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宜昌阳痿早泄好的医院三峡大学仁和医院割包皮手术价格Michigans booming brewery industry just added a fresh, new ingredient to the growing business of beer making: a cooperative model.Jim Jones is a board member and director of High Five Cooperative Brewery in Grand Rapids. He joined Stateside to talk about this new approach to making beer as a co-op.;A co-op is a business organization that is owned by the people who use the services,; said Jones. ;That can be true for anything ranging from credit unions to rural electric co-op to food co-op, a housing co-op, or in this case, a brew pub co-op.;The regular membership, or to become a ;member-owner; as Jones calls it, is 0. When you buy a share you become a part-owner of the company and if you also have the option to buy additional investment shares. The money is being used to pay for start-up expenses as High Five seeks to buy their own equipment so they can start brewing as an official organization.The Tecumseh Brewing Company made headlines in 2014 as Michigans first crowd-funded brewery. The brewery became the first success story of the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE) as they raised 5,000 to get off the ground.Jones explained that what they are doing is very different.;In a crowd-funding model … investment is not really the right word. Its more like a donation,; said Jones. ;You dont have any control or ownership of the organization that youre giving the money to. In a co-op, when you have an investment … you have the ability to direct the co-op or become involved in the co-op in some way. Usually that would mean a vote for the members on the board of directors.;Listen to the full interview below to hear more about their brewerys plans and how the nations first co-op brewery in Austin, Texas has inspired them.201603/429800宜昌哪家医院治疗阳痿早泄更加专业! Corporate tax in America美国的公司税How to stop the inversion perversion如何阻止歪曲的误解Restricting companies from moving abroad is no substitute for corporate-tax reform限制公司出境并不能成为公司税改革的替代品ECONOMIC refugees have traditionally lined up to get into America. Lately, they have been lining up to leave. In the past few months, half a dozen biggish companies have announced plans to merge with foreign partners and in the process move their corporate homes abroad. The motive is simple: corporate taxes are lower in Ireland, Britain and, for that matter, almost everywhere else than they are in America.经济难民历来都是排着队进美国的。然而 最近他们却开始排队离开。在过去的几个月里,许多较大的公司已经宣布计划与外国合作伙伴合并,并在这个过程中把他们的企业转移到国外。它们的动机很简单:从企业税的角度考虑,不管是爱尔兰、英国还是机会其他的任何国家都比美国的要低。In Washington, DC, policymakers have reacted with indignation. Jack Lew, the treasury secretary, has questioned the companiespatriotism and called on Congress to outlaw such transactions. His fellow Democrats are eager to oblige, and some Republicans are willing to listen.在华盛顿特区,政策制定者们表现的愤懑不已。财政部长杰克·卢表示质疑这些公司是否爱国并呼吁国会取缔此类交易。他的民主党同僚们也表示认同,而一些共和党人也原意听取意见。The proposals are misguided. Tightening the rules on corporate “inversions”, as these moves are called, does nothing to deal with the reason why so many firms want to leave: America has the rich worlds most dysfunctional corporate-tax system. It needs fundamental reform, not new complications.这些提议有着误导性。加强对企业的这些所谓的“转位”规则,却不能解释为什么这么多的企业想要离开:在富裕国家里,美国拥有最不正常的企业税制。它需要的是根本性的改革,而不是新的并发症。Americas corporate tax has two horrible flaws. The first is the tax rate, which at 35% is the highest among the 34 mostly rich-country members of the OECD. Yet it raises less revenue than the OECD average thanks to myriad loopholes and tax breaks aimed at everything from machinery investment to NASCAR race tracks. Last year these breaks cost 0 billion in forgone revenue, more than half of what America collected in total corporate taxes.