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奶未来或成为超级食品 --9 :58:51 来源:chinadaily An international team of scientists has just sequenced a protein crystal located in the midgut of cockroaches. The reason?最近,一个国际科学家团队确定了中肠内的蛋白质晶体的结构序列为什么要研究这个?It’s more than four times as nutritious as cow’s milk and, the researchers think it could be the key to feeding our growing population in the future.因为它的营养价值是牛奶的四倍多研究人员认为在人口不断增长的将来,奶可以成为人类的重要食物Although most cockroaches don’t actually produce milk, Diploptera punctate, which is the only known cockroach to give birth to live young, has been shown to pump out a type of ‘milk’ containing protein crystals to feed its babies.尽管大多数自身并不产奶,但有一种斑点折翅类,是目前已知的唯一一种胎生,它会分泌出一种含有蛋白质晶体的“奶”来喂养下一代The fact that an insect produces milk is pretty fascinating – but what fascinated researchers is the fact that a single one of these protein crystals contains more than three times the amount of energy found in an equivalent amount of buffalo milk (which is also higher in calories then dairy milk).昆虫产奶这一事实本身已十分有趣,但更让研究者感兴趣的是一份蛋白质晶体中所含的能量是相同重量的水牛奶的三倍(所含热量也比相同重量的牛奶多)Clearly milking a cockroach isn’t the most feasible option, so an international team of scientists headed by researchers from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India decided to sequence the genes responsible producing the milk protein crystals to see if they could somehow replicate them in the lab.显然,要像挤牛奶一样挤的“奶”并不是个切实可行的方法,所以这个国际科学家团队就决定测定控制产生蛋白质晶体的基因序列,尝试在实验室内复制这组基因该团队的领头人是印度干细胞生物学和再生医学研究院的研究人员"The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids," said Sanchari Banerjee, one of the team, in an interview with the Times of India.其中一名队员桑贾利·班纳吉在《印度时报的采访中说道:“这些晶体就像完整的食物,有蛋白质、脂肪还有糖分如果你仔细研究蛋白质序列,还会发现它们含有一切必不可少的氨基酸”Not only is the milk a dense source of calories and nutrients, it’s also time released. As the protein in the milk is digested, the crystal releases more protein at an equivalent rate to continue the digestion.奶不仅富含热量和营养物质,同时也具有时间控释性的当奶中的蛋白质被消化,晶体会相应地释放出等量的蛋白质来继续被消化"It’s time-released food," said Subramanian Ramaswamy, who led the project. "if you need food that is calorifically high, that is time released and food that is complete. This is it."研究负责人萨布拉马年·拉马斯瓦米说:“这是时间控释性的食物如果你需要高热量、具有时间控释性并且营养全面的食物,那么非它莫属了”It’s important to point out that this dense protein source is definitely never going to be those trying to lose weight, and probably isn’t even required most western diets, where we are aly eating too many calories per day.需要指出的是,这种高蛋白质的食物并不适合想要减肥的人,也不适合大多数西方人的饮食,因为西方人每天已经摄入了太多的卡路里But those who struggle to get the amount of calories required per day, this could be a quick and easy way to get calories and nutrients.但是对于那些每天努力要获得足够热量的人来说,这将是他们获取热量和营养快捷而简单的方式"They're very stable. They can be a fantastic protein supplement," said Ramaswamy.拉马斯瓦米说:“它们十分稳定,将会是极好的蛋白质补充物”Now the researchers have the sequence, they are hoping to get yeast to produce the crystal in much larger quantities- making it slightly more efficient (and less gross) than extracting crystals from cockroach’s guts.目前科学家们已经测定出了结构序列,他们希望用酵母大量生产这种蛋白质晶体,相比直接从肠中获取能更有效率一点,也比较不会令人恶心Vocabularysequence: 确定……的化学结构序列amino acid: 氨基酸time-released: 随时间发挥药力的,具有时间控释性的英文来源:sciencealert翻译:王慧雯(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

