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突破口语之情景对话(3):Nice to see you again 又见老同学A: Hello, John. How are you?B: I'm fine, thanks. And you?A: Very well, thanks. Nice to see you again. I haven't seen you for a long time. What have you been doing lately?B: Oh, nothing much really. And how is everything with you?A: Fine, thanks. I've been busy lately.B: What have you been doing?A: I've been studying for my exams. My school exams will begin next month.B: Really? Good luck for them.A: Thanks. And how are your parents?B: They're both very well, thanks.A: Where are you going now?B: I'm going to do some shopping. Why don't you come with me?A: I can't. I have to meet someone.B: It's been nice talking to you.A: Good-bye. See you again sometime.译文:A: 你好,约翰。还好吗?B: 我很好,谢谢。你呢?A: 我也很好,谢谢。很高兴再次见到你。很久不见了。 你最近在忙什么?B: 噢,没什么事。你最近怎么样?A: 我很好,谢谢。最近很忙。B: 在忙些什么?A: 我一直都在为考试作准备。学校下个星期开始考试。B: 真的吗?祝你好运!A: 谢谢。你的父母亲还好吗?B: 他们都很好,谢谢。A: 你现在要去哪里?B: 我去买东西。你干嘛不和我一起去呢?A: 我不能去。我约了人见面。B: 和你聊天真好。A: 再见。以后再聊。 /200708/16424听讲美国口语 /200607/8109I was going after the big brass ring I was going after something where I could make a difference. 我正追求重要目标我正追求让我出人头地的东西This was so important And so I didnt have time to follow up on all the details because I was getting busy. 这太重要了因此 我不再有时间管细枝末节的问题了 因为我很忙Going after something so important Well ill tell you that I started coming home. 追求如此重要的东西我告诉你们 从此我回家时And even though I didnt have a chance to follow up on the connections I was trying to make. 虽然我再也没时间继续同这些小孩保持联系Or take them to the movies anymore, take them to diners The resiliency and the joy and the laughter of the kids was always there. 我不再带他们去看电影或是吃饭但这些孩子的韧性 欢乐和笑声却总在那里I remember in the heat of the election they would tease me and chat things when I came home. 我记得选举最激烈时 他们会来取笑我会在我回家时谈论一些事情One night I came home, and they all had my lawn signs up and they gave me a little parade as I walked into the building. 一天晚上我回家时 他们举着我的草坪标志在我进入大楼时 他们像在为我游行Shaking a dozen of two lawn signs at me I felt so proud and I did a funny walking. 挥舞着十几二十个草坪标志我感到很自豪 故意像这样走路Then I all of a sudden scratched my head and wondered to myself where did they get these lawn signs from?. 然后突然我抓了抓脑袋 心想这些草坪标志从哪来Somebodys lawn has cut naked now Well I got elected mayor. I won a big victory. 有人的草坪被剪秃了后来 我被选为市长 赢得了伟大胜利And now I was mayor elect getting calls from presidential candidates. 这时 我成为了民选市长收到总统候选人的贺电Getting calls from around the country I was important. 收到来自全国的贺电我很重要And I had an important mission I was running after that mission. 而且我有一个重要使命我正追随这一使命Violent crime in my city of the time was spiking up and I was on a mission to stop it. 当时我们市的暴力犯罪率正急速增长而我的使命就是制止暴力犯罪Every time there was a shooting in my city whether it was 2 in the afternoon or 2 oclock at night I was there. 每次市里发生击事件 不管是下午2点还是凌晨2点 我都会到现场Standing around with people I would charge to them and say this is not who we are. 同民众站在一起我会冲向他们 告诉他们 这不是我们应该做的Were Newark, New Jersey, were better than this were stronger than this. Like a pastor in a church. 我们是新泽西纽瓦克人 我们不该如此糟糕我们应该更强大 我就像教堂的牧师I was giving testimony to everybody of who we were and I was the mayor, so important. 我要求每个人认清 我们是谁我是市长 如此重要People wanted to hear what I had to say People will come out of their buildings and talk to me I would try to. 人民想要听我说些什么人们会从建筑中出来 跟我讲话Cater to them and encourage them Press would meet me on the corners and they would interview me because I was so important. 而我要满足他们 鼓励他们新闻媒体会对我围追堵截 希望采访我 因为我如此重要And ill never forget one month into my time as mayor. 我永远不会忘记我当了一个月市长的时候201611/476806We want to accelerate adoption of sustainable building and development practices.我们想要提高高承受性建筑及其应用的采纳度。We want more innovation.我们想拥抱更多革新。But a lot of times, whole categories of innovation --但是很多情况却是,目录上所有革新当中,ones that can help us live more beautifully -- turn out to be illegal.那些能够帮助我们生活更美好的,最终往往不合法。Todays regulations and codes were written under the assumption如今的法规和条例都是基于假设所写。that best practices would remain best practices, with incremental updates forever and ever.那些优质实践永远都是优质的,伴随着的只是不断叠加的升级工程。But innovation isnt always incremental.但是创新不总是叠加的。It turns out, how we feel about any particular new technique gets into everything we do:事实明,我们对任何新技术的看法会进入到我们生活的方方面面:how we talk about it, how we encourage people to study, our jokes, our codes.我们讨论它的时候,我们鼓励他人的时候,我们的笑话,甚至条例当中……And it ultimately determines how innovative we can be.这将最终决定我们能富有多少革新精神。So, thats the first reason we dont innovate in sanitation.这也是我们不愿在卫生设施体系当中革新的第一个理由。Were kind of uncomfortable talking about sanitation, thats why Ive gotten called ;The Poo Princess; so much.我们在一定程度上是不愿讨论卫生体系的,这也是我被如此频繁的被称为“大便女皇”的原因。The second reason is: we think the problem is solved here in the US. But not so.第二个理由是:我们认为这个问题在美国这儿已经被解决了。但事实并非如此Here in the US we still get sick from drinking shit in our sewage water.在美国我们依然会因为饮用含有粪便成分的阴沟水而生病。Seven million people get sick every year, 900 die annually.每年有700万人因此生病,一年会有900人死于此因。And were not taking a holistic approach to making it better. So were not solving it.但我们并没有运用一个更加彻底有效的方法来改善现状。也就是说,我们并没有解决问题。Where I live in Portland, Oregon, I cant take Echo for a swim during the rainy season,在我住的地方:俄勒冈州波特兰市,我都无法回应你在雨季游泳的感受,because we dump raw sewage sometimes into our river.因为我们时常把未处理过的污水直接倒进河里。Our rainwater and our sewage go to the same treatment plant. Too much rain overflows into the river.我们的雨水和污水会进入相同的处理池。这样,过多的雨水就会进入河流之中。201612/48554650. I'm in the middle of... 我正忙着······ 用法透视 这里的"in the middle of..."表示正在做某事的过程中。 持范例 1. I'm just in the middle of coordinating the press conference. 我正忙着协调安排记者招待会。 2. I was in the middle of making a pie for dinner when the telephone rang. 我正忙着做正餐吃的馅饼,这时电话响了。 3. They were in the middle of a party when the parents came back suddenly. 父母突然返回时,他们正在开晚会。 会话记忆 A: Marry; Mr. Johnson wants these documents to be copied. 玛丽,约翰逊先生需要这些文件的复印件。 B: Oh, no. You see I'm in the middle of something. Could he wait? 噢,不。你看我正忙着呢。他能不能等会儿? A: I'm afraid... 恐怕...... B: All right, all right. He'll get them as soon as possible. 好吧,好吧。我会尽快让他拿到复印件 /200705/13329