美国的企业税有两个可怕的漏洞。首先是税率,35%的税率是经合组织34个最富裕成员国中最高的。然而,它的收益却比经合组织的平均水平要低,这是由无数准备投入到 NASCAR赛道机械投资带来的漏洞和税收减免造成的。在去年损失的收入中,减免的税收就占了1500亿美元,超过美国征得的公司税总额的一半。The second flaw is that America levies tax on a companys income no matter where in the world it is earned. In contrast, every other large rich country taxes only income earned within its borders. Here, too, Americas system is absurdly ineffective at collecting money. Firms do not have to pay tax on foreign profits until they bring them back home. Not surprisingly, many do not: American multinationals have some trillion sitting on their foreign unitsbalance-sheets, and growing.第二个漏洞就是不管公司在哪里获得的收入,美国都会对它征税。相反,在其它任意一个发达国家,只会对公司在境内获得的收入征税。在这方面,美国的制度对征集税费所取得的效果甚微。只有当公司把境外收益带回国内时,它们才不得不交税。毫不奇怪,很多公司都没有交税:美国跨国公司把2万亿美元的资产都划到它们国外公司的资产负债表中,而且越来越多。All this imposes big costs on the economy. The high rate discourages investment and loopholes distort it, because decisions are driven by tax considerations rather than a projects economic merits. The tax rate companies actually pay varies wildly, depending on their type of business and the creativity of their lawyers: some pay close to zero, others the full 35%.所有这些都会加大经济成本。由于作出的决定是从税收角度出发,而非一个项目的经济利益角度,高税率和税率漏洞都不利于投资。公司被征得的税率取决于它们的业务种类和律师的创造力:一些几乎不需交税,而有些则高达35%。Twenty years ago inversions were rare. But as other countries chopped their rates and Americas stayed the same, the incentive to flee grew. Until a decade ago Bermuda and other tax havens were the destination of choice, until Congress banned inversions where less than 20% of the company changed hands. Democrats have proposed expanding that prohibition to any transaction where less than 50% of the company changes hands—so an American company that bought a smaller foreign firm could not reincorporate abroad if its original shareholders remained in charge. Such a ban would be at best a temporary palliative. An American company paying higher taxes than its foreign competitors has a powerful incentive to find a way around the rules. Consultants are aly coming up with dodges in case this proposal becomes law.由于二十年前,税收倒置不常见。但是随着其它国家削减它们的税收,美国保持不变,越来越多的公司逃税。直到十天前,百慕达等避税天堂成为首选的目的地,直到国会取消少于公司现金转手20%的税收倒置。民主党提议,将禁止公司现金转手扩大到少于50%—所以一个收购了国外小公司的美国公司,如果原股东仍对公司负责,那么该公司不能在国外重新组合。这种禁令暂时是很好的,但是却不能治本。一个比国外竞争者要上缴更多税收的美国公司,有更大的动力去发现身边的规则。如果这个建议变成法律条文,顾问已经想出了逃避的方法。Home, sweeter home家,更甜蜜的家The real solution is to lower the corporate rate, eliminate tax breaks and move America from a worldwide system to a territorial one. Barack Obama has proposed a reform that cuts the rate to 28% but keeps the worldwide reach. Dave Camp, a Republican congressman, has plumped for 25%, the OECD average, and a shift to a territorial system, instead.真正的解决办法是降低企业税率,取消税收减免,将美国从一个世界范围的体系转移到局部地区。奥巴马提议将税率降低到28,但要在全球范围进行改革。相反,共和党国会议员大卫·卡普坚决持25%,达到经合组织的平均水平,并转移到一个局部系统。It should be possible to bridge the differences. But both sides have tied the subject to other issues. Mr Obama insists that corporate-tax reform must also raise more money to spend on things like public infrastructure, which the Republicans oppose; they, in turn, want to package it with cuts in personal tax rates, which Mr Obama is loth to accept. Thus, nothing happens.它应该可以弥补差异。但是双方都将这一主题牵涉到其它问题上。奥巴马坚持认为,企业税改革也必须筹集更多的钱用在类的东西的公共基础设施,其中共和党人反对; 反过来,他们,想把它用在个人所得税税率削减包,奥巴马却很不情愿接受。因此,没有取得进展。