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Floods kill 41 in China since AprilFloods in China have left 41 people dead and eight missing since the flooding season began on April the 1st. Floods in 16 provinces in southern China have also affected more than 5.5 million people, as well as more than 400,000 hectares of crops. Direct economic losses were estimated at 2 billion yuan. 06/73722It says right on the directions that you shouldnt wear your contacts any longer than two weeks. Youre going on your six or seventh - youve lost count. What REALLY happens when you wear contact lenses longer than recommended?说明书上建议,隐形眼镜佩戴的时间不要超过两个星期。而实际上呢,你戴了六个星期,还是七个星期?自己都不记得了。如果隐形眼镜佩戴的时间超过建议时间,会出现什么情况呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Your contacts will will get coated with germs and protein, your eyes will get red and irritated, and youll have to wear glasses until your eyes feel better.你的隐形眼镜会被细菌和蛋白质覆盖,双眼会红肿疼痛,在眼睛恢复之前你不得不佩戴框架眼镜。Step 2: Worst Case2.最糟糕的情况Youll develop an infectious corneal ulcer that may lead to scar tissue which can lead to vision loss, and even blindness.Symptoms of an infectious corneal ulcer include squinting, redness, pain, tearing, and small pupil size.你可能会患上传染性的角膜溃疡,导致疤痕组织,视力下降,甚至失明。传染性角膜溃疡的症状包括斜视,发红,疼痛,流泪和瞳孔变小。Cleaning and disinfecting disposable contacts wont make a difference. After youve worn them for the recommended time period, theyre done. You have the facts, now you make the call.对一次性眼镜进行清洗和消毒也没有什么效果。超过建议的佩戴时间之后,隐形眼镜就无效了。现在你已经了解了情况,应该做决定了。Thanks for watching Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!感谢收看“隐形眼过期的危害”视频节目。 /201302/226752Watch the VideoJug guide to boosting workplace confidence, with advice on using communication and body language to feel more powerful in the office.观看VideoJug这段视频的指引来增加在工作场合的自信,学会通过沟通和身体语言来让自己在办公室中更加具有影响力。Step 1: Be positive1.积极Try to focus on your skills and talents as much as possible. Make a list of all your good qualities and dont dwell on what you perceive are your weaknesses. Building self esteem is about finding out what your strengths are and then developing and building on them. Your employer would not have given you a job if they did not recognise certain skills in you.努力尽可能多地集中在自己的技能和智慧方面。列出自己一系列优秀的品质,不要对自己认为的缺点耿耿于怀。建立自信主要是找出自己的长处,然后努力发展和增强。如果你的雇主不认可你某一方面的技能,他根本就不会聘用你。When you do something well or achieve something, dont brush it off. Acknowledge it and give yourself praise, even if is just a small achievement. Also, make sure that your boss knows about any good work that youve done. This doesnt mean blowing your own trumpet, but just being realistic about your achievements.当你做好了某件事或者取得了什么成就,不要置之不理。认可自己的成绩,给自己奖励,即使仅仅是很小的成绩。另外,你做好了任何工作都要让老板知道。这并不是说鼓吹自己的胜利,只是对自己的成绩采取比较现实的态度。When dealing with colleagues at work, try not to compare your achievements to theirs - you should succeed on your own terms!与同事相处的时候,试着不要拿自己的成绩与他人作比较——你应该在自己定义的范围内获得成功!Step 2: Communicate2.沟通When you feel insecure or nervous you will tend to withdraw from your colleagues. This can result from focussing too much on yourself and your own shyness.当你感到不安或紧张的时候,你或许想要脱离同事的行列。这可能是由于你过于关注自己和自己的羞愧感。