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On a single day last month, capitalism as we know it took a triple blow from some unlikely sources. 在上月的某一天里,我们所认知的资本主义受到了令人意想不到的三位人士的抨击。Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, all decried a system they claimed had neglected the security of its weakest members.欧洲央行(ECB)行长马里奥.德拉吉(Mario Draghi)、国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂娜.拉加德(Christine Lagarde)以及欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)全都谴责资本主义制度,他们宣称资本主义忽视了最弱势的社会成员的安全。That these three prominent champions of economic liberalism — all of whom work for institutions seen as part of an out-of-touch elite — are now critiquing capitalism is a reaction to the political mood of 2016. 这三位经济自由主义的杰出捍卫者——他们所工作的机构都被视为隶属于高高在上的精英阶层——如今正在批评资本主义,这是对2016年政治情绪所做出的反应。This mood has led the UK to turn its back on the EU and to a broader rise of anti-globalisation political movements around the world — notably in the US, where Donald Trump has put protectionism at the heart of his presidential campaign.这种情绪导致英国选择脱离欧盟,并使得反全球化政治运动在全球范围内更为广泛的兴起,特别是在美国,唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)把保护主义作为其竞选的核心纲领。For the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the system Mr Draghi and his peers helped build is under threat. 自柏林墙倒塌以来,德拉吉及其同僚们帮助创建的制度首次面临威胁。Those in power, and large swaths of the electorate, are fearful of what could follow.那些当权派以及许多选民担心后续的发展。The Corruption of Capitalism helps explain why we are where we are. 《资本主义的衰败》(The Corruption of Capitalism)帮助解释了我们为何会面临现在这种状况。The author, Guy Standing, is a professor at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies — an institution known for its opposition to the promotion of liberalism that has characterised mainstream economic thought.作者是伦敦大学(University of London)东方与非洲研究学院(School of Oriental and African Studies)的教授盖伊.斯坦丁(Guy Standing)。该学院以反对宣扬自由主义——主流经济思想的特征——而闻名。While the his perspective is leftwing, many of the author’s ideas for fixing he author has to fix the system — such as a universal basic income, where all citizens receive regular payments from the state whether or not they work — are receiving more attention from the mainstream. 尽管斯坦丁的观点有些左倾,但他提出的许多解决资本主义问题的想法——比如统一的基本收入,即所有公民接受政府发放的定期津贴,无论他们工作与否——越来越受到主流社会的关注。The result is a timely book, which though flawed in parts isin others a compelling .这本书出得非常及时,尽管有些地方存在瑕疵,但仍令人手不释卷。Standing explains how capitalism has been corrupted as the security of the many has been weakened to embolden strengthen the position of those who hold the bulk of society’s wealth. 斯坦丁解释了资本主义是如何被搞得衰败的,因为许多人的安全遭到削弱,却强化了那些拥有社会大量财富的人的地位。Today, he explains, we have a rigged system that leaves those without much property with few rights.他解释说,如今我们的体系受到操纵,使得那些没有多少财产的人也没什么权利。He borrows from John Maynard Keynes’ critique of the rentier class — broadly, those who live on income from property, including patents and copyright, and investments. 他借用了约翰.梅纳德.凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)对食利阶层的批评——大体上这是指那些依靠财产(包括专利和著作权)及投资所产生的收益生活的人。And like Keynes, he wants to see the euthanasia end of the rentier on the grounds that the system they have created is both inefficient and grossly unfair. 与凯恩斯一样,他希望看到食利阶层终结,原因是他们创建的体系既没有效率,又极其不公平。Those at the bottom of the many he Standing calls the precariat — the class of workers most exposed to the insecurity produced bytypical of this era of rentier capitalism driven by globalisation, has produced.