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And thats one of the things that I enjoy most about this convention.关于这大会我最享受的事之一就是Its not so much, as so little as to do with what everything is.都跟;万物为何;这个话题有着多多少少的关系But it is within our self-interest to understand the topography of our lives unto ourselves.了解一下生命的崎岖和我们自身的关系是为了自身利益The future states that there is no time未来表明并不存在时间other than the collapsation of that sensation of the mirror of the memories in which we are living.只不过是我们在记忆影像中的生活轰然崩塌而已Common knowledge, but important nonetheless.虽说是常识,但也还是很重要的As we face fear in these times, and fear is all around us, we also have anti-fear.在这种情况下我们感到恐惧,恐惧无所不在,但我们也有抗恐惧的法子Its hard to imagine or measure.很难设想或衡量The background radiation is simply too static to be able to be seen under the normal spectral analysis.背景辐射过于静态,普通光谱分析根本无法检测出来But we feel as though there are times when a lot of us -- you know what Im sayn?但有些时候我们也会觉得,当许多人 --你们懂的But -- you know what Im sayn?但是呢,你们懂的Cuz, like, as a hip hop thing, you know what Im sayn, TED be rockn -- you know what Im sayn.就嘻哈音乐那种范儿,你们都懂的,TED赞爆了--就这意思Like so I wrote a song, and I hope you guys dig it.我写了首歌,希望大家喜欢201612/485002But most of all I should like to pay tribute to the people of Hong Kong themselves for all that they have achieved in the last century and a half.但我更要为香港人在过去一个多世纪里亲手创造的一切而向他们致敬。The triumphant success of Hong Kong demands---and deserves---to be maintained.此地的辉煌成就,必须延续下去,也应该延续下去。Hong Kong has shown the world how dynamism and stability can be defining characteristics of a successful society.香港已向世人实,一个成功的社会,是可以集拼劲与稳定于一身的。These have together created a great economy which is the envy of the wor1d.拼着拼劲,靠着稳定,此地建立了一个举世艳羡的庞大经济体系。Hong Kong has shown the world how East and West can live and work together.同时,香港又向世人实,东方与西方,是可以和谐共处的。As a flourishing commercial and cultural cross-roads, it has brought us together and enriched all our lives.这个发达的商业和文化交汇点,使四海犹如一家,丰富了每一个人的生命。Thirteen years ago the Governments of the ed Kingdom and the Peoples Republic of China recognised in the Joint Declaration 13年前,联合王固和中华人民共和国政府都已在联合声明中一同肯定,that these special elements which had created the crucial conditions for Hong Kongs success should continue.为香港的成功开创重要条件的这些独特元,素,都应该继续维持。They agreed that, in order to maintain that success, Hong Kong should have its own separate trading and financial systems, 双方都同意,为了保持成功,香港必须拥有本身的贸易和金融体系,enjoy autonomy and an elected legislature, maintain its laws and liberties.享受自主和一个由选举产生的立法机关,和维持本身的法律和各种自由。And be run by the people of Hong Kong and be accountable to them.同时,管治香港的应是港人自己,并向港人负责。201611/479074

