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1.I can't undertake that you'll pass the exam.  我不能担保你能通过这次考试。  重点词语:undertake vt.承担,担任;许诺;从事;同意做某事 v.采取  商务用语:undertake fresh responsibility 担负起新的职责  undertake a post 担任一个职位  undertake experiment and calculations 从事实验和计算  2.The pound is the standard unit of money in Britain.  英镑是英国货币的标准单位。  重点词语:unit n.个体,(计量)单位  商务用语:unit cost 单位成本  unit assembly [船]分段装配  3.We can't start the job until we have the approval from the authority concerned.  没有有关当局的批准我们不能开始这项工作。  重点词语:until prep.到…为止,在…以前 conj.到…为止,在…以前,直到…才  商务用语:until countermanded basis 长期订阅制  until the cows come home 无限期地,永远地  4.It was a modern factory—everything was really updated.  这是一个现代化的工厂——一切都是最新式的。  重点词语:update vt.使现代化,更新 n.现代化,更新  商务用语:budget update 按当前情况修订预算  update econometric model 最新计量经济模型  5.This is my up-to-date timetable.  这是我最新的时间安排表。  重点词语:up-to-date adj. 最近的,当代的,新式的,流行的,时髦的,现行的  商务用语: up-to-date equipment 现代化的装备  up-to-date technology 最新技术 /200810/54290。

第一句:Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail?你能详细说明你们的论据吗?A: It would help if you could try to speak a little slower.你如果能说慢点就好了。B: I am sorry.对不起。A: It doesnt matter. Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail?没关系。你能详细说明你们的论据吗?第二句:We really need more specific information about your technology.我们需要贵公司与技术相关的更专门的咨询。A: It will help you understand the point I am trying to make.这会帮助您了解我想表达的意思。B: OK. Thank you.好的。谢谢。A: We really need more specific information about your technology.我们需要贵公司与技术相关的更多专门的资讯。B: No problem.没问题。其他表达法:We cannot precede any further without receiving your thoughts with respect to the manner of payment.我们如果不了解你们对付款方式的意见,便不能进一步了解。Actually, my interest was directed more towards what particular markets you foresee for our product.事实上,我关心的是贵公司对我们产品市场的考虑。 /201302/225130。

Annoying Voice Mail Phrases烦人的声音邮件短语陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他在走廊上遇到了美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)C: Amy, 你有时间吗?A: Sure. Whats up?C: 我刚才收到部门经理Mae的电话留言,她说我们在留言机上的留话千篇一律,应该考虑如何改变一下。A: I havent checked my voice mail yet. I have been out of the office so I havent heard her message.C: 我简单告诉你一下吧?A: Im all ears!C: 她建议,我们不用说,“我不在办公室或是正在另外一条线上”,因为你不说,别人也知道。A: What are we supposed to say?C: 不如改为告诉对方你在哪里,比如说去开会了,三点回来,让别人知道几点钟能找到你,或是能接到你的回电。A: I always try to let people know when I am away from the office for a few days.C: 对了,Mae还建议,如果好几天不在办公室的话,可以在留言里说明,你什么时候有机会查留言,回电话。A: Did she say more?C: Mae还说,如果你不在办公室,可以把临时联络人的电话和姓名留在留言机里。A: Ive had people do that and when I called the other person, she wasnt in so I found myself in another voice mail. Thats annoying.C: 没错,所以要事先弄清楚临时联络人是否会在办公室里。Mae还有不少建议,我一时记不起来了,你还是自己去听听吧。当天晚些时候。陈豪和Amy又见面了。A: Wow, Mae made some other good points about our greetings. I get tired of hearing ;Your call is very important to me.; I agree that we should drop that phrase, especially when it often lacks sincerity.C: 对啊,“你的电话对我很重要”根本就是废话。还有就是“我很遗憾没有接到你的电话 -- ;I am sorry I missed your call.; 有那个时间,还不如说点有用的。A: I usually tell people that I will call them back as soon as possible. Mae says to avoid saying, ;Ill call you back as soon as possible.; A simple ;Ill call you back; is all that is needed.C: 你觉得Mae说的有道理吗?A: Its clear to me that we all have fallen into a rut, by leaving a greeting that sounds as if we are ing from a script.C: 确实是有些千篇一律。那我们应该怎么做呢?A: What we need to do is update our greeting on a regular basis so callers know that we are attentive to our message system.C: 我们还应该保尽快回电。A: But we dont need to take up more time than necessary.C: 好,我这就去改我的电话留言,就说 ;Hello, this is Chen Hao. I will be in the office today. Please leave a message and I will call you back.”A: Sounds good to me. /201209/200733。