斯坦丁将那些处于底层的人称为无保障无产阶级(precariat),这是指在全球化造就的食利资本主义时代典型的最没有安全保障的劳动者。The book is divided into chapters looking at the various ways in which the interests of the rentier class have been promoted to the detriment of the rest. 该书分为几个章节,分析了为促进食利阶层的利益而损害其他人利益的各种方式。There are weaknesses in some of the arguments.其中一些观点的理由并不充分。For the author, the autonomy of central banks to set monetary policy as they see fit as they see fit highlights how little control normal most people have over the forces of finance. 在作者看来,央行可以按照自己认为合适的方式制定货币政策,这种自主权突显出大多数人对金融力量完全没有控制力。Yet he neglects to mention that one of the reasons independence was granted was because is the fact that government control over interest rates had led to double-digit inflation across in advanced economies. The experience of rampant inflation in the 1970s and early 1980s. 然而,他没有提到赋予央行独立性的理由之一是,在上世纪70年代和80年代初,政府对利率的控制导致发达经济体的通胀率达到两位数。Racing price rises — and the high interest rates needed to bring them under control — had the most vicious effect on society’s most vulnerable. 价格不断上涨——以及为控制通胀出台的高利率政策——对社会弱势群体的影响最为有害。But on the gross unfairness of housing policy in the UK, one of the more egregious examples of the power of the rentier, Standing’s the arguments resonate.但就英国住房政策的不公而言——这是表明食利者权力的更为恶劣的例子之一——斯坦丁的观点引发了共鸣。It is on labour conditions in the era of dark Satanic apps, where data are used to monitor and control a workforce that has little in thewith little by way of employment rights, that Standing — a former employee of the International Labour Organization — the author is at his most prescient.最能体现作者远见的是讲述邪恶应用时代的劳动条件的部分——在这个时代,资本家用数据来监督和控制劳动者,连保障就业权利的样子都不做。Towards the end of the book, Standing, a former employee of the International Labour Organization, writes that the precariat’s vulnerability today is everyone’s tomorrow. 斯坦丁曾经在国际劳工组织(International Labour Organization)任职,他在该书结尾处写道,无保障无产阶级脆弱的今天就是所有人的明天。On that he is surely right.就这一点来说,他无疑是正确的。As even those who helped create it acknowledge, the system as it stands cannot last. 就连帮助创建了资本主义的人也承认,这一制度照这样下去不可能长久。While Mr Draghi and Ms Lagarde may feel uneasy about the crushing of the rentier class, At the AUTUMN’S International Monetary Fund’sMF’s October meeting all the talk was of a more inclusive system.在IMF的10月会议上,大家都在谈论创建一种更具包容性的制度。One hopes that some of what Standing writes is heeded and the system can be reformed in favour of the many before it is too late.人们希望,斯坦丁在书中提出的一些观点会受到重视,以有利于众人的方式改革资本主义制度,以免悔之晚矣。While a book such as this is perhaps not quite the right place to stress the benefits of capitalism, one only need to look at some of the political forces now on the rise to see that much worse systems could exist than that we now have.尽管这样的书或许并不适合强调资本主义的益处,但人们只需看看现在崛起的一些政治力量就会发现,有些制度可能比我们当前实行的制度更为糟糕。 /201610/474178China is planning to ban online games for minors from midnight to 8:00 am, according to a draft regulation on the protection of minors issued by the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs.据中央网络事务领导小组办公室日前发布的一份未成年人保护条例草案显示,中国正计划禁止未成年人在午夜到凌晨8点这一时段之间玩儿网游。Experts believe it will be a powerful measure to prevent minors#39; Internet addiction. But implementation of the policy requires not only users#39; registration information, but a verification and recognition system for minors.专家认为这将是一项预防未成年人网瘾的有力措施。但是要实施这项政策不仅仅需要用户的注册信息,还需要一个未成年人认和识别系统。By June 2016, the total number of China#39;s netizens who are minors reached 160 million, accounting for 23 percent of the country#39;s netizens.