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World largest white truffle foundweighing more than four pounds and is aly receiving offers of million世界最大白松露重达四磅多,有人出价0万美元购买The world largest white truffle wasdiscovered in Italy this week, and truffle-lovers are offering to spend million on the rare ingredient.本周意大利发现了世界上最大的白松露,有松露爱好者出价0万美元购买这个稀有的食物Sabatino Truffles,one of the largest truffle suppliers in the world, unearthed the .-poundtruffle this week and has received high offers from buyers in China and Dubai,according to a news release, 萨巴蒂诺松露是世界上最大的松露供应商之一,于本周出土了.磅重的松露,来自中国和迪拜的买家出高价要购买The Balestra family of Sabatino Truffleswill auction the truffle off next week in New York City and the proceeds willgo to a charity of their choice.该公司将于下周在纽约对这块松露进行拍卖,他们将把所拍得的资金用于慈善Hunters use trained dogs and pigs to sniff out the rare truffles during themonths of October, November, and December, according to N. 据报道,采集者会训练和猪在,,月份的时候寻找这些稀有的松露Truffles are the most expensive food in theworld with just one pound of a European white truffle selling thousands ofdollars and a few shavings of a black truffle selling hundreds ofdollars, CBS news reports.松露是世界上最贵的食品,一磅的欧洲白松露可卖出几千美元,而黑松露的切屑就可以卖出几百美元In the past, white truffles have sold up to 0,000 and this truffle isalmost twice the size of the existing Guinness record holder.之前,有一块白松露卖出了33万美元的高价,而现在的这块松露是之前这块吉尼斯世界纪录保持者的两倍大CBS reports that this expensive delicacyhas brought organized crime into the truffle trade. A black market has beencreated the truffles leading to the theft of both the truffles and the dogsthat sniff them out.由于价格昂贵,使得松露交易中出现了有组织的犯罪活动已经出现了松露黑市,导致松露以及寻找松露的被窃取的情况时有发生 67971. Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging 日本创新的糕点包装

马来西亚怡保一家宠物店,最近引进了一对被称为全世界最小猴子的小狨猴……体长最长只有厘米左右Ipoh, a pet store in Malaysia, recently introduced a pair of monkeys known as the world's smallest monkeys. Monkeys of this species have mild character, petite body; are restless in personality and alert and have a maximum body length only centimeters.  马来西亚怡保一家宠物店,最近引进了一对被称为全世界最小猴子的小狨猴;这种品种的猴子性格温和、体型娇小,个性好动而机警,体长最长只有厘米左右 The Tamarin live in South America, a region once wildly raised by Indians.  绒猴生活在南美洲,曾被印第安人广泛饲养 90

MZ;^,CiNrq-fio3,s@%PS-0mofV3B+~thiyrG_JYhMXJuIfCoqNFmP;gvrcMe|^MnsCustomers look at a large high heel made by cholocate displayed at the Hyundai Department Store in Seoul on Feb 1, . The -meter-high shoe, in time Valentine Day, took days and 60 kilograms of chocolate to make.*8Wz^m%tB(^~ext年月1日,首尔现代百货公司,顾客们参观了巨型巧克力高跟鞋#1S]aj-5japgXUp这只高米的高跟鞋用料60千克,耗时天,专门迎合情人节而定制JtP1P#XKK0Tm_U.S]u;e.@!namahCustomers look at a large chocolate high heel displayed at the Hyundai Department Store in Seoul on Feb 1, .J3muwXiiExP(8q(~hi~l顾客们正仔细欣赏这只巨型高跟鞋-%%~Z^n[aENee+MYiY_(LHnE-l,VI9,Sq;itbxxN!SLCg内容来自: 5