People do not always get along, so dealing with conflict is part of any job. And as often as not, work disagreements get resolved as much as in informal discussions in the hallway, as they do in the conference room. So, in this two-part series on resolving conflict, we’ll be studying useful language for discussing and resolving disagreements. 人们并不总是相处得很好,所以处理矛盾成为工作的一部分。工作上的意见不同并不总能在走廊进行的私人谈话中就能解决,而是在会议室协商解决,所以这个2节课的系列课程中,我们将继续学习讨论意见分歧和化解它的有用语言。We will be focusing not on major conflicts between companies or inside organizations, but rather on the everyday sort of disagreements that all of us have to deal with to be successful in our work.我们不会更多关注公司间的冲突或组织内部的冲突,而更关乎日常工作中我们人人都得处理好的意见分歧。In the listening, Elegant is a company that designs and manufactures bathroom fixtures – sinks, toilets, and so on. Ben has recently joined Elegant as a training specialist. When he started, he was promised that Elegant would hire someone to help him with his work-load, but instead he is still doing almost everything by himself. He was also promised the opportunity to do some course design, but instead his manager, Gerry, insists on closely supervising all of Ben’s work. Ben feels like he is working harder than anyone else in the office: He is always the last one to leave the department in the evening. But he doesn’t feel that his hard work is getting recognized. 对话中, Elegant是一家设计和生产浴室设备的公司,比如:水池,厕所等等,Ben最近刚加入公司他是培训专家。他刚开始工作时,公司许诺会雇人来帮他处理工作,但是他一直是自己做所有的活。他被许诺有设计课题的机会,但是他的经理Gerry坚持密切监督Ben的一切工作,Ben觉得他比公司的任何人工作都努力:他总是晚上最后一个离开办公室的。但是他并感到辛勤工作并没得到认可。As you listen, pay attention to the language that Gerry and Ben use to deal with this disagreement. 听对话的时候,注意Gerry和Ben用来处理分歧的语言。Listening Questions: 1. Gerry says he wants to “sit down informally and thrash things out a little.”2. What do you think this means? A strain is something that is tiring and, perhaps, irritating.3. What does Gerry say is “getting to be kind of a strain?” What solution does Gerry propose? /201109/153807。

Twenty-one 告知客户包装所用材料、方式及其质量保 Part One 611.Our packing is strong enough to withstand bumping and rough handling under normal conditions. 我们的包装足够坚固,正常情况下经得起碰撞和野蛮搬装运612.The cases used for packing our transistor radios are light but strong. 我们电子收音机包装用的木箱轻巧坚固613.The export cases used to pack the goods are strong enough to protect the instruments. 包装用的出口木箱坚固足以保护设备614.The cartons lined with plastic sheets are waterproof. 内衬塑料袋的纸箱可以防水615.we plan to use cardboard boxes with iron straps for reinforcement. 我们计划用铁带加固的硬纸盒616.Our strip scissors are packed in boxes of one dozen each, 200 boxes to a wooden case. 我们的磨剪一打一盒,200盒一木箱617.We’ll pack them 10 dozen to one carton, gross weight around 25Kg a carton. 我们要将它们10打一纸箱,每箱毛重约25公斤618.Our export fruit knives are packed in boxes of 100 dozen each. 我们的出口水果刀100打一盒包装619.The packing of our men’s shirts is each in a polybag, 5 dozen to a carton lined with waterproof paper and bound with two iron straps outside. 我们男式衬衫的包装为每一个聚乙烯代一件,5打一纸箱,内衬防水纸,外加两条铁带加固620.Our cotton prints are packed in cases lined with draft paper and waterproof paper, each consisting of 30 pieces with 5 colors for on design. 我们的花布621.The cigars are packed 5 pieces to a small packet, 20 packets to a carton,144 cartons to a cardboard container. 雪茄5只一小包装,20包一箱,144箱一纸板箱。622.These cartons are well protected against moisture by plastic lining. 