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Regions shrouded in heavy smog over the past week are lifting their hazardous weather alerts as a new cold front drives the pollution away.由于冷空气袭来,有利于污染物消散,上周被笼罩在雾霾下大部分省份终于可以取消危险空气警报了。Cities in northern China have seen clear blue skies again on Sunday. The central meteorological bureau has now lifted its nationwide double alert for haze and fog although Shanghai remained hazy on Monday morning, although the city’s weather center said it was more a result of moist fog rather than the hazardous fine particles in smog.中国北方城市于周日又见晴好天气。中央气象局已经取消了全国范围内的雾霾天气的双警报,然而上海市的周一仍旧烟雾蒙蒙,上海市气象局表示此为雾气,而非含有有害颗粒物的雾霾天气。Smog in other regions is also expected to disperse as cold air accompanied by wind arrives late Monday or Tuesday. Since the start of December, large parts of China have seen smoggy weather which has led to closures of highways and school as well as flight delays.其他地区的雾霾也将会随着周一或周二到来的大风冷空气而消散。自12月起,中国大部分地区就相继出现雾霾天气,该雾霾天气导致高速公路被封锁,学校停课以及航班延误。13 provinces have reported record high numbers of hazy days this year.13个省份公布的雾霾天气天数均创本年之最。201312/267952How can I save money on my business trip?出差时我应该如何节约费用?One of the things that is important when youre travelling for business is to save money. Some of the ways you can look at saving money is thinking about your transportation needs. Sometimes its less expensive to take a taxi versus renting a car, because sometimes with renting a car you have to pay for parking and at some hotels it can cost up to thirty-five dollars per day just to park your car.商务旅行时比较重要的一点就是节约费用。省钱的其中一个方法就是考虑交通需求。有时乘坐出租车比租车更加便宜,因为租车必须付停车费,在有些酒店,一天的停车费用就高达35美元。But on the other hand if youre travelling around to a lot of different meetings and a lot of different places maybe taking a taxi will be more expensive. So look at whats going to fit your transportation needs the best. The other great tip for saving money is to think about concierge floors at your hotel. They are special floors where they have breakfast for you in the morning. They also could have little appetizers and snacks at dinnertime. So essentially you can save money on breakfast, you can grab some fresh fruit, some cereal and go off to your meeting. In the evening you can also eat your meal there so thats a great way to save some money on your food expenditures.但是另一方面,如果你必须到很多地方,参加很多不同的会议,乘坐出租车可能就比较贵了。所以,考虑一下哪种方式最适合你的交通需求。省钱的另外一个好方法是考虑酒店的公务楼层。有一些楼层会提供早餐,晚餐时间还会供应一些开胃菜和小吃。所以,从根本上来说,你可以节省早餐,新鲜水果,一些谷物食品和参加会议的交通费用。晚上你也可以在酒店就餐,这样可以节约食品费用。Thanks for watching How To Save Money On Your Business Trip.感谢收看“出差如何节约费用”视频节目。视频听力由。201309/257611通过展示视频片段,诸如《弗里达》、《暴风雨》和《狮子王》等,导演朱丽·泰莫描绘了她所沉浸的剧院和电影院世界里的生活。当她的百老汇作品《蜘蛛侠:关闭黑暗》正处在争议的风口浪尖时,我们拍摄了这个视频。她坦率地描述了她创作历程中内心的不安——在竭力把握故事的精髓的同时创造一种全新的画面和体验。201412/346791