N9nM[i|rob^ztS30hRo.%R^KaZRmgO8npn;K5MWioThese photos have not been photoshopped, they were just taken at the perfect time!i,I^m.0,3j这些图片都不是photoshop软件P出来的,只是抓拍得恰到好处!_)Gcwd6NXI.This hilarious animal picture says: ;See? I have been working out lately!;L7uQd^b37z;怎么样?我最近健身效果不错吧!;R;sUkDVW~Kq;z;fU8zEJLA#0YvSGpgi_FOckcBrtI-x0Xer9dgX8@@UqQOKN%!gps-Er 7697一、洛豪德岛的海盗遗产  在澳大利亚,有一个名为洛豪德的小岛,该岛并非鸟语花香、景色宜人的胜地,然而,“岛不在美,有宝则名”相传岛上藏有无数财宝,周围海底也铺满耀眼炫目的宝石世纪70年代,一位名叫威廉·菲波斯的人,在偶然中发现一张有关洛豪德岛的地图,图上标有西班牙商船“黄金”号的沉没地,他惊喜若狂,感觉到一个发财的机会到来了原来,“黄金”号商船有一段神秘的故事,那是在世纪50—70年代,西班牙人 沿着哥伦布的航迹远征美洲,从印地安人手里掠夺了无数金银珠宝,然后载满船舱回国然而,他们的行动被海盗们觉察了于是,海盗们疯狂袭击每一艘过往的商船,惨杀船员,抢 夺了大量财宝如山沉重的财宝,海盗们无法全部带走,于是将剩余部分埋藏在洛豪德岛, 并绘制了藏宝图,海贼们发血誓表示严守秘密,以图永享这笔不义之财哪知海盗们终归是 海盗,哪有信用可言,一些阴谋者企图独吞宝藏,一时间血肉横飞,一场火并留下了具具尸体,胜利者携带藏宝图混迹天下,过着花天酒地、骄奢淫逸的生活,而藏金岛的传说也不胫 而走,风靡世界菲波斯怀揣这张不知真假的藏宝图,登上荒岛,四处勘察,然而他一无所获正当他徘徊海滩时,无意中脚陷入沙中,触及到一块异物,经发掘是一丛精美绝伦的大珊瑚,在珊瑚 内竟又藏有一只精致木箱,箱中盛满金币、银币和珍奇宝物菲波斯狂喜万分,他在岛上待了3个月,疯狂地寻觅,整整30吨金银珠宝装满了他的纵帆船,他实现了发财梦一时间许多真真假假的“藏宝图” 应运而生,充斥欧洲,高价出卖,不少发财狂们重金购买,不惜血本,结果呢?不少人或葬身海底,或暴死荒岛,或苦苦寻觅,久远踪影海盗的遗产成了一个充满诱惑的谜团In Australia, there is a small island named Lochau Germany. The island isn't a fine spring scenic resort. According to the legend, there are numerous treasure hidden on the island, with dazzling gems surrounding undersea. 8669

Gibson (R), a Great Dane who is the world's tallest dog at 7'" (.18 metres) according to the Guinness World Records, stands with his friend Zoie, a 7.5" (19.cm) Chihuahua, in this undated handout photograph. 大丹Gibson后腿站立时高达.18米,成为吉尼斯世界纪录中个子最高的旁边站的是他的吉娃娃朋友Zoie,身高19.公分180-years, people have been asking the question: is photography art? At an early meeting of the Photographic Society of London, established in 1853, one of the members complained that the new technique was ;too literal to compete with works of art; because it was unable to ;elevate the imagination;. This conception of photography as a mechanical recording medium never fully died away. Even by the 1960s and 70s, art photography – the idea that photographs could capture more than just surface appearances – was, in the words of the photographer Jeff Wall.180年以来人们一直在追问这样一个问题:摄影是艺术吗?在成立于1853年的早期伦敦摄影学会会议上,一个会员抱怨说,这项新技术是“太表面以至于不能和艺术作品相竞争”,因为它“无法提升想象”摄影作为一种机械记录的媒介的概念从未完全消失即使是世纪六七十年代,在摄影师杰夫#86;沃尔的语言里,艺术摄影即拍摄的照片可以捕捉到更多表面之外的东西But over the past few decades the question has been heard with ever decreasing frequency. When Andreas Gursky photograph of a grey river Rhine under an equally colourless sky sold a world record price of #3;.7 million last year, the debate was effectively over. As if to give its own patrician signal of approval, the National Gallery is now holding its first major exhibition of photography, Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present.但是,在过去的几十年里这个问题并没有减少出现的频率当安德烈亚斯#86;古尔斯基的照片同样灰色天空下的灰色莱茵河去年卖了70万英镑的世界纪录,辩论有力地结束了好像是为了给自己的贵族标志一个批准,国家美术馆举办了第一次大型摄影展,被艺术所牵引:摄影的过去与现在同样灰色天空下的灰色莱茵河The show is not a survey but rather examines how photography earliest practitioners looked to paintings when they were first exploring their technology potential, and how their modern descendants are looking both to those photographic old masters and in turn to the old master paintings.该展览不是调查,而是探讨当他们第一次探索其技术的潜能时摄影的早期从业者如何看待绘画,以及他们的现代后人如何看待那些摄影过去的从业者进而转到以往的大师绘画What paintings offered was a catalogue of transferable subjects, from portraits to nudes, still lifes to landscapes,that photographers could mimic and adapt. Because of the lengthy exposures necessary early cameras, moving subjects were impossible to capture. 绘画提供的主题是摄影师可以模拟和调整的从人像到裸体、从静物到风景的一览表由于早期相机需要长曝光,移动的物体是不可能捕捉到的 What some pioneering photographers recognised straight away was that photographs, like paintings, are artificially constructed portrayals: they too had to be carefully composed, lit and produced.一些先锋摄影师马上认识到,照片就像绘画,是人工进行的描绘:他们也必须小心构图、快门以及制作If early photographers had no option but to negotiate their own engagement with painting their modern descendants can call on nearly two centuries of photographic history. It is a point the exhibition makes by combining old and new.如果早期摄影师除了只能自己争取与绘画一样获得一席之位外别无选择,那么现在的后人就可以要求近两个世纪的摄影史这是此次展览通过新老结合而形成的意义This exhibition lays out what photography founding father could never know: how the camera has also always been the pencil of art.本次展览中提出了摄影之父可能永远不会知道的事情:怎样做到摄像机也一直是一艺术之笔 99

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