研究表明:父亲工作离家远会对孩子产生负面影响 -- ::31 来源: 父亲通勤上下班会对孩子的行为产生多种不良影响当父母亲压力过大时,对待子女就会变得很苛刻,在教育孩子的问题上也容易出现分歧这些都会导致孩子出现情感和行为方面的问题 Fathers’ commuting to work has multiple negative impacts on children’s behavior, a new study said on Monday.周一,一项最新的研究表明,父亲通勤上下班会对孩子的行为产生多种不良影响A study conducted by researchers from Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) said children whose fathers commute to work over a long distance tend to have more emotional and social problems.柏林社会科学中心(WZB)的研究员研究发现,父亲的工作地点离家越远,孩子的情感和社会问题就越严重Using a representative sample from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study, WZB researchers, Jianghong Li and Matthias Pollmann-schult, examined the relationship between fathers’ commute to work and children’s social and emotional well-being at ages 5 to 6 in Germany.WZB的调查员,李江红以及德国的Matthias Pollmann-schult通过德国社会经济研究小组的样本数据,研究德国父亲通勤上下班与孩子社会和情感问题间的联系The study has shown that fathers’ daily commute to work was associated with more peer problems in their children two years later.研究表明,父亲离家工作会使孩子产生更多的同龄人问题,不过这些问题会滞后两年出现While daily commuting distance of 0 or more km each way was associated with lower levels of pro-social behaviors, longer daily commuting 60 km or more each way was linked to more problems with peers.工作地点离家0多公里远的,孩子出现社会前问题的几率会小一些而而工作地点离家60公里甚至更远的,孩子和同龄人相处时更容易出现矛盾According to the study, plausible mechanisms that underpin these negative effects include stress and fatigue associated with long commute to work and the father’s absence in the home, particularly fathers who commute weekly to work. These factors may lead to poor parenting on the part of both the father and the mother.这项研究指出,这些负面影响主要是由于父亲上下班耗时太久,压力大,疲劳过度,再加上他们长时间不在家尤其是那些每周定点上班的父亲,这些都会导致父母亲对孩子照顾不周到When stressed and fatigued, parents tend to resort to harsh and inconsistent parenting styles, which in turn causes behavioral and emotional problems in children, said the study.研究还指出,当父母亲压力过大时,对待子女就会变得很苛刻,在教育孩子的问题上也容易出现分歧这些都会导致孩子出现情感和行为方面的问题Moreover, fathers’ absence from the family during the week can also lead to mother’s stress and affect her parenting behavior due to increased workload in the home without the partner’s support.而且,父亲每周不在家,母亲压力就会过大由于家务劳动的负担加大,而且她们无法得到父亲的帮助这会影响到母亲教养孩子的行为举止Commuting to work is a common phenomenon in developed countries. Germany ranks the second highest after the Netherlands in terms of average commuting time among the developed European countries.外出工作在发达国家很常见在欧洲发达国家中,德国是全世界平均通勤时间最长的国家,排名第二的是荷兰The study has been published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues.《家庭与经济杂志上也刊登了此项研究成果。

中俄将在南海举行联合演习 --30 18::00 来源: 继“南海仲裁案”这一政治闹剧之后,我军近日表示,“今年九月将在南海举行联合军事演习”一起来了解下吧! The announcement follows a ruling by an international tribunal earlier this month that rejected China’s claims in the region.在国际法庭于月初公布驳回中国对南海的主权要求的仲裁结果之后,中国国防部宣布,中俄将在南海举行联合演习The Chinese government has vowed to ignore the ruling.中国政府已经宣布对仲裁结果不予理睬China’s defence ministry said September’s drills would be "routine" and would not "target any third party".中国国防部表示,九月份的演习为“例行演习”、“不针对任何第三方”Spokesman Yang Yujun said the exercises would be carried out in the "relevant sea and air of the South China Sea", but did not give exact locations.发言人杨宇军称,演习将会在”南海相关海域和领空”举行,但是并未给出具体地点He said the drills aimed to "consolidate and develop" China and Russia’s comprehensive strategic partnership, and "enhance the capabilities of the two navies to jointly deal with maritime security threats".他表示,演习旨在“巩固和发展”中俄全面战略伙伴关系,同时“增强两国海军共同应对海上安全威胁的能力”China and Russia have conducted joint naval exercises several years which analysts say is designed to stem US power in the Asia-Pacific region.中俄两国举行联合海军演习已有数年历史,分析人士认为此举意在阻止美国在亚太地区的影响力China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei all have competing claims to territory in the South China Sea.