My Generation我的世代Im part of a fearful generation, and I refuse to believe that I can change the world. I realize this may be a shock, but an independent Scotland will thrive is a lie. ;The U.K. is Better Together,; so in thirty years, Ill tell my children I vote with my head. I have my priority straight: the Union is more important to me than Scotland.我是这个畏缩世代的一部分,而我不愿相信我可以改变世界。我了解这可能是个打击,但独立的苏格兰将会繁荣是个谎言。“联合王国团结起来会更好”,因此三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子我深思后才投票。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来:联合王国对我而言远比苏格兰重要。As the experts tell me, 30 years from now, I would regret voting ;Yes.; I do not believe that I need to live in a country of my own making. In the future, the Union will prioritize Scotlands needs, and I completely reject any suggestion that Westminster only wants us for our resources. The fact is my generation is fearful and unambitious. It is foolish to presume that we need change.正如专家们告诉我的,从现在起三十年,我会后悔投“赞成票”。我不相信我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。在未来,联合王国将优先考虑苏格兰的需求,而我完全否认任何英国国会只为了我们的资源而需要我们的说词。事实是我的世代都畏畏缩缩且毫无野心。擅自主张我们需要改变是愚蠢的。Or is it?或者真是这样吗?We need change. It is foolish to presume that my generation is fearful and unambitious. The fact is Westminster only wants us for our resources, and I completely reject any suggestion that the Union will prioritize Scotlands needs. In the future, I need to live in a country of my own making. I do not believe that 30 years from now I would regret voting ;Yes; as the experts tell me.我们需要改变。认为我的世代都畏畏缩缩又没野心是愚蠢的。 事实是英国国会只因为我们的资源需要我们,而且我完全驳回任何联合王国将会优先考虑苏格兰需求的说词。未来,我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。我不相信从今以后的三十年,我会像专家所告诉我的那样,后悔投下“赞成票”。Scotland is more important to me than the Union. I have my priority straight. I vote with my head. So in 30 years, Ill tell my children ;The U.K. is Better Together; is a lie. An independent Scotland will thrive. I realize this may be a shock, but I can change the world, and I refuse to believe that Im part of a fearful generation.苏格兰对我而言远比联合王国重要。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来。我是深思熟虑过投票的。所以三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子们“联合王国团结起来会更好”是个谎言。独立的苏格兰将会兴盛。我知道这或许是个冲击,但我可以改变这世界,而我拒绝相信我是一个畏缩世代的一部分。On September 18th, vote ;yes;.九月18号,投赞成票。201411/341961

向那些疯狂的家伙们致敬:在1997年Apple Think Different苹果电视广告创意中,黑白视频划过那些你可能熟悉可能陌生的脸。长达一分钟的广告涵盖多个历史人物,爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein), 鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan), 马丁路德金(Martin Luther King, Jr.), 理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson), 约翰·列侬(John Lennon)及大野洋子, 富勒(R. Buckminster Fuller), 爱迪生(Thomas Edison),阿里(Muhammad Ali), 特德·特纳(Ted Turner), 玛丽亚·卡拉斯(Maria Callas), 甘地(Mahatma Gandhi), 艾米莉亚·埃尔哈特(Amelia Earhart),希区柯克(Alfred Hitchcock), 玛莎·葛兰姆(Martha Graham), 吉姆·汉森(Jim Henson)与青蛙柯密特(Kermit the Frog), 弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)及毕加索(Pablo Picasso)。广告片以一个年轻女孩Shaan Sahota睁开眼睛为结尾他们总是异想天开,既不喜欢循规蹈矩,也不尊重既成事实。 苹果Apple 1997年Think Different电视广告文案中英文本Heres to the crazy ones.向那些疯狂的家伙们致敬The misfits.那些我行我素的家伙The rebels.那些桀骜不驯的家伙The troublemakers.那些惹事生非的家伙The round pegs in the square holes.那些方孔中的圆桩The ones who see things differently.他们总是异想天开Theyre not fond of rules.既不喜欢循规蹈矩And they have no respect for the status quo.也不尊重既成事实You can e them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.你尽可以引用他们,否定他们,赞美或者贬损他们About the only thing you cant do is ignore them.不过惟独不能漠视他们Because they change things.因为他们进行着变革They push the human race forward.他们推动着人类的进步And while some may see them as the crazy ones,他们也许是别人眼里的疯子We see genius.却是我们眼中的天才Because the people who are crazy enough to think因为,只有疯狂到认为they can change the world,自己能够改变世界的人Are the ones who do.才能真正做到这一点201404/284400

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