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2019年08月23日 09:18:11 | 作者:飞度排名指定医院 | 来源:新华社
网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:电 我们生活和工作的每时每刻都离不了电,这次我们就来看看关于电的地道英语表达。  1. The power is off. 停电了。  ;The power is off.; 、;The power is gone.; 或是;There is a power outage.; 这三句都是停电了。其中前两句是比较口语的说法,例如看到电灯突然熄掉了,老美的第一个反应就是;Oh! The power is gone.;或是;The power is off.; 而第三句的power outage 则是用在比较正式的场合上,例如社区公告明天下午一点到五点要停电,他们会说;There will be a power outage from 1pm to 5pm tomorrow.;  这里要提醒大家注意一下,一般我们想到“电”都会很自然地想到electricity 这个字,但这个字在使用上比较局限于正式的场合。比方说你新搬到一间房子,电还没接上,你就可以提醒房东说;There is no electricity in my house.;。  但是在日常生活当中遇到的大多数情况都是用power 而非electricity。比方说请别人把电关了,比较常听到的是;Please turn off the power.; 而不是;Please turn off the electricity.;。还有一些常把electricity 和power 搞混的地方,比方像发电厂是power plant 而非electricity plant,电线是power line 而非electricity line。  另外“电力”有一个比较俚语的讲法,叫juice,跟“果汁”是同一个词。“省电”就可以说成;Save the juice; 。  2. The power is back on. 来电了。  知道了停电的说法,那来电了要怎么说?很简单,就是;The power is back.; 或是;The power is back on.; 大家注意一下为什么会说成back on 呢?因为这是指原来开着的(on),后来关掉了,再把它打开的意思。back on 就是说再回到on 的状态。  也许大家已经注意到了,老美对于某样电器用品是开着或是关着的,会很简单地用on 跟off 来形容,比方说;The TV is on.; 意思就是“电视是开着的”。或是;I cannot see anything because the light is off.; 就是“因为灯是关着的,所以我什么都看不到。” 记得在这里on 跟off 就完全足以表达你的意思,再讲些其它的话都是多余的。 3. The power is running low. 快要没电了。  电快要用完了叫running low,例如你使用的电风扇看它越转越慢,你知道电快没了,你就可以说;The power is running low.; 或是;The battery is running low.; 要是电已经完全用光了,则可以说,;Its running out of power.; 或是直接了当地说,;The battery is dead. (这个电池挂了。);  其实以上的这些讲法不只局限于电,几乎所有的东西快用完了,我们都可以用be running low 或是be running out of 这两个短语。比方说茶壶的水快喝完了,你就可以说;The water is running low.; 或是;We are running out of water.; /201211/210651When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. — Confucius当你的目标是显而易见没有办法被达到的话,不要调整目标,调整你的行动与步骤。--孔子原文:射有似乎君子,失诸正鹄,反求诸其身 。1. obvious 明显的2. goals 目标3. reach 达成4. adjust 调整Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201509/397521迷你对话:A:That is awfully bad. There is no water.太早了,停水了。B:We have some bottles of mineral water tofall back on.咱们还有几瓶矿泉水,必要时可以使用。A:Thank you for your consideration.对亏你细心。地道表达:fall back on:别无选择,只得使用解词释义:fall back on的本义是;有困难时求助于某人;或;依赖于;。但是它还有;退却;的意思。因此,在一些非正规场合的口语表达中,fall back on有时候转意为;退一步讲;,并引申为;别无选择,只得使用;。持范例:Eg. At least we can fall back on candles if the electricity fails.停电时我们至少可以使用蜡烛.Eg. We had to fall back on the notes collected by students during the course of his lectures.我们只好求助于学生们在他讲课时所记的笔记。He hides money in the mattress so he can have something to fall back on .他把钱藏在床垫里,以资有些东西作为靠山。If these new methods dont work, well have to fall back on(upon)our old system.如果这些新方法行不通,我们就得依靠我们那套老办法了。 /201208/195261

