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Melissa McCarthy 获最佳女主角艾美奖 --19 :36:3 来源: Actress Melissa McCarthy perms a "rap" song as she hosts the Women In Film Los Angeles Crystal and Lucy Awards Impact in Beverly Hills, Calinia, June , . [PhotoAgencies] Melissa McCarthy won the Emmy best comedy actress on Sunday her role in "Mike Molly."McCarthy, 1, won the Emmy on her first try playing a teacher who finds romance with a man she meets at a self-help group overeaters.The CBS series marks the first time McCarthy has stepped up from her supporting roles on TV shows like "The Gilmore Girls" and "Samantha Who?" to take a lead part.It's been a breakthrough year McCarthy, who also wowed critics in the raunchy summer female comedy "Bridesmaids". Melissa McCarthy 获最佳。

“唐顿二”惊艳伦敦话剧舞台 -- :37:56 来源: Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichael gave an admirable permance her West End debut in Chekhov classic Uncle Vanya.《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)女星劳拉·卡尔迈克尔(Laura Carmichael)在话剧契诃夫的经典之作《万尼亚舅舅(Uncle Vanya)中奉献了精的西区首秀The actress - known her role as Lady Edith Crawley in the hit TV show - stars opposite Anna Friel, Ken Stott and Samuel West in the play which opened at London's Vaudeville Theatre in the Strand.劳拉因饰演热播剧《唐顿庄园中的伊迪丝·克劳利(Lady Edith Crawley)而被影迷所熟知在这部于伦敦斯特兰特地区的沃德韦耶剧院上演的话剧中,劳拉饰演桑娅(Sonya),与安娜·弗里尔(Anna Friel),肯·斯托特(Ken Stott)与塞缪尔·韦斯特(Samuel West)上演对手戏Laura stoically carried on with her closing monologue despite a member of the audience in the front rows becoming unwell and causing a commotion.演出时,前排的一名观众突感不适,引起一阵骚动,但劳拉泰然处之,念完了最后一段独白In the audience to support the actress were her Downton co-stars Joanne Froggatt, Amy Nuttall and Phyllis Logan, who play housemaid Anna, disgraced maid Ethel and housekeeper Mrs Hughes.前来给这位女星打气的有不少《唐顿庄园的演员:饰演女仆安娜(Anna)的琼安·弗洛甘(Joanne Froggatt),饰演堕落女佣艾瑟尔(Ethel)的艾米·纳托尔(Amy Nuttall)和饰演女管家休斯太太(Mrs. Hughes)的菲利斯·洛根(Phyllis Logan)Also in the audience were Luther star Idris Elba and Anna's partner Rhys Ifans, who made V victory signs to her during the curtain call.观众中还有《路德(Luther)男星伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴(Idris Elba)以及安娜的男友瑞什·伊凡斯(Rhys Ifans),后者在谢幕时给了安娜做了一个胜利的V字手势 Phyllis said of the show: "I loved it. Laura was great. She must have thought she was being heckled but she just kept on going. She did so well."对于这场演出,菲利斯道:“我非常喜欢这部戏劳拉太出色了她当时肯定在想有观众起哄了,但她还是很镇定地继续演了下去她做得很棒”Amy said: "She was amazing. But we think she was miscast because she kept saying 'I'm so plain' and she's so beautiful."艾米说:“她真的很赞但我们觉得选她来演这个角色不是最合适,她一直说着‘我毫无姿色,相貌平平’,但她其实可漂亮啦!”Joanne agreed and added: "We loved our girl."琼安很同意,并补充道:“我们很爱她”。

六年级英语作文:My English teacher --1 :: 来源:   hello! i’m he baoyi. we have three new teachers this term. but my favourite teacher is english teacher. who is she? yes, shersquo linda.  do you want to know her? linda is very beautiful. look! she has a round face, two small black eyes, a straight nose, a big mouth and two small ears. her hair is very long. she is not tall and not short. she likes wearing a white dre. she looks like an angle. linda works very hard every day. and she is strict to us. but she is kind. her cla is so much fun. really? yes. in cla, she is our good teacher. after cla, she is our good friend.  her favourite food is tofu. it rsquo very very healthy. she is not only good at pingpong, but also good at singing. she likes talking with us. we all like her.。

