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惠城区人民男科医院男性专科惠州友好医院割包皮手术价格惠东县人民医院治疗阳痿早泄 My first pet was bought for me when I was still a baby, so I think, I think I was, I think I was less than six weeks old when my granddad bought me a little terrier pup. So as far, as long as I can remember from being very very young, I could always remember this little dog who grew up with me really. Her name was Lulu. I think my granddad named her. I dont really know why he called her Lulu but maybe after an English pop star, or maybe he liked the name, Im not really sure, but he used to always call her ;Lula; rather than Lulu, so Im not too sure how the name came about, but anyway Lulu and I were about the same age really, so there wouldnt have been more than six weeks between us, and she was really cute, a very small dog, as most terriers are, I suppose, so yeah, quite small, and very small face, so she had really cute features and big brown eyes, from what I remember, so she was really sweet looking, and she was very friendly as well, and would be very happy and we would come and take her for walks or just play with her, and so yeah, we grew up together for the most part. I tried to spend as much time with her as I could cause she didnt actually live with me. She lived with her granddad still. He looked after her for me.我的第一只宠物是我还是个婴儿时家人买给我的,我想在我还不到六周的时候,我爷爷给我买了只小猎犬。我能记得的就是那时我非常非常小,我记得这只小和我一起成长。她的名字是露露。我想是我爷爷给她起的名字。实际上我不知道爷爷为什么管她叫露露,也许是以一个英国流行歌星的名字命名的,或者是因为他喜欢那个名字,我不太确定原因,不过他经常叫她“露拉”而不是露露,所以我不太确定那个名字的来源,不管怎么样,露露和我年纪一样,我们之间相差不到六个星期,她是一只非常可爱的小,我想就像所有小猎犬一样,非常小,脸非常小,她的脸部非常小,却有大大的棕色眼睛,这是我所记得的,所以她看起来非常甜美,而且她也很友好,和她在一起非常开心,我们会带她去散步,或是和她一起玩耍,所以基本来说我们是一起长大的。我尽可能和她在一起的时间长些,因为她并不和我生活在一起。她仍然住在我爷爷家。爷爷帮我照顾她。But yeah it was really sad. As she got older, obviously a dog doesnt live as long as we do, so about the time I was maybe, I dont know, twelve or thirteen I suppose, you could really see that poor Lulu was getting, getting much older and you know she had more difficulty in walking and she just looked like she had aged a lot really, so she finally passed away I think when I was about 16. So she lived to be quite old for a little dog like that, but it was really, really sad because wed spent all that time together and the last few years, wed been living in the same place and everything, yeah, so I was really, really sad when she passed away. Often times I think, with a pet, you know, when youve had a pet for so long, maybe you dont realize how really attached you are to that person, or to that pet, that animal, and so it really was a wrench when she died. It was very sad.不过这很令人难过。她渐渐老去,显然并不能像我们一样活那么长时间,所以当我大概12岁或是13岁的时候,可怜的露露已经渐渐老去,你知道,她走路越来越困难,看上去确实上了年纪,而在我16岁的时候,她去世了。对一只小来说,她活得时间已经相当长了,但是这仍然令人非常难过,因为我们一直在一起,在她去世前那几年,我们生活在一起,一起做所有的事情,所以她去世让我非常非常难过。我经常会想,你知道,一个宠物你养了很长时间,也许你并有意识到实际上你有多爱那个人或是那只宠物,但是那只动物去世后会令人感到非常痛苦。令人非常忧伤。 /201404/288302河源和平县妇幼保健人民男科中医院看男科好吗