如果你要邀请外国朋友一起喝两杯,那么:1. Do you like to have a drink with us?你要不要和我们去喝两杯啊? 2.I'll buy you a drink.我请你喝一杯吧。要酒的时候,尤其是在酒吧,你已经点了一杯。如何说:点两杯一样的——make it two.喝酒的过程中,又如何敬酒呢?1.Bottoms up! (干杯!) 2. Cheers! (干杯!) 。如果你是酒量小如何说呢:I get drunk easily. 我的酒量小。相反,大酒量的可以说I'm a heavy drinker.我的酒量大。喝酒过半,可能你已经不胜酒力,I drank too much.(我喝得太多了。)那这样的人我们如何形容他呢:he has a turkey on his back.(他喝醉了。)喝酒的话还要多多注意身体,量力而为。 /201101/124802

It was reported today that Edward Snowden may return to the united states.今天 据报道 爱德华·斯洛登可能回到美国He is going to carpool with Julian Assange and Roman Polansi.他会跟朱利安·阿桑奇和罗曼·波兰斯基一起回来Not that funny but had to be said.不怎么好玩 不过还是该说Two california teachers,Two california teachers have been charged with having sex with students and giving them cocaine.两名加州老师被控与学生发生性关系 还给他们可卡因On the pluse side,the students involved had perfect attendance.好处是 当事的学生出勤率百分百Billy,you dont have to go to school today.I want go to school.比利 你今天不用去学校 我想上学啊A new study reveals that only 2 percent of men have a penis size that is considered abnormall small.2 percent,yeah.一项新调查显示 只有百分之二的男人 有被认为小得不正常的老二 百分之二So ladies,if a guy tell you he is in the top 2 percent,ask him to elaborate.所以女士们 如果有个男人说 他是百分之二的顶尖人士 一定让他说明白了No reason to act that one out I guess.No.But I did.I enjoy it.I think you enjoyed it.完全没必要表现出来 是啊 但我还是做了 我喜欢 我觉得你们也喜欢的I wanted to mention something that is happening on the show that is quite special.我想提件事 我们节目的事 很特别Tomorrow night,we will be broadcasting a special program ;Conan in cuba;,okay.明晚 我们将播出一期特别节目 《柯南在古巴》Long story short,when I heard the US might try to re-establish ties with cuba,长话短说 当我听说美国可能会与古巴重新建交后I decided to sneak into the country with a camera crew.我决定带摄制组溜入该国家We will air the results of my cuba trip tomorrow night.An entire show.明晚 我们将把古巴之旅的见闻播出 是一整期的节目I spent four days there in havana.Had a lot of adventures.Here is just a little taste of some of the fun.我在哈瓦待了四天 经历了很多历险 下面是精花絮201703/495701

fair and square honestly and according to the rules 诚实;光明正大 We won the election fair and square. 我们光明正大地竞选获胜.on a par with somebody/something as good, bad, important, etc. as somebody/something else 与...同样好(或坏、重要等);不相上下;不相伯仲He doesn't think his salary is on a par with his position in the company.他觉得自己的薪水与在公司里的职位不相符.As actors, I would say they were on a par.作为演员来讲,我觉得他们不相上下. /201001/93728

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Get a group of Michiganders together, add a deck of cards, and chances are pretty good youll wind up with a game of euchre.It was once dubbed ;the queen of all card-games; and was wildly popular in the late 1800s. But its popularity waned through the 20th century. That is, except in Michigan and a handful of Midwestern states, nicknamed the “Euchre Belt.”Jason Boog, a journalist and euchre enthusiast whos written about ;The Peoples Card Game,; spoke to Stateside about the communal nature of the game, and why it remains so well loved in Michigan.“There’s this euchre belt: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania,” Boog said. “The game has stayed alive among this little, tight-knit group of people. And it kind of tracks where German immigrants moved through the ed States.”Boog said euchre rewards cooperation and collaboration, and requires social strategy and communication.In the game, the Bower (the Jack) is the most powerful card, overturning the King and Queen. Euchre scholars believe ;bower; is an Americanized form of the German word for peasant, or farmer: ;bauer.; In euchre, the farmer (i.e. the common person), is the most powerful player in the game.Boog said euchre remains alive in Michigan because of its connection to a culture of family and friends.“If you live in the euchre belt, someone in your family knows how to play it, and they taught you how to do it,” he said.Listen to the full conversation above.201702/493095

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