up to 0 percent of annual domestic ticket sales.星期日,统计公司Rentrak宣布,从5月第一个周末到劳动节(9月的第一个星期一——译注)期间,北美影院票房比去年同期约增长.%,达到.8亿美元由于历法巧合,今年好莱坞的夏天在统计上要长出一个星期,这段时期的国内票房达到全年国内票房0%,创下了历史记录But the strong season was overwhelmingly owing to movies supplied by just two of Hollywood’s six major studios. Twelve movies took in more than An Indonesian family stopped a wedding after discovering the groom was a woman, only an ex-boyfriend to save their blushes by stepping in to marry the bride. 印尼某家庭近日举办婚礼时,意外发现新郎竟是女儿身所幸新娘前男友挺身而出,娶回新娘,才保住了女方颜面 Family and guests gathered to the Koran at the Islamic ceremony in western Java, but the groom did not bring relatives and suspicions were raised when "Rio" failed to show documents, the Jakarta Globe newspaper reported on Wednesday. 据《雅加达环球报报道,亲属和宾客当时齐聚西爪哇岛,举行伊斯兰教的婚礼仪式,并诵读《古兰经但新郎 “里欧”没有亲友相陪,又拿不出相关明,引起人们的怀疑 "The suspicion became bigger as her heavy voice suddenly changed into a female one," the newspaper ed local police chief Krisnandi as saying, adding the groom had a male physique and had known bride Nuraini seven months. 该报援引当地警长克里斯南迪的话说:“当新郎原本厚重的嗓音突然变成女声时,我们更怀疑了” 他还说,新郎体型酷似男性,与新娘努拉妮相识已有七个月 "The family finally got Kiman, the ex-boyfriend, as the new groom Nuraini in order to save face in front of their guests," Krisnandi said. 克里斯南迪说:“为在宾客面前保全面子,家人最后找到新娘的前男友基曼,娶走了新娘” Homosexuality is not illegal in the world's most populous Muslim country, though same-sex marriages are not allowed. Same-sex marriages became legal in New York earlier this month, prompting hundreds of gay and lesbian couples to wed. 印尼尽管禁止同性婚姻,但同性恋是合法的印尼也是全球穆斯林人口最多的国家本月早些时候,同性恋婚姻在纽约正式合法化,促使数百名男同性恋或女同性恋新人结婚 1 million in the ed States and Canada, and eight of them were from Universal Pictures, a division of Comcast’s NUniversal, and Walt Disney Studios. Together, Universal and Disney controlled 60 percent of the market, Rentrak said.但这强势的一季主要应归功于好莱坞六大制片公司中的两家部影片在美国和加拿大贡献了超过一亿美元的票房,其中八部来自康卡斯特的N环球(Comcast’s NUniversal)旗下的环球影业(Universal Pictures),以及迪士尼公司(Disney Studios)Rentrak称,环球与迪士尼控制着60%的市场Universal’s “Jurassic World” was the No. 1 draw, taking in nearly million, a global total of .65 billion, and Imax theaters did particularly well.环球的《侏罗纪世界(Jurassic World)位居票房首位,国内票房近6.7亿美元,全球票房.5亿美元,Imax影院票房表现尤佳“Avengers: Age of Ultron,” from Disney’s Marvel division, was second, selling .8 million (. billion worldwide).迪士尼漫威部门的《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元(Avengers: Age of Ultron)位居第二,国内票房达.578亿美元,全球票房达亿美元Third place went to one of the few original movies to hit big: “Inside Out,” from Disney’s Pixar , took in . million ( million worldwide).第三名是少有的原创电影大片《头脑特工队(Inside Out),来自迪士尼的皮克斯公司,国内票房达3.8亿美元,全球票房达7.亿美元But almost every other film studio struggled.但其他公司就几乎都不大妙了The once rock-solid Warner Bros. found hits in “San Andreas” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” but mostly suffered dud after dud, including “Magic Mike XXL,” “Entourage,” “Hot Pursuit,” “Vacation” and “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” After a stellar summer last year, th Century Fox had a major flop this time around with “Fantastic Four.” Sony Pictures was barely in the game at all.