截止2016年6月,中国未成年网民数量已经达到了1.6亿,占全部网民数量的23%。Given that 90.1 percent of minors in the country have online access, the online world has a profound influence on them. Therefore, the prevention of Internet addiction among minors has become an important issue for the country.由于中国90.1%的未成年人都能上网,网络世界对他们产生了深远的影响。因此预防未成年人网瘾已经成为了中国一项重要的课题。Liu Chunquan, a lawyer from a law firm in Shanghai, believes the country should implement such measures, since minors are unable to effectively control themselves, and addiction to online games may harm their mental and physical health.刘春泉是上海某律师事务所的一名律师,他认为国家应该实施这样的措施,因为未成年人无法有效控制自己,而沉迷网游可能会损害他们的身心健康。However, China Youth University of Political Studies Vice President Lin Wei told Legal Weekly that implementation of the ;midnight ban; should be based on a series of supporting mechanisms, such as users#39; registration information. Lin said the ban would be less effective if it fails to identify minors from adult users.不过,中国青年政治学院副院长林维在接受《法制周报》采访时表示,执行这一“午夜禁令”应该基于一系列配套机制,例如用户注册信息。林维称,如果不能区分未成年人和成年人的话,这一禁令的有效性将会大减。 /201702/492863

HONG KONG — Violent crime in Japan, like the deadly knife attack at a center for the disabled in a Tokyo suburb on Tuesday, is all the more shocking because of its rarity. The country is one of the safest in the world, where the murder rate, for example, has declined steadily for half a century.香港——就像周二在东京郊区一座残疾人务中心发生的持刀行凶流血事件一样,日本的暴力犯罪格外令人震惊,因为实属罕见。日本是世界上最安全的国家之一,比如该国谋杀率在过去半个世纪一直在平稳地下降。Researchers say several factors have contributed to that security. A 2013 ed Nations study of global homicide rates pointed to decades of prosperity and relatively low economic inequality, strict gun laws, a tough criminal justice system with a good record of solving homicides, a postwar rejection of violence, and the social stigma connected to criminality as having all played a role.研究人员表示,这样的安全程度由多种因素决定。联合国2013年的一项有关全球他杀率的研究,将原因指向数十年的繁荣、经济不平等程度相对较低、严格的法规、在解决他杀问题方面有良好记录的严厉刑事司法系统、战后对暴力行为的抗拒,以及犯罪的社会污名,研究认为这些因素都起到了作用。Last year, the number of crimes reported in Japan was the lowest since World War II, Kyodo News reported in January, citing the National Police Agency. The homicide rate in 2013 was 0.3 per 100,000 people, compared with 3.8 in the ed States, according to data from the World Bank. Also in 2013, there were 13 gun murders in Japan, the National Police Agency said, while the ed States had 8,454 firearm murders, the F.B.I. reported.今年1月,共同社(Kyodo News)援引日本警察厅(National Police Agency)的数据报道,去年日本通报的犯罪案件量达到二战以来的最低点。世界的数据显示,2013年日本的他杀率为每10万人中有0.3人,相比之下,美国则为3.8人。同样是2013年,据日本警察厅统计,日本全国共有13人死于杀,而据美国联邦调查局(FBI)通报,美国为8454人。But even though murders with multiple victims are uncommon in Japan, the country is not immune to them. Here are some of the mass killings in the country in recent decades.不过,尽管造成多人受害的谋杀案在日本很少见,该国也不能完全避免这类犯罪。以下是日本最近几十年发生的大规模杀人案。2008 Truck rampage, then a knifing2008年 卡车冲撞,之后用刀砍杀An auto parts worker hits pedestrians with a rental truck in Akihabara, a district in Tokyo known for electronics, then attacks passers-by with a knife, killing seven.在东京以电子产品闻名的秋叶原区,一名汽车零部件工人驾驶一辆租来的卡车撞向行人,之后用刀砍杀路人,致7人死亡。2001 School killing near Osaka2001年 大阪附近的学校杀人案A man with a knife kills eight children and injures 15 students and teachers at Ikeda Elementary School in an Osaka suburb.一名持刀男子在大阪郊区的池田小学(Ikeda Elementary School)杀害8名儿童,砍伤15名学生和教师。