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Indonesian leaders and academics gathered today in Jakarta to discuss how U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming visit could help build better bilateral relations in areas such as education, climate change and trade.印度尼西亚领导人和学者今天聚集在雅加达,讨论美国总统奥巴马的来访将如何帮助两国在教育、气候变化和贸易等方面建立更好的双边关系。Relations between the ed States and Indonesia have seen highs and lows, over the years, but with the election of President Obama - who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia - leaders here saw a new opportunity to re-evaluate their relationship with the ed States and work toward building better cooperation. 这些年来,美国和印度尼西亚的关系几经起伏,但是当曾在印尼度过部分童年时期的奥巴马当选总统之后,印尼领导人看到一个新的契机,重新评估他们与美国的关系,并努力建立更好的合作关系。Dino Patti Djalal, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's special advisor on international affairs, says the current relationship is not based on sentiments, but national interests and that the ed States needs to work toward achieving its own goals, while also respecting Indonesian sovereignty.迪诺.巴迪是总统苏西洛国际事务特别顾问。他表示,目前两国关系不是基于情感,而是国家利益,以及美国为了达成自己的目标、同时又要尊重印尼主权的需要。"In our relationship, we are very proud that we are an independent nation," he said. "We cannot have an alliance with anybody, not the ed States, not our neighbors. So we have always been independent and that is part of our diplomatic culture and national psyche and, as we get on with this relationship, this diplomatic partnership it is important for America to respect that." 迪诺说:“在两国关系中,我们对于我们是一个独立国家感到非常自豪。我们不能与任何国家成为联盟,包括美国,包括我们的邻国。所以我们一直就是独立的,而这是我们的外交文化和国民心态的一部分。在我们发展两国关系,发展这种外交伙伴关系的时候,美国能够尊重这一点是很重要的。”The U.S. image in Indonesia has taken a beating, in the past decade, after the ed States withdrew investments in the wake of the 1997 Asian financial crisis and slapped sanctions on weapons sales to the Indonesian military, because of alleged human rights abuses. 美国在印尼的形象在过去10年受到重创。之前美国在1997年亚洲金融危机之后撤出了投资,同时美国还由于印尼被控违反人权而对印尼军方的武器销售实施制裁。201003/97737

Twice a year, day and night, fall into balance, lasting for nearly equal length. Known as equinoxes, Latin for equal night, they occur in March and September and along with solstices mark the changing of seasons as Earth travels around the sun. Astronomers like to describe the equinox within the conceptual celestial sphere. Here the heavens are projected around the Earth, like an enormous planetarium. The model is bisected by the celestial equator, a projection of Earth’s own equator. The equinox occurs at the point at which the sun’s path or ecliptic crosses the celestial equator. In spring it is known as the vernal equinox, and in fall the autumnal equinox. The other two seasonal points on the sun’s path are the two solstices; in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, while the winter solstice marks the shortest. The seasonal aligning of the sun has been more than just a unique celestial event for humankind throughout history. Ancient sites like Stonehenge in England and Machu Picchu in Peru have well documented solar alignments during the solstices. Similarly, the equinoxes have been associated with some amazing man-made phenomena. In the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá, the great pyramid known as El Castillo is oriented along cardinal axis. During the equinoxes, shadows cast by the railings create the illusion of a writhing serpent body, descending the northern steps where it joins the carved serpent’s head at the base of the stairway. The cultural significance of the fall equinox and changing of seasons continues today, especially in the northern hemisphere, where the autumnal equinox occurs around harvest season. In fact, the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is commonly referred to as the harvest moon. In China and other Asian countries, this time is celebrated with the mid-autumnal festival; the origins are linked to the birth of the moon goddess and festival traditions revolve around families with reunions and feasts and special moon cakes. In Jewish culture, thanks for the harvest is given during the week-long feast of the tabernacles or Sukkot. Families eat meals in temporary shelters outside, recalling the Israelites' days in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt.200810/52860

Travel in Tibet西藏纪行In pursuit of understanding寻悟How different cultures confront the fact of death 不同文化如何领悟死亡A pilgrimage not to be taken lightly朝圣之重To a Mountain in Tibet. By Colin Thubron. Harper; 240 pages; .99. Chatto amp; Windus; 16.99. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk《西藏朝圣之山》,作者:科林.休布伦,哈伯出版社,240页,售价:.99; 查托amp;温达斯出版社,售价: 16.99,购买网址:Amazon.com, Amazon.co.ukTHE physical journeys that Colin Thubron makes in his travel writing are also intellectual and emotional quests of particular intensity. His latest book, which tells the story of his journey to one of the great sacred places in the world, Mount Kailas in southern Tibet, is no exception. 科林.休布伦在每一本游记中亲身经历的旅途同时也包含了极其强烈的理性与情感追寻。近期的西藏纪行也不例外,书中讲述了游历世界上最神圣的地方之一——西藏南部的冈底斯(另称凯拉斯山)。The book begins with him crossing the Tibetan border from Nepal on his way to the mountain. This is a land dense with sacred associations and mythical stories. Stones are carved with ritual incantations, prayer flags blow in the high mountain winds and devoted chanting comes from the numerous monasteries along the way.纪行由科林从尼泊尔境内穿过西藏边境前往冈底斯拉开帷幕。这片土地上到处都是神圣群体与神秘故事。石头上刻满了宗教咒语,祷告旗在岗顶劲风中飞舞,一路上的寺院中传出虔诚的吟诵。