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From the last eleven seasons,youve known that our first guest is Dr.Meredith Grey在过去的十一季中 我们的第一位嘉宾一直在A电视台的热门剧on As hit show ;Greys the Anatomy;.;实习医生格蕾;中扮演梅雷迪思·格蕾医生Take a look.This is a regular ting,一起来看看 大家都来这You all come up here and you watch surgeries. Why?观手术是常事吗 为什么Not just surgeries... the big surgeries, the whale surgeries,the rare ones, the crazy ones.不是一般的手术 大手术 巨型手术 罕见的 牛逼的才来I mean, youre on the edge of your seat.The patient could die. (This is) life or death.你在上面坐立不安 病人随时有生命危险 非生即死The adrenaline, the rush...肾上腺素爆棚 分秒必争So you watch, like, the worst day of a persons life like a movie.你的意思是 把病人最煎熬的一天 当做电影看吗No, not like a movie. Thats insulting.This is not entertainment.;Movie.;怎么会是看电影 那太不敬了 这又不是大众 ;电影;Oh, okay. This is where the good part starts.快快快 注意啦 精的部分开始了Please welcome Ellen Pompeo.Hey Ellen.Hi everybody hi.So congratulations you have a brand-new little child.欢迎艾伦·旁派 艾伦 你好 大家好 祝贺你又生了个萌娃We do, yes.Wow. How old is she?Shes six months.Six months?谢谢 么么哒 她多大了 六个月了 六个月了吗-Sienna May Ivery. - Sienna?她叫希恩娜·梅·韦弗里 -希恩娜Yes.Thats fantastic!Thank you.对的 好名字 谢谢And how is that going with..Oh, look at that.现在情况怎么样 哦 太有爱了Yeah shes a lot bigger now.她现在长大许多了And how is Ste...how old is Stella?-Stella is five. -Five?斯特拉多大了 斯特拉五岁了 -五岁了啊So how did she accept a new little thing at the house?家里有了新的一员 她是什么反应 /201510/401629I love singing.I always kind of sang around the house,I grew up listening to a lot of music我喜欢唱歌 我总是喜欢在家里唱歌 我听着很多音乐长大So thats how it got into my life,My part of dancing has never been,My parent,acutally Im an example of a child所以唱歌就是这样融入我的生活 跳舞方面我却从来没有 我的父母 实际上我只这样一个孩子Who actually loves it when his parents dance.My parents are both incredible dancers.Really?yeah,yeah真的很喜欢看父母跳舞 我父母跳舞跳得都很好 真的吗 是的And now is your girlfriend a great dancer?Well shes better than me.Absolutely,thats me,yeah那现在你女朋友也很会跳舞 她跳得比我好 真的是 这就是我 是啊There was some dancing involved on the set we first got together.It was the right party,we sort of have your first kiss我们第一次在一起时就有跳舞 就在那次聚会上 我们第一次接吻Because you never,shes a production assistant,right?Yes,shes a production assistant因为你从来没有 她是一个制片助理 是的 她是一个制片助理So she has been on al the film?No,cause that would mean she would be eleven.她参与了所有电影的工作 没有 因为那样就意味着她11岁就工作了Yeah,we start to yelling the truth as well.well,I wouldnt say that she started with one.I mean,no.But she我们现在开始讲出一些事实了 我不会说她第一部就开始参与了 我是说 但是她Yes,so she started on the sixth movie and we were both seeing other people at the time她在第六部开始参与的 我们两个当时都在和不同的人恋爱And it wasnt until after the end of the seventh I kind of had the guts to直到第七部结束后 我才有勇气去Oh,towards the end of the seventh,I picked her up at the clup and asked her out哦 是在第七部快结束时 我才开始去俱乐部接她 约她出去Yeah,but did you have the feeling she felt the same way?You must do但你能感到她有同样的感觉吗 你必须要确定吧I wasnt,I really wasnt sure.Because you konw,shes working all the time.Im not just a lazy actor like wondering around,and checking out a production assistant我那时不能 我那时真的不能确定 因为你知道 她在不停地工作 我也不是一个懒惰的演员 到处转 去查一个制片助理的行踪Yeah,you know,Im not sure she.I didnt know if she feel the same way at all是的 我不确定她 我那时一点也不知道她是否和我有同样的感觉But you get a point when you got to challenge your heart,and see what comes out.It works out,it works out但是你到了一个时刻 你必须挑战你的心 去看看会发生什么 一切进行的很顺利Congratulations.Thank you very much.Cause last time you were here you said that its really hard to meet people恭喜你 非常感谢 因为上次你来 你曾说很难碰到什么人Cause you are always working,so you got to meet somebody working.I was alway working因为你总在工作 所以你要去认识也在工作的 我那时是不停地工作Yeah,I think its possibly works like that.Forget going to the bathroom.Become a production assistant,you start dating.是的 我想可能是这样 忘了去卫生间 变成了一名制片助理 你就开始约会了 Thats how you do it,thats how you meet people那就是你的做法 那就是你遇见人的途径 /201609/468152

