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伊宁臀部吸脂多少钱石河子市激光美白肌肤多少钱Helsinki is offering young people the chance to rent a cheap apartment in an old people home, if they agree to spend time socialising with the elderly residents.芬兰首都赫尔辛基将允许年轻人以低廉的租金租赁养老院公寓,前提是他们要陪老人聊天The city council is seeking applications from renters under the age of 5 who will commit to spending between three and five hours each week with their older neighbours, at a care home in the eastern Laajasalo district. In exchange, theyll get a studio flat measuring 3 sqm with a private kitchen, bathroom and balcony 50 euros per month, public broadcaster Yle reports.该养老院位于赫尔辛基东部的拉夏萨罗区据当地公共电视台“Yle”报道,想要享受此项优惠的人需要满足市议会开列的以下条件:年龄在5岁以下;每周愿意陪伴老人三到五小时作为交换条件,这些年轻人能以每月50欧元的价格租赁一间3平米的一居,有独立厨卫和阳台Currently only three flats are available, but the scheme is part of a wider eft to tackle a lack of accommodation young people in the capital. Ordinarily a studio costs about 600 euros a month, depending on the area, one local university advises.目前这家养老院只有三间公寓可以出租不过,当地还推出了更多计划,旨在解决年轻人在首都缺少住房的问题当地一所大学称,租金高低取决于所处地段,通常情况下,小一居每月租金约600欧元Those who apply dont need any specific care experience. ;There are staff to look after the elderly,; project manager Miki Mielonen tells Yle. ;We are looking young people who maybe have a different perspective on everyday life, who will bring variety and recreation to the elderly residents.;想要申请的租客无需具备护理经验项目经理米奇·米洛浓在接受“Yle”采访时称:“养老院有专门照顾老人的员工我们要找的年轻人是看待生活有独特角度的人,他们能给老人带来多样化的休闲生活More than 60 people have applied the spaces in less than a week, and the idea has also been warmly welcomed by Finns on social media. ;Great project, hopefully it will sp to other areas,; writes one person on Facebook, while another applauds the scheme bringing different generations together.项目仅在一周内就收到了60余人的申请当地群众也在社交媒体上大加赞赏这个创意有人在脸书上写道:“这个项目太赞了,真希望能向其它地方推广”还有持此项目的人表示,它能拉近年轻人和老年人的距离But some wish it was open to more people, with one user saying: ;It a shame the flats are so small. It would have been nice if the elderly had a small family with children or a single parent as their neighbour.; And one person is disappointed about the cut-off age, writing: ;Shame Im too old this - I would have definitely applied.;也有不少人希望项目能面向更多人,其中一位脸书用户写道:“一居室的公寓有点小,真是可惜如果这些老人的邻居是个带孩子的小家庭或是单亲家庭的话该有多好啊”还有位用户对项目的年龄限制感到失望:“真可惜我年纪超限了,要不然我绝对申请” 3图木舒克瑞兰美白针多少钱 新疆整形医院纹眉毛多少钱

北屯市做鼻尖整形多少钱5.Da Vinci Hidden Music5.达芬奇的音乐密码In , Giovanni Maria Pala, an Italian computer technician and musician, stated that he had uncovered musical notes in Da Vinci famous painting The Last Supper. According to Pala, if one draws the five lines of the musical staff across the painting; the hands of Jesus Christ, the hands of his apostles, and the loaves of b on the table would depict a musical note which would make sense when from right to left.年,乔万尼·玛利亚·帕拉,一位意大利计算机工程师和音乐家,声称他已找到了达芬奇那幅著名画作《最后的晚餐的音符据帕拉说,如果在画里画上五条乐谱,那么,耶稣的手、使徒们的手、和桌上的几片面包就能勾勒出一个从右往左读时有意义的乐谱Da Vinci was known to be a music enthusiast who incorporated musical riddles in his writings which must be from right to left. Alessandro Vezzosi, the director of a dedicated Da Vinci museum in Tuscany believed Pala proposition is ;plausible.; Vezzosi also stated that Da Vinci played the lyre and sketched several musical instruments.;There always a risk of seeing something that is not there, but it certain that the spaces (in the painting) are divided harmonically,; he said. ;Where you have harmonic proportions, you can find music.;人们知道达芬奇是个音乐爱好者,他在作品中写入了从右往左读的音乐密码位于托斯卡纳的达芬奇物馆馆长韦佐西认为,帕拉的观点是;可信的;他还谈到,达芬奇会弹里尔琴,并素描过几种乐器;看到并不存在的东西通常是有风险的,但(画作里的)空间的确是协调分割的;,他说,;哪里有协调的比例,哪里就能发现音乐;.The Golden Gate Bridge Color Crisis.金门大桥的颜色危机The Golden Gate Bridge holds the record as the most photographed bridge in the world. Interestingly, the US Navy never wanted the bridge to be built because they feared that if the bridge was bombed and destroyed, it would trap their ships docked in the San Francisco Bay. The Navy later gave their consent to the construction of the bridge. However, they did not like the color that the bridge was going to be painted. They, along with the Army, wanted the bridge to be painted in black and yellow stripes so that it would be visible in the fog.