The mountain itself is an important site of pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and followers of ancient Tibetan faiths. The goal is to seek purification by trudging round the mountain on a route that is physically demanding but brings spiritual reward. Some die from the effort, others give up, all are possessed by the sense that they are living close to a divine presence. 冈底斯本身是印度教、佛教和古代西藏宗教信仰者们朝拜的圣地。朝圣者们沿着山脉长途跋涉,身体饱受折难,而心灵得以慰藉,以此寻求涤罪。途中不乏竭力而亡或退却放弃之人,但所有朝圣之民皆心怀念想,希望更近神明。In the midst of all this Mr Thubron acts like a kind of secular shaman, allowing himself to be possessed by the many spirits of the place without succumbing to their power. He respects what it is that drives pilgrims to Mount Kailas, and follows them round it, but he does not pretend that he is at one with them.在朝圣的队伍中,休布伦先生倒像是个世俗的萨满,允许自己心怀此地的神灵却从不屈于神明的力量。他尊敬那股朝圣冈底斯的神圣力量,并跟随朝圣者的脚步,但他自己却从未假装成为真正的朝圣者。This is not the familiar story of a traveller from the West finding spiritual consolation in Eastern religions. Mr Thubron’s particular quest is to find out how different individuals and different cultures confront the fact of mortality. This book is autobiographical in a way that his others are not. He is mourning his mother’s recent death and throughout he is haunted by memories of her and of his dead sister and father.这与普通的西方游者从东方宗教中获得精神慰藉所不同(这可不是以往西方游者从东方宗教中获得精神慰藉的老套故事)。休布伦先生最特别的追求是发掘不同的个人,不同的文化如何领悟死亡。与作者的其他游记所不同,该书为自传体。休布伦先生的母亲近期过世,在朝圣途中怀念其母的同时也无限思念已故的父亲与。Their words, looks and gestures come back to him as he climbs a mountain path or talks to a Hindu pilgrim or Buddhist monk. The beliefs about reincarnation and the journeys of dead souls that he sees being enacted all round him do not assuage his own sense of loss. Instead his grief becomes one of the multitude of emotions and stories that have brought people over many centuries to Mount Kailas.无论是沿着山脉一路前行,还是与印度教徒或佛教僧人交谈,逝去家人的音容笑貌都又浮现在作者眼前。在他的身边满是关于轮回的信念和亡者灵魂的旅程,但这丝毫也未能减轻失去亲人的追思和悲痛。相反,这股悲痛却融入了几百年来吸引人们朝圣冈底斯的所有情感和故事中。Like his earlier work, the book reminds us that for Mr Thubron travel is a kind of ascetic discipline. He takes the er to high places, literally and metaphorically, and to an understanding of how people from other cultures somehow get by in an unpredictable world.与其早期作品相似,休布伦先生最新纪行再一次告诉我们,这是一段苦旅(修行)。无论从文字上还是寓意上,作者都将我们带往一个高处,领悟不同文化中的人们如何在不可预知的世界里生生不息。201104/133625

  Every week, more children arrive to work in the hundreds of primitive mines in the bush. Here they endure long hours at dangerous jobs, wringing flecks of gold from the dirt with mercury. One of them is a 12-year-old boy named Saliou. Momodou is just 13 years old. This is a region of Africa where boys of Saliou's age are expected to earn money for their families. He works in a bush mine on the Senegal-Mali border in the village of Tenkoto. Senegal prohibits anyone under 18 from doing hazardous work. And mining is among the most hazardous of jobs. According to the UN, mining is one of the worst forms of child labor. However, the laws are seldom enforced. Children travel from mine to mine, moving with the gold. The AP reports that 6 months after Saliou arrived in Tenkoto, it was decided that the mine was nearly depleted. So he and the boys walked for more than a week, crossed the Senegal border and arrived at another mine in Mali. It's the same story here as at the mine in Tenkoto. Teenage boys clamber down mine shafts 30 to 50 meters deep. Younger teens then yank the rocks up with a pulley. Squatting next to a plastic tub, boys of school age pour mercury onto their bare hands. Mercury attracts gold like a magnet. The World Health Organization says that mercury is a potent nerve toxin and can affect the brain. It's especially dangerous for children since their nervous systems are still developing. Typical symptoms of mercury poisoning include mental retardation, loss of balance, tremors, blindness and loss of hearing. “In addition to the actual work that they do is that they carry very heavy loads, they are exposed to chemicals like mercury which cause extreme danger to the, which pose an extreme danger to the nervous system, kidneys, the respiratory system, reproductive system.” Once the tiny flecks of gold have been extracted, the buyers step in offering roughly per gram. Once the deals are done, the gold is taken to the capital of Mali. Here the price for gold from Tenkoto is almost a gram, nearly more than the buyers pay the miners. ed Nations mining experts estimate that 10-20% of the thousands of mine workers in West Africa are children. “Frankly, it's a, it's a very serious problem. We estimate about one million children worldwide are involved in small-scale mining.” Precisely which products contain child-mined gold, no one can say for sure. Unlike a diamond, gold does not keep its identity on its tortuous journey from mine to market. The AP reports one prominent retailer, Tiffany amp; Company, has expressed concern about child labor and frustration that it can't certify its products are free of gold mined by youngsters. Because bush mines, where child labor is ubiquitous, supply a fifth of the world's gold according to the UN, the company realizes its supply lines may well be compromised. Tiffany amp; Company is part of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices which was formed to seek ways to help reduce the market for gold mined by children. But the council has found no effective way to enforce compliance. For Saliou, the work in the mines goes on. He says he dreams that one day he'll own something made of gold.200812/59269