中国大陆,越南,菲律宾,中国台湾,马来西亚和文莱都竞相宣称对南海拥有主权China has backed its claims with island-building and naval patrols. Although the US says it does not take sides in territorial disputes, it has sent military ships and planes near disputed islands which it says is aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation.中国以岛屿建设和海上巡逻作为其主权要求的依据虽然美国表示在领土纠纷上不会选边站,但是它已经派出军舰和战机靠近争议岛屿,并表示此举旨在保航行自由Earlier this month, the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague dismissed China’s claims to much of the disputed area saying they had "no legal basis".就在月初,海牙国际仲裁法院驳回了中国对大部分争议地区的主权要求,并表示中国“没有法律依据”The Philippines, which brought the case, called on China to respect the ruling.上诉方菲律宾呼吁中国尊重仲裁结果The ruling is binding but the International Court of Arbitration has no powers of encement.仲裁结果是有约束力的,但是国际仲裁法院没有执行权力。

伦敦第一家裸体餐厅即将开业,你会来吗? --5 :: 来源:   Bon viveurs worried about spoiling their shirts at supper will be able strip off and feast in the nude when Londonrsquo;s first naked restaurant opens this summer.  担心在晚餐时弄脏衬衫的饕餮食客们可以放心了,今年夏天伦敦第一家裸体餐厅即将开业,他们可以脱下衣,裸体进餐了  The Bunyadi, which aly has a waiting list of more than ,000, will be open three months from June . Diners will be encouraged to disrobe and ;experience true liberation; while tucking into a tasting .  这家名为Bunyadi的餐厅即将在年6月开业,营业时间只有三个月,现在预约人数已经有四千多了餐厅倡导顾客们在享受美味前宽衣解带,;体验真正的自由;  On arrival, customers will be escorted to a changing room, asked to place their clothes and belongings in lockers and given a light gown. It is then up to them whether to remove the final item of clothing at the table. Tables will be partly obscured by bamboo screens, creating a semblance of privacy. Large napkins will presumably be provided to prevent untunate burns.  顾客们一到餐厅,就会被领到更衣室,把衣和随身携带物品锁进储物柜里,穿上一件轻便的罩袍然后进餐时脱不脱这最后一件衣就由他们自己决定了桌子会被竹制屏风隔开,营造出一种隐隐约约的隐私空间大餐巾会事先备好,以免被食物烫伤  Naked serving staff will wait on tables, offering a which will include grilled meats as well as vegan options, all cooked on a wood fire and served on handmade clay crockery.  裸体的务员会在桌边侍奉,呈上菜单,菜单上有素食也有烤肉这些食物都是用柴火烹饪的,盛在手工陶器里  According to the masterminds behind the restaurant, the ;Pangaea-like; enterprise seeks to free guests from the ;trappings of the industrialised-world;. Mobile phones and photographs will be banned.  据餐厅的设计者说,开设这家具有;盘古大陆天地初开;时原始氛围的餐厅是为了把客人们从;工业化世界的泥沼;中解脱出来餐厅里禁止使用手机和照相机  The Bunyadi - a Hindi term meaning 'fundamental', 'base' or 'natural' - is the latest creation from Lollipop, the company behind Shoreditch's Breaking Bad cocktail bar, ABQ London.  Bunyadi餐厅的名字源于印度语,意为;本原;,;根本;或;自然;,是饮食集团Lolliopop新开的一家餐厅,伦敦肖尔迪奇区的《绝命毒师主题鸡尾酒酒吧ABQ也是这个集团创建的  Founder Seb Lyall said: ;I think it will appeal to vegans and naturists from all over the UK. It wonrsquo;t be a first date venue but certainly second dates and dinner with friends.;  创始人谢布bull;莱尔说:;我觉得它会吸引全英国的素食主义者和裸体主义者尽管没有人会把第一次约会的地点选在这里,但一定会是第二次约会和朋友聚会的地方;  The venue in central London - its specific location is so far undisclosed - has a capacity of ty-two and dinner will cost around pound;60 per person.  这家餐厅能容纳个人,人均消费在60英镑左右,地点在伦敦中心地区,具体地址目前还没有披露  Mr Lyall added: ;We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone - and even no clothes.  莱尔先生补充说:;我们认为人们应该有机会享受并体验一个纯粹的夜晚:没有化学制品、没有人工色素、没有电、没有燃气、没有电话;;甚至没有衣  ;We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked. The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it. No doubt, this has been the most challenging project us yet, which makes us very excited about it.;  ;我们很用心地设计了这样一个空间,每位顾客接触到的事物都是没有遮蔽的、的使用天然的竹制屏风和烛光可以使用餐环境显得隐蔽一些,但并没有丢掉我们的理念毋庸置疑,这是我们目前为止接触过的最有挑战性的项目,我们对此都非常兴奋;。