曾经强劲稳定的华纳兄弟公司推出的《末日崩塌(San Andreas)和《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路(Mad Max: Fury Road)表现出色,但大多数影片一部不如一部,诸如《魔力麦克(Magic Mike XXL)、《明星伙伴(Entourage)、《别惹得州(Hot Pursuit)和《秘密特工(The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)经历了群星荟萃的去年夏季,世纪福克斯公司今年带来的《神奇四侠(Fantastic Four)彻底失败索尼影业几乎没什么值得一提的影片There are two major lessons from all of this, analysts say, one involving Hollywood as a whole and one concerning specific film companies.分析师们从中总结出两个教训,一个是关于整个好莱坞的,另一个是关于个别电影公司的 years, Hollywood has pursued event-style movies intended to play to everyone — old and young, male and female, domestic and eign. (“Old” is defined by the studios as anyone over the age of 35.) But some of these offerings have grown so colossal that other movies, even very expensive and heavily marketed ones that receive decent reviews, are having a hard time getting noticed.多年来,好莱坞追求大片类型的电影,希望能吸引所有人——无论男女老幼,无论国内国外(对于制片公司来说,“老”意味着35岁以上)但是这类影片当中,有些变得过于庞大,导致其他影片就算投入高昂成本、进行大量市场宣传,口碑也不错,但还是不太受人关注“We’re not seeing as many doubles and triples, and those movies are the ones that really keep the box office healthy,” said Paul Dergarabedian, a senior analyst at Rentrak. “It was an extremely top-heavy summer.”“我们没看的影片是已看的两三倍,正是这些影片让票房保持健康,”Rentrak的高级分析师保罗·德加拉贝迪安(Paul Dergarabedian)说“今年夏天的票房实在是太头重脚轻了”Last summer, nine of the top movies in North America collected roughly Since her breakout role as Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean over a decade ago, Keira Knightley has largely stayed away from billion-dollar Hollywood blockbusters – and that’s by design.十多年前,凯拉-奈特莉凭借《加勒比海盗中伊丽莎白斯旺的角色一举成名,不过她之后却有意避开了数十亿美元票房的好莱坞大片The 30-year-old English actress was when she was first cast in the Pirates series, and she went on to make two more appearances, but Knightley said it was an unhappy time that she would not repeat.这位英国女演员现年30岁,首次出演《加勒比海盗时只有岁,随后又相继出演了第二部和第三部,但是奈特莉表示,那是一段不愉快的经历,不愿再重来“I just found it all very hard,” she told The Telegraph last October. “I love eating popcorn and watching [big blockbuster films], because it’s like a ride, and it can be fantastic. But it’s secretly got that other side to it, which is: ‘Well, they’re not really acting, and it’s all about the CGI (computer-generated imagery).’ Which is completely fair enough.”“我发现所有事情都很艰难,”奈特莉在去年月份接受《每日电讯报采访时表示,“我喜欢吃着爆米花看大片,因为这就好比一段精的旅程但是现在已经悄然变味了:好吧,这些都不是真的表演,而是电脑合成的图像实在是太没有意思了”Knightley said she understands that big-budget movies are heavy on special effects and light on actors showing off their chops, but she wants something more.奈特莉表示,她明白高成本的电影,在特效以及通过灯光展现演员能力等方面投入巨大,但是她想要的不止这些The last few years have offered space her to take risks and confront the challenge of more distinct roles, from playing the hysteria-suffering physician Sabina Spielrein in drama A Dangerous Method () to squaring up to Steve Carell in the muted comedy Seeking a Friend the End of the World ().过去的数年为奈特莉提供了发展的空间,可以大胆冒险并且面对迥异角色所带来的挑战,比如在《危险方法()中饰演饱受癔症困扰的医师萨宾娜斯皮勒林,以及在喜剧片《末日情缘()中和史蒂夫愠幓尔演对手戏But those roles have been low-key compared to the fame that the Pirates series brought her, until her recent permance in the film The Imitation Game. Her role won her a nomination the Best Supporting Actress Oscar award.