  The Picasso of LegosNathan Sawaya left his life as a lawyer to make modern art out of toy blocks.A: All right, it’s time to meet our featured guest this morning. He's called the Picasso of Legos. I say, more like a Norman Rockwelth of Legos coz' look how literal all these representations are. We are gonna have the fun now with Nathan Sawaya. He is here. He was a lawyer. He decided to get into art, sculpture, then moved to the wonderful land of Legos. He has joined us today. You have your book "The Art of the Brick" which is taking your walk all over the country. You have families flooding the museums (Exactly!) because you’re using Legos.B: I’m using Lego. I’m using something that every child's played with. And yet I’m using it in a different way. I’m using it as fine art.A: Absolutely, now a very interesting back story here. You’re a lawyer, (Sure) you are totally in a way just as I was. (Right) You are in the Wall Street world, (Exactly) and one day you think to yourself?B: Lego. Lego is the answer. You know, I wanted to explore my creativity and that's what I do at the end of the day. After the law firm, I come home and be creative. And soon I was making a whole career out of being creative, and I left the law firm behind. And now I have a whole museum exhibit, that's touring the US.A: Say, now I get the artistic part. You know, you had something else , another appetite, another need of passion to feed. (Sure) Where does the Lego come in?B: Well, I’d always been a kid who played with Lego growing up. I had been an art kid, and I played with Lego, so eventually I merged the two. I wanted to find a way I could use that passion of Lego and make it into an art. A: Did you know you had the talent?B: Well, I...A: Coz' you know, this is not the playing with Lego, this is a real deal.B: I had a Lego, a Lego CD growing up. My parents were very accommodating. They had given me this entire Lego city in our living room. So I used that as a starting point. And now I move those Legos into a whole new world.A: Amazing. You tour around the country, how long will a work like the note?, which is...this is actually a female's face, right?B: Yes, a female's face with a musical note on.A: How long did you spend?B: For depends on, you know, how inspired I am. And this piece exactly came off of a project where I was once saw a friend singing and really inspired me to really capture her singing in a Lego format, the music coming through her. So this took, you know, actually came off very quickly because I was just immediately inspired to creating this. A: Meaning what?B: Couple of days. A: Couple of days. (Couple of days.) And the results, tens of thousands of dollars this go for. (Exactly.) Certainly respected as are....You get hook-up with Lego, by the way? (Lego, er) Are you and Lego.. they are hooking you up coz' this is a studio...B: I'd love to buy my bricks but we have a good relationship.(Really?) Yes, I do get the E-mails from Lego employees saying how they love my work, they are amazed that I can take their toy product and creat art.A: So you have all of these different forms of men (Sure.), this room was very cleverly suggested as the White Castle as what happened when you eat White Castle. There were dozens of...B: Nice. No, and not exactly. But these pieces are, you know, transition pieces, you see these people, these figures going through trasition met more offices if you will...A: All individual pieces that you then glued together, (Exactly) from a little one to an angular one, making all round shapes out of lots of square pieces.B: Exactly, that’s the magic of the Lego. These three pieces right here are actually at the Standford Museum right now as part of the tour. And some of these pieces behind this are actually gonna be part of a new tour that will be starting out this summer.A: And how do you keep? You want the kids to come but you don't want them to do what I wanna do right now is just pull the head off this and start to make different pieces. How do you do that , you know, you just keep them away but you feel the temptation when you watch audiences coz' everybody wants to play with.B: It is! It’s something that we've all played with. So they want to ,you know, go up and touch them , and feel them, and play with them just like.... But in a museum setting, there’s some .....A: Some to call, (Exactly) all right, that's why they don't let me in. You know, Nathan made a great point, he said, you know, people don't have big pieces of marbles in their homes. But Legos everybodys have makes it approachable (Exactly.) takes this to a new dimension. (And you can relate to it) You have little ones for us here.B: I did. I took some time and made some gifts for everyone.A: And these are nice representations of what each of us means.B: Exactly. Exactly. Robern, for you, basketball.Oh~! The Lego basketball.A: That's gorgeous. Thank you very much! Dian, for you, tulips to celebrate Spring.Oh, how lovely! Thank you!Sam, you have the wonderful weather symbols you can use over and over again. Now I have to steal the ones off the map that you made. (Exactly) Thank you!And Chris, (that's nice!) Yes, you like that?That's great!White Castle: the oldest American hamburger fast food restaurant chain. It is known for square burgers, sometimes referred to as "sliders" (officially spelled and trademarked as "Slyders")01/61208。