波音公司变废为宝 地沟油可做航空燃料 --5 01:3:36 来源: Boeing and Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China today opened a demonstration facility that will turn waste cooking oil, commonly referred to as "gutter oil" in China, into sustainable aviation biofuel. The two companies estimate that 500 million gallons (1.8 billion liters) of biofuel could be made annually in China from used cooking oil.   波音公司和中国商用飞机有限责任公司合作建立了一个航空生物示范项目,该项目将把废弃食用油,即人们常说的“地沟油”,转化为航空生物燃料两家公司预计该项目每年能将中国的“地沟油”转化成的生物燃料可达5亿加仑(约18亿升)   "Strong and continuing teamwork between Boeing and COMAC is helping our industry make progress on environmental challenges that no single company or country can solve alone," said Ian Thomas, President, Boeing China. "By working together mutual benefit, we're finding innovative ways to support China's aviation industry and build a sustainable future."   “波音和中国商飞之间稳固持续的合作能够帮助我们企业更好地应对环境问题的挑战,这是任何一个公司或国家无法靠一己之力完成的”波音公司中国区总裁伊恩·托马斯说:“为了共同利益我们相互合作,共同创新,为持中国的航天事业、建立一个可持续发展的未来而努力”   Boeing and COMAC are sponsoring the facility, which is called the China-U.S. Aviation Biofuel Pilot Project. It will use a technology developed by Hangzhou Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (HEET) to clean contaminants from waste oils and convert it into jet fuel at a rate of 0 gallons (650 liters) per day. The project's goal is to assess the technical feasibility and cost of producing higher volumes of biofuel.   该合作项目被称作中美航空生物燃料示范项目项目采用杭州能源工程技术有公司开发的新技术,将地沟油中的杂质清除,使其转化为航空燃料,当前日产量可达0加仑(约650升)该项目旨在评估项目的技术可行性以及降低大规模生产的成本   "We are very happy to see the progress that has been made in the collaboration between Boeing and COMAC, especially the achievement in aviation biofuel technology," said Dr. Guangqiu Wang, Vice President of COMAC's Beijing Aeronautical Science Technology Research Institute. "We will continue to work with Boeing in energy conservation and emissions reduction areas to promote the sustainable development of the aviation industry."   “我们很高兴看到波音和中国商飞在合作中尤其是在航空生物燃料科技方面取得的进步” 中国商飞北京研究中心副主任王光秋说:“我们会继续与波音开展在节能减排方面的合作,以促进航天事业的可持续发展”   Sustainably produced biofuel, which reduces carbon emissions by 50 to 80 percent compared to petroleum through its lifecycle, is expected to play a key role in supporting aviation's growth while meeting environmental goals. The Boeing Current Market Outlook has ecast that China will require more than 6,000 new airplanes by 3 to meet fast-growing passenger demand domestic and international air travel.   这种可持续生产的航空生物燃料比传统燃料的碳排放降低了50%-80%,使用它既可以满足保护环境的需要,又可以促进航天产业的健康发展波音公司预计,为了满足乘客日益增长的国内外出航需求,到3年中国将需要6千架以上的新飞机   Boeing and COMAC have been collaborating since to support the growth of China's commercial aviation industry. Their Boeing-COMAC Aviation Energy Conservation and Emissions Reductions Technology Center in Beijing works with Chinese universities and research institutions to expand knowledge in areas that improve aviation's efficiency, such as aviation biofuel and air traffic management.   波音和中国商飞为持中国商业航空事业的发展从年开始合作两者在北京建立的中国商飞-波音航空节能技术中心与中国多所大学和研究机构合作,为提高航空生物燃料、空中交通管理等航空效率而共同努力   Biofuel produced by the China-U.S. Aviation Biofuel Pilot Project will meet international specifications approved in jet fuel made from plant oils and animal fats. This type of biofuel has aly been used more than 1,600 commercial flights.   中美航空生物示范项目生产的生物燃料符合年通过的从植物油和动物脂肪提取燃料的国际标准这种生物燃料目前已在超过00次商业飞行中得到了应用。

