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Airbnb versus hotels租房网VS旅馆Room for all, for now人人有房,就是现在But there are signs that the sharing site is starting to threaten budget hotels有信号显示住房分享网站开始威胁快捷酒店EVEN as they lobby regulators to crack down on residential sharing services, hoteliers play down the threat such companies pose to their industry. The top brass at the Marriott, Four Seasons and Hilton chains have all said that these firms do not compete for their core market of accommodating high-end and business travellers; a vice-president of The Ritz-Carlton group recently claimed she had not even heard of Airbnb. And Airbnb itself agrees, arguing that it does not displace existing lodging but is creating new demand. “Im optimistic that there isnt going to be a war” with hotels, Brian Chesky, its boss, said in January.尽管旅店老板正游说监管者取缔住房分享务,但他们仍淡化这类公司给其行业带来的威胁。万豪、四季、希尔顿的高管们说这类公司并没有在他们的核心市场展开竞争;丽嘉副总裁最近表示从来没听过Airbnb。Airbnb自身也这么认为,声称其业务并没有取代现存旅馆而是创造了新需求。一月,Airbnb老板布莱恩说:“我保持乐观态度,将不会和旅馆发生正面冲突。”A recent study seems to confirm that, for now at least, Airbnb is only nibbling at the hotel industrys lunch rather than eating it whole. A team at Boston University examined hotel revenues in Texas, where Airbnb has grown much faster in some cities . They could not find a significant influence from Airbnb on business and luxury hotels. But in places where it has established a presence, it cut the revenues of budget hotels by 5% in the two years to December 2013.最近一项研究似乎实了这一观点,至少就目前看来,Airbnb只是吃掉了这个产业的一小部分而不是一口全吃掉。波士顿大学的一个小组调查了德州酒店的收入情况,在这个州的某些城市,Airbnb的增长快于该州其他城市。他们没有发现Airbnb对商务酒店和豪华酒店的明显影响。但在某些发展较好的地方,Airbnb在截止2013年12月的两年内蚕食了快捷酒店5%的收入。If Airbnb were to keep growing at its current rate—its listings are doubling every year—the Texas study suggests that by 2016 the dent in budget hotels takings will be 10%. With their high fixed costs, that could push many of them into the red. Of course, Airbnb may hit the limits of either supply or demand before then, but smaller hotels are aly blaming it for their woes. “I see a direct correlation between our revenues going down and [Airbnbs] going up,” says Vijay Dandapani, the president of Apple Core Hotels in New York. “We had continued growth until Airbnb.” The financing round that Airbnb has just closed, valuing it at more than all but the four largest global hotel groups, suggests that investors agree.德州的研究表明,如果Airbnb按目前每年翻倍的增长速度发展,在2016年将会削减快捷酒店10%的份额。因快捷酒店较高的固定成本,这将直接导致很对酒店出现赤字。当然,Airbnb也会遇到自身供给和需求的限制,但小旅馆们早就将自己的古难归咎于Airbnb。纽约苹果核酒店管理公司总裁维贾伊说:“我看到了我们酒店收入下滑和Airbnb收入增长的直接联系,我们本该继续增长的,直到Airbnb开始抢夺市场份额。”Airbnb最新一轮融资刚刚结束,投资者相信其价值仅次于四大国际酒店管理集团。Moreover, Airbnb is beginning to make inroads into business travel. Ever more companies are letting staff book their own itineraries, and giving them incentives to be thrifty. Google sets a budget for each trip, and employees who underspend them get credits they can donate to charity or use for future perks like flight upgrades.此外,Airbnb开始进军商务旅行市场。更多的公司开始让员工自己定行程,给他们节约的激励。谷歌给每一个行程都设预算,员工节约下来的钱可以捐给慈善机构,也可以留下当做例如飞机升舱一类的未来福利。Concur, a travel- and expense-management firm, has seen its corporate clients Airbnb bookings grow from a rounding error at the start of 2012 to more than 1m so far this year. Much of this comes from groups looking for flats with multiple bedrooms and shared workspace. If Airbnb can integrate with online travel agencies such as Expedia and increase the share of its hosts that provide instant booking confirmation, business hotels may find themselves with a surprisingly unignorable competitor.一家旅行费用管理公司Concur见了Airbnb的增长,2012年初其客户在Airbnb的业务量微乎其微,但今年现阶段其业务量已经超过100万美元。其中大部分业务来自寻找带多间卧室并共享工作区域这类公寓的顾客。如果Airbnb能整合像Expedia这样的网上旅行社,并增加能提供即时预订确认的主机的共享程度,商务酒店或许会惊奇地发现一个不可动摇的强大竞争者。 /201405/294178。

  • Business商业报道South Koreas internet giant韩国互联网巨头Now or Naver机不可失At home, South Koreas biggest web portal has thrashed Yahoo and kept Google at bay.在国内市场,韩国最大的门户网站Naver已经击败了雅虎和谷歌。Now its owner plans to conquer the world with its messaging service而现在,这间公司的老板正准备以手中的即时通讯软件去征世界Cutesy characters cost extra可爱的卡通人物则需要额外收费DOWN jackets are typically stuffed with duck, not chicken, feathers. Why? Ask Naver.羽绒里通常以鸭绒作为原料,那为什么不用鸡的羽毛呢?去问Naver就行。So ran an ad in 2003 for a South Korean web portal of that name featuring an innovative, crowdsourced question-and-answer service.而这正是2003年韩国门户网站Naver所打出的广告,并且,这广告是以一项革新的聚众问答务为特点来推广自己。In spite of such features, Navers chances looked slim as it was launched into a crowded market dominated by Yahoo of America and Daum, another South Korean company.尽管有着自己的一些特色,但在一个早已被美国的雅虎和另一间韩国公司Daum所垄断了的市场里,Naver似乎没有什么商机。Last year Naver indexed its 100-millionth question: a user asking for the title of a particular song, that begins with a giggle.去年,Naver录得它的第1亿个提问:一位用户在询问一首以傻笑开头的歌。An answer took just 14 minutes to arrive: Blow, by Kesha, an American singer.仅仅14分钟,他便得到了:一位美国歌手Kesha所唱的歌曲Blow。Every day around 18m people visit its homepage.每天大约有1千8百万人浏览它的主页。It has almost 80% of the South Korean search market, making the country one of just three where Google is not top.在国内搜索市场中,Naver拥有约80%的使用量,而这让韩国成为了谷歌公司无法称霸的三个国家之一。Google accounts for just 4% of searches; Yahoo, now trailing behind as the tenth most-visited portal, stopped producing specialist content for the South Korean market in 2012.在韩国,谷歌仅占有4%的搜索使用量;目前已经在常用门户网站排行中落到了第十位置的雅虎,在2012年便停止了为韩国市场提供专门的栏目。When Naver was set up, there were not many web pages written in Korean.Naver创立之时,韩国还没有太多网站。So the Qamp;A service was a masterstroke—the users who answered others questions provided lots of free content.所以这套问答务推出是一个非常绝妙的举动—用户们可以在这儿提问并得到免费的回答。Naver handed out grades, from commoner to superman, to encourage them to keep writing.Naver还给用户们进行了从平民到超人的评级,以鼓励他们的持续贡献。Everyone wanted to be God in cyberspace, says Lim Wonki, the author of The Secret of Navers Success, published in 2007.2007年出版的《Naver的成功秘诀》作者Lim Wonki曾表示:每个人都想做虚拟世界的上帝。Some Western web portals are suffering declining ad revenues, but Navers are still rising.部分西方门户网站正处于广告收益下滑的处境当中,但Naver却仍在增长。Jay Park of Samsung Securities, a stockbroker, says the portals online-advertising sales, which provide three-quarters of Navers revenues, grew by 7.7% last year.三星券股票经纪杰?帕克说,去年占该网站总收入四分之三的在线广告业务收入增长了7.7%。He expects it to keep growing at this sort of rate.他期望该网站能保持这样的增长比率。As the money rolls in, it no longer has to rely on free material from users, and can buy up lots of exclusive content, from encyclopedias to s, which it blocks rival search engines from accessing.随着现金的增加,Naver不再需要去以来用户们的免费资源,从而可以收购从百科到视频各种类别的专属项目,接着便可以屏蔽其竞争对手的搜索引擎。Unsurprisingly, this annoys them.不出所料地,这一行为引起了其竞争对手们愤慨。In 2012 Kim In-sung, who built up Empas, a search engine, published a critical book, Navers Two Faces.2012年,Empas搜索引擎创始人金贤成出版了1本名为《Naver的两副面孔》的书来抨击Naver。He says it is heaven for users but a black hole for content providers.他表示,虽然对用户们来说是天堂,但对于内容提供者来说则是黑洞。News organisations grumble that Naver pays them a pittance for licensing their stories.多家新闻组织抱怨Naver仅给予他们微薄的报酬便使用了他们的报道。Naver started out as an in-house venture by the IT division of Samsung, the countrys largest industrial conglomerate.最初,Naver是作为韩国最大的企业联合集团三星IT部门中的一个内部分。But Samsung had sold the last of its shares in the company by 2004 and Naver is now the sixth-largest of the companies in the local KOSPI share index.但三星早已在2004年以前就将全部Naver的股权卖出,与此同时Naver已经是韩国本地股市KOSPI中规模排行第六的公司。Mr Kim says it has begun to exhibit some of the least attractive traits of the chaebol, in particular by buying up smaller potential rivals and by using its market power to stop other portals getting access to content.金先生说目前Naver已经开始展现出了一些财阀特有的且不受人欢迎的行为,尤其是在收购小型潜在对手以及利用自身的市场力量去妨碍其他门户网站取得资讯方面表现得极为明显。In 2013 the countrys Fair Trade Commission threatened the firm with a big fine, for allegedly unfair business practices.2013年,国家公平交易委员会因而警告该公司,声称他们将会对不公平交易行为开出巨额罚单。Naver persuaded it to drop this in return for it spending 100 billion won on helping smaller internet firms and on educating consumers about their rights.为了平复此事,最终Naver拿出1000亿韩元来进行对小型互联网公司的赞助,以及对消费者权益进行推广,从而说了委员会取消罚款计划。Naver responds to all this by arguing that users still have a choice of portals:Naver对以上种种指控,则回应用户依然能够选择自己要使用的门户:when a nude of a Korean singer went online last November, visits to Google spiked because Naver had blocked it.去年十一月,当一个韩国歌手的裸体视频被发到网上,由于Naver屏蔽了该视频,谷歌的浏览量随之急剧攀升。Naver also says it is itself suffering unfair conditions in the mobile market, because 90% of South Korean smartphones run on Googles Android operating system, which offers Google as the default search engine.与此同时,Naver还声称在移动终端市场里,自己才是遭受到不平等竞争的一方:韩国90%的智能手机使用的都是由谷歌公司开发的安卓系统,这意味着谷歌能够以默认搜索引擎这一方式来攻占移动搜索市场。Despite this, Google has only 15% of the mobile search market.但尽管如此,谷歌现在仅占有15%的移动搜索市场份额。Go abroad, go mobile走向国际,走向移动A bigger threat is KakaoTalk, a mobile platform and messaging app that, like Naver, offers games, e-books, photo storage and other services, launched in 2010 by a founder of Naver who left the firm. South Koreans now spend more time on it than they do on Naver.还有个更大的威胁是来自一款移动平台和即时通讯软件KakaoTalk。就像Naver一样,KakaoTalk也提供了游戏、电子阅读、照片储存以及一些其他务。这是一款由Naver其中一位创始人离职后在2010年所推出的产品。目前,韩国人在KakaoTalk的使用时长上,已经压倒了Naver。KakaoTalks domestic success spurred Naver to go abroad and go mobile.KakaoTalk在国内市场的成功,促使着Naver要走向国际,以及走向移动。When a tsunami hit Japan in 2011, Navers employees there huddled at the office and, in one-and-a-half months, created Line, a free mobile messaging and call service that is now being promoted as the Facebook of Asia.2011年日本受到海啸袭击之时,Naver的员工们在办公室里齐心协力,前后花了一个半月的时间最终开发出了一款免费移动通信软件,也就是如今被人推为亚洲Facebook的Line。Within 18 months it hit the 100m-user mark, which took Facebook and Twitter around four years; in November 2013 it surpassed 300m downloads, making it a serious rival for WhatsApp, an American messaging service Facebook is paying billion for.Facebook与Twitter花了四年时间才累积到了100万名用户,而Line在18个月内就完成了这项指标;在2013年11月里,Line获得了超过300万次的下载,而这则令其成为了WhatsApp的强劲对手。If, as Mr Park predicts, Naver owes half of its revenue to Line in five years, it will have become one of Koreas few global players among internet firms.正如帕克先生所预言的,如果Naver能在五年内令Line的收入攀升至集团总收入的一半,那么它将成为少数能在国际市场上分一杯羹的韩国互联网公司。However, Navers shares fell sharply on February 20th, after Facebook announced its takeover of WhatsApp—on the assumption that the social networks backing would make WhatsApp impossible to beat.然而在Facebook宣布了其对WhatsApp的并购之后,2月20日当天Naver的股价严重下挫。Navers shares recovered this week on rumours, which it denied, that a big Japanese tech firm, Softbank, was offering to buy a stake in Line.这正是基于外界的猜测:有了社交网络的持后,WhatsApp将成为一个无法击败巨人。由于传闻称日本科技巨头软银将入股Line,本周Naver的股价有所回升,但Naver方面否认了这一消息。Navers early attempts to get into big foreign markets went badly.Naver早前拓展海外市场的尝试均以失败告终。Plans aired in for a Naver California and a Naver Korean-American never took off.年,公司计划的两个项目Naver之攻陷加州和Naver之美韩联合从未得到执行。Another big rival to Line, WeChat, is the most popular messaging app in China and, like KakaoTalk, is backed by Tencent, Asias biggest internet firm.Line的另一位强劲对手则是微信,这款软件与KakaoTalk一样有着全亚洲最大的互联网公司—腾讯的持,而且目前微信早已成为了中国市场中最热门的即时通讯软件。So Naver is concentrating on two smaller countries where Line aly has a foothold, Thailand and Taiwan, and on places where smartphone use is low but set to boom, such as India and Mexico.因此Naver在重心转移到了自己先前进行市场开发过的两个较小的国家和地区—泰国和台湾,以及一些智能手机普及率低但即将有爆炸性增长的国家和地区如印度和墨西哥。In the past year it has spent around 250 billion won on marketing its messaging app in these and other countries.过去几年中,Naver已经在上述的和其他的一些国家地区花费了约2500亿韩元来推广自己的即时通讯软件。But Navers real strength abroad, says Mr Park, is its decade of experience in the portal business, doing everything from games to shopping to online newspapers.但帕克先生表示,在海外市场中,Naver真正的优势在于其长年累月的门户网站业务经验—他的无所不能包含了从游戏到网络购物到线上报纸新闻的所有务。Line can do all these too, whereas WhatsApp is, until Facebook gets its hands on it, mainly a messaging service.Line也能够做到上述一切。相比之下,在Facebook接管之前WhatsApp仅仅只是一个即时通讯应用。Facebook still relies heavily on advertising, but Line makes 70% of its money from games and electronic stickers—oversize and elaborate emoticons, with names such as Cony the Rabbit and Brown the Bear, which users can insert into picture messages.现在Facebook的收入仍十分依赖于广告业务,但Line已经从游戏和电子贴图业务中赚取了70%的利润。该软件的电子贴图是特大号的精美表情符号,且不同的表情符号有各自的人物和名字,例如可妮兔和布朗熊。用户可以通过图片信息的方式发送电子贴图。Coca-Cola and Barcelona football club have paid Line to design special stickers for them.可口可乐公司与巴萨足球俱乐部已经向Line公司付款并要求其制作专属自己的贴图。It is unclear if smartphone users in Europe and America will warm to such cutesy characters, but Naver hopes to draw those wary of Facebooks open network to Line Band, a closed social-networking service.目前还无法确定欧美的智能手机用户们是否会接受如此可爱的卡通人物,但Naver方面希望能将对Facebook的开放性心存疑虑的使用者吸引过来,让他们到自己旗下更具私密性的社交网络平台Line Band上互动。Though Mr Park expects Lines valuation to converge with that of Facebook in the long term, for now it is tiny by comparison—about 9% the size.虽然帕克先生期望Line的估值能从长远角度看追上Facebook,但两者对比起来Line的规模还是非常小-大约是后者的9%。Nevertheless, in 2010 Navers founder, Lee Hae-jin, chided employees for slacking and reminded them of their companys master plan: a first decade struggling; a second decade, marching to number one.尽管如此,Naver的创始人李海珍在2010年鞭策着员工们,提醒着他们公司有着宏大的目标:头十年里努力奋斗;在第二个十年内,走向世界之巅。 /201403/278075。
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