  Even in the age of the Internet and DVDs, classical theater is flourishing in New York.虽然我们已经进入了使用互联网和看光碟的时代,但是经典的戏剧仍然深受人们喜爱。Some of the plays in the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 2011 classical theater season are over 400 years old but ticket sales have been brisk. Joe Melillo, BAM’s executive producer, says theatergoers are hungry for a diet of Ibsen, Gogol and Shakespeare. 在布鲁克林音乐学院2011年的古典剧作演出季中,有些剧作已经有超过百年的历史,有的甚至有长达400年的历史。不过,布鲁克林音乐学院执行制片人乔·梅利奥表示,观众们仍然渴望欣赏易卜生、果戈理和莎士比亚的剧作。"They’re flying, they have, like, little wings," he says. "The tickets are flying out of the box office."那些演出场次的票卖得飞快。The artists presenting the plays say that’s because they resonate with contemporary audiences. Take "John Gabriel Borkman," playwright Henrik Ibsen’s 1896 drama in which the title character, a banker, has been imprisoned for illegally investing his client's money. Ibsen could have been writing about financier Bernie Madoff, now serving a 150-year prison sentence for orchestrating a decades-long swindle that took tens of billions of dollars from his unwitting investors. 参加演出的艺术家们表示,这是因为那些作品和当代的观众能够产生共鸣。比如易卜生在1896年创作的作品《约翰·加布里埃尔·克曼》中,家克曼由于拿客户的钱进行非法投资而遭到监禁。这不禁让人想起了金融骗子麦道夫的行径,他几十年来把那些不知情的投资者所投入的几百亿美元,放入一个“庞氏骗局”中,他因此被判处150年的监禁。"You see the byproduct of these legal battles that the families fall apart, because financial difficulties, or financial shame, produces a terrible fallout in families," says actress Fiona Shaw, who plays Borkman’s wife.女演员菲奥娜·肖在剧中扮演克曼的妻子,她说:“我们看到,这些法律较量的副产品就是家庭解体,可能因为财务上的困难,或者是财务上的羞愧感,这些都导致了可怕的家庭破裂。”On an even more universal level, Ibsen’s three central characters are imprisoned by their own delusions and bitterness, says Alan Rickman, who plays Borkman, and Lindsay Duncan, who plays the woman he abandoned.在剧中扮演克曼的演员艾伦·里克曼表示,从更广义来看,易卜生剧作中的三个主要人物最后都是被他们自身的迷惑和痛苦所困。201102/125994

  The Post Office 邮政局Neither snow nor rainNor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers. But the internet will鹅毛大雪 倾盆大雨 炎炎烈日,昏暗夜色都无法使邮差停止送信。但因特网能。Aug 20th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionTHE US Postal Service has an unofficial creed (above) that harks back to Herodotus, who was admiring the Persian empire’s stalwart messengers. Its own history is impressive too, dating to a royal licence by William and Mary in 1692, and including Benjamin Franklin as a notable postmaster, both for the crown (which dismissed him in 1774 for his revolutionary leanings) and then for the newly independent country. Ever since, the post has existed “to bind the Nation together”.美国邮政务有条非正式的信条。这一信条的出处要回溯到希罗多德,他对波斯国王忠实可靠的信使大为赞赏。美国邮政,历史悠久,于1692年得到威廉国王和玛利皇后的皇家许可,开始邮政务。本杰明.弗兰克林出任邮政总长更是值得一提:他曾先后为英国皇家(因他的革命倾向,于1774年被解雇)和刚刚独立的美国务,出任此职。从此以后,邮政的存在象征着“整个国家连在一起”。But as ever more Americans go online instead of sending paper, the volume of mail has been plummeting (see chart right). The decline is steeper than even pessimists expected a decade ago, says Patrick Donahoe, the current postmaster-general. Worse, because the post must deliver to every address in the country—about 150m, with some 1.4m additions every year—costs are simultaneously going up. As a result, the post has lost billion in the last four years and expects to lose another billion this fiscal year.自从越来越多的美国人选用网络而不是用邮政收寄信件,邮政的递送量便直线开始下降。现任邮政总长,帕特里克.多纳霍谈到,十年前对邮政事业持悲观态度的人都没预料到衰退会如此之快。更要命的是,邮政务必须送抵全国每一个邮政地址——美国现有邮政地址约一亿五千万个,每年都会多增加一百四十多万个——这使得邮政出同时增加。结果一目了然,邮政局在近四年损失合计二百亿美元,本财政年度预计损失为八亿美元。201108/150683UN Agency Suspends Aid Deliveries in Gaza Because of Violence联合国援助机构暂停在加沙救援活动The U.N. relief agency has suspended operations in Gaza because of the danger posed by Israeli military action. The decision was made as Israel pressed its air and ground offensive amid a rising civilian death toll and international efforts to halt the violence. 联合国援助机构暂停在加沙的救援活动,因为以色列的军事袭击构成危险。在此同时,以色列在平民伤亡人数不断增加、国际社会努力制止这一暴力的情况下继续发动空袭和地面进攻。A local U.N. driver was killed as he was loading humanitarian supplies onto trucks at a border crossing. In another incident a clearly marked U.N. convoy in Beit Hanoun came under fire in what U.N. officials described as deliberate targeting. 当地的一名联合国司机在一个过境点往卡车上装载人道救援物资时遇害。此外,一个明显标有联合国记号的车队在拜特汉诺遭到火力攻击,联合国官员说,这是有意针对联合国的袭击。Two days ago Israeli forces fired on several U.N. run schools in Gaza, in one instance killing more than 30 people. 两天前,以色列军队向联合国在加沙开办的几个学校开火,其中一次有30人丧生。U.N. spokesman, Christopher Gunness said the organization had no choice but to suspend operations in Gaza. 联合国发言人贡内斯说,联合国除了暂停在加沙的救援行动外别无选择。"And, they are suspended until the Israeli army can guarantee the safety and security of our personnel, of our convoys and of our installations," he said. 他说:“我们要暂停救援,直到以色列军队能保联合国人员、车队和设施的安全。”Israel also came in for heavy criticism from the International Red Cross and stands accused of hampering ambulance access to civilians. 以色列也受到国际红十字会的严厉批评,以色列被指控阻碍救护车前去抢救平民。ICRC Deputy Director for Operations, Dominique Stillhart described an instance of ICRC and Palestinian Red Crescent Society workers having to wait four days to reach a group of bombed houses. 国际红十字会行动部门的副主任斯蒂尔哈特说,又一次,国际红十字会合巴勒斯坦红新月会的工作人员等了四天才能前往一片被炸毁的房屋。"We reached it and finally found in one house four children still alive next to their dead mothers, in another house 15 survivors, many of them wounded and yet in another house more corpses that we finally managed to evacuate," said Stillhart. 斯蒂尔哈特说:“我们抵达了那里,我们在一栋房子里找到了四个还活着的孩子,他们身边是已死去的妈妈。在另一栋房子里,我们终于设法把里面的尸体搬走。”Israel's military offensive is nearing the end of its second week amid daily air, ground and naval bombardments against what Israel says are Hamas related targets. 以色列的军事进攻已经进行了差不多两星期了,他们每天都从空中、陆地和海上针对他们所称的哈马斯相关目标进行轰炸。