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You can come in contact with the wrong people without knowing it不经意地遇人不淑or people that surround you, they can have a strong influence on you.这些人可能可以左右你的言行And these kids are gonna be scarred for the rest of their llives,那些孩子将背负一生的创伤and l don#39;t wanna see any more innocent, small children being affected this way.我不想再看见更多无辜的孩子 受到这样的影响l love Michael vety dearly but I feel even more sorry for these children我非常爱迈克尔 但我更担心那些孩子because they don#39;t have a life any more. They don#39;t.他们的一生都毁了l had spoken to him on the phone我与他通过话the day after she had said all those things.就在她做出那些指控的隔天And l have never heard him我从未听过他feel so much hate for a person than he did for La Toya.像恨拉托雅那样如此的恨过一个人l just know that it was something that was very ugly and disheartening,我只知道这件事非常丑陋也令人心寒and the family didn#39;t like it at all.家里也很不谅解There#39;s certain things you#39;re not gonna get me to do有些事不管酬劳多丰厚for no price, whatsoever,我都绝对不会做when it comes to people l love and care for.尤其是针对自己所爱He was hurt. He was really hurt.他很受伤 真的很受伤La Toya Jackson and her husband, boyfriend, l guess, at that time, Jack Gordon,拉托雅·杰克逊与她的丈夫 当时还是男友杰克·高登and l went to spain to do a TV show together.跟我一起到西班牙录制电视节目And it was a crazy TV show, where she was going to be rigged to a lie detector很疯狂的一个节目 他们让她戴上测谎器and then l was going to ask her questions.然后我要问她问题l can#39;t imagine why she wanted to do this because I totally thought she was lying.我不知道她怎么会同意 因为我很确定她在撒谎 Article/201510/403288。

It#39;s often said that we humans share 50 percent of our DNA with bananas,80 percent with dogs,and 99 percent with chimpanzees.Taken literally,those numbers make it sound like we could pluck one cell from a chimp and one from a human,pull out the tangle bundles of DNA known as chromosomes,unroll each on elike a scroll,and off two nearly identical strings of letters.人们常说,人类DNA与香蕉DNA的相识度50%,与的相似度80% 与黑猩猩相似度99%。这听起来就好像,我们可以从猩猩和人类身上各取一个细胞,拖出染色体上缠成一团的DNA,展成卷轴状,然后读取出两列几乎一样的字母排序。But in reality,the human and chimp scrolls don#39;t sync up so easily.In the six to eight million years since we split from our last common ancestor,chance mutations and natural selection have changed each of our genomes in radical-and unique-ways.但事实上,人类和黑猩猩的卷轴并没那么同步。在我们从最后一位共同祖先分化之后的6-8百万年间,突变和自然选择,以独特的方式彻底地改变了我们的基因组。Two human scrolls fused,leaving us with 23 pairs of chromosomes to chimps#39; 24.Other large mutations revised huge sections of text-duplicating a chunk of a human DNA here.erasing a chunk of chimp DNA there-while throughout the scrolls,tiny mutations swapped one letter for another.When researchers sat down to compare the chimp and human genomes,those single letter differences were easy to tally.人类卷轴的两段融合,使我们只剩23对染色体,而黑猩猩有24对。其他大量的突变则改变了大段的遗传信息,在这儿复制一大段人类DNA。在那儿删除一大段黑猩猩DNA 个别字母替换这种小差异则遍布整幅卷轴,研究员着手比较黑猩猩和人类基因时,可以轻松找出这些小差异。But the big mismatched sections weren#39;t.For example,if a genetic paragraph-thousands of letters long-appears twice in a human scroll,but only once in its chimp counterpart,should the second copy as thousands of changes,or just one?And what about identical paragraphs that appear in both genomes,but in different places,or in reverse order,or broken up into pieces?但是大的片段差异...则不然例如,一段含有几千个字母的基因片段,在人类卷轴里出现了两次。而在黑猩猩卷轴里只出现了一次。那么多出来的这段基因应该视为几千个差异,还有一个?再例如,相同的片段在两者基因组中都出现,但是位置不同。或顺序变化,或变成分散的片段,又该怎么算呢?Rather than monkey around with these difficult questions,the researchers simply excluded all the large mismatched sections- a whopping 1.3 billiion letters of DNA-and performed a letter by letter comparison on the remaining 2.4 billion,which turned out to be 98.77% identical.So,yes,we share 99% of our DNA with chimps-if we ignore 18 percent of their genome and 25 percent of ours.与其对着这些难题瞎忙活,研究人员干脆删除了13亿,差异较大的DNA序列,然后对剩余的24亿进行逐字比较,得出了相似度98.77%的结论。是的,我们的DNA跟黑猩猩相似度高达99% 前提是忽略18%的黑猩猩基因和25%的人类基因。And there#39;s another problem:just as a small tweak to a sentence can alter its meaning entirely or not at all,a few mutations in DNA sometimes produce big changes in a creature#39;s looks or behavior,whereas other times lots of mutations make very little difference.So just counting up the number of genetic changes doesn#39;t really tell us that much about how similar or different two creatures are.还有一个问题:句子中一个小小的停顿,就可能完全改变句子的意思,也可能毫无影响,有时,一点点的DNA变化,会令生物的外观或行为发生巨变,而有时大段的变化只会造成些微差异。因此只是数数基因变化的数量,并没办法说明,两个物种是否相似。But that doesn#39;t mean we can#39;t learn anything by comparing their genomes.DNA contains a record of the evolutionary relationships between all organisms.It#39;s a garbled record-but by ing closely,we#39;ve been able to glean enough information to refine the evolutionary trees we started drawing long before genome sequencing was around.当然,这并不表示比较基因组的做法一无是处。DNA中记录着所有物种的进化关系。这些记录杂乱无章,但通过细致的研究。我们就能够收集到足够的信息,完善早在基因组测序出现前,就开始绘制的基因树。We may not actually be 99 percent chimp,but we are 100 percent great ape...and at least a little bananas.我们或许当成不了99%的黑猩猩。但我们是100%的人类猿。。。或许还捎带点香蕉血统。 Article/201508/389811。

