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Besides being nutritious, bee pollen is touted for other health benefits.除了营养丰富之外,蜂花粉还广泛地用于其他健康用途。You Will Need你需要Bee pollen granules, capsules, or cream蜂花粉颗粒,胶囊,或奶油Raw honey原蜜Steps步骤Always consult a physician before taking any nutritional supplement. Be aware that research has not confirmed that bee pollen has any significant health benefits.补充任何营养品之前一定要先向医生咨询。要记住,研究并没有确认蜂花粉有任何重大的营养价值。Step 1 Boost nutrition and immune system1.增加营养,增强免疫系统Boost your nutrition and your immune system with bee pollen, which contains high amounts of ily-available protein as well as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and lipids.使用蜂花粉来增加营养,增强免疫系统。蜂花粉中含有大量蛋白质,维生素,矿物质,碳水化合物和油脂。Don#39;t take bee pollen if you have an allergy to bee stings, a honey intolerance, or are allergic to ragweed or chrysanthemums.如果你对蜜蜂叮咬过敏,不能吃蜂蜜,或者对豕草类或菊花过敏,不要食用蜂花粉。Step 2 Improve digestion2.促进消化Improve your digestion. Bee pollen is used for such gastrointestinal problems as diarrhea, constipation, enteritis, and colitis. It#39;s also used as a mild diuretic.促进消化。蜂花粉经常用于腹泻,便秘,肠炎和大肠炎等肠胃问题。还可以用作利尿剂。Step 3 Lose weight3.减肥Jump-start your weight loss. Bee pollen is thought to rev up your metabolism and help burn calories while curbing food cravings.启动你的减肥进程。据信,蜂花粉可以加速新陈代谢,燃烧热量,同时抑制食欲。Step 4 Treat allergies4.治疗过敏Treat allergies, like hay fever and asthma, with bee pollen, which contains trace amounts of allergens and may act as a sort of allergy ;shot,; increasing your immunity.用蜂花粉治疗过敏症,例如花粉热。蜂花粉中含有痕量的过敏原,可以用于治疗过敏症,增强抵抗力。Step 5 Increase stmina5.增强体力Increase your stamina or improve your athletic performance. Although not proven, bee pollen is often recommended by herbalists specifically for athletes.增强体力或改善运动能力。尽管未经实,草药医生经常建议运动员用蜂花粉。Step 6 Apply to skin6.涂抹皮肤Apply bee pollen in cream form to soften skin to treat skin conditions like acne, diaper rash, and eczema.涂抹奶油形式的蜂花粉可以软化皮肤,治疗粉刺,尿布疹和湿疹等皮肤问题。Step 7 Take capsules7.用胶囊Take bee pollen in the form of granules, usually sold by the ounce. Capsules and tablets, which are usually 500 to 1,000 milligrams are taken at meals.用颗粒状的蜂花粉,通常以盎司为单位出售。500或1,000毫克的胶囊和片剂通常和正餐一起用。To make a single pound of honey, workers bees fly 55,000 miles and tap two million flowers.为了采集1磅蜂蜜,工蜂要飞行55,000英里,采集200万朵花。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/231660Deep-cleaning your carpet can offer benefits including getting rid of dust mites and allergens. Not to mention dirt.深入清洁地毯有许多好处,包括消除尘螨和过敏原,更不要说污垢了。You Will Need你需要Carpet地毯Vacuum cleaner吸尘器Traffic-lane cleaner道路清洁剂Deep-cleaning machine深入清洁机器Manufacturer#39;s instructions生产商指引Cleaning solution清洁溶液Water水Steps步骤Step 1 Vacuum1.吸尘Vacuum your carpet thoroughly.彻底为地毯吸尘。Step 2 Apply a cleaner2.使用清洁剂Apply a traffic-lane cleaner to areas of the carpet that are stained or heavily soiled with grease, oil, and dirt.向地毯上染色或被油脂,石油和污垢严重污染的地方喷洒道路清洁剂。Step 3 Deep clean3.深入清洁Clean the carpet with a deep-cleaning machine, following the manufacturer#39;s instructions. The deep cleaner forces a mixture of cleaning solution and water deep into the carpet while vacuuming out the dirt and liquid.使用深入清洁机器,按照生产厂家指引来清洗地毯。深入清洁剂迫使清洁溶液和水的混合物深入地毯内部,同时吸走污垢和液体。As an alternative to purchasing a deep-cleaning machine, consider renting one.如果不想购买深入清洁机器,可以考虑租一台。Step 4 Dry carpet4.干燥Allow the carpet to dry. Although the deep-cleaning machine will extract most of the moisture from your carpet, it will still take several hours to dry coompletely.让地毯变干。尽管深入清洁机器会吸收地毯中的大部分水分,地毯仍然需要几个小时的时间才能彻底干燥。James W. Spangler received the first U.S. patent for an electric vacuum cleaner in 1908.1908年,James W. Spangler获得了美国首个电动吸尘器专利。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/236519#39;Modern Family#39; Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Gets Hitched Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the ;GMA; Pop News Heat Index.-Hot news. Yes Indeed. Good morning. It was huge that we#39;ve got modern family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He married his long time love Justin Mikita in New York City. Muzzle. You guys. We love you. Over 200 guest caters and starts started the reception, including Ferguson#39;s modern family co-star Julie Bowen, tweeted It#39;s official, @Jesse Tyler and @Justin Mikita are Mr. and Mr, best wedding ever. It#39;s a big step for Ferguson#39;s awe tree, Mike, but fans are still hoping for a modern family wedding between his character Mitchell and Ken played by the Loveable, Eric.-Ken, producers are said to be thinking about that too. -I think so. -So our communicate left, rationale instead of that-Indeed. Congrats, Brits. And get y for the super bat. Two of the most iconic heroes from legal justice will team up at the upcoming movie at a coming movie, according Warner brothers. At comic corner for the weekend, studio announcing Henry Carbul will play the role of superman Siepoul that will feature bad man, no word on casting for that role just yet. -#39;Cuz Christian Bell has said he is...-Too bad, how great we are happy to see these two together-Still will be awesome. -Yes. I know. I love the judge lead. -Just as Saturday morning, that#39;s that we all know. -I want tour power. -Activate. -Indeed. -And finally, that#39;s water keeping way that#39;s swallowed up his girl. That everybody is definitely gonna take a dip over the weekend, except this guy, take a look.-Take him in it by swam . -Show him the lake so good too, to avoid be bathed. -He probably could have held up much longer.Max#39;s owner, not step in! And take manners in two old hands. But he is trying.-Who is trying?-And that#39;s hot news. -I bet that we have a doctor can see. -Is he gonna see that?-He could see that poor... /201307/249691