The aim, Israel says is to stop Hamas rocket fire into Israel and in the longer-term keep Hamas from being able to rearm.  以色列说,他们的目的是制止哈马斯向以色列发动火箭攻击,而他们的长远目标是阻止哈马斯重新武装。Hamas has continued to fire rockets into southern Israel. And at least three rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, raising initial fears that Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hezbollah may be trying to open up a second front of fighting.  哈马斯仍继续向以色列南部发射火箭弹。而其中至少有三枚火箭是从黎巴嫩南部发射到以色列北部的,这令人担心黎巴嫩的什叶派真主党可能企图开辟第二条战线。But, Hezbollah says it had nothing to do with the attack and the general view now is that it was an isolated incident, likely the work of a splinter Palestinian group in Lebanon. 但是,真主党表示,他们与有关袭击无关。人们一般认为,这是一次个别事件,很可能是在黎巴嫩的一小股巴勒斯坦集团势力所采取的行动。01/60725“Life and Fate”《生活与命运》War, peace and love战争、和平与爱情Vasily Grossman’s epic novel is transformed for the radio瓦西里#8226;格罗斯曼史诗般的小说被改编成广播剧Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition Vasily Grossman vindicated 无辜的瓦西里·格罗斯曼FEW novels have the foes and fans of “Life and Fate”, Vasily Grossman’s vast book about the Nazis and Soviets at war. The Soviet Communist Party’s ideology chief said it would be more damaging even than Boris Pasternak’s “Dr Zhivago”. That was a high accolade. Another was that the book itself was arrested. In 1961 the KGB confiscated the typescript and even, for good measure, the typewriter ribbon. Grossman, once a loyal party man and an acclaimed war correspondent, was spared jail. But he died four years later, fearing that his sprawling work would never be published (the authorities had said mockingly that it might happen in 200 years). Many years later Andrei Sakharov, a Soviet dissident, helped smuggle a microfilm copy to the West, where it was eventually published in English in 1985.《生活与命运》是瓦西里#8226;格罗斯曼描写纳粹和苏联战争的宏篇巨著,很少有小说有着它这样的书迷和敌人。苏联共产党的意识形态负责人说,这本书甚至比鲍里斯#8226;帕斯捷尔纳克的《日瓦戈医生》更具破坏力。这是高度的称赞。另一个高度称赞是这本书本身的被查抄。1961年克格勃没收了打字稿,为了更加严防,甚至没收了打字机色带。格罗斯曼曾经是一名忠诚党的人,以及一名广受赞誉的战地记者,他幸免入狱。但四年后他去世时,仍在担心他散乱的作品永远不会出版,因为当局曾嘲讽地说,这本书的出版可能会在200年后。多年后,苏联持不同政见者安德烈#8226;萨哈罗夫帮着走私了缩微胶片拷贝到西方,最后这本书于1985年以英文在西方出版。The book was not an immediate success. For some years it was overshadowed by the better known work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and by the excitement of reform and then collapse in the Soviet Union. It is also intimidatingly long, with a swirling cast of scores of confusingly named characters. Hundreds of pages sometimes separate their appearances. The sweep of Grossman’s pen can exhaust the er. True to its title, “Life and Fate” mixes gritty battlefield descriptions with acute psychological insights, wrenching dilemmas and deep philosophical reflections about the nature of good and evil. It is at once funny, gruesome, tragic, informative, romantic and disconcerting. The central message of horror jars with the simplistic but widely held notion that the war was a black-and-white struggle between beastly Nazis and their valiant adversaries.这本书并没有立即获得成功。在出版后的几年,亚历山大#8226;索尔仁尼琴的作品比较出名,人们对改革感到兴奋,接着是苏联解体,这些都使该书黯然失色。这本书也长得令人生畏,人物众多,名字容易混淆,让人昏乱。有时读过几百页才能搞清人物的来龙去脉。格罗斯曼下笔的拖沓可能会令读者厌烦。《生活与命运》文如其名,将敏锐的心理洞察力、痛苦的困境以及对善恶本质的深刻哲学思考与坚韧不拔的战场描述揉合在一起。本书集滑稽好笑、阴森可怕、悲剧色、内容翔实、罗曼蒂克和仓惶失措于一身。本书始终秉持苏德战争是残忍的纳粹和他们英勇的对手之间你死我活的斗争这样的观念,除此之外,中心思想就是恐怖,处理过于简单,产生了不和谐之感。201109/153855

  Sandra Bullock earns top paycheck in HollywoodNobody would argue that 2010 has been anup-and-downyear for Sandra Bullock, given her best actress Oscar for ;The Blind Side; followed by her divorce from scandal-plagued husband Jesse James.But on Tuesday, Bullock landed atop Hollywoods heap again when financial website Forbes.com named her the highest paid actress of the past 12 months having earned million from two box office hits, romantic comedy ;The Proposal; and football film, ;The Blind Side.;Bullock not only received a fee for acting, but also participated in the profits, and for both films, the box office numbers were hefty, according to Forbes.com. ;The Blind Side; took in nearly 0 million at global box offices on a budget of around million, while ;Proposal; racked up just under 0 million and cost roughly million.Tied forthe No. 2 spot were Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz, both making million. Though Witherspoon has not been on screen since 2008, she received advance paychecks for upcoming films, ;How Do You Know; and ;Water for Elephants;.Diazspot of goldwas filled with money from the ;Knight and Day; and ;Shrek; films, which have grossed .8 billion at the global box office.Jennifer Aniston came in at fourth place with million, and ;Sex and the City; star Sarah Jessica Parker was No. 5 at million.To determine actresses compensation, Forbes.com talked to talent agents, managers, producers and lawyers and looked at other means of revenue such as perfume and clothing lines and ad campaigns.Forbes.com based its figures on earnings from June to June 2010. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were the highest paid actresses during a similar period one year earlier.See the full list of Forbes.com Hollywoods Highest Paid Actresses. The full list can be found athttp://www.forbes.com.Vocabulary:up-and-down: moving, executed, or formed alternately upwards and downwards(起伏,上下波动)tied for: 并列pot of gold: a sudden, huge windfall; sudden wealth(金罐,指一笔巨款)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110646The Satsop nuclear plant in western Washington State never generated a kilowatt of electricity. The cavernous and windowless nuclear reactor building has gone begging for commercial tenants for years. And it finally has one.