金门大桥保持着世界上最上镜的记录有趣的是,美国海军从不愿建这座桥,因为他们担心,如果桥被炸毁,将使他们的船卡在旧金山湾的码头后来,海军对于桥的修建意见达成了一致然而,他们不喜欢将要给桥粉刷的颜色他们联合军队,希望桥被粉刷成在雾中也能见的黑黄色的线条However, the bridge architect, Irving Morrow, had a different plan. When the steel to be used the bridge arrived in San Francisco, it was aly painted with a base coat to prepare the steel more paint. Back then, most bridges were coated in grey, brown, and black, but Morrow had it painted in ;international orange,; similar to the color of the base coat. Not only is international orange visible in fogs, it also complements and contrasts with the blues of the sky and the bay.然而,桥的建造师欧文·莫洛另有想法当建桥用的钢运抵旧金山时,为了进一步粉刷已经被涂了一层底漆那时,大多桥梁都被粉刷为灰色、棕色和黑色,但莫洛将这座桥涂成了与底漆类似的;国际标准橘色;,不仅在雾中可见,它还与天空和海湾形成对比而更具魅力3.The Madame X Scandal3.X夫人的丑闻The Portrait of Madame X is a prominent painting by a young American immigrant and celebrity named John Singer Sargent of Virginie Avegno Gautreau. Sargent had hoped that Madame X would make his reputation. The portrait did make him famous, or infamous, because of its supposed indecency.《X夫人的画像是由年轻移民名流约翰·辛格·萨金特以维吉妮·阿维尼·高雷为模特创造的一幅名画萨金特期待这幅画能令他名声大噪由于被认为是下流的,这副画像的确使他名声鹊起,亦或臭名昭著After it was exhibited at the Salon, the portrait was highly criticized and mocked. The major reason behind the criticism was the right strap in the portrait. The strap in the early portrait can be seen falling off her right shoulder, revealing a little more of the model skin. The scandal that followed was so intense that Sargent had to move to Britain.The Gautreau family was ashamed of the scandal and pleaded with Sargent to withdraw the painting. Sargent, in an eft to pacify the critics and public, repainted the strap into what we see in the portrait today.画作在展出之后,遭到了严厉的批判和嘲讽批评的主要原因是画像上右边的肩带最初的画像上,肩带从模特的右肩滑落,香肩半露随之而来的流言蜚语不得不令萨金特移居到英国高雷家族因这一丑闻而倍感羞愧,并请求萨金特收回画作萨金特为努力平息批评和抚慰公众,把肩带修改在今天我们所看到的位置上.Mount Rushmore Time Capsule.拉什莫尔山的时间胶囊While it is well-known that Mount Rushmore is incomplete, few people know about its time capsule. While building Rushmore, its chief architect Gutzon Borglum wanted to create a large hall which would serve as a grand room where all of the important documents in American history would be kept. He thought adding important documents and charters like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would make the aly outstanding monument more significant. Untunately, he was hindered by a lack of money and space until he died in 191, leaving the work incomplete.拉什莫尔山的不完整众所周知,但极少人知道它的时间胶囊在建造拉什莫尔时,它的总建造师格勒姆想要盖一座大礼堂作为一个大会客厅,用来放置所有美国历史上重要的文件他认为,如果放置一些重要的文件和宪章,如《独立宣言和《宪法,能够使本已解除的纪念碑变得更加意义非凡不幸的是,资金缺乏和空间有限阻止了他的想法,直到191年他去世,留下了这未完成的作品In 1998, the Constitution, porcelain enamel panels containing the text from the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights along with a memoir of Borglum, and the stories about the presidents sculpted into the mountain were placed in a titanium vault and sealed inside the unfinished hall. These documents are to be left sealed and untouched thousands of years.1998年,《宪法、包含着《独立宣言、《人权法案内容的块搪瓷板,连同格勒姆的回忆录和山上有雕像的那四位总统们的轶事,都被放入一个钛保险库里,封入为其建好的大礼堂中这些文件将被原封不动地封存数千年1.Michelangelo Last Judgment1.米开朗基罗的《最后的审判Not long bee he died, Pope Clement VII contracted Michelangelo to create a painting of the Last Judgment on the walls of the Sistine Chapel. The drawing is supposed to represent the last day, also called the ;Judgment Day,; when Jesus Christ would return to the world. The artwork, however, generated some controversy after Michelangelo drew several of the characters naked, showing their private parts, including that of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.