惠阳区治疗早泄多少钱学霸--curve wrecker大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。作为学生,让我们又敬又怕又恨的恐怕就是“学霸”了。那么,“学霸”用英语怎么说呢?我们可以用curve wrecker。curve是美国大学考试中对原始成绩(raw score)进行综合分布的修正措施,而wrecker是肇事者。curve wrecker指的是成绩很高,被当做标杆来决定其他人成绩的学生,也就是我们熟知的“学霸”。我们来看一下例句:He is really a curve wrecker. While everybody else failed the exam, he got full marks.他真是学霸。其他人都不及格,他却得了满分。太可恶了有木有?不过,学霸,咱做朋友可以吗?这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。 与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。 /201404/284919惠阳区治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好 争端,祸根---an apple of discordHello, everyone! 欢迎大家来到小强英语!九把刀的《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》上演后大受欢迎。这部电影的名称呢英译为“You Are the Apple of My Eye”,也就是“你是我的掌上明珠”。今天我们来学习另外一个与;apple;有关的短语——an apple of discord,意思是“争端,祸根”。;an apple of discord;出自于希腊神话故事,三位女神争夺一个苹果,这个苹果属于“最美丽的女神”。而这场争端呢最终引发了特洛伊战争。Thus, ;an apple of discord;often refers to the crux(关键,症结) of an argument or a small matter that could cause a bigger dispute。我们来看一下例句:This problem seems to be an apple of discord between the Soviet union and the USA.这个问题似乎成了苏联和美国之间不和的根源。本期我们学习了关于;apple;的习语——“an apple of discord”,意思是“引起纠纷的祸根,争端”。星星之火可以燎原,一个小小的争论都有可能酿成大错,我们可要尽量避免。好了,本期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201409/325367惠阳区人民医院割包皮多少钱

惠阳市秋南医院治疗阳痿多少钱Trust信任Are you quick to trust others?你很快就会相信别人吗?If you are, chances are you havent been burned.如果你是这样,那是你还没有被引火烧身的机会。By “burned”, Im talking about having a bad experience with trusting others.借用“引火烧身”这个词,我正在谈论的是一个信任他人不好的经历。If you take someone into your confidence and you trust him with a secret, and he tells someone else that secret, and you find out.如果你信任某人,你用一个秘密信任他,而他把秘密告诉别人,你会发现。Well, youve been burned.你已经被引火烧身了。Say you have a kind of emotional scar.这说明你的情感上出现了疤痕。Since the relationship has been hurt, in extreme cases you might even say the bridge has been burned between you and your friend.因为这种关系已经被伤害,在极端的情况下你可能甚至会说你和你的朋友之间的友谊之桥已经轰然倒塌。This happens to people lots of times.人们身上经常发生这种事情。It even happened to me before.它甚至以前也发生在我身上。I trusted a close friend with a secret, but he violated my trust and told someone else.我有一个亲密的朋友保守着我的秘密,但他侵犯了我的信任,并告诉别人。After I found out about what he did, our friendship was never the same again.在我发现他做了什么后,我们的友谊就永远不会一样了。Well, I hope you havent had a lot of bad experiences when it comes to trusting others.嗯, 当谈到相信别人的时候,我希望你没有很多不好的经历。I also hope you have a lot of friends you can trust, and a lot of friends that trust you.我也希望你有很多可以信赖的朋友,也有很多相信你的朋友。But I was thinking about gaining someones trust, its not that easy like building a bridge or relationship.但我在想获得别人的信任,这并不是像建造一座桥或是关系那么容易。You make small promises and keep them, and the trust grows.你做一些小的承诺并去恪守,而后信任就会生长。As the trust grows, you can make bigger and bigger promises.随着信任不断成长,你可以做出越来越大的承诺。And if you keep on keeping your word, well, the trust keeps on growing.如果你继续恪守你的诺言,好吧,那信任会不断增长。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Have you ever been burned?你曾经有过引火上身的经历吗?Are you the type of person who rushes into a trusting relationship?你是那种很快信任别人的类型吗?What kind of things do you do to show you are trust worthy?你会做什么事情表示你值得信任?Have you ever burned a bridge unintentionally, and found that it takes a long, long time to repair the relationship?你有没有无意中让友谊之桥轰然倒塌,并发现需要一段很长的时间来重修旧好?Are you good at keeping secrets?你善于守护秘密吗?Do people know that they can trust you?人们知道他们可以信任你吗?Do you believe that a man is as good as his word?你是否相信一个人说话算话吗?What can you do to earn a persons trust?你会做什么来获得一个人的信任? /201203/176157 惠州哪家医院看男科最厉害仲恺医院男科



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