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你真是个电影狂Movie buff-30 1:36:56 A:Have you seen any good movies lately?你最近有没有看什么好电影?B:It's ages since I went to see a film.我已经好久没去看电影了A:Why? You were a real movie buff when you were a student.怎么?你当学生时可是个地道的电影狂B:But now I would stay at home watching TV.而现在我愿意呆在家里看电视,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Say to yourself 对自己说 I know what unconditional love feelslike.我知道无条件的爱是什么感觉Whether your love is towards a child, alover, or another family member, know the feeling of giving love and notexpecting anything in return–this is what lies at the heart of unconditionallove. Life through unconditional love is a wondrous adventure that excites thevery core of our being and lights our path with delight. This love is a dynamicand powerful energy that lifts us through the most difficult times.无论你付出的爱的对象是小孩、爱人,还是其他家庭成员,明了付出爱而不期盼任何回报的感受,这就是藏在内心的无条件的爱被无条件的爱浸润着的生活是一次历险,会让我们最深处的自己激动,照亮我们前进的道路这种爱是一股源源不断地强劲的能量,在我们面对困难时能托举我们前进Love is beautiful and unpredictable. It begins with ourselves, without self-love, we cannot know what true love canbe. In loving ourselves, we allow the feeling to generate within us and then wecan share it to everyone and everything around us. When you loveunconditionally, it isnt because the person you love is perfect, it because you learn to see an imperfect person perfectly.爱是美丽和不可预期的它始于我们自己,因为不爱自己,我们就不可能知道真爱是什么样子爱自己,这种感受就会在内心萌生,然后我们就能和其他人和周围的一切分享这种爱当你无条件地去爱时,不是因为你爱的人是完美的,而是因为你学会完美地看待一个不完美的人更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属]

【今日主题】This morning I'd like to share a sentence pattern with you . It is : S suggest that S should do. 这个句式表达了说话者建议某人去做某事的意思既然是建议嘛,那么听者至于不照说话者所说的去做呢?这个呢,是不由得说话者的意志所能掌控的,只能说是说话者的一种主观愿望而已在这个句式中的宾语从句 that S should do 中使用了是虚拟语气谓语形式是 should + 动词原形凡是含有宾语从句的复合句的主句中含有表示建议(advice move),提议(recommend propose )这样的谓语实义动词,那么宾语从句都要使用虚拟语气【典型例句】He suggested that a petition should be drown up.他建议起草一份请愿书I advise that you should go to the doctor at once. 我建议你马上去看医生I move that we accept the proposal. 我建议接受这项提议I recommend that everyone should buy this dictionary. 我推荐大家买这本字典【拓展视野】And now, let's look at a sentence and you are required to tell me if it's right or wrong. I suggest you tear up the composition and start over again. 我建议你把这篇作文撕掉,再从头开始写It is right. First , as we know, 由that而引导的宾语从句that 是可以省去的Secondly, 宾语从句中的谓语形式should do 中的should是可以省略的,我们上面的sentence pattern就变成这样了:S suggest S do. Should的省略以前是美国人经常这样使用,可是后来英国人也慢慢这样使用了In addition, 这类句子是可以改为被动语态的How to do it? Please remember three steps. First , 把主句中的主语去掉,改为it. Secondly, 把表示建议,提议等实义动词改为其被动形式,也就是:be done. Thirdly , 用连词that 把改过的主句和宾语从句连接起来,(PS: 原来的句子中宾语从句含有that的,把其省略) example: I suggest that you should have enough sleep. 改为被动语态则是:It's suggested that you should have enough sleep. In fact, 这样一改,其实就是主语从句了It 是形式主语,而that 后面引导的句子为真实主语,那么在这里的that是千万不可省去的1我建议他请教律师 我主张你在苏州多呆几天 3我劝你继续学下去,因为对教师来说,德语是一门很重要的学问 总而言之,他劝我跟他们妥协 5我们是否应该组织这类活动,请提出建议 6我建议不要谈及後来发生的那些骇人听闻的事. 7我们建议自己的爱好布置自己的房子 以上将在下期的早间课堂揭晓,敬请各位关注下期的早间课堂 591

新片推荐:超能陆战队 迪士尼画风的漫威英雄 --01 1::31 来源:   My little friend Seth, who is eight, pronounces this the best film he has ever seen.  我八岁的小伙伴,赛斯,声称这是他看过的最棒的电影  And certainly, Disney have come up with a memorable superhero, in the highly improbable m of Baymax, a huge robot who is like the Michelin Man crossed with Florence Nightingale — a caring, sharing blob.  确实,迪士尼创造了一个有纪念意义的超级英雄,虽然它的机器人Baymax造型颇为匪夷所思,像是米其林品牌卡通形象和南丁格尔的合体——一个圆滚滚的,善解人意,乐于助人的大个子  His human accomplice in the inevitable fight against evil is Hiro, a -year-old electronics prodigy, whose brother, Tadashi, bequeaths him Baymax after dying in a suspiciouslaboratory fire.  迪士尼动画中必不可少的元素即打击邪恶势力,在主人公与邪恶势力的战斗中,它的人类伙伴是岁的电子学天才弘树弘树的哥哥塔达希在一场起因可以的实验室火灾中丧生,把Baymax机器人遗赠给了他  It’s never clear why Tadashi should have made Baymax so ungainly, except that it gives the brilliant animation team — whose last feature was the smash hit Frozen — the chance to contrive some lovely slapstick comedy, as the blob keeps on getting stuck in tight spaces.  人们永远搞不清塔达希一开始为什么要把Baymax造成这幅笨拙的模样,不过这幅模样倒是为它的动画团队提供了一个取巧的机会,随着这只肉滚滚的机器人一次又一次在狭窄的地方卡住身子,动画团队聪明的借机上演了一出可爱又滑稽的庸俗喜剧  All this takes place in a futuristic Japanese-American city called San Fransokyo, which might be Disney’s way of reaching out caringly across the Pacific — or, more likely, looking shrewdly at all that box-office yen.  故事上演的时空构架是一个未来主义的日化美国城市,名叫San Fransokyo (旧金山与东京英文名相结合),这也许是迪士尼关注太平洋彼岸之地的一种方式——或者更有可能的是,是精明的迪士尼赚取东方票房的方式  Whatever, the East-meets-West dynamic extends to the names of Hiro’s techie friends: Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Go Go . . . and Fred. Together, they investigate Tadashi’s death with a combination of heroism and haplessness that recalls Scooby-Doo.  无论如何,这种东方与西方交融的风格也延伸到了弘树的技术发烧友们身上:他们的名字叫做蜜糖·柠檬、山葵、跑跑……还有弗莱德这些朋友们一起调查着塔达希的死亡事件,即富有英雄主义,又窘态百出,让人联想到史酷比   Indeed, all its whizzy sophistication, there’s something sweetly old-fashioned about Big Hero 6 that should engage parents as much as it delights their offspring.  确实,这部动画不仅展现了繁复的高科技元素,还蕴含着某种温馨的怀旧元素,它不仅会取悦小朋友们,也会吸引他们的父母 迪士尼 陆战队 画风

Recently, a woman and man who claimed to have eaten dishes made of pangolin on social media platm Sina weibo have attracted the attention from the public and police alike.Animal protection groups have warned that pangolins have ;literally being eaten out of existence.; How could humans do this? How can we better protect endangered animals? 5

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