See if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。I was developed in the late 1800s by American inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes. 美国发明家克里斯托夫·拉森·肖尔斯在19世纪发明了我。I was eventually named the Remington and occasionally used by author Mark Twain.我最终被称为雷明顿,作家马克·吐温有时会用到我。I#39;m a machine that produces characters like those made by a printing press. 我就像印刷机那样打出字幕。I#39;m a typewriter and the first ones on the market only wrote in capital letters.我是打字机,市场上第一台打字机只能打大写字母。AZUZ: Of course, people wanted to be able to use lower case type, so some of the first typewriters had two keyboards, many with one behind the other. 当然,人们想要使用小写字体,因此最早的打字机有两幅键盘,一幅在另一个的后面。One had capitals and one had lower case.一个有大写字母一个是小写字母。A typewriter with a shift key that needed only one keyboard started being sold around 1878. 只有一个键盘带有转换键的打字机在1878年面市。It eventually became more popular.之后它变得更加流行。But all of these things are just useless antiques now, right?但这些东西现在只是无用的古董吗? /201503/366851。

Tensions in East Asia are rising after the U.S. began sending parts for a missile defense system to South Korea on Monday.周一,随着美国开始向韩国运输导弹防御系统零件,东亚紧张局势上升。The Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, works by sensing incoming missiles and shooting them out of the sky.终端高空区域防御系统或“萨德”,通过检测来袭导弹并在空中将其击毁。But the THAAD system isn#39;t perfect. A North Korean monitoring group says a nuclear weapon destroyed in the air could still have material that leaks and harms people on the ground.但“萨德”系统并不完美。朝鲜监测小组称,空中击毁核武器可能会仍会泄露物质,危害地面人员安全。the system might get overwhelmed if it tries to take out multiple ballistic missiles at once. A day before the U.S. started shipping it to South Korea, North Korea launched four test missiles.如果试图一次打击多个弹道导弹,该系统可能会不堪重负。在美国开始运送到韩国的前一天,朝鲜试射了四枚导弹。The monitoring group says having two THAAD systems in South Korea could protect the whole country from the North, which the U.S. military says is the only area the defense system will focus on.监测组表示,韩国拥有两个“萨德”系统能够防止其遭到朝鲜的威胁,美国军方称这将是防御系统聚焦的唯一地区。But China has long considered putting the system in South Korea a threat. One expert says the nation fears THAAD radar could be used to spy on China.但中国一直将韩国的该系统视为一个威胁。一位专家表示,担心萨德可以用来监视中国。South Korea#39;s government think China could turn to a trade war in responds to THAAD. China is South Korea#39;s largest trading partner.韩国政府认为中国会通过贸易战来应对“萨德”。中国是韩国最大的贸易伙伴。译文属。 Article/201703/496700。