湖北抗洪前线“馒头连”成网红 -- ::38 来源:chinadaily 一排泥人般的子弟兵坐在大堤上,嚼着馒头,这是一顿抗洪抢险间隙的午餐日,这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上,人民日报等媒体的官方微纷纷转发,成千上万网友在微信、微转发、点赞,亲切地称这队最可爱的官兵为“馒头连”请看相关报道:Xie Yongfu, a PLA squad leader, has become an online celebrity after a photo of him eating steamed buns with other soldiers in wet and muddy clothes was posted online by a PLA Daily reporter.人民解放军战士、班长谢永富因为一张吃馒头的照片而成了网红,照片上他和其他战士穿着浸透了泥浆的衣,坐在地上吃馒头这张照片被《解放军报的一名记者传到了网上当时谢永富和其他战士们正在黄梅太白湖现场执行抢险救灾任务(perm flood relief work),当天,太白湖大堤上大雨倾盆,管涌(piping)、溃口(dyke breach)时时威胁大堤安全,形势十分严峻垒沙包(pile up sandbags)、运沙包,官兵们浑身满是泥浆,顿时成了一个个“泥人”附近一位村民一直守在现场,看到官兵们迟迟不肯吃饭,就从镇上买来一大袋馒头(steamed buns)和矿泉水(mineral water),劝官兵停下来吃口饭为不辜负群众的好意,该连官兵短暂地停下手中工作,接过馒头和矿泉水,顾不上泥浆和雨水,直接啃了起来这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上后,网友们纷纷给这个“馒头连”点赞受暴雨灾害影响,湖北江苏等地的快递业务也受到影响,一方面是方便面(instant noodles)等日常必需品(daily necessities)的在线订单(online orders)猛增,另一方面,快递员(deliverymencouriers)连出个门都很困难,有的快递员已经用上了托艇(motorboat)(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)。

佛罗伦萨警方和当地华人发生冲突,数人受伤 -- :50:5 来源: 近日,佛罗伦萨警方在检查当地一家工厂时与厂内的中国人发生冲突,导致数人受伤中国驻当地领事馆呼吁各方保持冷静,和平解决问题 Chinese Consulate General in Florence on the 30th to the “Global Times” reporter confirmed that the afternoon of the 9th, in Florence, Italy Sesto Fiorentino area, Italian police clashed during a factory inspection and Chinese people, Chinese and police led to several people were injured, and lead to a large number of Chinese confrontation with the police.中国驻佛罗伦萨总领事馆于6月30日向《环球时报记者确认,在佛罗伦萨市塞斯托-菲奥伦蒂诺地区,意大利警察在检查一座工厂时与厂内的中国人发生了冲突,导致几名中国人受伤,引发了当地华人与警察的大规模对峙Chinese Consulate General in Florence, said the Consulate General the first time to obtain after learning of the news and Chinese commy in Florence, Italy and police contact, ask the police to civilized law encement, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and properly handle relevant issues, to calm the situation as soon as possible and invited overseas Chinese do Chinese citizens working, their rational rights, do not conflict with the police.领事馆工作人员表示,领事馆在获悉事件的第一时间与佛罗伦萨华人社区和警察进行了沟通,要求警察进行文明执法,保护中国公民的合法权益,妥善处理相关事宜,尽快平息事态领事馆同时要求中国公民行使正当权利,避免与警察发生冲突Allegedly, at 7 pm the same day, the situation gradually calmed down, but from the late half past eight, and people began to gather, Florence Police said it would take measures to disperse the gathering crowd. Chinese Consulate General in Florence personnel to the scene with the police and the Chinese part of the staff communication and coordination, but without success, police then take measures to disperse the gathering crowd.据称当晚7时,事态已逐步缓和然而从8时30分起,人群慢慢开始聚集起来佛罗伦萨警方表示将采取措施驱散人群领事馆工作人员配合当地警方进行疏导,但未能奏效警察随后采取措施驱散了集会人群Chinese Consulate General in Florence, said the details of the event to be further understood that the Consulate General will continue to pay close attention to this matter, and this event is to promote fair and lawful solution.中国驻佛伦罗萨总领事馆表示,事件的细节仍需进一步确认,总领事馆将继续密切关注此事,并呼吁各方采取公平合法方式解决问题。

岁小土豪 看看什么样的生活才叫土豪! -- 00:: 来源: 最近instagram的一个小公主Pixie火了,不为别的,就因为她年仅岁就拥有了自己的事业,并且过着jet setting lifestyle——土豪生活!Jet set的意思是乘喷气客机到处旅游的富豪  Jet setting lifestyle refers to a lavish lifestyle the rich leads.  土豪生活就是富人所拥有的一种奢侈的生活方式  Pixie the "Instagram Princess" has hundreds of photographs showing off her lavish lifestyle. In one she sits dressed in shades and a sun hat, perched posing by an empty pool at a luxury villa sipping at a non-alcoholic cocktail with the air of a millionaire lady.  那位照片分享上的小公主有百十来张炫耀她奢侈生活方式的照片在一张图片里她身穿小裙子,头戴太阳帽,摆好姿势坐在豪华别墅的游泳池的阴凉处,啜着一杯无酒精鸡尾酒,活脱脱一个百万名媛  Example:  She has been leading a jet setting lifestyle since she won a lottery!  自从她中票以后就一直过着土豪生活!。