When youre getting to know people at work, use conversation to build trust and find common ground. Use the name of the person youre talking to. This not only makes conversation more personal, but also helps you remember peoples names. Another technique that can help conversation flow more easily is to use open questions that cant be answered with a yes or no. Watch VideoJugs films about conversation skills for more advice.当你开始认识同事的时候,通过聊天来建立信任,寻找共同语言。提到和你对话的人的名字。这不仅使对话更加个人化,还可以帮助你记住某人的名字。可以帮助对话更加顺利进行的另外一个技巧就是提问可以自由回答的问题,而不是只有是或否的问题。可以观看VideoJug视频来了解更多对话技巧。Remember that clear and open communication at work is vital for building confdience and maiintaining healthy relationships at work.记住,工作场合清晰坦诚的沟通对于建立自信,保持健康的关系是非常关键的。Step 3: Act confident3.表现要自信The way you present yourself to others can also help you feel more confident. Be aware of how you hold yourself and the signals that your body language is sending out. Think about your posture. Stand up straight, and when you move around a room,move with purpose.向他人展示自己的方式也可以帮助你感到更加自信。清楚了解自己的行为和自己的身体语言传达出的信号。考虑一下你的姿势,身体一定要站直,当你在房间内走动的时候,一定要有目的性。For more advice, watch VideoJugs films about body language.要获得更多建议,观看VideoJug关于身体语言的视频。Another tool you can use to build confidence is the clothes that you wear. Choose clothes and colours that make you feel strong and confident, and clothes that you feel comfortable in.另外一个建立自信的方法就是穿衣。选择可以让你感觉更加强势,更加自信,更加舒的装和颜色。And finally, never underestimate the power of a smile - it make you more approachable and helps you feel better. Good luck!最后,永远不要低估微笑的力量——微笑让你看上去更加容易接近,让你感觉更好。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Feel More Confident At Work.感谢收看“怎样在工作场合感觉更加自信”视频节目。201212/211860This film shows you how to prepare and perform in a job interview. If you are committed to getting that perfect job, then watch this excellent on how to perform effectively in the interview stages.本期节目向你展示面试中如何准备和表现。如果你想得到一份满意的工作,不妨来参考一下我们的意见。Step 1: Dress for Success.1.穿着Bottom line, you can never be overdressed for a job interview. Unless you hear otherwise, plan on wearing a business suit. Men, wear a tie.为了面试,再怎么打扮都不为过。穿上商务装,男士打领带。Whatever you wear, make sure you will be comfortable in it during the interview, and make sure its not shabby and wrinkled.无论穿什么,都要保自己舒。而且不要穿破旧的,满是褶皱的衣。Step 2: Bring your Sales Material2.带上你的资料You are here to represent yourself. Bring multiple copies of your resume, in case more than one person asks for it. Also have a list of personal and professional references on hand if requested.你是来推销自己的,简历复印多份,以应对额外的需要。而且还要按照要求带上所需的资料和件。Step 3: Dont be late, be EARLY3.不要迟到,要早到You should arrive no later than five minutes early to the interview.你应该至少提前五分钟到达面试地点。Being y in advance—but not too far--always makes a good impression. Heed my advice, children: Never arrive late.提前准备好,但也不能提前太多。记住我的建议,永远不要迟到。Figure out in advance where to park, which elevator to use, and how much walking you will have to do in between. This could make the difference between getting there five minutes early, or fifteen minutes late!提前找到停车位,应该使用哪个电梯,以及中间你走路所需要的时间。这些细节决定了你是提前五分钟还是迟到15分钟。Also, no gum…and try to smell good.同样,不要嚼口香糖,并且要保自己身上没有异味。Step 4: Use the Confidence4.自信The moment you arrive, you have essentially started the interview. Give a confident smile to the receptionist as you walk in. If youre lucky, theyll remember that. Take every opportunity to make an impression on everyone you see or meet.在你进门的那一刻起,你就已经在面试过程中了。