原味人文风情:Qingming Festival:History and Origins清明节的历史The Chinese Qingming Festival falls on either April 4 or 5. Also known as Tomb Sweeping Festival, it is a time for families to remember and pay respects to the ancestors.中国的清明节不是逢四月四日就是四月五日。也以扫墓节著称,这是个家人们纪念并凭吊祖先的时节。The origin of the festival dates back to the spring and autumn period, 770 to 476 B.C. It was to honor Jie Zhi-Tui, a loyal follower of the Duke Wen of Jin state. Before he became the king, Jie cut a slice of meat from his own thigh to make soup for the starving duke. A gratified Wen promised to reward Jie, but when he became king, he forgot about Jie. Jie, seeking no gain or reward, quietly left to live in a forest with his elderly mother. When Wen realized his mistake, he tried to persuade Jie to return to the court by setting fire to the forest. But Jie and his mother died in the fire. A saddened Wen declared that no fires could be lit on that day. Thus, people would only eat cold food, and the festival was originally called Cold Food Day.这节日的由来起源于西元前 770 到 476 年的春秋时分。清明节是为了要纪念介之推,晋文公的忠诚追随者。在晋文公成为王以前,介之推曾从他自己的大腿上切下一片肉来煮汤给饥饿的公子。感激的晋文公承诺要回报介之推,但在他当上王的时候,他遗忘了介之推。介之推,不求回报,悄悄地离去和他年迈的母亲住在森林里。当晋文公发现自己的错误时,他试着火烧森林来说介之推返回宫廷。但介之推和他的母亲葬身在火海中。悲恸的晋文公宣布在那天不得生火。因此,人们只能吃冰冷的食物,而这节日原本被称作“寒食节”。During the Tang Dynasty, the festival evolved into a tomb-sweeping event. By the time of the Song Dynasty, candles were also used. Today, Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors to pay respects. They sweep the tomb area and clear the weeds. Then they offer food, flowers, light candles, or burn incense and paper gifts for their ancestors. The one-day festival is also known as Clear Bright Festival or Ancestor#39;s Day.唐朝期间,这节日演变成一项扫墓的活动。到宋朝时,蜡烛也被使用。如今,中国家族拜访他们祖先的坟墓以致敬。他们打扫墓区并清除杂草。接着他们供奉食物、鲜花、点燃蜡烛,或是点香和烧纸扎祭品给他们的祖先。这为期一天的节日也被称作清明节或祭祖日。 Article/201504/368548。

栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201510/402172。

I think it#39;s stuck.-I think it#39;s stuck.我想是卡住了The camera seems to have reached a bend in the moulin摄像机好像到了冰川锅穴的一个弯道and it#39;s not moving.结果被卡住了It#39;s hit a ledge.撞上暗礁、了We have to pull it back.我们必须把它拉回来It could be just a kink in the moulin这大概是冰川锅穴的一个颈部or it could be the water never reaches the bedrock.也可能是因为水流没有到达岩底For the moment, it will have to remain a mystery.想解开秘密只能再等等了Konnie and his team will have to redesign the camera科尼和他的团队必须重新设计摄像机and return next summer.等明年夏天再回来But wherever this water ends up, it#39;s clear that more surface ice is melting.可是不管水流最终流到何处,很明显,表面冰层正在不停的融化Scientists have mapped the area of the Greenland ice sheet科学家们画出了格陵兰冰原的地图that experiences surface melting in summer.冰原表面在夏天不停融化As recently as the 1990s, it was a relatively small area到1992年,冰原的轮廓around the edges of the ice sheet.已经缩小了很多But by2005, the melt zone had massively expanded.到2005年,融化的区域大幅度的增加 Article/201510/406661。