VOA流行美语 4: broke;ame[流行美语]又和大家见面了。Michael和李华这两个大学生今天在 纽约的百老汇逛马路。那里戏院很多。李华看到一个 剧院在演歌 舞剧[音乐之声],于是她苦苦哀求Michael陪她去看。Michael 在学中 文。他喜欢李华跟他讲中文,可以让他练习听力。他在今天的对话 里会用到"broke"和“lame"这两个词。L: Michael,你看,这个剧院在演[音乐之声]!我一直想看这个歌 舞剧。M: I know, it's a popular show.L: 谁都喜欢[音乐之声]。Michael,今天晚上我们没有功课,我们去 看,好吗?M: Sorry, Li Hua, I'm broke. Maybe another time.L: Broke? 你受伤啦?M: No, no, no! I did not break anything. Here broke means to have no money.L: 噢,你没有摔断骨头,把我吓一跳。Broke在这里的意思是没有 钱。上回我妈妈出了车祸,花了好多钱修车,她就没钱了。 这也可以说 ...M: Yes, your mom was broke!L: 我哥哥付了学费,还买了好多书,他现在也是没钱了。M: Your brother is now broke! I know your sister spent all her money to buy a computer, so she is now broke too.L: 你怎么知道我买了一台电脑,把所有的钱都花完了?M: You told me yourself, you just forgot!L: 我告诉过你?我真是忘了。可是我不信你没有钱,你不是刚开始 给一个公司打工,前几天还发了工资吗?M: Ok, ok, I'm not broke. We can go see the show.L: 我知道你有钱!太好了,太好了,谢谢你Michael。L: 这两个座位还挺好的。M: Yea, pretty good. Li Hua, do you know why I didn't want to come to the show? Because I think musicals are lame.L: Lame? Lame 是什么意思呀?M: When you say something is lame you mean that it is silly or it is uninteresting.L: 噢,说什么东西 lame 就是说没有意思,无聊。还有什么事情你 觉得是无聊的?M: Saturday morning classes are lame!L: 你是说星期六早上上课是个馊主意?M: Yes, having class on a weekend is lame because it's a silly idea.L: 对,我也同意,周末上课太没劲了!谁出的这个主意,是够傻的。对了,Michael, 上回你交不出家庭作业也找了个很牵强的借口, 你当时是怎么对教授说的?M: I told our professor that my dog ate my homework. Yes, I agree, that was a lame excuse.L: 对了,你对教授说你的把你的家庭作业给吃了。谁都不会相信 你这种话。那你刚才不想来看歌舞剧,借口说没钱,那也是 lame excuse?M: Yes, it was an inadequate excuse because I do have money.L: 我知道你有钱,只是为了不想看歌舞剧而找个借口才说没钱的。M: You can also say...L: 行了,行了,我懂了。别说话了,演出开始了。M: Ok, but don't give me any lame excuses next time I want to do something!L: 下回不管你要干什么,我绝对不会用这种牵强的借口。M: Seriously, after buying these tickets I really am broke!L: 买了这两张票,你真的没钱啦? 得, 下回我请客。Michael 和李华在今天的对话里用了broke这个词, broke在这里的意 思是没有钱了。他们还用了一个词:lame, 意思是无聊,没有 意思,或者是不合适的。这次[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次节 目再见。 /200601/3075

College Student Meeting Employer 大学生初识雇主选自电影:Scent of a Woman 《女人香》 大学生查理找了份兼职的工作,他应约来到雇主的住处,由于是第一次面试,见一位严肃的陌生人弗兰克上校,他拘谨得很,语无伦次,而上校却语气霸道,术语连篇。单词通缉令1. moron n.低能儿;笨人2. Lieutenant n.原意中尉; 本文意为副级3. line n.前线4. bust vt.降低5. idiot n.白痴;极蠢之人6. Christ n.基督;救世王7. senior n.大学高年级学生;毕业生8. peddle vi.挑卖;沿街叫卖9. markup n.利润10. commission n.佣金11. graduate vi.定等级12. espresso n.浓咖啡13. indication n.象征;象征物14. helmet n.钢盔;盔;防护帽15. debriefer n.采纳意见者16. snag vt. 取得17. G2 美国军队的间谍组织18. chip n.薄片;碎片19. community n.社区20. misty a.有雾的;湿润的Charlie Simms: Sir?Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade: Don’t call me sir.Charlie: I’m sorry, I mean Mr., Sir.Slade: Oh, oh. We got a 1)moron here, is that it? Charlie: No, Mr., that is Lieuten-ant, yes, sir. Lieu…Slade: 2)Lieutenant Colonel. Twenty six years on the 3)line nobody ever 4)busted me four grades before. Get in here, you 5)idiot. Come a little closer, I want to get a better look at you. How’s your skin, son?Charlie: My skin, sir?Slade: Oh, for 6)Christ sake.Charlie: I’m sorry I don’t…Slade: Just call me Frank. Call me Mr. Slade, call me Colonel if you must, just don’t call me sir.Charlie: Alright, Colonel.Slade: Simms Charles, a 7)senior. You want student A exams. Charlie: Ah, yes, I am.Slade: Well, for student A cook. Your father 8)peddles car telephones at a three hundred percent 9)markup. Your mother works on heavy 10)commission in a camera store, 11)graduated to it from 12)espresso machines. Ha, ha. What are you dying of some wasting disease?Charlie: No, I’m, I’m right here.Slade: I know exactly where your body is. What I’m looking for is some 13)indication of a brain. Too much football without a 14)helmet? Ha, Lyndon’s line on Jerry Ford, deputy 15)debriefer, Paris peace talks ’68. 16)Snagged the silver star and a silver bar. Threw me into 17)G2.Charlie: G2?Slade: Intelligence of which you have none. Where you from?Charlie: Um, Gresham, Oregon, Colonel.Slade: What does your daddy do in Gresham Oregon, hmm? Count wood 18)chips?Charlie: Um, my stepfather and my mom run a 19)community store.Slade: Oh, how convenient. What time they open?Charlie: Five a.m.Slade: Close?Charlie: One a.m.Slade: Hard workers. You got me all 20)misty eyed.查理#8226;希姆斯:长官?弗兰克#8226;斯莱德上校:别叫我长官。查理:对不起,我的意思是先生,长官。斯莱德:噢,哦,怎么来了个傻瓜,啊?查理:不,先生,是中尉,是中尉……斯莱德:中校。在前线26年,还没有人一下降我四级。进来,笨蛋。走近一点,我想好好看看你。孩子,你的皮肤怎么样?查理:长官,我的皮肤?斯莱德:噢,看在基督的份上。查理:抱歉,我不……斯莱德:就叫我弗兰克。叫我斯莱德先生,叫我上校,如果你一定要这样,别叫我长官。查理:好的,上校。斯莱德:希姆斯#8226;查尔斯,四年级学生。A级学生的考分.查理:啊,是的。斯莱德:噢,A级学生读烹调的书。你父亲贩卖小车电话,有百分之三百的利润。你母亲在相机店工作,佣金丰厚,根据咖啡售卖机来定等级。哈哈,你快要死了吗,什么病让你日渐虚弱?查理:不,我,我在这里。斯莱德:我知道你的身体在哪里。我要找的是你大脑的预兆。不戴头盔玩太多的橄榄球?哈,林顿总统关于秘书长吉瑞#8226;福特的话,68年的巴黎和平谈判。夺得银星肩章和银棒肩章。把我扔进军队G2间谍组。查理:G2?斯莱德:你根本没有那方面的才能。你老家哪里?查理:噢,戈瑞仙姆,奥勒根,上校。斯莱德:你父亲在戈瑞仙姆,奥勒根是干什么的?数木块?查理:噢,我继父和母亲开了间社区小店。斯莱德:太方便了。几点钟开张?查理:早上5点。斯莱德:打烊呢?查理:凌晨1点。斯莱德:工作很辛苦。你让我眼睛都湿了。句子模仿秀这句话原本是生意场上常用的话,但主要动词一变,就窜味了。变得嘲讽戏谑。学习指导跟读朗诵,最佳朗诵时间为3秒钟。句子模仿秀中国有句古话,心不在焉。上面的这句英文就是最好的相应表达。全句自然地道,值得回味。学习指导朗读背诵,最佳朗读时间为4秒钟。句子模仿秀句子中的all misty eyed这个短语修饰眼睛,表明状态。记下来,自会有用,当然就不会说出my eyes are wet这种枯燥普通的句子。学习指导跟读背诵,最佳跟读时间2秒钟。 /200603/5373

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