1995 Nerve gas attack on Tokyo subway1995年 东京地铁神经毒气袭击The cult Aum Shinrikyo releases sarin gas in the Tokyo subway system, killing 13 and sickening thousands more. Thirteen people, including Shoko Asahara, the leader of the cult, are on death row after being convicted in the killings. The group carried out an earlier sarin gas attack in Matsumoto that killed eight.邪教团体奥姆真理教(Aum Shinrikyo)在东京地铁里释放沙林毒气,致13人死亡、数千人生病。包括教主麻原彰晃(Shoko Asahara)在内的13人被判死刑,迄今还未执行。更早的时候,该团体还曾在松本市制造另一起沙林毒气袭击事件,致8人死亡。1982 Plane crash in Tokyo Bay1982年 东京湾坠机事件Investigators say the pilot of Japan Airlines Flight 350, flying a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61, intentionally crashed the passenger jet into Tokyo Bay, killing 24.调查人员表示,日本航空350航班的飞行员故意将其驾驶的麦道DC-8-61客机坠入东京湾,致24人丧生。1948 Poisoning during a bank robbery1948年 抢劫案中的投毒事件A robber kills 12 bank workers in Tokyo by posing as a doctor and telling them to take dysentery medicine, which is actually poison containing cyanide.一名抢劫犯假扮医生,让东京一家的工作人员用防痢疾药,但实为含氰化物的毒药,致12人死亡。 /201607/456974

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukrainian forces of a “criminal” incursion into Crimea, in an escalation of the conflict between the two countries that began when the peninsula was annexed by Moscow in early 2014.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)谴责乌克兰部队对克里米亚实施“犯罪式”入侵,俄乌两国间的冲突呈现升级之势。这两个国家是因俄在2014年初吞并克里米亚半岛而陷入冲突的。Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Wednesday that it had foiled “terrorist acts” prepared by Ukrainian military intelligence against infrastructure in the territory, with the aim of disrupting Russia’s parliamentary elections due on 18 September. Kiev has denied the allegations.俄联邦安全局(FSB)周三表示,其已挫败乌军事情报机构筹划的破坏克里米亚基础设施的“恐怖主义行动”,并称乌方这么做是为了破坏定于9月18日举行的俄议会选举。基辅方面否认了这些指控。The FSB, the successor organisation to the KGB, claimed that one of its officers and a Russian soldier had been killed while dealing with the Ukrainian plot last weekend. The FSB said the soldier died in an exchange of fire with the Ukrainian army across the border that now separates Crimea from the rest of Ukraine — a level of fighting between the two militaries not seen even during the annexation. Moscow said it had arrested several people, including a Ukrainian military intelligence officer.俄联邦安全局称,俄方一名军官和一名士兵在上周末应对乌克兰阴谋的行动中丧生。该局表示,这名士兵是在与边界线(即如今的克里米亚与乌克兰其余部分的边界)另外一边的乌克兰军队交火时丧生的。克里米亚被吞并以来,俄乌两军间的交火从未像此次这般激烈。俄方表示,它已逮捕了数人,包括一名乌克兰军事情报官。Ukrainian intelligence denied an officer had been detained, and officials said Russian claims of a plot were unfounded. The Ukrainian defence ministry described the Russian allegations, which could not be independently verified, as “an attempt to justify redeployment and aggressive actions by military units of the Russian Federation on territory of the temporarily occupied peninsula”.乌情报部门否认一名情报官已被逮捕。乌官员表示,俄有关乌方策划了阴谋的说法是毫无根据的。乌国防部称,俄方的指控是“企图为俄联邦军队在临时占领的克里米亚半岛上重新部署和采取强力行动找借口”。Kiev said it was committed to reclaiming Crimea and the Russian-backed breakaway region of Donbas through political, not military, means.乌克兰表示,它致力于通过政治而非军事手段收回克里米亚、以及俄持下欲与乌分离的顿巴斯(Donbas)地区。In Moscow’s account of the alleged Ukrainian incursion, the FSB said it had confronted a group of “saboteurs” in the town of Armyansk, just south of the border with Ukraine, overnight on Saturday. It alleged that 20 home-made explosive devices, as well as a collection of weapons normally used by Ukraine’s special forces, had been found.在莫斯科方面对所谓的乌方入侵行动的描述中,俄联邦安全局表示,上周六晚,其在乌边境以南的阿尔米安斯克(Armyansk)镇遭遇一群“破坏分子”。该局声称,其发现了20个自制爆炸装置,以及一系列通常由乌特种部队使用的武器。The FSB said a second operation followed on Sunday night when Ukrainian troops had tried to ram their way into Crimea supported by armoured vehicles.俄联邦安全局表示,上周日晚乌方采取了第二次行动,乌军队企图在装甲战车的持下强行进入克里米亚。 /201608/460157