恋爱中最致命的句话 --5 :3:19 来源:   When you're married or in a long-term relationship, some things are better left unsaid.  结婚以后,或者处在长期的恋爱关系中的时候,有一些话还是不说为好  Below, marriage therapists and other experts share phrases and statements to strike from your vocabulary now.  下面,婚姻咨询师和其他专家给我们分享了要从我们的语库中划掉的个短语和句子  1. ;You never do the dishes. You always just leave them sitting there.;;你从来都不洗碗,总是把它们扔在那就不管了;  The dishes are a placeholder pretty much anything here. Whatever the issue, using accusatory blanket terms like ;never; and ;always; tends to end the same way every time: with you and your boo engaged in an overblown argument. Plus, there's a good chance your generalization is wrong, said Samantha Rodman, a psychologist in Takoma Park, Maryland.  来自马里兰州塔科马帕克的心理学家萨曼莎;罗德曼说,这里的碗碟可以用任何事物代替无论是什么问题,只要用到;从来不;、;总是;等充满指责意味的概括性字眼,每次都会导致同样的结果:你和伴侣大吵一架而且,你的概括很有可能是错误的  ;Nothing is black and white so telling a partner that she's never on time or he's always selfish can't be right,; she told The Huffington Post. ;These types of statements only lead to a prosecutor-defendant dynamic, which is not what you want in your marriage.;  她对《赫芬顿邮报说:;没有什么事是非黑即白的,所以对伴侣说她从来没有准时过或他总是很自私,并不好这些话只会导致你们不断来回指责和辩解,这并不是你在婚姻里想要的;  . ;You sound exactly like your mother.;;你和你妈说话一模一样;  When arguing, stick to the issue at hand and keep the focus on the two of you. Introducing nasty comparisons to your in-laws is unfair and ultimately a diversion from your problems, said Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill, a marriage and family therapist and the author of A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage.  婚姻与家庭咨询师、《幸福婚姻指南的作者莎伦;吉尔克里斯特;奥尼尔说,吵架的时候,要专注于眼前问题,把焦点放在你们两个人身上把对方父母牵扯进来进行比较的做法非常可恶,不公平,最终也偏离了你们本身的问题  ;Mentioning parents can easily become mean-spirited attacks that interfere with the couple's ability to address the underlying issues,; she told HuffPost.  她对《赫芬顿邮报说:;提及父母就很有可能变成刻薄的攻击,影响双方解决眼前问题的能力;  3. ;You think you're better than everyone else!;;你是不是觉得自己很了不起!;  Never put words in your partner's mouth or in this case, thoughts in their head. There's no way of knowing what someone is feeling or thinking, so keep the assumptions to yourself, said Becky Whetstone, a marriage and family therapist in Little Rock, Arkansas.  来自阿肯色州小岩城的婚姻与家庭咨询师贝基;惠茨通说,永远不要对伴侣说这句话,或者,即使这样说了,也不要让他们认为你真这么想了解他人的情绪或想法是不可能的,所以这样的假设留给你自己就好  ;These statements are aggravating because your spouse knows that what you're accusing them of is not true,; she said. ;What you're saying suggests you don't think very highly of your S.O. It's a double dose of pain in one sentence.;  她说:;这样的话容易激化矛盾,因为对方认为你的指责不实并且,你说的话表明你对对方的评价不高所以,这句话包含了双重伤害;  . ;Do I look like I've put on weight?;;我是不是胖了?;  ;What you really mean by asking this is, 'I know I've put on weight. I'm unhappy about how I look and I need you to say that you're OK with my current state.'; she said. ;These types of questions are all about side-stepping personal responsibility, plus they ce your partner into an enabling role,; said Robyn Wahlgast, a dating and relationship coach women.  ;你问这句话的真正意思是'我知道我体重增加了,我不满意我的样子,我需要你说你对我的现状很满意'回答这些问题都不是必要的个人责任,而且这种问题相当于在逼迫伴侣去发挥激励你的作用,;女性约会和恋爱辅导师萝宾;沃尔葛斯特如是说  5. ;Have you put on a few pounds?;;你是不是胖了?;  Blunt, negative remarks to your spouse about his or her appearance are also out of line.  