You Will Need你需要Determination决心A game plan游戏计划A stretching routine伸展运动Athletic shoes运动鞋Steps步骤STEP 1 Change your shoes1.换鞋子Shortly before the bouquet-tossing ceremony, start warming up. Kick off your heels and do a stretching routine. Or, if you’re deadly serious, change into athletic shoes. Good footing is key to beating out the other brides-to-be.抛捧花之前不久,开始热身。脱掉高跟鞋,进行伸展运动。或者如果你非常认真的话,换一双运动鞋。舒适的鞋子是击败其他准新娘的关键。STEP 2 Pick your spot2.选择位置When the single gals are called to the center of the dance floor, wait until everyone else is assembled. Then plant yourself in front of the bride’s closest friend or relative—that’s who she’ll be aiming for.当单身女孩们被集中到舞池中央的时候,耐心等待,直到所有人都集中在一起。然后站到新娘最亲密的朋友或亲人前面——这通常是新娘扔捧花的目标。Take into account the athleticism of the bride. Is she going to show off with a big throw, or just plop it over her shoulder? Adjust accordingly.要考虑到新娘的动作。她会用力扔出去,还是随便丢过肩膀?适当作出调整。STEP 3 Adopt a wide stance3.双脚分开Adopt a wide stance—the kind former Senator Larry Craig claims to use in airport bathrooms. Put one foot slightly in front of the other, so you can dash forward or backward as needed.站立时两腿分开,就像前参议员克雷格在机场卫生间的姿势。一只脚稍微靠前,这样就可以根据需要前进或后退。STEP 4 Bend4.弯腰Bend your knees slightly and have your arms raised in the y position.稍微弯腰,抬起双臂,做好准备。Don’t take your eyes off the prize, even for a second.眼神不要离开捧花,哪怕一秒钟。STEP 5 Make adjustments5.调整As the bouquet begins its flight path, adjust your position as necessary, even if that means stepping on a few toes—or smacking a few faces. Don’t be afraid of a little body contact, especially if the throw goes long—and people are in your way.新娘抛出捧花后,根据需要调整姿势,即使这意味着要往前跑几步,或者要撞到几个人。不要担心一些身体接触,尤其是捧花离你很远,而有人挡着你的时候。STEP 6 Grab6.抓住Leap into the air, grab the bouquet with both hands, pull it close to your chest, and hold on for dear life!跳到空中,双手抓住捧花,拉到胸前,迎接美好的生活!STEP 7 Celebrate7.庆祝Savor your victory. More importantly, enjoy the others’ defeat.庆祝你的胜利。更重要的是,享受其他人的落败。Still-single Kylie Minogue caught the bridal bouquet at fellow pop singer Natalie Imbruglia’s 2003 wedding.单身的凯莉·米洛在2003年一位同行流行歌手娜塔莉·安莉亚的婚礼上抢到了新娘捧花。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/292147

But not all pupils have to walk to school. These children are boarders.然而并非所有孩子都要徒步上学。这些孩子是寄宿生。As the day pupils near journey#39;s end, the boarders are still making breakfast.当孩子们快要到达学校时,住宿生还在做早饭。In the schoolyard, someone seems to have switched the lights off.校园内仿若被关掉了灯一般黑暗。But this is no ordinary playground, and no ordinary school. It#39;s housed inside a cave!但这里其实并没有正规的操场,以及正规的学校。只不过是在洞穴中的房屋而已。A natural vault of rock keeps out the rain so there#39;s no need for a roof on the classroom.天然拱顶阻隔了雨水,为教室省去了屋顶。 /201406/308193

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