The number of farmer-turned workers reached 281 million in 2016, up 1.5% over the previous year, which marked the first growth-rate increase since 2011, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.国家统计局发布的数据显示,2016年我国农民工数量达2.81亿人,比上年增长了1.5%,是2011年以来农民工数量增幅首次扩大。In 2016, the average monthly income for such workers rose to 3,275 yuan, up 6.6% year-on-year.2016年,农民工平均月收入升至3275元,同比上涨6.6%。The growth rate of farmer-turned workers who worked outside their hometowns continued to drop, with the number falling by 790,000 over the 2015 level to 76.66 million.而外出农民工数量增幅持续下降至7666万人,比2015年减少了79万人。Farmer-turned workers employed by local industries grew 3.4% year-on-year to 112 million.受雇于本地行业的农民工数量同比增长了3.4%,至1.12亿人。In contrast, the number of farmers who worked in cities was 136 million, a decrease of 1.1% year-on-year.相比之下,进城务工的农民工数量为1.36亿人,同比下降了1.1%。The latest survey also shows that China#39;s farmer-turned workers are aging rapidly, with those over 50 accounting for more than 19% of the total in 2016, increasing from 14% five years before. Those born after the 1980s took up less than half of the total.这项最新调查还显示,我国农民工正迅速老龄化,50岁以上农民工所占比重已由5年前的14%增至2016年的19%以上。80后农民工占比不足总人数的一半。China#39;s western region saw the fastest growth in the number of farmer-turned workers, the report added.此外,报告还指出,我国西部地区农民工数量增长最快。 /201705/508415It is unfortunate that Chinese wine drinkers seem to be deserting the produce of their own vineyards for imported alternatives. In my experience, the quality of the best Chinese wine has recently turned a corner — in the right direction.不幸的是,中国的葡萄酒消费者似乎正抛弃国产葡萄酒,转向进口酒。根据我的经验,中国最佳葡萄酒的质量最近出现了变化——向着好的方向变化。For years, it looked as though Chinese producers put more effort into the packaging than the liquid. After all, until fairly recently the great majority of Chinese consumers had no experience of what wine should taste like. So the many fraudsters, the sort who labelled questionable concoctions as “chateau Lafeet” or “Bordeaux Port”, could get away with murder.在多年期间,中国葡萄酒酿造商好像把更多的努力放在包装上,而非葡萄酒本身。毕竟,直到不久以前,绝大多数中国消费者没有品尝过真正的葡萄酒,不知道它们应该是什么滋味。因此,很多骗子在品质可疑的酒的瓶子上贴上“Chateau Lateet”或“Bordeaux Port”之类的山寨标签,竟然也能蒙混过关。The rampant fakery of old, as well as food safety scandals, presumably played a part in encouraging the country’s wine consumers to see imported wine as a more reliable product. It also tends to be priced much more sensibly. China’s wine producers are apparently still influenced by old gifting habits, with too many overpriced bottles aimed at providing a patriotic official with a domestically produced status symbol rather than a good-value drink.肆无忌惮地假冒陈年佳酿,以及多起食品安全丑闻,想必在一定程度上促使中国的葡萄酒消费者把进口葡萄酒视为更可靠的商品。进口酒的定价也往往理智得多。中国的葡萄酒酿造商显然仍受到过去送礼风气的影响,太多定价过高的葡萄酒旨在为“爱国”官员提供一种国产的身份象征,而非一款物有所值的饮品。The great majority of the imported wine is fairly ordinary stuff. France in general and Bordeaux in particular used to be the model for all wine to aspire to in China, but imports from Chile and Australia have surged in the past year or two, thanks to friendly trade agreements. Spain, too, offloads vast quantities of incredibly cheap wine to China.绝大部分进口葡萄酒的品质都相当普通。