位于华盛顿州西部的萨特索普核电站从来没有发过1瓦电。多年来,这座象洞穴一样、没有一扇窗户的核电站一直在招商。如今,他们终于如愿以偿了。Audio engineer Ron Sauro saw nothing but possibilities when he caught sight of the twin cooling towers looming over the forest near Elma, Washington. Sauro and his wife, Bonnie, run NWAA Labs, a small acoustic testing business. They were looking for a place with splendid isolation to open a state-of-the-art acoustic testing lab.在华盛顿州爱尔玛市附近的森林中,两座冷却塔高高矗立着。很多开车经过此地的人们可能会琢磨:我什么时候可以搬进去?但这正是音响工程师罗恩·索罗脑海中的念头。索罗和妻子邦尼经营一个小型音响测试公司。他们一直在寻找一个足够隐蔽的地点,用来建一个测试最新型音响设备的实验室。"When we normally build these kinds of laboratories, we usually build them underground or in the side of a mountain in order to be able to stabilize their environment," he says, adding that the Satsop nuclear project site is a much cheaper alternative. 索罗说:“通常,如果我们需要建造这类实验室,我们要么建在地下或者在大山边上,因为这样才能有一个稳定的环境。”索罗表示,萨特索普核电站是一个价格便宜得多的地方。The reactor building was almost finished when construction stopped in the early 1980's. The utility consortium backing the project discovered it had overestimated future electricity demand. Also, public opinion turned against nuclear energy after a 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island power plant in Pennsylvania. 这栋建筑在1980年代早期停止施工的时候,工程已经进入尾声。那时,持这个项目的电力工作人员会发现,他们高估了未来对电力的需求。另外,1979年宾夕法尼亚州三里岛核电站发生事故之后,公众对核能的态度发生了180度的大转变。201101/123849

  AU Security Chief Urges Somali Elders to Call Off Pirates非盟官员吁制止索马里海盗活动 Africa's top peace and security official is appealing to Somalia's elders to use their influence to stop the piracy that threatens commercial traffic through the strategic Gulf of Aden. African and European officials have signed a deal to provide the AU with a military capability that would allow it to intervene in continental conflicts and crises. 非洲最高安全官员请求索马里长老利用他们的影响,制止海盗活动。这种活动对通过战略要地亚丁湾的商船构成威胁。非洲和欧洲官员签署一项协议,帮助非洲联盟建立一军事力量,使非盟能够对非洲大陆的冲突和危机进行干预。AU Peace and Security Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra Friday called on the leaders of Somali society to persuade pirates operating off the coast of the Horn of Africa to stop hijacking ships for ransom. His appeal came as a Saudi vessel carrying 0 million in crude oil is anchored off the Somali coast in what is being called the world's biggest hijack. 非洲联盟和平与安全专员拉姆丹.拉马姆拉星期五呼吁索马里社会的领导人规劝在非洲之角沿海地区活动的海盗停止劫持船只勒索赎金。在拉马姆拉发出这一呼吁的同时,一艘运载着价值1亿美元原油的沙特阿拉伯油轮被劫持,停泊在索马里海域。这一事件被称为世界上最大的海盗劫船事件。Somali pirates aboard the vessel are said to be demanding a million ransom for release of the ship and its international crew. 登上这艘沙特油轮的索马里海盗据说索要2500万美元赎金才会释放这艘油轮和船上来自不同国家的水手。AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping has called the surge of Somali piracy an extension of the anarchy and political chaos gripping the country. Lamamra told VOA it is up to Somali political and clan leaders to put a stop to it. 非盟主席让.平说,索马里海盗活动大幅度增加是索马里国内混乱局面以及政治动乱的延伸。拉马姆拉对美国之音说,制止索马里海盗活动取决于索马里政治领袖和宗族首领的努力。"We call on all Somalis with influence on the pirates to help us curb this phenomenon," he said. "We believe that this is damaging to the Somali prospects for peace and cooperation and we think that all those who could have a positive influence under their solidarities that exist within Somali society should come in and tell these pirates that this is wrong. They have to stop it and stop it now." 拉马姆拉说:“我们呼吁对海盗有影响力的所有索马里人帮助我们制止这种现象。我们相信,海盗活动正在损害索马里的和平与合作前景。我们认为,所有能够根据他们的密切关系而对海盗产生积极影响的人都应该行动起来。对这些海盗说,这样做是错误的。他们必须停下来,立刻停下来。”Lamamra was speaking at a ceremony where African Union and European Union officials signed a 0 million agreement that will lead to establishment of a permanent African standby force. The five-brigade military force will be operational within 18 months, giving the African Union the ability to respond rapidly to continental hot spots.  拉马姆拉在出席一个仪式时发表上述讲话。非盟和欧盟官员在仪式上签署了一项价值3亿美元的协议。根据协议,最终将成立一永久性的非洲应急部队。这由5个旅组成的部队将在18个月内完成组建,使非洲联盟有能力对非洲大陆一些热点地区的问题迅速做出反应。French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner signed for Europe, since France holds the rotating EU presidency. He told reporters the force is designed as a deterrent. But when asked about the action by an Indian navy ship to sink a pirate vessel this week off the Somali coast, he suggested such actions are acceptable. 由于法国是欧盟轮值主席国,法国外长库什内代表欧盟在协议上签字。库什内对记者说,建立这部队的目的是威摄。不过,有记者问道有关这个星期印度海军军舰在索马里海域击沉一艘海盗船时,库什内暗示这类行动可以接受。"The Indian vessel defended itself, which is quite normal and according to international law," he explained. "And yesterday a Saudi big tanker has been attacked, and the Saudi authorities, decided, so... So we want to act as deterrents, but you know they are heavily armed, heavily equipped with speedboats, etc., etc." 库什内说:“印度军舰是自卫行动,这很正常,符合国际法。昨天一艘沙特大油轮被劫持,沙特当局决定......因此我们希望发挥威慑作用,不过,大家知道,海盗武器精良,配有快艇等等。”Kouchner said in the meantime, a European Union naval task force would join the U.S. Russian and Indian ships that have been dispatched to the Somali coast to keep shipping lanes open. 库什内同时表示,欧盟一海军特遣舰队将跟已经奉命前往索马里海域的美国、俄罗斯和印度军舰一道保那里海运通道畅通。"So for the time being seven nations regrouped in a British harbor, the port of Northwood, are y to work together," he added. "There is a strong effort between European Union defense and African defense, and locally, a large portion of the world, the navy ships would defend the cargo, the usual traffic for goods impossible to pass by without being threatened by attacks." 库什内说:“目前,7个国家的军舰在英国诺斯伍德港集结,即将一道展开行动。欧盟和非洲在防务方面有很有力的合作,在局部地区,在世界很大一部分地区,各国海军军舰会保护商船,保护受到袭击威胁的商船安全通过。”Kouchner says the European ships would reach the Gulf of Aden sometime in December.  