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清镇市中医院网上看结果贵阳做引产哪里医院最好安顺市人民医院人流设备 According to a recent survey of married couples by the state-run All China Women#39;s Federation, 30 percent of married women have experienced some form of domestic violence.根据全国妇联最近针对已婚夫妇的一项调查显示,30%的已婚妇女曾经经历过某种形式的家庭暴力。That means on average, a Chinese woman somewhere suffers domestic abuse every 7.4 seconds.平均来说,每7.4秒就有一位中国女性遭受家庭暴力。The organization says it can also lead to further social problems: 40 percent of female homicide cases are related to domestic violence, with some 94 thousand women killing themselves each year.全国妇联称,这也有可能导致进一步的社会问题:40%的女性杀人案件和家庭暴力有关,每年约有9.4万名妇女自杀。November 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. ed Nations figures show roughly one-third of women worldwide have been hit by their partners, and in Asia only 20 percent of them seek help.11月25日是“国际消除针对妇女暴力日”。据联合国数据显示,全世界大约三分之一的女性被他们的伴侣殴打,而在亚洲只有20%的人寻求帮助。Shocking incidents of violence and tragic stories hit the headlines all too regularly, prompting some to wonder whether it#39;s time to change the Chinese traditional mentality of ;Don#39;t wash your dirty linen in public; when it comes to women talking publicly about, and reporting cases of domestic violence.骇人听闻的暴力事件和悲剧故事频频登上新闻头条,使得一些人怀疑是否应该改变“家丑不可外扬”的中国传统观念,让女性公开谈论、并且举报家庭暴力案件。This March, China passed its first-ever national law against domestic violence.今年三月,中国通过了有史以来第一部反对家庭暴力的国家法律。Under the new law, domestic violence is no longer considered a ;family matter.; It#39;s now a legal issue that demands action from the courts and the police.在新法规定下,家暴不再被视为一个“家庭问题”。现在家庭暴力是一个可以要求法院和警方采取行动的法律问题了。The new law contains some strict measures to counter domestic violence. For instance, police can issue written warnings, or in severe cases victims can apply for protection orders from the local courts.这项新法包括了一些用来对付家庭暴力的严厉措施。举例来说,警方可以发出书面警告,或者在情节严重的情况下,受害人可向当地法院申请保护令。In addition, the authorities are required to directly intervene in suspected cases involving those with no or limited capacity, namely minors, seniors, and people with disabilities or critical illnesses.此外,对于那些涉及没有或者有限行为能力人(即未成年人、老人、残疾人、重病患者)的可疑案件时,法规要求当局可直接干预。While the new law marks a crucial turning point in addressing domestic violence in China, social workers say there is still a long journey ahead.尽管这项新法是解决中国家庭暴力的一个重要转折点,但是社会工作者表示,我国在这方面仍然有很长一段路要走。 /201612/482241贵阳市息烽县人民医院产科护士

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贵阳输卵管疏通多少钱 The ;creepy clown; craze that began in the US has gone global, with incidents reported in the UK, Australia and Canada.美国兴起的“恐怖小丑”狂潮已蔓延至全球,英国、澳大利亚、加拿大均有报告相关事件。The craze began in the US in August with reports of people dressed as clowns trying to lure children into the woods in South Carolina.今年8月,这股狂潮在美兴起,据报道,在南卡罗来纳州,有人扮成小丑,试图引诱孩子进入树林。A number of people have also reported being terrified by clowns holding weapons in public.许多人还报告称受到在公共场合持武器的小丑的惊吓。An eight-month pregnant woman in the UK was forced into premature labor after a person dressed as a clown scared her.英国一名怀胎8月的女子受到扮成小丑的人的惊吓后被迫早产。Police in the UK are warning against participating in the hoax.英国警方对参与恶作剧的行为发出警告。To ease public hysteria and for the safety of Ronald himself, McDonald#39;s is limiting the appearances of its iconic Ronald McDonald clown mascot across the US.为了缓和公众的过绪以及小丑罗纳德自身的安全,麦当劳正在全美限制其标志性吉祥物罗纳德·麦当劳小丑的露面。Professional clowns have condemned the craze.专业小丑对这一热潮发起了谴责。;This is nothing to do with clowning, it#39;s to do with people hijacking a costume and for some sinister reason trying to scare people,; Rob Bowker, a spokesman for the U.K.-based Clowns International, a clown organization founded in 1947, told the Guardian.英国“国际小丑”的发言人罗勃·鲍克在接受《卫报》采访时表示:“这一热潮和小丑本身无关。这是与那些抢了装、并试图用一些恶毒的理由去吓唬别人的人有关。” /201610/473056铜仁市阴道炎技术好吗黔东南州妇幼保健院打胎一般要花多少钱

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