The two sides should drop their conditions and hammer out a stand-alone corporate-tax reform that reduces the rate and broadens the base. Until then, expect the line-up of corporate migrants to grow.双方应放弃他们的条件,并制定出一个独立的法人税改革,降低税率,扩大基地。在此之前,期待企业移民的快速增长。译者:李聪 译文属译生译世 /201506/379670Many Germans were certainly anti-Semitic at the time,but there was no evidence that the majority of ordinary people,like these holidaymakers,approved of murderous attacks on German Jews.当时很多德国人是反犹分子,但没据显示大部分普通居民,例如度假的这些人都如此残忍地对待犹太人Nor that they had any desire to fight another European war.也更不想在欧洲挑起新的战争But large numbers of them did certainly have faith in Hitler.但大部分德国人的确信任希特勒They called him General Bloodless-someone who had achieved great things for them and their country without the need to spill any blood.人们称他为;不流血的将军;因为他为人民和国家立下丰功伟绩而不流一滴血We had adopted an attitude whereby one said that the Fuehrer would manage.我们已形成共识认为无论如何元首定能成功The Fuehrer would do the right thing.元首会作出正确决定Hitler knew that this attitude of trust,that he would ;do the right thing,was based on these peoples faith in his charismatic leadership.希特勒知道人们之所以相信他会作出正确决定是基于人们对他领袖魅力的肯定So he faced the difficult task of trying to get ordinary Germans to accept military conflict,without them losing their faith in him.所以他现面临的问题是如何让普通德国人接受军事行动,同时对他保持信任We can get an idea of just how Hitler had been working at turning around public opinion from a secret speech he gave here in Munich to leading German journalists.这是希特勒在慕尼黑对德国一些主流媒体记者发表的秘密演说,从中可看出他如何操纵公众舆论。On 10th November 1938, Hitler said...1938年11月10日,希特勒说... 译文属201605/441046宜昌男健医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

宜昌去割包皮去哪家医院宜昌市第一人民医院治疗早泄多少钱 宜昌治疗前列腺增生去哪家医院

宜昌市男健医院看泌尿科怎么样Car-hailing apps in China中国的打车软件More than mobility不只是客运The ambitions of Didi Kuaidi, Ubers Chinese rival, go far beyond taxi-hailing作为Uber的竞争对手,滴滴快的不再只限于召唤出租车。FOREIGN internet giants often struggle in China. Facebook, Twitter and Google are largely irrelevant on the mainland. Uber, an American car-hailing app that is conquering markets everywhere else, is also finding China hard to crack. But unlike those other tech titans, the taxi disrupter is not being frozen out by unfair Chinese regulations favouring local firms. Ubers biggest problem is that it has encountered a world-class local upstart.国际互联网巨头经常在中国栽跟头。Facebook, Twitter和Google基本上都无法涉足这个市场。就连在世界其他地方都所向披靡的美国打车软件Uber(优步),也认为中国市场难以攻克。然而,不像其他科技巨头那样,Uber所面临的最大难题,不是中国政府对本土企业的偏袒政策,而是,它遇上了有世界级水平的本土竞争对手。Didi Kuaidi was forged last year by the merger of rival taxi-hailing apps controlled by Alibaba and Tencent, two Chinese internet giants. It now dominates Chinas online market for personal transport. Last year it arranged 1.4 billion rides in China, more than Uber has done worldwide in its history. It has perhaps two-thirds of the market for private-car rides (the source of most of its revenues) and provides a taxi-hailing service in several hundred cities. Uber, with a third of the market for private-car service, this week announced plans to expand to cover 55 Chinese cities. Both have spent heavily on subsidies to lure drivers to sign up.去年,由中国互联网两大巨头阿里巴巴和腾讯分别控制的滴滴打车和快的打车合并为滴滴快的。如今,它主导了中国线上个人交通市场,去年仅在中国就接单14亿次,比Uber过去在全球的战绩还要辉煌。滴滴快的已经占领了三分之二的私家出租车市场(也是其收入的主要来源)并为几百个城市提供了打车务。而为剩下三分之一的私家出租车市场提供务的Uber,本周宣布将扩张至55个城市。滴滴和Uber都在加大补贴以吸引司机的注册。Unlike Uber, which in China focuses on private-car services, Didi lets users select a taxi, private car, shared car, shuttle van or bus to pick them up. During next months Chinese New Year mass migration, when millions of travellers will encounter sold-out flights and trains, Didi will help users share intercity rides at prices comparable to train fares.