直白、消极地配偶的外貌也越过了红线  ;Unconstructive criticism of physical appearance is as bad as it gets,; Whetstone said. ;It's painful because you're suggesting that your partner isn't good enough or that they're less than or defective.;  ;毫无助益地批评外貌,要多糟有多糟,;惠茨通说;这样很伤人,因为你在暗示你的伴侣不够好、差那么一点、有缺陷;  6. ;You're a horrible parent, bwinner, lover...;;你是个糟糕的家长当家的爱人;;;  Put-downs centered around your spouse's family or occupational roles are particularly cruel, said M. Gary Neuman, a psychotherapist based in Miami Beach, Florida.  贬低你配偶的家庭或职业角色非常残忍,弗罗里达迈阿密滩市心理治疗师M;加里;诺依曼说  ;Negative statements about our self-identities are devastating,; he said. ;These roles are so important and tender. When they're questioned, we feel completely torn down. It becomes hard to get statements like this.;  他说:;消极评价个人身份的结果是毁灭性的我们的角色重要又脆弱,它们一旦被质疑,我们就感觉完全崩溃了我们也很难忘掉这样的话;  7. ;Ugh, I hate when you do that.; (Said in front of friends or family.)(当着朋友或家人的面说);呃,我讨厌你那么做;  Putting your spouse down in front of others is a huge no-no in a relationship, said Whetstone.  惠茨通说,当着他人的面贬低配偶是婚姻与恋爱关系中万万不可做的事  ;In this example, you are gathering people against your spouse ; and what is worse than that? It is hard to recover from such a boundary violation,; she said. ;It causes resentment and a lack of trust.;  她说:;在这种情况中,你在召集大家反对你的配偶;;比这更糟的是,你很难求得对方原谅这样越界的事,对方会为此怨恨,不再信任你;  8. ;I barely know him ; he's just someone I work with.;;我不怎么了解他;;他就是和我一起工作的人而已;  It's almost inevitable that you or your partner will develop a small, innocent crush on someone at some point during your marriage. If that happens, be upfront about it. Don't try to sweep it under the rug with a statement that minimizes your feelings, said Wahlgast.  沃尔葛斯特说,在你们的婚姻关系中,不可避免地,伴侣或你在某个时刻会对其他人产生一种轻微的、单纯的好感如果这样的事真的发生,就要直面问题不要轻描淡写地一说,掩饰你的感情  ;The best way to neutralize the potential destructiveness of your crush is to briefly and simply acknowledge it to your spouse,; she said. ;Try saying to your husband, 'I know it sounds ridiculous, but I have a bit of a crush on that new consultant. He's so funny ; his sense of humor reminds me of yours.';  ;你对别人的好感对你们的关系有潜在的毁灭性危险,化解这一危险的最好方式就是向你的配偶简明扼要地承认事实;她说,;试着对你丈夫说'我知道这听起来很荒唐,但我对那个新来的顾问有点儿好感他很风趣,他的幽默感让我想到了你';  Though it may be an uncomtable subject to broach, ultimately, Wahlgast said being transparent about your feelings ;will create more openness with your partner. You'll each feel more comtable bringing up other taboo subjects in a kind and respectful way.;  尽管这个问题可能不好开口,但沃尔葛斯特说,坦白你的情感最终;会让你和你的伴侣更加坦诚相待你们也会以友好、互相尊重的方式提出其他禁忌话题,双方都会感到更舒;  9. ;You shouldn't feel that way.;;你不该那么想;  There's nothing more belittling or condescending than telling your spouse what he should or shouldn't be feeling in any given situation, Rodman said.  罗德曼说,没有什么比告诉你的配偶他或她在某种情况下应该或不应该怎么想更居高临下、更贬低人了  ;There is no right or wrong way someone to feel,; she said. ;Feelings are what they are; try to understand your partner and be curious about his experience rather than dismissing what you don't understand.;  她说:;一个人怎么想没有对错,感觉就是感觉,不可捉摸;要试着去理解你的伴侣,问下他怎么得来这样的体验,而不是否认你不理解的事;  . ;Don't wait up me.;;不用等我了;  This seemingly innocent remark suggests you're not going to bed at the same time, a habit that can be damaging to your relationship, said Wahlgast.  沃尔葛斯特说,这个看起来没什么问题的言论表明你们不打算在同一时间睡觉,这个习惯会破坏你们的关系  ;You should view shared bedtime as a way to strengthen your connection with your partner ; it's a powerful m of physical intimacy, with or without sex,; she said. ;Saying OK to separate bedtimes enables behaviors that destroy intimacy, such as solitary porn-watching and flirty messaging with friends or co-workers.;  ;你应该把相同的睡觉时间视作与伴侣加强关系的一种方式;;对维持肌肤亲密非常有效,与性无关,;她说;同意有不同的睡觉时间,容易产生破坏亲密关系的行为,比如独自看色情片,或与朋友、同事发暧昧短信;  Vocabulary  accusatory:非难的,指责的  aggravating:激怒的,恶化的  defective:有缺陷的;不完美的  broach:提出;开始讨论。