相比《加勒比海盗带给她的名声,这些角色都很低调,直到她最近在《模仿游戏中再一次奉献的精表演这一角色为她赢得了今年奥斯卡最佳女配角的提名The historical thriller, which opened in China on July 1, follows the story of British computer scientist Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch). Turing was crucial in helping the UK government decode German intelligence during World War II. He was later prosecuted then-illegal homosexual acts.7月1日上映的《模仿游戏是一部传记电影,讲述了英国计算机科学家艾伦图灵(本尼迪克特康伯巴奇饰演)的故事二战中,图灵在帮助英国政府破译德国密码时起到了至关重要的作用由于当时同性恋是违法的,图灵也后来被起诉The film is decidedly not in the same vein as the Pirates series. Knightley plays Joan Clarke, a friend of Turing, in a film those involved called profound and important. Clarke herself was a pivotal codebreaker in her own right, praised her intellect.《模仿游戏和《加勒比海盗系列的风格大相径庭在这部意义重大而深远的影片中,奈特莉饰演图灵的朋友琼克拉克卡拉克本身也是一名核心的密码破译人员,因其杰出的才能受到赞誉“She brings a much-needed warmth, humor and Anglicized spunk to the proceedings as Joan Clarke, immediately winning over the audience’s affections when she is mistakenly pegged as a secretarial candidate while trying out a code-breaking position,” critic Susan Wloszczyna wrote on review website rogerebert.com.“在饰演琼克拉克的过程中,奈特莉为角色带来了所需的温暖、幽默以及英式气概,尤其是在影片中,克拉克本想试用密码破译的岗位,却误被任命充当文职人员的桥段,迅速赢得了观众的喜爱,”家苏珊茠络茨兹娜在影评网站rogerebet.com上写道Her Pirates character was fiery, smart, and independent, but Knightley’s new role has historical weight behind it. It seems that’s the weight Knightley has been looking .奈特莉饰演的海盗角色热情似火、聪明独立,但是她在《模仿游戏中的新角色却颇有许历史厚重感而似乎这才是奈特莉一直以来所追寻的“ so many of us in The Imitation Game, it felt like a project we all wanted to be involved with because it felt like an important story to tell,” she told The Guardian.“对出演《模仿游戏中的很多人来讲,这更像是一个我们都希望参与其中的任务,因为感觉像是在讲述一个意义重大的故事,”奈特莉在接受《卫报的采访时表示 3888 million or more in ticket sales. This year, only four movies did that: “Jurassic World,” “Age of Ultron,” “Inside Out” and Universal’s animated “Minions.”去年夏天,在北美票房前名影片中,前9部都得到了亿美元以上的收入而今年,只有部影片取得了这个成绩,分别是《侏罗纪世界、《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元、《头脑特工队和环球影业的动画片《小黄人大眼萌(Minions)“Jurassic World” ranked first or second five weekends in a row. Universal’s “Straight Outta Compton” was No. 1 three weekends straight. Because of the continued popularity of those films, some competing movies faced a limited chance to play in the biggest theaters, including those operated by Imax and a screen network known as Premium Large mat, both of which charge more tickets.《侏罗纪世界一连五周保持在票房第一或第二的位置环球影业的《冲出康普顿(Straight Outta Compton)连续三个周末保持票房第一因为这些影片持续流行,同期竞争影片在大影院上映的机会就受到限制,包括那些由Imax运营的影院,以及提供优质大画幅(Premium Large mat)的影院系统,二者都要收取更高票价It may only get worse: In the summer of , instance, Disney has new installments from its “Toy Story,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Star Wars” franchises opening back to back. That lineup is expected to leave little room anything else to bloom.这种局面可能会变得更糟:比如说,到年暑期,迪斯尼将持续推出《玩具总动员(Toy Story)、《加勒比海盗(Pirates of the Caribbean)、《护卫队(Guardians of the Galaxy)和《星球大战(Star Wars)等系列大片的新作估计这一系列影片给其他影片留下的空间会非常小The summer season that just ended also reflected specific problems at certain suppliers. Warner, instance, has been struggling through a lingering shaky period resulting from upheaval in , when the studio’s movie chief departed in a broader management overhaul.