My Hometown-Taiyuan 我的家乡太原 -- 18:5:55 来源: My Hometown-Taiyuan 我的家乡太原  My hometown-Taiyuan is a beautiful city. It is the capital of Shanxi.  There are six parts in Taiyuan. Yingze District, Xinghualing District and Xiaodian District are the most prosperous. There are two major streets in the city. One is yingze Street and the other is Changfeng Street. Yingze Street is an old one and Changfeng Street is a new one. There are many tall and beautiful buildings on their sides. Fenhe River runs through the city from the south to the north. The water is clean. There are many trees, flowers and grass around it. In the evening, there are all kinds of colorful lights around Fenhe and it looks rather beautiful. It has been the windows of the city these years.  Taiyuan is getting more and more beautiful day by day. Welcome to Taiyuan.  I love my hometown-Taiyuan.  我的家乡太原是一个美丽的城市,她是山西的省会  太原包括六个部分,其中迎泽区、杏花岭区和小店区是最繁荣的在这座城市有两条主要的街道,一条是迎泽大街,另一条是长风大街迎泽大街是一条旧的街道,而长风街是新建的有许多高大美丽的建筑物在它们的两边汾河从南到北流经这座城市汾河的水是清澈的,这里到处是花、草和树在晚上,汾河被各种各样的色的灯笼罩,甚是漂亮这些年来它已经变成太原的窗口  太原正一天天变的更加美丽欢迎到太原来  我爱我的家乡太原。

派对-- :6:1 A:Hey,Marco,come over to my home tonight.There's a cool party  嘿,Marco,今晚到我家来吧有派对  B;I'd love to.But I've got plans aly.  我到是想去,可我已经有安排了  A:It's my birthday.Marco.  今天是我生日啊  B:What?You should have told me in advance.  什么?你该提前告诉我才对  A:I know, I know.Sorry,I should have given you a head-up.  我知道不好意思我是该提前通知你的  B:A what?  你说什么?  A:A head-up.It means to let you know in advance.Come on Marco,this is like once-in-a-year party.It would be very dull without you.  提前通知得了Marco,这可是一年一次的聚会你要不来的话会很无聊的  B:What about my plans?I need to do some translation stuff my friend  那我的计划怎么办?我得帮朋友翻译点儿东西  A:Just shake it off.It's my birthday.I can do whatever I want.  忘了你的计划吧我生日我可以做任何事情的  A:You're coming on a little strong.But ok.SIR  你有点儿女直接不过好吧,长官  B:Sorry man,I didn't mean to be bossy  对不住了,我不是那个意思  B:It's ok.Who else is there?  没事儿还有谁去?  A:Axe,Bill Brian and lots of new friends  Axe,Bill Brian还有一些新朋友  B:Wait a sec,Drew.Who did you just mention,Brian?The stinky guy?  等一下你刚才说谁?Brian?那个有味儿的家伙?  A:Yes,I know he's a head scratcher,Everybody hates him.But he insists,You know.  是的,我知道他很讨厌,谁都烦他,可他坚持要来  B:Well.Let's make it this way,I'llshow up .But I won't be staying long.I'm sorry Drew.But I really need to get this done  咱们这么办吧我会去的,可我呆不了多久实在抱歉,可我必须得把活儿干完  A:Well,all right,Come here some beer and I'll let you go  那好吧过来喝一杯,然后我就放你走  B:Good .Ok. I'll see you later  那呆会儿见吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音  [1]I should have given you a head-up. Head-up在这里并非指头向上看,而是指提前通知某人Ie:Give me a head-up,will you?  []You're coming on a little strong.又一句让我们感到迷惑的话,在这里,它表示"直接"  [3]head scratcher. scratch是挠的意思,而head scratcher则表示那种让人讨厌的人  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean? "***"是什么意思?]  Many happy returns of the day. Special occasion party carterer beer keg。

Stop Polluting the River 别再污染这条河了 --19 :00: 来源:   I am a girl of ten in a primary school. I live near a small river. It was a beautiful river several years ago, and we could see fish in it. But now things have changed. I find some people pouring waste into the river everyday. I have told them again and again not to do so, but they don't listen to me, maybe because I'm just a little girl. I think we should think out some ways to stop polluting the river, and call on people to fight against pollution.  我是一名在小学读书的十岁女孩我住在一条小河附近几年前,这还是一条美丽的河流,我们能看到河里的鱼可是现在情况变了我发现每天都有人向河里倾倒废物我多次告诉他们不要这样做,可是他们就是不听,可能是因为我是个小女孩我认为我们应该想出一些办法制止他们污染这条河,并号召人们同污染做斗争。