美国习惯用语-第69讲:at the drop of a hatto talk through one's hat 今天我们要给大家介绍两个和“帽子”,也就是英文里的“hat”这个字有关的习惯用语。二次世界大战以前,美国人一年四季都戴帽子。男人一年之中大多数时间戴毡帽,到了夏天就戴草帽。女士们要是没有一顶时髦的帽子就好像不能出门似的。而现在,大多数美国人一年到头根本就不戴帽子。有些年轻人恐怕一辈子没买过一顶帽子。可是,那些和“hat”这个字有关的俗语却仍然常常出现在人们的讲话中。今天我们首先给大家介绍下面这个俗语:at the drop of a hat。At the drop of a hat的意思是:一有信号可以马上行动。它往往用来形容那些脾气很暴燥的人,例如像下面这个例子中的人: 例句-1: "Tom Atkins is usually a good-hearted, friendly guy. But he has one problem--a hot temper. Say something he doesn't agree with, and he'll start a loud argument at the drop of a hat." 这个话的意思是:“汤姆·阿特金斯一般来说是一个心地善良,很友好的人。但是,他有一个毛病,那就是脾气太坏。要是你说些什么他不同意的话,他可以马上和你大声争辩。” At the drop of a hat这个习惯用语不一定要用于争辩或打架的场合。它也可以解释为:在有必要的时候,某人可以立即行动,就像下面这个例子所说的一样: 例句-2: "I have a job that involves a lot of travel on short notice. I always keep one bag packed so I'm y to go at the drop of a hat when I get a call from the boss asking me to catch the next plane to Chicago." 这句话是说:“我的工作经常需要在得到通知后马上出门去。所以,我老是有一只箱子,里面放好了出门需要用的东西,这样当我接到我老板的电话让我乘下一班飞机去芝加哥时,我可以立即动身。” 今天我们要讲的第二个俗语是:to talk through one's hat。To talk through one's hat这个俗语的意思就是:说话的人自己根本不懂,所以他的话实际上是胡说八道。这个俗语是出自两百年前的一次总统竞选。在1888年,纽约的一家报纸登了一幅漫画,讽刺当时正在竞选总统的本杰明·哈里森。哈里森经常戴一顶很高的帽子,所以漫画家把他的帽子画得很大,连他的脸都给遮住了。漫画下面的注解说,当哈里森发表竞选演说的时候,他是通过他的帽子向听众说话的,也就是胡说八道 。尽管如此,哈里森还是在那次竞选中当选为美国总统。下面我们就to talk through one's hat来举一个例子: 例句-3: "Anybody who says we can balance the budget without raising taxes is just talking through his hat." 这是说:“谁要是说我们能够在不提高税收的情况下使预算平衡的话,那真是胡说八道。” 我们再来举个例子吧: 例句-4: "Hey, don't listen to that guy. He's talking through his hat when he tells people that two-headed men from Mars have landed a spaceship near Washington and the government is keeping it secret." 这个人在对旁人说:“喂,你们别听那家伙的话。他告诉别人说,有些长两个头的人从火星乘一架宇宙飞船来到华盛顿附近,而政府把这件事掩盖起来,不让公众知道。这人简直是在胡说八道。” 以上我们给大家介绍了两个和“hat”这个字有关的俗语。第一个是:at the drop of a hat。这个俗语的意思是,一有信号马上就可以行动。有时它可以指脾气很暴燥的人一触即发,但也可以用于一般情况下。今天我们讲的第二个俗语是:to talk through one's hat。To talk through one's hat是指说话的人对主题根本不懂,是在胡说八道。 /200601/3024

乐宁外教口语天天练No.62In the meeting some of John's comments were"hitting below the belt"."Hitting below the belt"意指 say or do somethingthat is unfair,make someone angry to get what you want.In the meeting some of John's comments were "hitting below the belt".John 在会议上的发言有些恶意中伤。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200610/9571

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