库什内说,欧盟军舰可以在12月抵达亚丁湾。A communiqué issued Friday after an EU/AU leadership meeting also urged the ed Nations to play a role in bringing stability to Somalia. In unusually pointed language, the statement said the two continental groupings 'await with interest' the U.N. Security Council plan for establishment of a multi-national stabilization force that could reinforce the beleaguered 3,400-strong African Union peacekeeping force currently in Somalia.  欧盟和非盟领导人会后于星期五发表的公报还敦促联合国在恢复索马里稳定方面发挥作用。公报使用罕见的尖锐措辞说,这两个代表两个大陆的组织期待着联合国安理会计划成立的一多国稳定部队。这部队将增援目前在索马里四面受困的3400人的非盟维和部队。The Security Council has been reluctant to send a peacekeeping force to Somalia, with some diplomats arguing there is no peace to keep. 安理会一直不愿意向索马里派遣维和部队,因为一些外交人士认为那里没有和平可以维持。Somalia has been without an effective government since 1991, when warlords toppled a military dictator. The current U.N.-backed transitional government, formed in 2004, has been unable to protect the population while battling a powerful Islamist insurgency. 1991年以来,索马里一直没有有效的政府,当时军阀推翻了军人独裁者。目前由联合国持的过渡政府2004年成立,这个政府一直没有能力保护国民,同时打击势力强大的伊斯兰暴乱活动。200811/56868

  US: Iran Missile Test Underscores Threat to Middle East, Europe美称导弹防御系统符合俄罗斯利益The ed States says the reported test of a new Iranian ballistic missile underscores that country's threat to the Middle East and Europe, including Russia, which has opposed a planned U.S. regional missile defense system. Big-power diplomats are expected to discuss Iran's nuclear program and missile activity Thursday in Paris.美国表示,伊朗试验新的弹道导弹显示这个国家对中东以及包括俄罗斯在内的欧洲构成威胁。而俄罗斯一直反对美国在欧洲部署区域导弹防御系统的计划。一些大国的外交官预计星期四将在巴黎讨论伊朗的核计划和导弹活动。The Bush administration says the Iranian missile test violates U.N. resolutions and other international obligations,and will likely be added to the agenda of Thursday's meeting on Iran of the five permanent U.N. Security member countries and Germany, the P-Five-Plus-One.布什政府表示,伊朗试射导弹违反了联合国有关决议及其它国际义务,由五个联合国安理会常任成员国和德国在周四举行的关于伊朗问题的五加一会议的议程中可能会加上这一事态发展。Iran said it successfully tested a two-stage solid-fuel missile with a 2,000 kilometer range, which if verified would be an advance over the less-versatile liquid-fuel rockets Iran has developed in the past.伊朗称,它成功试射了一个两级固体燃料导弹,射程为两千公里。这一消息如果被实,那将是在伊朗过去发展的功能相对不全的液体燃料火箭之上的一大进步。The test came on the eve of the Paris meeting of P-Five-Plus-One political directors, who will review efforts to persuade Iran, through incentives, to stop a uranium-enrichment program the ed States believes is weapons-related.伊朗导弹试验是在巴黎五加一会议即将举行的前夕进行的。与会的政界人士将审查通过奖励措施动员伊朗停止铀浓缩计划的努力。美国认为伊朗的核活动与武器有关。The U.S. delegate to the Paris meeting, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, was in Moscow for talks on various issues -including the missile-defense system the ed States plans to deploy in central Europe to counter the Iranian threat.参加巴黎会议的美国代表、美国国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯在莫斯科和俄罗斯官员举行会谈的时候谈到各种问题,其中包括导弹防御系统。美国计划在欧洲中部部署导弹防御系统来对付伊朗的威胁。Moscow this week rejected a U.S. proposed set of confidence-building measures, including on-site inspections, designed to allay Russian concerns that the U.S. system would threaten its strategic missile forces.State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood reiterated Moscow has nothing to fear from the proposed system, and said the Iranian test should illustrate why the deployment should go forward.美国国务院副发言人罗伯特·伍德重申,莫斯科对美国计划中的防御系统没有什么好担心的。他还说,伊朗的导弹试验说明为什么应该部署这个系统。"I think it is pretty obvious that when Iran launches one of these ballistic missiles that this is something of concern to the international community, and I am including Russia in the international community here," Wood said. "And so again we think missile defense is in the interest not only of the ed States and its European allies, but also Russia. So we will continue to make the case to Russia that we need to cooperate closely on missile defense."伍德说:“我认为这很明显,在伊朗发射这种弹道导弹的情况下,国际社会显然会对此关注,我认为国际社会也包括俄罗斯在内。因此,我们重申,导弹防御系统不仅符合美国及其欧洲盟国的利益,同时也符合俄罗斯的利益。所以,我们将继续努力说俄罗斯,在导弹防御系统问题上,我们需要密切合作。”The U.S. plan calls for placement of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a related radar system in the Czech Republic.美国计划在波兰设置10枚拦截导弹,在捷克共和国设置相关的雷达系统。Russia has threatened to deploy short-range missiles and jamming equipment in its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, bordering Poland, if the U.S. program goes forward.Officials in Moscow were ed as calling the new U.S. transparency proposals inadequate, while also suggesting the Bush administration is trying to pre-empt missile-defense decisions by President-elect Barack Obama.An Obama spokesman said this week the incoming president only supports deploying a missile-defense shield when the technology has been proven workable.一位奥巴马的发言人本周表示,当选总统只有在有关技术已经被明是切实可行的条件下,才会持部署这一导弹防御系统。200811/55995。

