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A: You guys are charging me $ a movie that I never ordered or saw.B: Let's see, sir. According to your file, you watched "Titanic" Monday evening.A: Well, the wrong inmation is in my file. I was at a concert Monday night.B: Well, your word overrules the file, sir. One moment, please.A: I knew you'd see it my way.B: Sir, I deleted the $, but I had to add a $ service charge to your bill.A: Am I in the Twilight Zone? You're charging me a movie I never saw?B: Please don't blame me, sir. Blame the computer programmer.A: This is highway robbery. I've got a good mind to call the police!B: If it makes you feel any better, other guests feel the same way. 19A: What about a medication to help me with my problem?B: There are several types of medications that we can try your high blood pressure.A: What types of medications would be best?B: water retention, I am going to start you on Hydrochlorothiazide, which is a diuretic.A: What are the side effects from taking that drug, B: You need to stay hydrated on this drug, but most people experience little side effects.A: Will that one medication take care of all of my problems?B: now I want you to take a second drug, Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor.A: Am I going to experience any complications with that drug?B: The most you will experience will be a dry cough but you probably won’t experience anything negative. 6793This is the story of a ferocious army determined to rescue their queen from a metal tress.这是一个神奇的故事,一精悍的军队誓死要将他们的王后从金属堡垒中救出来Or, viewed another way, a swarm of bees who, two days, followed their queen bee trapped inside a Mitsubishi Outlander. Either way, it makes a good tale.或者换个方式来说,一窝蜜蜂在追寻了两天的时间之后,追上了被一辆三菱欧蓝德汽车困住的蜂后不管哪一种方式,这都会是一则很棒的故事The Outlander belongs to Carol Howarth, a 68-year-old grandmother, who had no idea shed picked up a tiny winged passenger when she visited a nature reserve.这辆欧蓝德的主人名叫卡罗·豪沃思,是一名68岁的老妇人她不知道她去参观自然保护区的时候会搭载了这么一个长着翅膀的小小乘客Later, when she stopped to go shopping in Haverdwest, West Wales, the bees descended - thousands and thousands of them.在此之后,当她停下车来去西威尔士的哈佛韦斯特购物的时候,成千上万的蜜蜂从天而降Moses, who works as a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger, was driving by when he happened upon the raid. ;Driving through town noticed this going on outside the Lower Three Crowns and couldnt resist getting involved!; he wrote in a pun-filled post on his Facebook page.西是彭布罗克郡海岸国家公园的一名护林员,事发时他正好开车经过他在脸书上用双关语写道,“当我开车穿过镇子时,在Lower Three Crowns餐厅门外看到这样的景象,怎么能不帮忙呢!”He was worried someone might do something ;stupid.; Bees are aly dying from habitat loss and terrible farming practices, like pesticide use, he figured. The last thing you want is someone to pour boiling water on them to shoo them away from a car.他担心可能有人做出“傻事”他指出,由于栖息地锐减以及一些包括使用杀虫剂在内的可怕的农牧行为,蜜蜂已经流离失所最不希望看到的就是有人向它们泼开水来把他们驱离汽车So, he called in reincements -- the intrepid folks at the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association.,他打电话向彭布罗克郡养蜂人协会的养蜂人们寻求救援They gingerly nudged the bees into a box. Not so gingerly though. There were several stinging incidents like the ;drunk bloke from pub went and swept a load of bees off car with hand looking queen, got stung loads pfffft...;他们小心翼翼地将蜜蜂装进盒子里,但是还是不够小心,发生了几次叮咬事故,比如“从酒吧出来的醉醺醺的小子走上前用手驱赶一寻找蜂后的蜜蜂,结果被蛰得面目全非”Youd think that would be the end of the story, but youd be wrong.如果你以为这就是故事的结尾,那么你就错了The next morning, Howarth found the bees were back, she told The Telegraph. So once again, out came the beekeepers. By 6 p.m., her Outlander was free of the bees. (No word though on what happened to the queen.)第二天早上,豪沃思告诉《电讯报记者,她发现蜜蜂又回来了,养蜂人们又来了一次一直到晚上六点,她的欧蓝德才终于从蜜蜂手中解放出来(但没说蜂后究竟怎么样了)Moses says members of colonies often follow their queen bee if she moves hives.And queens moves hives if the hives are disturbed -- say, by humans. Or by the arrival of another queen bee. He speculates the shiny warm Mitsubishi might have seemed like a good option a new home.西表示,如果蜂后换巢,那么工蜂们一般都会一直跟着它而蜂后一般会在蜂巢被人或者被另外一个蜂后惊扰的情况下才选择换巢他推测,这个闪亮、温暖的欧蓝德可能看起来像是蜜蜂新家的不错选择 7967A: I'm in 5. I have a few problems with my room.B: What is that problem, sir?A: There are cockroaches in my room.B: Are you sure, sir? Flies I could believe, but cockroaches?A: I've counted nine different cockroaches, and I accidentally stepped on another one.B: Sir, we run a spotless and cockroach-less hotel.A: You dare to doubt me?B: I'm sorry, sir. Let me transfer you to my supervisor. 01

1.Hello,is this the home of Mr.Chen?喂,是陈先生的家吗?.Hello,I wish to speak to Mr.Chen?喂,我想和陈先生讲话3.Is there anyone who can speak English?请问有没有人会说英语?.Can you tell me what time Mr.Chen will be back?你能否告诉我陈先生何时会回来?5.Will you please repeat it?请你重说一遍好吗?6.He has left aly.他已经离开了7.He is attending a conference now.他正在出席会议8.I will transfer this call to Mr.Chen.我把这个电话转给陈先生9.I am sorry to keep you waiting.真抱歉,让你久等了.His extension number is 5.他的分机号码是5.He is speaking on another phone.他正在接别的电话.Would you please take a message?请你代我留话好吗?.Would you like to leave any message?你要留什么话吗?.I would like to place a station_to_station call.我要打一个叫号电话.I would like to place a person_to_person call.我要打一个叫人电话.I dont know how to do that.我不知道该怎样打.Will you accept the charge?你愿意付电话费吗?18.Where is the telephone office?电话局在什么地方?19.Is there a public phone near here?这附近有公用电话吗?.Do you have a coin the phone?你有打电话的硬币吗?1.How do I call this number?这个号码怎么打?.Do you have a phone book(directory)?你有电话薄吗?3.I would like to make a long distance call to Taibei.我想打长途电话到台北去.I want to make an overseas call to the ed States?我想打个长途电话到美国去5.How much is a call to ed States?打一个电话到美国去要多少钱?6.Will you please call me back?请你回我一个电话好吗?7.May I use your telephone?我可以用你的电话吗?.Someone is using the phone.有人在用电话9.Do you have an extension?你有分机吗?30.We dont have an extension.我们没有分机31.There is a phone booth in the corner.在转角处有个电话亭3.It is a pay phone.那是一个付费电话33.Whom do you want to call?你要打电话给谁?.I want to make a local call.我要打个市内电话35.What is the number?号码是多少?36.I dont know the phone number.我不知道电话号码37.Call inmation the number.打查号台查询电话号码38.The phone seems to be out of order.电话好像出故障了39.I tried several times to call,but there is no answer.我打了几次,但是没有人回答0.Im going to dial the number.我要去拨这个号码1.The telephone is ringing.电话铃响了.No one is answering the phone.没有人接电话3.My friend phoned me at a.m.yesterday.我的朋友昨天上午点打电话给我.The phone is busy.电话占线了5.Sorry to have kept you waiting.抱歉让你久等了6.Who do you want to speak to?你想跟谁讲话7.What number are you calling?你打什么号码的电话?8.Operator,you gave me a wrong number.总机,你给我接错号码了9.Where are you calling from?你从哪里打来的?50.Im calling from a public phone.我打的是公用电话51.Contact me by telephone.用电话跟我联络5.I will be in between six and eight.我6至8点都在53.I will be here all night.我整晚都在这里5.All right,I will be waiting you.好的,我会等候你 59

When the midwife presented Catherine Howarth with her new baby, she was convinced shed been given the wrong child.当助产士把刚出生的孩子拿给凯瑟琳·豪沃思看的时候,她很笃定那不是自己的孩子The little boy was completely white – whereas new mum Catherine has the dark black skin of her Nigerian heritage.这个小男婴完全就是一个白人--而刚刚分娩结束的凯瑟琳却有一身从尼日利亚血统继承而来的黑皮肤 even though baby Jonah has a white father, doctors say the chances of him being white too were an incredible one in a million.虽然小乔纳的父亲是一位白人,但是医生表示,凯瑟琳生下一个白人小孩的几率只有令人难以置信的百万分之一And it wasnt only the ;miracle; baby mum who was stunned.而感到震惊的不仅仅只是这个“奇迹”婴儿的母亲;The midwife looked at me and looked back down at Jonah and then at me again and couldnt believe it,; said Catherine, 3. ;The doctors confirmed it was extremely rare.;3岁的凯瑟琳说道:“当时助产士看了看我,然后低头看了看乔纳,然后又回过头来看了看我,她简直不敢相信医生实,这样的情况的确很少见”Her husband Richard, , a medical recruitment consultant, was equally astonished. He had expected his son to have darker skin.凯瑟琳的丈夫理查德今年岁,是一名医疗招聘顾问,他也对此事感到非常惊讶他之前一直认为自己即将出生的孩子会拥有深色的皮肤He said: ;When I first set eyes on my baby boy Jonah, it was a feeling of pure delight and relief that he was healthy and strong. His complexion was very pale due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck when he was being delivered.;他说道:“当我第一眼看到我的宝贝儿子乔纳的时候,有一种发自内心的喜悦、相信他非常健康强壮由于分娩时脐带缠在了他的脖子上,他的小脸很苍白”;After a few hours his colour came to his cheeks. Catherine and I noticed his complexion was very similar to mine and were surprised it was as light. The midwives and doctors told us hell most likely remain this colour.;“几个小时之后,他脸上露出了红晕凯瑟琳和我注意到他的肤色和我的很像,这真是让我们大吃了一惊助产士和医生告诉我们,他很有可能会继续保持这种肤色” 9775

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