近朱者赤:和聪明的人在一起会变聪明 --01 :: 来源:chinadaily Next time you raise an eyebrow at the views of your partner, friend, sibling or colleague, remember they could be helping to make you smarter.下一次当你被伴侣、朋友、兄弟姊或同事的观点惊到时,请记住他们可能会帮你变得更聪明一点New research shows that intelligence is not fixed but can be boosted throughout adulthood by family members, bright mates and intellectually stretching careers.一项新研究显示,智力不是固定不变的,而是在整个成年期都会受到影响,家庭成员、聪明的配偶以及拓展智力的职业都会促进智力的提高Stimulating households where people talk, make jokes and challenge each other can boost IQ levels by several points, as can jobs that mentally energise employees.可以谈话、说笑、互相叫板的这种活跃的家庭,以及能激励员工思考的工作,都可以使智商水平提高几分The study challenges the commonly held notion that intelligence is ‘static’ by the age of about 18.人们普遍认为,智商到了18岁左右就“静止”了,此研究否认了这个说法Current scientific consensus suggests that intelligence is controlled by genes, with environmental factors such as schooling and nutrition playing a part up to this age. After this point, IQ scores stabilise.目前科学界的共识表明,智力由基因控制,教育和营养等环境因素在18岁之前也有一定的影响18岁之后,智商就稳定了But James Flynn, Emeritus professor of political studies and psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, argues that people can ‘upgrade’ their own intelligence throughout their lives.但是新西兰奥塔哥大学政治学和心理学退休荣誉教授詹姆斯bull;弗林说,人们能一辈子“升级”自己的智商He believes intellectual stimulation from others is crucial as the ‘brain seems to be rather like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets’.他认为,他人的智力刺激非常关键,因为“大脑似乎和肌肉非常像——你用得越多,就越强壮”However, the reverse is also true – so people who share a home or workplace with the intellectually challenged risk seeing their IQ levels nosedive as a result.然而,反过来说也成立——所以,与脑筋不太好使的人同居一室或一起工作,会有智商直线下降的风险Professor Flynn analysed US intelligence tests from the last 65 years and correlated the results with people’s ages. This enabled him to compile new IQ ‘age tables’.弗林教授分析了美国过去65年的智力测试,研究了测试结果与年龄的相关性通过这项研究,他编制了新的智商“年龄表”He found the ‘cognitive quality’ of a family alters the IQs of all members, especially children.他发现一个家庭的“认知特性”能改变所有家庭成员的智商,特别是孩子It can ‘lift’ or hold them back, depending on the ‘gap between their brightness and that of their siblings and parents’.他们的智商提高或降低,取决于“他们本人的智力水平和兄弟、父母智力水平的差异”A bright ten-year-old with brothers and sisters of average intelligence will suffer a five to ten point IQ disadvantage compared to a similar child with equally bright siblings, the ‘age tables’ revealed.“年龄表”显示,一个岁大的聪明孩子,如果兄弟智商平平,智商会比有同样聪明的兄弟的相似孩子低5到分However, children with a low IQ could gain six to eight points by having brighter siblings and special educational treatment to help pull them up.但是,低智商的孩子,如果有更聪明的兄弟,并受到特别的教育,智商就可以提高6到8分Professor Flynn, whose book, Does Your Family Make You Smarter? comes out next month, also concluded that although genetics and early life experiences determine about 80 percent of intelligence, the remaining percent is linked to lifestyle.弗林教授也总结说,尽管基因和早年人生经验决定80%的智商,还有剩下的%受生活方式的影响弗林教授的书《你的家庭让你变聪明了吗?将在下月出版This means that people can raise their IQ, or allow it to fall, by ten points or more.这说明人们可以提高自己的智商,或任其下降,幅度可达分或更多Professor Flynn suggests that the best way to boost IQ levels is to socialise with bright friends, find an intellectually challenging job and marry someone cleverer.弗林教授建议说,提升智商最好的方法就是和聪明的朋友交往、找一个挑战智力的工作,以及同比你聪明的人结婚Vocabularyraise an eyebrow: 扬起眉毛(表示吃惊、不信或轻度反对)consensus: 共识nosedive: 暴跌英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮。