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肉骨茶是东南亚的美食之一当初下南洋创业的华人面对繁重的劳动,以中药炖猪骨来维持健康,一不小心造就了如今肉骨茶的美誉各地肉骨茶的做法虽不尽相同,却都极尽美味很多当地人已然习惯了每天早上吃一碗肉骨茶,来此旅游的人也都慕名而来Most overseas Chinese, especially those living in South East Asia, have tried bak kut teh.大多数海外华人,尤其是居住在东南亚地区的海外华人都品尝过肉骨茶Pork rib tea is also called bak kut teh locally, which literally means ;meat bone tea;, pronounced in the dialect of Fujian province in China. Pork rib contains both meat and bones, thus offering both nutrition and calcium human body, especially after it is simmered a long time with Chinese herbs and spices. It is usually served with rice or with noodles.Pork rib tea 在当地也叫bak kut teh,字面意思就是;肉骨茶;,发音源自中国福建省的方言猪肋排既有肉也有骨头,尤其是经过与中药材和调味品长时间的慢火煲炖后,可为人体提供营养和钙质肉骨茶通常用来搭配米饭或面条There are different versions of bak kut teh. In Singapore, there are three types of bak kut teh. The most common variant is the Teochew style, which is light in color but uses more pepper in the soup. The Hoklo (Hokkien), who prefer saltier food, use more soy sauce, which results in a darker soup. The Cantonese, with soup-drinking culture, add medicinal herbs to create a stronger flavoured soup.肉骨茶有很多不同的做法在新加坡有三种肉骨茶:最常见的是潮州肉骨茶,色泽清淡,但汤中胡椒味儿较浓;福建肉骨茶偏爱重口味,放的酱油较多,色泽偏深;广东肉骨茶因为当地特有的煲汤文化,加入了一些中药材,带有浓厚的药材味道Bak Kut Teh has its origin in port Klang area of the present day Malaysia, during British colonial administration. In those early pioneering days, much of port activities relied on Chinese migrant coolies to do the heavy manual work. They needed something nourishing to maintain their good health while toiling in the hot and humid climate. Someone with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) came out with a secret recipe of using herbs and spices to cook with pork. After cooking, the soup always takes on the color of tea.肉骨茶最早出现在英国殖民统治下的巴生港,位于今天的马来西亚在最初开拓的岁月里,很多港口作业都是靠那些从中国移居到当地的苦力用繁重的体力劳动来完成的在炎热潮湿的气候下,他们需要吃一些有营养的食物以维持身体健康一些具有传统中医知识的人提出了一个秘方,就是用中草药和调味料一起炖猪骨炖好之后,骨汤往往呈现出茶色The other explanation is that tea is always served after eating it. Among Chinese people, there is this concept of drinking warm tea after a meal, particularly if the meal is oily. The purpose of doing this is to flush out the oil in the digestive tract.另一种说法是在吃完猪骨汤之后通常要饮茶中国人有餐后喝热茶的传统,尤其是当膳食比较油腻的时候这样做的目的是清洗掉消化道中的油脂The ingredients of the pork rib tea are pork spare ribs, white peppercorns, garlic, mushrooms, coriander leaves, dried liquorice root, red chili, dark soya and light soya.猪骨茶的制造材料是猪肋排、白胡椒、大蒜、蘑菇、芫荽叶、干甘草根、红辣椒、老抽和生抽 8The biggest surprise in the opening episode of the final season of “Downton Abbey” wasn’t about “Downton” at all; it was — ohmygod, there’s Wickham! Wickham, you old scoundrel, is that really you? And has it really been years?《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)最后一季第一集最大的惊喜完全与唐顿庄园无关,而是——天哪,那是威克姆(Wickham)!威克姆,你个老流氓,真的是你吗?真的已经过了年?It was years ago this month, as it happens, that the television costume drama genre hit its high-water mark (muddy hems and all) with the broadcast of “Pride and Prejudice,” a co-production of the B and Aamp;E starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet. Adrian Lukis played the cad Wickham, and he showed up in last Sunday’s episode of “Downton Abbey” as a neighbor of the Crawleys ced to sell the ancestral pile.正好就是年前的这个月,随着《傲慢与偏见(Pride and Prejudice)播出,电视剧里的古装戏类型达到了新高度(沾满泥巴的裙摆等等)这部电视剧由B和Aamp;E联合制作,由科林·费斯(Colin Firth)饰演达西先生(Darcy),詹妮弗·埃尔(Jennifer Ehle)饰演伊丽莎白·班内特(Elizabeth Bennet)阿德里安·卢基斯(Adrian Lukis)饰演无赖威克姆上周日(1月3日),他在《唐顿庄园中亮相,饰演克劳利一家的一位被迫卖掉祖产的邻居Enough about Downton. Let’s talk about Pemberley (Darcy’s Downton-like home). There are few universally acknowledged truths, but on this anniversary, Friday File revisits the show that gave birth to a Jane Austen cottage industry big enough to include faithful adaptations of the Austen oeuvre, sculptures of Mr. Firth and zombie Janes. The mystery novel “Death Comes to Pemberley,” a sequel by P. D. James, featured Matthew Goode as Wickham in the television adaptation. Mr. Goode, it is noted, will also feature in this “Downton” season. We know this because, like “Pride and Prejudice,” “Downton” went bee British eyes first.不说唐顿庄园了咱们说说彭伯利庄园吧(Pemberley,达西的宅邸,与唐顿庄园相仿)关于彭伯利庄园,几乎没有什么公认的事实,但是在此周年纪念之际,Friday File栏目组重温了那部电视剧它衍生出一个庞大的简·奥斯汀产业,包括对奥斯汀全部作品的忠诚改编,费思和僵尸简的雕像P·D·詹姆斯(P. D. James)续写的悬疑小说《彭伯利谋杀案(Death Comes to Pemberley)后来也改编成电视剧,剧中的威克姆由马修·古德(Matthew Goode)饰演据说,古德也将出现在这一季《唐顿庄园中我们知道他也会亮相是因为,和《傲慢与偏见一样,《唐顿庄园也是先在英国播出Writing in The New York Times on Jan. , 1996, the television critic John J. O’Connor, noting that “Pamp;P” had set ratings records in England, called it “a splendid adaptation, with a remarkably faithful and sensitively nuanced script by Andrew Davies.”1996年1月日,电视家约翰·J·奥康纳(John J. O’Connor)在《纽约时报上指出,《傲慢与偏见在英国创下收视率新高,称它为“精的改编”,说“安德鲁·戴维斯(Andrew Davies)的剧本非常忠于原著,细腻而微妙”In the ed States, it was broadcast over three nights on Aamp;E, and Mr. O’Connor quibbled only about the pacing:这部电视剧在美国的Aamp;E频道分三个晚上播出奥康纳对它的唯一不满是节奏有点慢“Scattered portions of this handsome production might seem a bit slow American viewers (British imports are often snipped and speeded up consumption here),” he wrote. “There are perhaps too many languorous walks across the meadows, and one or two ornately choreographed dances seem to go on ever.”他写道:“对美国观众来说,这部制作精良的电视剧有点散乱,节奏有点慢(从英国引进的电视剧通常会进行剪辑,加快节奏,以适应美国观众的习惯)在草地上悠闲漫步的画面太多了,有一两出编排华丽的舞蹈场景似乎没完没了”It turns out that American viewers not only didn’t mind the languor, but the old VCR also got a workout. “Pamp;P” became a phenomenon. Peter M. Nichols, writing in The Times in 1997, said that the Aamp;E mini-series “had viewers vying quickly depleted supplies of s after it played on television early last year.”谁料想,美国观众完全不介意悠闲漫步,原版录影带都卖脱销了《傲慢与偏见成为一个现象1997年,彼得·M·尼科尔斯(Peter M. Nichols)在《纽约时报上写道,“去年年初”,Aamp;E的这部迷你剧“在电视上播出之后”,“观众们抢购录影带,很快脱销”He concluded, “So powerful is the hold of the two-cassette ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ which has sold some 0,000 copies, that it is only half-jokingly reputed to have jeopardized jobs and strained personal relationships.”最后他说:“两盒装的《傲慢与偏见录影带非常抢手,共卖出约万套半开玩笑地说,有些人因为录影带丢了工作,搞僵了私人关系”Writing in The Times earlier that year, the book critic Christopher Lehmann-Haupt nearly placed the mini-series above the novel.那年年初,书评家克里斯托弗·莱曼-豪普特(Christopher Lehmann-Haupt)在《纽约时报上对这部迷你剧的评价几乎高于这部小说“Plenty of bad movies have been made of good books, and a fair number of good movies have come from bad books. But a great movie of a great book?”“有很多根据好书改编的烂电影,也有不少根据烂书改编的好电影但是你见过根据一本很棒的书改编的很棒的电影吗?”He had missed the production on TV, “but when a friend lent me the tapes,” he wrote, “I did not get free until I had watched the entire five-hour production three or four times.”他写道,这部迷你剧在电视上播出时,他错过了,“但是一位朋友把录影带借给我后,我把五小时长的电视剧全部看了三四遍才罢休”Then he experimented. “Best of all was the way the film spurred me to the book again after 0 years and to re-experience as literature the wayward romances.”然后他开始进行试验,想看看书和电视剧哪个更棒“最棒的是,那部电影激励我在0年后重读那本书,重新体验文学的肆意浪漫”He was surprised to find that “the book proved somewhat disappointing at first. As the friend who lent me the tapes rightly put it when I asked him how the book compared with the film, ‘It makes you fear literature.’他意外地发现,“一开始,那本书有点令人失望我的感觉跟借给我录影带的那位朋友一样借录影带时我问他小说和电影哪个更好,他回答说,‘它让你开始担心文学的前途’”“ ‘Oh! Shocking!’ as Miss Bingley would say. To admit that the literalness of film might surpass the stimulus to the imagination of Austen’s language. ’Abominable!’ ”“如果承认电影的生动具体可能超越奥斯汀语言的想象力所带来的兴奋,那么人们的反应可能会像宾利(Miss Bingley)那样:‘哦,太可怕了!真讨厌!’”But there was love both. “By the end, I’m relieved to report the book’s richness overtakes the film’s,” he wrote.不过,书和电影都有人爱他写道:“最后,我欣慰地发现,书的丰富性超越了电影”Still, “this er will never again be able to open the pages of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ without picturing the actors in this ungettable television production.”不过,“作为读者,我一翻开《傲慢与偏见,脑海中就会浮现出这部令人难忘的电视剧中的演员形象” 035To promote man-and-nature harmony, retired basketball star Yao Ming has embraced the challenge from British outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls to join the shooting of a wilderness-survival TV reality show.为了促进人类和自然的和谐相处,退役篮球巨星姚明日前接受了英国户外探险家贝尔·格里尔斯的邀请,决定参与录制贝爷的野外生存真人秀Trekking through wilderness and feeding celebrity guests bizarre foods has been Grylls routine in his hit adventure TV series, Running Wild with Bear Grylls.贝尔非常受欢迎的电视节目《越野千里的一大招牌看点就是贝爷带着一众明星嘉宾,徒步穿越野外,生吃各种奇奇怪怪的东西The show has featured a glittering cast, including US President Barack Obama, who accompanied the British survivalist into the wild.《越野千里的演出嘉宾可谓星光熠熠,美国总统奥巴马也曾参加节目,跟着贝尔进行野外生存Yao management team confirmed that the mer NBA star will appear in the show Chinese version, which will be jointly presented by Grylls, Shanghai Media Group and Discover Asia Pacific.姚明的经纪人团队近日实,这位前NBA巨星将参加《越野千里的中国版该节目由贝尔主持,上海东方传媒以及亚太探索电视网联合打造Yao, according to his management team, has long admired Grylls self-challenging courage and outdoor survival skills.据经纪人团队表示,姚明长久以来一直很佩贝尔自我挑战的勇气,对其户外生存的技巧表示仰慕They met during a speech in London in October by Britain Prince William to promote a campaign against the illegal wildlife trade.去年十月两人曾在伦敦有过会面,当时两人都参加了由英国威廉王子举办的旨在抵制违法买卖野生动物的演讲活动Grylls invited Yao in a post on Wednesday on Grylls personal on the social networking platm Sina Weibo.贝爷此前在个人新浪微向姚明下“战帖”邀请其参加节目;Your great contribution to charity after youve retired has made the entire society ... feel even more proud of you.;贝尔在微中写到:“姚明先生在退役后对慈善公益的巨大贡献使全体国人更以你自豪昔日篮球生涯使得身上兼具竞技,合作精神”;With the spirit of combatant and cooperation, you are the exact warrior whom the wild adventure always tries to call,; Grylls said in the post.“这些素质使你成为我们节目的不二人选”Yao, responding on the micro blog of the Shanghai Sharks, the Chinese Basketball Association club that he owns, said he is y to accept the challenge.随后,姚明通过上海大鲨鱼官方微确认,将接受“贝爷”贝尔·格里尔斯的挑战,参加该档野外生存真人秀节目Since retiring from basketball in , Yao has been an advocate of wildlife and nature protection.自年正式退役以后,姚明一直致力于宣传野生动物和自然环境的保护He has made a number of public service ads the fight against the ivory trade and opposing consumption of shark fins.他曾经拍摄了一系列公益广告呼吁人们抵制贩卖象牙、号召人们停止食用鱼翅 65931

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