Robert Owen, a British mill-owner and reformer, treated private property, along with organised religion and marriage, as a social scourge. In 1825 he bought land for a farm-and-factory commune in Indiana. It attracted farmers, artisans and intellectuals. Tools, food and housing were free. The commune had mixed-sex schools and a library. It sponsored scientific research. Without a shared faith or purpose, however, the members split into competing groups. By 1827, Owens secular community had disbanded. The difficulty of pursuing micro-communism in a capitalist society also dogged Cabets American followers. His New World Icarians split into several rival groupings. Shakers, Owenites and Icarians focused, each in their own way, on duties. They sought to tame human selfishness. Gloomy as he looked in portraits, the Frenchman Charles Fourier concentrated on fun. His writings inspired the Brook Farm commune near Boston and, less directly, Oneida. Fourier wanted to free peoples instincts so that everyone, especially women, might lead a life of varied enjoyments and sensual delight. Stripped of emphasis on sex, Fouriers message that a good life was a cultivated life, not one of striving and work, appealed to New England intellectuals who formed Brook Farms core.罗伯特欧文是英国一个工厂的厂长,同时他也是一位改革家,他把私有财产同有组织的宗教与婚姻归为社会灾祸。1825年,他在印第安纳州购买了农场,建造了将农场与工厂集一身的公社,吸引农民、艺术家与学者前往。工具,食物与住房都是免费提供,还有男女混合制的学校与图书馆。此外,公社还赞助科学研究。然而因没有共同的信仰或目的,公社内部发生分裂,成员间相互争斗。到了1827年,欧文的这个非宗教团体也解散了。在美国这样一个追求内阁政策的资本主义国家中,想要追求微型公社,困难重重。欧文的新世界Icarians分裂成几个敌对群体。无论是震教徒,欧文的组织还是Lcarians,都以他们各自的方式关注职责,都寻求驯化人类自私的心理。法国人查尔斯傅里叶关注于这其中的乐趣,尽管他在肖像画里看起来很忧伤。但他的著作鼓舞了波斯顿附近的“小溪农场”公社,还间接影响了奥奈达一带。傅里叶想要解放人们的本能以便每个人,尤其是女性,都尽可能的过上享受多种与感官愉悦的生活。他传递的信息不再只具有强调性,而是指好的生活,即耕种生活,并不是奋斗与工作的生活之一,这一观点对于“小溪农场”核心力量,一些来自新英格兰的学者颇有吸引力。“Paradise Now” is more than a record of failed hopes. Some ideas sp to the mainstream. Fouriers feminism is a good example. Fourierist communes foundered across the New World and Old; his ideas about gender equality lived on. No society could improve, Fourier believed, until womens lot improved. “The best countries”, he wrote, “have always been those which allowed women the most freedom.” That is a common thought today. It was radical when Fourier wrote it in 1808.《现世天堂》不止记录了一系列破败的幻想,其中的一些想法也成为了主流。傅里叶的女权主义就是极佳的例子。虽然傅里叶公社在新旧世界都破产了,但有关于性别平等的想法仍在产生影响。傅里叶认为,除非女性的命运得以改善,否则整个社会难以得以发展。他写道,“最好的国家总是那些给予女性最大的自由。”而今这一想法已再寻常不过。但1808年,傅里叶写下的这句话却显得尤为激进。Women more generally are at the centre of the Utopian story. Some communes he writes about were democratic, some authoritarian. None was patriarchal. Mr Jenningss book is rich in fond hopes and improbable ventures. Rather than nudging ers to mock, which is easy, the author reminds them instead to remember that the maddest-sounding ideas sometimes become motherhood.女性更多的被置于乌托邦故事的中心。Jennings所描述的公社一些是民主的,一些是自治的,但没有一个是家长制的。他的书中记录了希望与不可思议的冒险。但作者却并不是去怂恿读者去模仿——尽管很容易,而是提醒读者要记得听起来最疯狂的想法有时候会变成为现实。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:杨霭琳 译文属译生译世 /201603/429255

You dont want to lose the whole world, right? - No.你不想失去全世界吧 -当然不But actually, you dont want to gain the whole world.但说真的 你并不想赢得全世界吧I love making babies. - I do, too.Julia. Julia.Sorry.Crazy.我喜欢造人 -我也是 茱莉亚 茱莉亚 抱歉 真是疯了I am not putting my money on the virgin.我可不太看好那位处女And ;The Bachelor; aird tonight at 8, sponsored by ;regret;.今晚8点将播放由;后悔;赞助播出的;单身汉;When we come back,Jennifer Aniston is gonna be sitting right in that chair.广告之后 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿会坐在那张椅子上My first guest is one of the biggest star in Hollywood,And she is absolutely brilliant in a new movie ;Cake;.今天第一位嘉宾是好莱坞最大牌的明星之一 而她将在新电影;蛋糕;中大放光Please welcome my friend Jennifer Aniston.Hi, lady.Now I cant see you anymore.欢迎我的朋友 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 你好 亲爱的 现在我完全看不见你了You just blended in with the chair.I disappeared.你已经和椅子融为一体了 我消失了I just dont even know how where. Just the head right there.我甚至找不到你了 只剩下个头了Just the head. --- Just the beautiful head right there.只剩下个头了 -只剩下个美丽的脑袋Hi, Jenifer. --Hi Cuty.So today is Monday.你好 詹妮弗 -你好 亲爱的 今天是周一呀 /201512/416453

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