刚刚结束的暑期放映季也反映出某些公司的特殊问题比如华纳公司,年,公司经历了人事动荡,电影部门的主管在管理层的大改组中离开如今公司仍在艰难地克动荡期的余波“Our business is cyclical, and we had a transitional summer,” Dan Fellman, Warner’s president of domestic distribution, said. “The good news is that Greg Silverman and his team are really lining up a series of movies that look to be huge box office hits,” including “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Mr. Silverman is Warner’s president of movie production.“我们的经营有自己的周期,今年夏天是一个过渡,”华纳公司国内发行部总裁丹·菲尔曼(Dan Fellman)说“好消息是,格里格·席尔瓦曼(Greg Silverman)和他的团队正在组织一系列既可能成为票房大片的电影,”这其中包括了《蝙蝠侠大战超人:正义黎明(Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)席尔瓦曼是华纳电影制作部门的总裁Sony, which as recently as found major warm-weather hits in “Men in Black 3” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” had the most difficult summer of all. The studio did not have a single film among the season’s top 5 permers, according to Box Office Mojo, a database. “Pixels,” starring Adam Sandler, was Sony’s biggest draw, taking in roughly .3 million in North America.索尼公司上一次在夏季取得成功的大片还要追溯到年的《黑衣人3(Men in Black 3)和《神奇蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man),今年夏天,它的日子比谁都难过根据电影票房数据库Box Office Mojo统计,该公司没有一部电影跻身本季票房前5之列亚当·桑德勒(Adam Sandler)主演的《像素大战(Pixels)是索尼最成功的一部影片,在北美获得7330万美元票房Sony, which declined to comment this , brought in a new movie chief, Thomas E. Rothman, in February. Mr. Rothman, who had been working to revive Sony’s TriStar label, replaced Sony’s longtime movie picker, Amy Pascal, who was edged out because of a shortage of hits and the fallout from last year’s cyberattack on the studio.索尼公司拒绝了采访要求,今年月,公司迎来了新的电影部门主管托马斯·E·罗斯曼(Thomas E. Rothman)罗斯曼曾令索尼的TriStar品牌起死回生,他取代了索尼长期以来的电影主管艾米·帕斯卡(Amy Pascal),她离职是因为没能推出足够多的票房大片,此外还受到去年公司受黑客攻击带来的影响The fall promises to be better Sony, which will release the next James Bond film, “Spectre,” on Nov. 6. Sony also got a bit of box-office help over the weekend. Its religious drama “War Room” took in about . million from Friday to Sunday, first place.今年秋季,索尼可能会有些起色,月6日,它将推出0新片《0:大破幽灵危机(Spectre)这个周末,索尼在票房上也有不少收获,关于宗教的新片《战争房间(War Room)刚一上映,就在周五到周日的这段时间里获得了90万美元的票房 3985'Lust Caution' Star Tang Wei Returns in 'Crossing Hennessy'Chinese actress Tang Wei and director Ivy Ho appeared at the Hong Kong International Film Festival the Sunday-night premiere of their romantic comedy 'Crossing Hennessy.'Attendees at the sold-out premiere clamored photos and autographs of Ms. Tang, whose appearance is her first since she was blacklisted in China following her graphic sex scenes in Ang Lee's controversial espionage drama 'Lust Caution.'Ms. Tang, a native of mainland China and a Mandarin speaker, drew applause from the audience when she displayed the considerable Cantonese-language skills she also demonstrates in the movie.'Crossing Hennessy' is the story of a pair of lonely singles - Ms. Tang and Jacky Cheung, a no-show at the premiere - pushed together by their families. It is described by second-time director Ms. Ho as an exploration of the 'mysteries' of the human heart.Also appearing at the premiere were co-stars Paw Hee-ching, who won best actress at last year's Hong Kong Film Awards 'The Way We Are,' Chinese-American actor Andy On, and veteran Hong Kong actor Lowell Lo. 'Crossing Hennessy' opens general release in Hong Kong on April 1.-Dean Napolitano* Crossing Hennessy,* Film,* Hong Kong,* Hong Kong International Film Festival,* Tang Wei 1958福州治疗不育不孕哪家好

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