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f0#jncZnBOKV47n~Kqg(psI8v-[nZINC7E5wAeKtoA[hSo you#39;ve found the home of your dreams, and as soon as you can sell your old place - it#39;ll be yours. We at Polycell are going to show you the 3 golden rules to help you maximise the value of your home and get it sold quick.u]x3]+;5^[SQ@I*nc@m1所以你已经找到你梦想的家,但前提是你要卖掉你的旧所——这就将是你的房子0._jv-T#gMxg)5wKD.。我们将会向您展示3条黄金规则来帮助你最大化房子的价值,然后将它尽快卖掉s~G(ax6i(ID。9D3wEp;6WepR)Rayy;U60zETwlAx10XU[5Wnh0d0 Article/201207/189209人们经常把他们的想法归功于;灵感;片刻。但史蒂芬;约翰逊给我们展示出历史上的反例。他讲述了16世纪英国伦敦咖啡馆所体现的;液态网络;,达尔文发现进化论之前的长期酝酿以及当今高速互联的网络的故事,皆十分引人入胜。 Article/201202/172431【视频欣赏】家里有两个小宝贝还真是一件有乐趣的事儿呢!视频中的大宝宝被自己不小心抓伤了,看他怎么对自个儿发飙吧,表情是重点!What's the matter?怎么啦?Did she scratch you by mistake?她是不是不小心抓到你啦?no no no no...哦不不不不不不……Ok, she got it!好啦,她懂了!No scratch...不要抓你嘛……It's ok. Can I kiss it back?好了好了,让我亲亲吧?(指爸爸要亲亲小baby被抓到的地方)Can I kiss it...我能亲不?Nothing you can do to make this better.看起来是没辙了。Come here let me kiss it.过来,让我亲亲嘛。I'm gonna put the socks back on these little feet.让我把袜子套在这双小脚上。第18届非洲田径锦标赛在贝宁首都波多诺伏落幕。尼日利亚队以10金、6银、5铜的成绩位居金牌榜首位。其中有7项世界纪录终于被打破。Nigeria won 10 gold medals to emerge overall winners at the 18th Africa Athletics championships in Porto-Novo, Benin. It was an event that saw 7 new African records set on the track but left a lot to be desired off it. With complaints ranging from poor accommodation to transport issues, the organizers seemed ill-prepared for the event.The road to Benin 2012 began two years ago at the closing ceremony in Nairobi, the host of the 17th edition of the championship. Over 800 athletes from 50 countries participated in 44 medal events at the sea-side city of Porto-Novo between June 27th and July 1st.Oscar Pistorius, 400m African Silver Medalist, said, ;The event was rusty in the beginning but it picked momentum and turned out great.;Theophilus Montcho, President of Athletics Federation of Benin, said, ;We tried with all the logistic problems we had but now the athletes heading to London have had good championship practice.;Some teams were however more brutal in their assessment as the logistics problems seemed to give team managers a headache.Kebaitse Legojane, Botswana Team Manager, said, ;The event was badly organized we had to change hotels.;Theophilus Montcho also said, ;We didn#39;t have an athletes village and the hotels we put athletes in didn#39;t deliver as promised but such problems happen and we can only say forgive the organizer.;With the competition held close to the Olympics there was concern that the event wouldn#39;t be up to par in terms of quality of athletes with many left out to focus on London. However after five days it was concluded the event was a success on track. Seven African records were broken with Nigeria’s 10 gold medal haul meaning they emerged top in the medal standings and the host nation now have a lasting legacy.Theophilus Montcho said, ;Athletics in Benin now has a start people know what pole vault and other field events are and also we have the infrastructure to host a top notch event.;Many African athletes were also chasing qualifying times for the Olympic Games but for the host nation their focus wasn#39;t on London 2012 rather this was but the first steps to ensure they take a huge athletics team to Rio 2016. For those competing in London however focus now turns to sports largest multi sport event each one hoping to build on the performance from the African championships. Article/201207/189191

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】How To Spot A True FriendYou can have many acquaintances, but genuinely true friends are hard to come by, so when you find one, it's important to recognise that they are a true friend, and then to hold onto them for ever. VideoJug has put together this film to help you spot your true friends. Step 1: Gestures(姿态)It may be a cliché, but it's true that actions speak louder than words, and gestures, whether they're big or small, count for a lot in a friendship. A true friend will support you no matter what, and will drop everything to be with you if you need them. If you're having a crisis, your true friend will be there to advise, counsel, and support you however she can. A true friend is someone you can rely on 100%, at any time. Nothing is too much trouble for a true friend.Step 2: Loyalty(忠诚)A true friend does not let you down by promising something and then failing to deliver. They do not try and steal your girlfriend/boyfriend from you, they do not reveal your secrets or badmouth you to other people - quite the opposite in fact - they will be totally trustworthy in every respect. A true friend will stand up for you if someone is doing you wrong.Step 3: A Shoulder To Cry On(一个让你哭泣的肩膀)True friends stand by you and won't run away when you need them. They lend you their shoulders to cry on when you need them. True friends are there for you through the bad times as well as the good. A true friend will always make time for you, whether it's picking up the phone or meeting up in person.Step 4: Appreciate Them(珍惜)Now you've established who your true friends are, appreciate them, hold on to them, and never let them go. Friends like this don't come around very often. Article/201003/98251

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