这些纸箱内衬塑料布防潮效果很好623.All the goods will be packed according to the special way you require. 所有货物根据你方要求的方式包装624.As requested, the shirts will be packed in waterproof material. 根据要求,衬衫将用防水材料包装625.We plan to use cardboard or plastic cartons for the outer packing. 外包装我们计划用纸板或塑料箱626.You goods will be packed in wooden cases with tin-lining and iron hoops. 你们的货物将用内衬锡纸外加铁箍的木箱包装627.The goods we packed in new and sound jute bags, each containing about 200 pounds. 我们将货物装进新而结实的麻袋里,每袋200磅628.The cartons are well protected against moisture by polythene sheet lining. 纸箱内衬聚乙烯袋防潮效果很了629.If the goods are packed in cartons, any traces of pilferage will be in evidence, therefore the insurance company may be made to pay the necessary compensation for such losses. 如果用纸箱包装,任何偷窃痕迹都很明显,因此保险公司很易做出赔偿630.Such packing has also been accepted by our insurance company for WPA and TPND. 这样的包装保平安险和盗窃和提货不着险已被保险公司接受。Part Two 631. The cartons are comparatively light, and therefore easy to handle. 纸箱相对轻便,因此易于搬运632. It is our usual way to pack these goods in cartons. 我们通常用纸箱包装这些货物633. Cartons are quite fit for ocean transportation, and they are extensively used in our shipments to other continental ports to the entire satisfaction of our clients. 纸箱非常适合海运,它们广泛用于我们其它大陆港口的运输,我们客人完全满意634.Cartons are more convenient to handle in the course of loading and unloading. 纸箱在装卸时便于搬运635.We would like to inform you that we used to pack our scissors in wooden cases but after several trial shipments in carton packing, we found our cartons just as seaworthy as wooden cases. 我们想通知你我们用木箱包装剪刀,但经过几纸箱包装试运后,我们发现我们的纸箱和木箱一样适合海运636.Cartons are less expensive, lighter to carry and cost lower freight. 纸箱相对便宜,轻易搬运和运输费用低637.We refer carton packing to wooden case packing. 我们宁愿纸箱包装,而不是木箱包装638.Our cartons for canned food are not only seaworthy , but also strong enough to protect the goods from damage. 我们罐装食品用的纸箱不仅适合海运,而且坚固足以防止货物受损639. Cartons are not likely to be mixed with wooden cases while in transport or storage, so that the rate of breakage is lower than that of wooden cases. 纸箱在运输和储藏时不能和木箱混在一起,这样破损率比与木箱在一起要低。640.Shirts packed in such cartons are not so susceptible to damage by moisture as those packed in wooden cases. 装衬衫的这种纸箱没有木箱包装的那么易于受潮破损641.All our wooden cases are well sealed. They are not easily subject to sweat damage. 我们所有的木箱密封性好,它们不易受潮腐蚀642.We believe that your clients will find the improved packing satisfactory and your fears unwarranted. 我们相信你们的客人会满意改良的包装并且你的担心毫无理由643.We hope that you will agree to our opinion and accept our carton packing. 我们希望你能同意我们的观点和接受我们的纸箱包装644.The weight and measurement of each case are clearly marked on every case. 每箱的重量和尺寸都在每箱上清楚地标明645.You will know that our packing has been greatly improved and we are sure that they will meet with the satisfaction of the clients. 你将知道我们的包装已经改良,我们相信它们可以让客户满意646.The dimension of the cases are 17cm high, 30 cm wide and 50 cm long with a volume of about 0.026 cubic meter. The gross weight is 23.5Kg. 箱子尺寸为高17厘米、宽30厘米、长50厘米,体积约0.026立方米,毛重23.5公斤647.They save shipping space and facilitate the storage and distribution of the goods. 他们节省运输空间,便于储藏和货物分发648.In addition to the gross, net and tare weights, the wording “ Made in the people’s republic of China “ is also stenciled on the package. 除毛、净和皮重外,“中华人民币共和国制造”也要在包装上加上钢印649.We have made a number of improvements in packaging and presentation. Please set your mind at ease. 我们已经在包装和介绍上做了一些改进,请提出宝贵意见650.Our containers are in complete conformity to the specification laid down by the International Standardization Organization. 我们的集装箱与国际标准化组织规定的规格完全相符 /200812/12195。