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动物园 A Day At The Zoo-- ::59 JASON: It's too hot. I'm not sure I can walk any more.CHRIS: Oh, c'mon. You're not so old.I want to go to Monkey Island and look at the monkeys.JASON: What? They have a monkey island here? Really?CHRIS: Of course they do.This is an excellent zoo. They have all kinds of monkeys here.JASON: Great. Let's go. I love monkeys. That's why I started going out with you.CHRIS: You're very funny today.As me, I've always loved boars and rhinos.I like their smell. Maybe that's why I chose you.JASON: I wish we could get some good iced coffee somewhere.Wouldn't it be great if zoos had Starbucks in them?CHRIS: Yes.Then I could buy you a few espressos and you'd climb over the fence into the lion cage.I wouldn't have to worry about you any more.JASON: Hah, hah, hah. Hey, look at that polar bear. CHRIS: Oh, terrible. JASON: Yes, I can't believe they have him out in the sun like this. Isn't it too hot?CHRIS: It's sad. Sometimes I think zoos should treat animals better than they do.Look at the space they have him in. It isn't enough.JASON: No. It isn't. They should have him indoors in the air conditioning.They should give him a nice tank to swim in, and fresh seal meat every day.They should let him have an iced coffee every couple days.CHRIS: You're thinking about yourself again. Always so selfish.JASON: I feel sorry that bear. Just like him, I'm too hot.Both he and I--we should be in a nice cold wilderness right now.We're both sick of southern Calinia.CHRIS: Do you really want to move away? To Alaska?JASON: Yes, when I graduate. I will move away from Calinia. That's sure.And I will take the bear with me. We will open an iced coffee cafe in Alaska.He will do tricks the customers and I will make the coffee.It will be a great success.CHRIS: You are a clown, Jason. You are just a clown.JASON: Thank you. I respect clowns. Thank you very much.So where is that Monkey Island?CHRIS: Over this way. Follow me. 杰森:真是太热了,我不确定还能不能走克利丝:喔,拜托,你又没多老我想去猴子岛看猴子杰森:什么?这儿有猴子岛?真的吗?克利丝:当然有了这间是很棒的动物园,他们有各种类的猴子杰森:太棒了,我们走吧我最爱猴子了,这就是我开始和你约会的原因克利丝:你今天很好笑耶至于我呢……我一直很爱野猪和犀牛我喜欢他们的味道,也许这就是我选你的原因杰森:我希望我们可以从哪弄些不错的冰咖啡如果动物园有星巴克 咖啡店,不是很棒吗?克利丝:对啊,然后我可以买给你一些浓缩咖啡,让你爬过栅栏进去狮子笼里,我就不用再担心你了杰森:哈,哈嘿,看那只北极熊克利丝:喔,太过分了杰森:对啊,我真不敢相信他们让它像这样在太阳底下,那不是太热了吗?克利丝:真可悲,有时候我觉得应该对动物更好一点看看他们给它的空间,根本不够杰森:不,不是他们应该让它待在有空调的室内,给它一处水槽游泳并且每天提供新鲜的海豹肉他们应该每隔几天就给它喝杯冰咖啡克利丝:你又想到你自己了,总是这么自私杰森:我替那只熊感到难过,就像它一样,我觉得太热了他和我--我们现在应该在一处寒冷的荒地,我们都对南加州感到厌烦了克利丝:你真的想搬走吗?搬到阿拉斯加吗?杰森:是的,当我毕业时我会搬离加州,这是肯定的而且我还会把熊一起带去,我们会在阿拉斯加开一间冰咖啡店它可以为客人表演把戏,而我来泡咖啡这一定会大受欢迎克利丝:杰森,你真是一个小丑你只是一个小丑杰森:谢谢你我尊敬小丑,非常谢谢你喔猴子岛在哪?克利丝:在这条路,跟我来吧小学英语日记:聚会 -- :6: 来源: Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends had gone abroad. They went abroad to study. Maybe I couldn’t see them in the future. I think next year we won’t make a party. Next year is a very important year. We all will prepare the new term’s new subject.I know, it is the most important us now.