快乐之家 Hay Family --19 :19:5 来源: Happy FamilyEveryone has a family. I have a family, too. I name it “Happy family”, because everyone in my family is happy.Come and meet my family, please! My mother is kind. I love her, and she loves me, too. My mother is pretty. She likes beautiful clothes. I call her“Dressy Mum”. My father is a boss. He is tall and thin. He has a small head. I give him a nickname“Small Head Father”. I am fat and lovely. I have a big head. I give myself a nickname“Big Head Girl”. I study hard. I am a good student.We are happy every day!。

年奥运:伦敦非参观不可的地方 --19 :57:3 来源: Windsor Castle温莎城堡Windsor Castle is a medieval castle and royal residence in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire, notable its long association with the British royal family and its architecture.温莎城堡,是英国伯克郡温莎市的一个中世纪城堡,也是皇家居住地它因与英国皇室的长期关联和建筑而闻名Oxd University牛津大学Oxd is a city in central southern England, the home of the University of Oxd. Oxd is known as the "city of dreaming spires”. The University of Oxd is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.The students of Oxd: British, 8 eign kings, 7 Nobel prize-winners, 33 Fields medalists, 5 British Prime Ministers, eign presidents and prime ministers, seven saints, 86 archbishops, 18 cardinals, and one pope. Seven of the last eleven British Prime Ministers have been Oxd graduates.牛津市位于英国中南部,是牛津大学的所在市牛津以“梦想之巅”而著称牛津大学是英语世界里最古老的大学曾经就读于牛津大学的名流:名英国国王,8名外国国王,7个诺贝尔奖获得者,33个菲尔兹奖获得者,5个英国首相,个外国总统及首相,7名圣徒,86个大教主,18个红衣主教,1个罗马教皇英国前名首相中就有7名毕业于牛津大学Cambridge剑桥大学Cambridge is most widely known as the home of the University of Cambridge founded in , which is consistently ranked one of the top five universities in the world.The University of Cambridge is a public research university. It is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world(after the University of Oxd). Graduatesof the University have won a total of 65 Nobel Prizes, the most of any university in the world.剑桥市因是建于年的剑桥大学所在市而最为人所知剑桥大学一贯被列为世界最顶尖的五所大学之一,是一所公立研究型大学它是英语世界里第二古老的大学(仅位于牛津大学之后)剑桥大学的毕业生总共获得过65个诺贝尔奖,是世上所有大学中获得诺贝尔奖最多的学校 年 奥运 伦敦。

小学英语作文:国庆节日记 -- :38: 来源: 国庆节日记National Day  (1) HAPPY SUNDAY  It was Sunday. My brother and I were at the zoo. We saw birds ,horses, bears and monkeys. The monkeys were very funny. We looked at them and they looked at us. Oh! my god! They looked at a big map. Do they know what were on the map? No? Yes? I don't know, but, they could study, really! We know, because we study .They study ,they can know?  () An Another HAPPY DAY  Today was a fine day. My sister and I went to the park. We saw many trees and flowers near the lake. Some were green ,Some were white , some were yellow .We played near the lake .We were sitting under a big tree, and we made some paper ships. We hade a good time .  (3) Last Day of Vacation  Today was a last vacation day. I should go to the class. I don't like this school’s classes. I don't like the chalk and monitor . I must write and , learn and . Was it very bad? In class ,We must understand and learn the knowledge. I don't like quiz and exercise, I like experiment. I think it was a bad day!。

What is family ? --19 ::5 来源: What is family ? Everybody has his own family. What is family ? I don’t think everyone really knows. There are six letters in the word “ FAMILY ”. I think “ F ” means “father”, “A” means “and”, “ M ” means “mother” , “ I ” means“ I”, “ L” means “ love” and “ Y ” means “you”. So “ FAMILY ” is the short m of “ Father and mother , I love you.” Don’t you think so ? Father and mother love us , and we love father and mother . That’s a happy family.。