走进去时给接待人员一个自信的微笑,如果最终幸运地进入公司工作,她们会记住你的。抓住每一个机会,让你所见到或者碰到的人对你有一个好印象。Step 5: Body Moving5.身体语言Be sure to give a firm handshake and make good eye contact with your interviewer. This is a sign of a good listener, and a responsive worker. Also watch your posture—nobody wants to hire a slouch.面试时最好握手用力,眼神坚定。因为坚定的眼神代表良好的倾听别人的习惯和积极的反应倾向。同时还要注意你的姿态,因为没有人愿意雇佣一位萎靡不振的人。Hand gestures that are open and in movement are recommended over a closed posture that might show insecurity.推荐开放的手势,通常封闭的姿势被人认为摇摆不定。Step 6: Ask Questions6.询问Have a few questions y about the company or position. It shows you did your research, and darn it, you care.事先准备好几个问题,显得你对此职位很有兴趣,也做了一定的了解。Step 7: The Graceful Exit7.礼貌结束When the interview has concluded, gather your portfolio and thank your interviewer. Shake hands and off you go. Dont linger, its annoying. As a wise man once said, “Be quick, but dont hurry.”面试结束以后,收拾好你的文件夹并向面试官表示感谢。握手,放手,离开。不要徘徊着,让人厌烦。一位智者曾说:迅速,但不要慌乱。Step 8: The Follow Up8.后续事件Two days after your interview, it is a good idea to follow up by phone or email. This is an opportunity to thank them for considering you, and to let them know that you are very interested in the position.面试结束两天后是一个绝好的联系时机,可以通过电话或者邮件与公司人员取得联系,以表示自己对该工作岗位的浓厚兴趣。Thanks for watching How To Perform Effectively In A Job Interview谢谢收看“面试必赢技巧”节目。201208/195344

Awesome workout! But you forgot your shower shoes. Bummer! You can let your feet go commando in the gym shower or stay sweatytil you get home. Decisions, decisions. What REALLY happens when you go barefoot in the locker room?非常出色的训练!但是你不记得穿鞋子了。非常令人不快!你可以光着脚在健身馆的浴室洗澡,也可以大汗淋漓地回到家里再说。你需要作出决定。如果你在衣帽间打赤脚,会出现什么情况呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Youll take your shower, get dressed, and go home. Your feet will be fine, and so will you.你可以舒地淋浴,穿衣,然后回家。你的双脚和身体没有任何问题。Step 2: Worst Case2.最坏的情况The warm, moist environment of a locker room is a hotbed for fungus, and fungus can cause athletes foot and hard, yellow toenails. Bacteria and viruses can also thrive in a locker room, including the virus that causes plantar warts.衣帽间温暖湿润的环境是真菌的温床,真菌会造成运动员的双脚出现问题,脚趾甲变黄,坚硬。细菌和病毒也容易在衣帽间滋生,包括导致足底疣的病毒。Its not going to kill you, but going barefoot at the gym be awfully cruel to your feet. You have the facts, now you make the call.这种疾病不会有生命危险,但是在健身馆赤脚对你的双脚来说是非常残忍的经历。现在你已经知道了,应该做出决定了。Thanks for watching Danger: Barefoot At The Gym!感谢收看“在健身馆赤脚的危害”视频节目。 /201212/214245

A Juice. Kick start your day with this delicious fruit juice, thats bursting with flavour. Follow the expert at Planet Organic and give your digestive system a treat with a cleansing combination of apple, beetroot and carrot... Its easy as A! Drink our A Juice.制作混合果汁。美好的一天从营养美味的果汁开始。跟随有机星球这位专家的做法,让你的消化系统享受由苹果,甜菜根或胡萝卜制成的大餐。就像A一样简单。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 juicer,1 glass榨汁机,杯子Step 2: Prepare2.准备Cut three apples, three fresh beetroot and three carrots so theyll fit into your juicer.将三个苹果,三个新鲜的甜菜根,三根胡萝卜切碎,这样更容易放到榨汁机中。Step 3: Juice3.榨汁One by one add the apples, beetroot and carrot to the juicer. Remove as much liquid as you can.向榨汁机中逐一加入苹果,甜菜和胡萝卜,尽量榨出最多果汁。Step 4: Serve4.享用Pour into a glass, and serve.将果汁倒入玻璃杯中就可以享用了。Thanks for watching How To Make An A Juice.感谢收看“怎样制作A果汁”视频节目。 /201212/216060

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