不同于Uber在中国主要专注于私家出租车市场,滴滴让消费者有权利选择让什么车来接他们——出租、私家车、拼车、往返货车、甚至是公交车。在下个月的春运期间,数百万乘客可能买不到机票或火车票,滴滴软件则能向用户提供跨城拼车业务,价格与火车票相当。It has also forged alliances with, and invested in, Ubers rivals elsewhere: GrabTaxi in South-East Asia, Ola in India and Lyft in America. Jean Liu, Didis president and a former Goldman Sachs dealmaker, helped Didi raise billion to take on Uber. Soon half of the global market will be on her alliances technology platform, Ms Liu says, which will help both Chinese people travelling abroad and foreigners visiting China.滴滴还与Uber在全球的其他竞争者结成同盟或者投资他们:东南亚的Grab出租车,印度的Ola以及美国的Lyft。柳青,滴滴的董事长也是前高盛集团投资经理人,帮助滴滴筹集30亿美金来与Uber竞争。柳青表示,很快全球一半市场都将纳入她的联盟科技技术平台上,这既有助于中国人去国外旅行又便于外国人来访中国。But getting people from A to B is just the start of Didis ambitions. It plans to offer a variety of other services that make the most of its huge base of users and the trove of data it holds on them. On January 26th the firm announced an agreement with China Merchants Bank (CMB). A growing number of Didis drivers want to buy a new car, and many have a steady income thanks to the app, but often lack formal credit. Didi and CMB will start offering car loans—first to drivers, but in future perhaps to passengers as well.但是在两地间接送乘客仅仅只是滴滴野心的开端。滴滴还计划提供其他多种务,充分利用大规模的用户资源及其数据库。1月26日,公司宣布与中国招商达成合作协议。多亏了这一打的软件,许多司机都有了份稳定的收入,越来越多的滴滴司机想要买辆新车,但是常常缺乏正规信贷。滴滴与中国招商将开始提供汽车贷款——起初给司机,但是未来可能也会面向乘客。Didis app aly lets passengers book test drives of new cars on behalf of several carmakers, including Mercedes and Audi. Some 1.4m customers have taken one of 92 models for a spin since this service was launched in October.滴滴软件已经能让乘客预约多个汽车品牌的新车试驾,其中包括奔驰与奥迪。自十月提供了这项务以来,已有大约1400万用户从92款车型中挑选其中一款进行试驾。Perhaps Didis quirkiest new sideline is that of matchmaker. Hitch, its ride-sharing service, will soon allow drivers and passengers to select each other based on their shared interests. It aly has a deal with LinkedIn, to let people join up their accounts on the two networks. The intention of such initiatives is that white-collar workers, who often endure daily commutes of an hour or two, will have more fruitful journeys during which business, friendship and maybe even romance will develop.也许滴滴最奇特的附加业务是做介绍人。滴滴顺风车,这一拼车务将会允许司机与乘客基于共同的兴趣选择彼此。滴滴已经与LinkedIn(领英)达成协议,可为用户提供两个网站的账户合并。这些举措的初衷是为每日需在上下班路上花费一两个小时的白领工作者提供更多收获的旅程,而在通勤路上,他们可以拓展商务关系、发展友谊甚至邂逅浪漫的爱情。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:王丹培 amp; 鲁城华 译文属译生译世 /201602/426676 The second type of vaccine contains an attenuated virus. 第二种类型的疫苗包含一种减毒病毒。This virus is alive, but has been grown in the lab for several generations, so it isnt able to multiply very well in humans. 这种病毒本身是活的,但在实验室中已成长了几代,所以无法在人体中很好繁殖。With the attenuated virus multiplying very slowly,your body is able to produce the correct antibodies before you get sick. 由于减毒病毒繁殖慢,因此你的身体在患病前就能够产生正确的抗体。Measles and mumps vaccines are both made with attenuated viruses. 麻疹,腮腺炎疫苗都是用减毒病毒疫苗。When most people in a community have become resistant to the virus, either through a vaccination or by having the virus and recovering, the community develops what is called “herd immunity”. 经过接种疫苗或感染病毒恢复,一个社区的大多数人已对病毒变得具有抵抗力,社区就会发展成为“群体免疫”。The nice thing about herd immunity is that it becomes statistically less likely for the germ to find a person without immunity. 群体免疫的好处是,从统计角度病菌不太可能找到一个没有免疫力的人。This protects members of the community who havent been vaccinated, or had the disease, by reducing their chances of encountering an infected person.这样通过减少接触感染者,社区未接种疫苗或有疾病史的人就会得到保护。201501/354540宜昌男健医院龟头炎症宜昌少精症的治疗费用



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