教皇克莱蒙特七世在去世前不久曾与米开朗基罗订立合约,让他在西斯廷教堂的墙壁上创作一幅画《最后的审判这幅画要表现最后一天,也叫做;审判日;,即耶稣重返世界的日子然而,当米开朗基罗令包括耶稣及其母亲玛丽在内的几个人物以裸体呈现,展露出他们的私处后,该作品带来了一些争议This didnt go down well with a cardinal who began the ;Fig Leaf Campaign; with the aim of having the drawing totally removed or heavily censored. The Pope Master of Ceremony, Biagio da Cesena, also joined in, calling the censoring or total removal of the drawing, which according to him, was better suited to be displayed in a public bath or bar instead of a church. This angered Michelangelo who then used Cesena face the face of Minos—the god of the underworld. He also added the ears of a donkey to it to denote Cesena ;foolishness.;The nude images remained in the church till A.D. 6 when the Council of Trent decided that they should be covered by braghes (literally meaning ;pants;), such as fig leaves or draped fabrics. During restoration works in 1993, about half of the braghes put over the characters private parts were removed and it was seen that Michelangelo had actually painted Minos with a snake coiled round his waist biting him in the groin.这幅作品在一位发起;无花果叶运动;的红衣主教那里并不受欢迎,他的目的是将画作进行去除或删减教廷大司仪切塞纳也加入其中,呼吁对画作进行删除或完全去除他认为这幅画更适合展示在公共浴室或酒吧里,而不是教堂这激怒了米开朗基罗,他用切塞纳的脸替换了冥王米诺斯,并且在切塞纳的头上画了一幅驴的耳朵,以示他的;愚蠢;直到公元6年特伦特会议召开前,画作上的裸体一直存在特伦特决定,裸体应被braghes(即;裤子;)盖上,如无花果叶或布料在1993年修复过程中,约有一半覆盖人物私处的braghes被移除,可以看得出,米开朗基罗实际上是画了一条蛇盘踞在米诺斯的腰上并咬他的大腿根儿翻译:猪立叶 来源:前十网 76新疆开眼角要多少钱 A: Hi, I would like to speak with someone in the Housing Department.B: You have reached the right area. Can I help you with something?A: I think that I may have experienced discrimination in trying to rent an apartment.B: Can you be specific as to what type of discrimination?A: I felt that he didn’t like me because I wasn’t the same race that he was.B: How come you feel it was race that was the issue?A: When I showed up on his doorstep, he seemed bothered by my appearance.B: Is there anything else that made you feel he was using race as a factor in who he rented to?A: As I walked through the apartment building all I saw were people who were the same race as the manager.B: It is not easy to prove racial discrimination, but please go to our website which can help you file a mal complaint. 397铁门关市激光祛痘多少钱

库尔勒褐青色痣多少钱This woman has only herself to blame if her latest marriage fails.要是目前这桩婚事出现什么问题,这名新娘可怪不了别人Beautiful Existence—a -year-old mother of two from Seattle who legally changed her name from Desiree Longabaugh—spent ,000 to marry herself under the Eiffel Tower in Paris after going through a painful divorce years ago.该女子现年岁,来自西雅图,是两个孩子的母亲她通过合法途径,将自己的名字从德西蕾·隆格巴改成了“美丽的存在”年前经历了痛苦的离婚后,如今的她来到巴黎埃菲尔铁塔下,花了7000美元“嫁给自己”;After years of exploring different theories on how to understand myself, self-marriage felt right,; she told The Sun.她对《太阳报表示,“多年来,我一直在探寻不同的途径去认识自己,而嫁给自己已明是个很好的归宿”Existence said she always dreamed of tying the knot in Paris and decided she would have a small ceremony there last June — right around her birthday—complete with a photographer and three of her closest friends.“美丽的存在”称,她一直梦想在巴黎举办婚礼,决定于去年6月——她的生日月——完婚参加婚礼的除了一名摄影师,还有她的三位好友As her one-year anniversary with herself approaches, Existence is feeling happier than ever.结婚一周年纪念马上快到了,“美丽的存在”感到了从未有过的幸福;I dont worry at all about being in a couple now,; she said, adding that both her sons fully support her.她说:“现在我再也不用担心夫妻关系了”她的两个儿子也全力持她 now, self-marriages are not legally recognized, but she thinks that will change in the near future.目前,“嫁给自己”尚未获法律认可,但她认为这种状况在不远的将来会改变的;There are a lot of people, women especially, who are not subscribing to the regular definition of marriage anymore,; she said.她说:“很多人,尤其女性,已不再认同传统的婚姻定义” A: I appreciate all your help with this move.B: It’s the least I could do. Tell me where to put your furniture.A: That sofa should go in the living room.B: Was there a certain place you wanted the sofa?A: I think it would look best up against that wall.B: What should I do with this table?A: I want that table in the dining room.B: Should I just put it down anywhere?A: I want it in the center of the room.B: What do you think? How does it look in here so far?A: I love the way things are looking.B: That’s exactly what I was thinking. 601乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院打瘦腿针多少钱新疆医科大学第五附属医院治疗疤痕多少钱



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