  Palestinian Shot Dead After Crash Israel Labels Terrorist Attack巴司机开拖拉机撞客车警车被击毙  A Palestinian driver has been shot dead in Jerusalem after allegedly slamming his tractor into a police car and a bus. The killing happened as tensions flare over Israel's planned demolition of Arab homes in East Jerusalem and a spate of new violence in Gaza. 一名巴勒斯坦司机在耶路撒冷被击毙,据控他把自己驾驶的拖拉机撞向警车和一辆大客车。以色列当局将这一事件称为恐怖袭击。这次击事件发生之际,正是以色列计划在耶路撒冷拆毁阿拉伯人的住房以及加沙出现新一波暴力行动的时候,巴以冲突正在升级。It was a scene of chaos on Jerusalem's busy Menachim Begin Highway in the moments after police said the Palestinian driver of a large construction vehicle smashed the front-end loader into a police car and a bus.  这个混乱的局面出现在耶路撒冷繁忙的贝让高速公路上,此前警方说,这名驾驶大型建筑车辆的巴勒斯坦司机将他车辆前部的装卸斗撞入警车和一辆大客车。An Israeli cab driver told Israel Radio he pulled a gun and opened fire on the Palestinian.  一名以色列出租车司机告诉以色列电台说,他拿朝这名巴勒斯坦司机开了火。He said he saw a terrorist act, and saw the police car fly into the air. He said he got out of his car with his gun. He said he fired four shots and killed the man. Then, he said, a policeman came and "finished the man off."  他说,他看到了恐怖行动,看到警车飞上了天。他说,他拿着跳出了轿车。他说,他向这名巴勒斯坦人开了四,将他击毙。Police and hospital officials said the man died from his wounds. The officers inside the car sustained minor injuries.  警方和医院官员说,这名巴勒斯坦人因伤势严重而死亡。在警车中的警官受了轻伤。Police said they found a copy of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, open in the vehicle - something Israeli authorities in the past have associated with attacks by Muslim extremists. 警方说,他们发现了一本可兰经,在车里敞开着,以色列当局过去在描述穆斯林极端份子的攻击行动时也经常加上这些细节。No one has claimed responsibility for the crash.  没有人宣称对这次行动承担责任。Officials are probing the circumstances surrounding the incident, but Israeli authorities quickly labeled it an act of terrorism.  有关官员在调查围绕这个事件的情况,但是以色列当局迅速将这个行动定性为恐怖主义行动。Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat went on television shortly after and called it "an attack to murder innocent people." 耶路撒冷市长巴尔卡特随即在电视节目说,这是对无辜平民的袭击和谋杀。He said he wants the authorities to take the harshest measures allowed by law against the attackers and those who helped them.He said he would push for the home of the attacker to be demolished immediately - a response Israeli authorities commonly give after terrorist attacks.  他说,他希望当局采取法律允许的最严厉措施来来对付袭击者和那些帮凶。他说,他将敦促采取行动,立即拆毁这名袭击者的住房,这是以色列当局在恐怖袭击之后通常会作出的反应。It was the third incident in eight months involving a Palestinian construction worker in Israel.  这是8个月来第三次在以色列发生有巴勒斯坦建筑工人参与的事件。Tensions remain high due to Israel's plans to demolish scores of Arab homes built without permits in East Jerusalem to make way for an archeological zone.  以色列计划拆毁几十座阿拉伯人在耶路撒冷东部无照建造的住宅,准备将这里建成古迹园区。Eighty kilometers away from Jerusalem, in the Gaza Strip, a new round of Israeli air strikes killed at least two Palestinians. Israeli officials said those killed were members of the militant Islamic Jihad group who had fired an anti-tank missile across the border at Israeli soldiers. 以色列在离耶路撒冷80公里的加沙地带发动的新一轮空袭导致至少两名巴勒斯坦人丧生。以色列官员说,被炸死的是伊斯兰圣战者组织的武装激进份子,说他们事前向以色列境内的士兵发射了反坦克导弹。03/63951

  Hundreds Attend Public Hearing on Plan to Transfer Guantanamo Detainees to US Prison伊利诺伊就关湾狱囚迁往该州举行听While many residents in the area support the move because of the jobs they hope it will bring, many across the state oppose any plan to house detainees on U.S. soil. The hearing in the town of Sterling, Illinois, offered a chance for the public to hear from officials on the plan.尽管很多当地居民因为希望能够给他们带来工作机会而持这一计划,但是整个伊利诺伊州很多人都反对任何把在美国本土上关押这些在押人员的计划。In mid-December, President Barack Obama directed the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to purchase the under-utilized Thomson Correctional Center in western Illinois from the state to house about 100 detainees from Guantanamo. The proposed sale touches on two major issues for residents in the area: providing jobs and money to an area suffering high unemployment during the recession, and concerns about security if terror suspects are housed there. 12月中旬,奥巴马总统指示美国监狱从伊利诺伊州购置位于该州西部没有得到充分使用的汤姆森惩戒中心,以关押大约100名来自关塔那湾的在押人员。这项拟议中的出售计划与当地居民两个主要关心问题有关,一个是为当地带来工作机会以及经济衰退期间饱受高失业率之苦时所急需的资金,另外一个就是如果恐怖分子嫌疑人被关押在当地可能带来的安全问题。Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's Chief Operating Officer Jack Lavin said selling Thomson to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons would help create jobs. 伊利诺伊州州长帕特·奎恩的运营总监杰克·莱文表示,把汤姆森惩戒中心卖给美国监狱有助于创造就业机会。"The White House Counsel of Economic Advisors has estimated that up to 3,800 jobs and more than billion of economic activity in Illinois will be generated in just its first four years of operation," Lavin said.他说:“白宫的经济顾问团队估计,在惩戒中心被购买后的头4年内,将带来多达3千8百个就业机会以及为伊利诺伊州的经济活动带来10亿美元以上的收益。”Lavin spoke before members of the State of Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability gathered at a high school auditorium in Sterling, about 30 kilometers from the Thomson prison, for the only public hearing on the proposal.莱文是在斯特林镇一所高中的礼堂聚集,为此项计划举行的唯一一场公开听会的伊利诺伊州政府预测问责委员会成员面前说这番话的。斯特林镇距离汤姆森惩戒中心有大约30公里的距离。He also sought to allay concerns about security.莱文还试图减轻人们对安全问题的担忧。12/92911

  芯片成就一切Intel is the world's largest semi-conductor company'Making super-small microchips',has made Intel one of the world's biggest tech companies, and has led college students to rank the company 34th on the ideal employer list.Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Intel is the world's largest semi-conductor company. But they also make motherboards, chipsets ,network cards, ICs, flash memory, graphic cards, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing.Intel has more than 1000 career opportunities posted on its website under a topic called 'jobs just for students'. Their recruiters have a strong interest in students with backgrounds in engineering, science, and business majors. And they offer a variety of internships and rotational programes to give students a taste of various departments.Intel also has a recent college graduate network, designed to help students make connections with tech-professionals both inside and outside of Intel.To find out more about Intel, it's internship programs or job opportunities, just follow the links right here on our site. For career TV, i'm Matt Rivera.02/63300

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