昨天,我们玩得很高兴,但只有人我记得去年有人在所有我听到一些我的朋友已经出国他们去国外学习也许我没有看到他们的未来我想明年我们将不聚会明年是非常重要的一年我们都将编制新的学期新计划.我知道,最重要的是现在5人搞笑 --01 3:7:5 来源: 5人搞笑Today’s Yang bailao and Huang Shiren ———编剧:方彦龙 Character::杨白劳Y, 喜儿X,王大春(喜儿男朋友)D,王大婶(王大春的母亲)W, 穆仁智(黄的管家)M,黄世仁HPart 1:In 杨白劳’home 旁白:(“喜洋洋”背景音乐起)---New Year's Eve,Xi’er is talking with her boyfriend on the phone, suddenly ,doorbell sounded.(叮咚!叮咚……) 喜: Oh! ok! Someone is knock at the door! So I have to hung up!Bye!(开门) 杨: 喜儿! 喜儿! What’s this? 喜: Oh! computer!(高兴地看笔记本)That’s a Laptop! 杨: Ha ha! Today I’m able to buy a computer! Next year, I will plan to buy a car! 喜: Really? Buys a car?Great! 杨: Ok, now we will go out ,are you y ? 喜: Ha ha,I’m y ok and waiting you to come back!(门铃再次响起)Oh,I think there must be Aunt Wang and Dacun coming.(开门,) 王婶, 大春, 杨, 喜(四人齐声贺道)Happy New Year!hah(喜儿和大春去一边嘻嘻哈哈,窃窃私语不知所言) 王婶:(走到杨白劳跟前)Mr Yang,I heard Dachun said, going to jump the disco dancing after dinner.Right? 杨:Right,What do you think? 王婶:I’m gald to,oh,are you prepared to go out? 杨: Sure!. 王婶: Ok,go?(问杨白劳) 杨: Let’s go,(朝喜儿他俩那边喊)Xi’er,Dachun,go! (四人出门 下) Part : In Huang Shiren’ home 黄: (黄世仁上台,气势汹汹地说)Hello,everyone!Do you know Huang Shiren?Tt’s me! Ha ha……But today is not yestady!You see Mu Renzhi coming! 穆:(穆仁智走上来)Mr Huang , give me a litte,ok? 黄: Not! I wouldn’t give you,because I haven’t money!(不耐烦的样子) 穆: New Year coming,My wages, a year--?(哀求着) 黄: Really does not have! 穆:(拉着黄的手说)You are so kind in my eyes,can you give me litte money,ok? 黄: No way,what’s moreYang Bailao has not return the money to me, what can I do you?(无奈的样子) 穆: You might ask him! 黄:Asking him?I think he couldn’t give me! 穆:Why? He has contracted the farm, and made many money! 黄:I know! But,he—— 穆:(打断黄的话)Tries!Ok? 黄: (想了想)Ok! You go together with me! 穆: Let’s go! (两人出门 下) Part 3: In enlightens the hall 旁白: Yang Bailao, Xi’er, Dachun and Aunt Wang finished eating dinner and tojump the disco dancing.(迪斯科音乐起,四人在舞台上狂欢着) (一会儿,杨的电话响了,他走到前台接电话) 杨:This is Yang Bailao, please speaking! ... oh... oh!-- 王婶:(王大婶看见,向杨走过来)Who’s that? 杨:Huang Shiren, he said he coming here immediately. 喜:(停止跳舞,朝这边问)Huang Shiren? Is all right?(杨白老点头示对) 大春: Nothing! We would take them away if they appeared! 杨, 喜, D, W: Ha ha (四人继续跳舞) (黄世仁和穆仁智一前一后的东张西望地从下面走上台前) 黄: Oh! Everyone,Happy New Year! (大家看了看,没人理睬) 杨:(杨朝黄走了过去)The same to you!(音乐停,其他人也走了过来) 黄: (和杨握手)Recently alright? 杨: Fina, but if you ask the money that’s wrong!(自己先坐下,示意让黄世仁坐,这时大春用脚把凳子往后一勾了下,黄坐到地上了,尴尬的看看大家) 大春:Oh, I resemble see to have the dirty thing, but not,sits down! 黄: (朝杨白老问)Who is this?(穆仁智扶黄起来) 杨:He is Wang Dachun,Xi’er’s boyfriend. 黄:(打量大春说)Are you Xi’er’s boyfriend? 大春:Yes! (喊道)Is not my that is you? 黄:No,no!you!(胆怯的坐下) 杨:What’s the mater? 黄:I’m sorry, but, today is the last of the year!en—Debt is--- 杨:(打断黄的话) Does not have! 黄: I know you are good man, give a litte,ok?(乞求的样子) 杨: No matter what you said to,nothing! 