法国,尤其是波尔多地区,曾经是所有葡萄酒希望在中国效仿的模板,但过去一两年,在友好的贸易协定推动下,来自智利和澳大利亚的进口葡萄酒飙升。西班牙也向中国出口了大量葡萄酒,价格低廉得令人难以置信。Meanwhile, at the top end of the market, Chinese consumers used to be seen as ignorant stooges by the many exporters who cast China as their potential saviour in a sluggish European wine market. But they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable. The global leader in wine education, the London-based Wine amp; Spirit Education Trust, has almost as many Chinese students as British — and the University of Bordeaux is teeming with them.与此同时,在市场高端,中国消费者曾经被很多出口商视为不识货的小卒(这些出口商现在把中国列为低迷的欧洲葡萄酒市场潜在的救星)。但他们正变得愈发精明和学。葡萄酒教育领域的全球领导者、总部位于伦敦的Wine amp; Spirit Education Trust的中国学生与英国学生几乎一样多,而波尔多大学(Université de Bordeaux)也有大批中国留学生。Chinese producers are nothing if not determined and efficient. Last year, the country’s total vineyard area overtook France’s to become the second biggest in the world, after Spain’s. Often with local government help, producers have invested heavily in new vineyards and built wine “chateaux” more fantastic, quite literally, than any in the Loire or Hollywood, all aimed squarely at Chinese wine tourists.中国葡萄酒酿造商的特点是坚定和高效率。去年,中国葡萄园总面积超过法国,位居世界第二,仅次于西班牙。葡萄酒酿造商往往获得地方政府的帮助,他们大举投资于新的葡萄酒园,还建造了“酒庄”,比卢瓦尔河谷或好莱坞的任何酒庄都更加风景如画,吸引着中国的葡萄酒游客。If wine imports continue their dramatic growth, then Chinese exports will have to increase considerably. So far they have been modest, but UK consumers have apparently shown more interest than expected in such Chinese bottles as have so far been presented to the customers of Sainsbury’s supermarket and the off-licence chain Wine Rack.如果葡萄酒进口的戏剧性增长趋势延续下去,那么中国的葡萄酒出口将不得不显著增长。迄今为止,中国的葡萄酒出口增速温和,但英国消费者显然对中国葡萄酒显示出了超出预期的兴趣,中国葡萄酒已在英国塞恩斯伯里超市(Sainsbury’s)以及连锁酒类商店Wine Rack上架。There is one potential handicap, however. The countries that have had the most success in establishing export markets in the modern era have had a USP. New Zealand has carved a niche for the world’s most valuable per-bottle prices by offering uniquely, refreshingly fruity Sauvignon Blanc. Australia saw massive success with its friendly Chardonnay and rich Shiraz. Argentina has blitzed North America with its bold Malbec.不过,还存在一个潜在的阻碍。那些在现代开拓出口市场最成功的的国家都有一个独特卖点。新西兰通过提供独特的果香沁人心脾的长相思(Sauvignon Blanc)白葡萄酒,打造出了世界单瓶价格最贵的葡萄酒细分市场。澳大利亚受人喜爱的霞多丽(Chardonnay)和气味馥郁的西拉(Shiraz)获得了巨大成功。阿根廷大胆的马尔贝克葡萄酒(Malbec)在北美市场风靡一时。But Chinese vineyards are dominated by the red Cabernet and Merlot grapes that grow in abundance all over the wine world — not least in Bordeaux, which produces massive quantities of inexpensive examples every year, typically made by co-ops that do not have the debt that recent investors may be saddled with.但中国的葡萄园主要种植红色赤霞珠(Cabernet)和梅洛(Merlot)葡萄,这些葡萄在所有葡萄酒产地大量种植,特别是波尔多地区,每年生产大量不贵的葡萄,一般由合作社生产,它们没有近期投资者可能背负的债务。The reaction of many Chinese producers to market trends has been to acquire foreign vineyards and wineries. Chinese investment in Australian wine production, in particular, has recently gathered pace, and current estimates are that almost 200 (relatively minor) Bordeaux chateaux are in Chinese hands.很多中国葡萄酒酿造商对市场趋势的反应是收购外国葡萄园和酒庄。特别是,中国在澳大利亚葡萄酒酿造领域的投资最近加速,同时据目前估计,近200个(规模相对较小)波尔多酒庄由中国投资者所有。Chinese buyers were out in force once more at the primeurs tastings in Bordeaux at the beginning of this month. One thing seems sure: Chinese influence in the world of wine will only increase.4月初,中国买家再次在波尔多期酒品鉴会上大举出动。有一点似乎是肯定的:中国在葡萄酒世界的影响力只会上升。 /201705/507698

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