黄(抱住杨白老的腿哀求到)Mr Yang ,a litte,just a litte…… 杨: No money,only a life have! 黄: just a litte…… 杨:(很无情地说) No money,only a life have! 黄: (无助地向四处环顾)En---- 大春: (不耐烦地说)You have not heard? Does not have! 黄:(朝喜儿望去)Miss, you help us!help us !ok?(哀求着) 王婶:(和喜儿站一块的王大婶说)What you want to do? 大春:Boils!Go out!(语气非常强烈) ( 杨白劳推开黄,喜儿,王大春,王大婶赶黄世仁和穆仁智走) 穆:(拉着杨白老的手求到)Do not expel me go, I want to leave,from now, I do you ,I cound drive--- 杨: (排了排穆仁智)Ha ha, nice!ok! (穆仁智和所有的人都赶黄世仁出门) 黄:(冲穆仁智喊道)Mu Renzhi! Mu Renzhi!Do you know you is my housekeep? 穆:No!Go out!(全部下) 5人搞笑 5 人 搞心中的那条河 The River in My Heart -- :36:1 来源: I live in the city with my parents. I love living in the city, but my favorite place is the river in my hometown. Sometimes my parents will take me to the hometown to visit grandparents. Then I find that river. I like stay on the bank. The air is special fresh there. In summer, I can put my feet in the water and enjoy its cooling touch. In winter, the river is frozen. It is beautiful. the white ice makes itself very outstanding.我和我爸爸妈妈一起住在城市里我喜欢住在城市,但是我最喜欢的地方却是我家乡的一条河有时候爸爸妈妈会带我回家乡看望爷爷奶奶就是这样我发现了那条河我喜欢呆在岸边那里的空气特别新鲜夏天,我可以把我的脚在水里享受着它凉爽的触摸冬季,河水都结冰了很美丽白色的冰使得河格外的显眼Asking a Friend to Go an Outing 邀友郊游 -- 19:: 来源: Asking a Friend to Go an Outing 邀友郊游May th, Dear Jack,  I came to see you this morning, but you were out. So I have to leave this note to you.  This Sunday is fine. So some of my friends and I have decided to go an outing. We'll meet at the school gate at 8:30 a.m.. Then we'll go climbing and play some games. We'll have a picnic, too. In the afternoon we'll go boating in the river nearby. If possible, we'll go to pick some wild fruits. I'm sure we'll take some photos, too. Will you join us? We'll be very happy if you can go. Call me up bee 5 p.p., please.Yours,Wang Gang杰克,你好:  今天上午我来找你,可是你出去了,所以我给你留个便条  这个星期天天气将是晴朗的我和几位朋友决定组织一次郊游我们将在早晨8:30在学校门口集合,然后我们将去爬山和做游戏我们还将进行一次野餐下午我们将在附近的河里划船如果可能的话,我们还可以采一些水果我相信我们还会照几张相你能参加吗?如果你能去,我们将会很高兴请在下午5点以前给我打电话你的,王刚年5月日

记一次大扫除 A General Cleaning -- ::39 来源: Today is Friday. It's time to do a general cleaning. Our classmates are divided into two groups. Today it turns to my group. As usual, we clean the blackboard, doors, windows and the floor. And we rearrange the desks and chairs to make them orderliness. Besides, we plant a couple of bonsais in our classroom. So, we must water them. They are beautiful sceneries of our class. We all take good care of them.今天是星期五是时候进行一次大扫除了我们班分成了两组,今天轮到我们这一组了像往常一样,我们擦黑板,门口,窗户和地板我们重新摆了课桌和椅子,使他们更有秩序另外,我们在教室里种了两盆盆景所以,我们必须给它浇水它们是我们班的风景,我们都要好好爱护它们

世界图书馆(World Library) -- ::8 来源: 世界图书馆(World Library)   world library  i’m the designer of this library. there are ten bookcases in the library. there are a lot of books in the library. we can borrow books there.  we can keep the books three weeks. we can study there, too. i like this library very much.

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