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江镜镇无痛人流哪家医院最好的龙田镇人民医院地址小学英语话剧:贪玩的孩子 -- :55:36 来源: 小学英语话剧:贪玩的孩子  Characters: D: Dingding T: Teacher S: Student  道具:一个闹钟  Aside:Dingding is a playful boy who hopes to play all the time.One day he picked up a magic clock......  Scene I :In the way  (丁丁走在上学的路上,突然发现地上有一样东西,他好奇地捡了起来……)  D: Oh! What’s this? A clock? Yeah! It’s a clock. It’s nice.  What time is it? It’s 7:30. It’s time English class.  (丁丁急匆匆地朝学校跑去)  Scene II :In the classroom  T: It’s nine o’clock. It’s time Chinese class.  D(默念): Oh, I don’t like Chinese. I like sports. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class.  (突然,事情发生了改变……)  T: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class now. Let’s go to the playground.  D(高兴地): Oh, a magic clock. Great!  Scene III :on the playground  (丁丁和他的同学一直玩呀玩,大家都玩累了,下课的时间还没到……)  S(疲惫地): What time is it?  D(又一次看了看闹钟): It’s ten o’clock.  S: I’m hungry.  D(有气无力): I’m hungry too. Clock, clock. It’s eleven o’clock. It’s time lunch.  T: It’s eleven o’clock. It’s time to go home. Class is over.  D(将闹钟仍旧放回了原来的地方): Bye-bye. Magic clock. It’s time to go home. 小学英语话剧:贪玩的孩子福清性病治哪里最好 元旦晚会 New Year Party -- :3: 来源: In the end of theyear, people held many activities to celebrate and welcome the New Year. In my school,we held a New Year party every year. Students like taking part in it very much,because it is really funny. This year, I dance with my classmates. We prepare it a month ago. Our teacher helps us a lot. We work very hard to dance itwell. Now, tomorrow is the party time. I am sure we will be great in the party.如何道歉和投诉 --9 19:6:1 来源: 遇到不满意的事情和对待需要投诉时,礼貌地说比较奏效而且有趣的是,你可能先要说SORRY,再提出你的投诉,这样显得很有教养和礼貌,你的问题才会得到更圆满的解决   比如,在商店里,收款员找错了钱,你可以说: "Excuse me, I think you've given me the wrong change"或者 "Sorry, I think this change is wrong. I gave you $, not $."   在酒店里房间的调温器坏了:"Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating in my room." "Sorry to bother you, but I think there's something wrong with the air-conditioning."   失窃了:"I'm afraid I have to make a complaint. Some money has gone missing from my hotel room."   房间没有整理:"I'm afraid there's a slight problem with my room - the bed hasn't been made."   当人们发现自己错了而道歉,一般都会说SORRY,然后再提出把事情做好的解决办法   比如对应上面对调温器的投诉:"Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating."   或者 "I'm sorry - I'll get someone to check it you."   或者 "Sorry to hear that - I'll send someone up." 如何 道歉 和福清哪里割包皮比较好

福清割包皮挂哪个科:The Sweet Candies --01 3:: 来源: The Sweet CandiesCharacters: Narrator(N),Salesman(S) ,Mom,Maggi(M), Alice(A),个Candy(C), 个Policeman(P)Preparation:学校门口布景,做糖果用桌及相关材料,Maggie家布景 Scene1(At Salesman’s home)N: In a dark dirty house, there lived a small, dirty sale sman. He always makes unhealthy candies and sells them to the students. He has a lot of money now. But how does he make the candies? Oh, xu …… He is coming! S: Hello,do you know me? No? Oh, let me tell you .I’m the famous candy salesman at the school gate.My candies arevery popular,I don’t know why.The foolish students always come here. I’ll be a boss soon! Candy, money, candy, money…… (看表) Oops! It’s time to make candies now. (把粉倒到桌上,加水,加糖等用力搓)press, press…… (一块粉掉地,捡起来看看,又放进粉里)Never mind! (满不在意的情) Press, press……(用口水搓搓手,然后继续)Oh, my god!(鼻涕出来,用手擦后继续)Never mind! They don’t know it. it’s OK,he hehe…… Now let me cut it! (菜刀在地上磨一磨,再用刀切)One, two, three, four, five……Wow,OK now! (推糖果出来)糖果钻出来(跳舞),跳完后,非常难过地说:Oh, I’m so dirty and ugly! What can I do? The students will eat me! And they will be ill! Wuwuwu…S: Mmmm…It looks dirty, (突然想到一个点子)let me give you a nice coat! (给它穿上) Wow! it’s so beautiful! Haha… … C: Oh, no! I’m dirty!(把糖果拖出来,放到摊子上推下场) Scene(At the school gate)N: when the class is over, all the students come out happily and the salesman goes to the school gate as usual. (Maggie和Alice 欢快地跑出校门,看到小贩)(小贩推摊子上场,吆喝):Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! …… M: Oh, Alice! Look! Candies! A: yummy! M: Let’s ask him. A: OK! S: Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……(引诱两个女孩) MA:we want two Sweet candies!S: Do you have money?(轻蔑) MA: Money?(对视) No….S: No money? sorry! (吆喝着Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……走开,下场) M: What can we do now? A: Let’s ask mom.M: But how to ask? A: How?…Oh,I know ,(突然想到一个点子,悄悄告诉她)M: Good idea! Year! (两人一起击掌,欢跳下场) Scene 3:(At Maggie’s home) N: The children have to go home and ask mom some money, they will do something clever. (妈妈在擦家具)MA: (冲进家高兴地说)mom ,mom .Let’s help you !(接过妈妈手中的布,拿起拖把“洗刷刷”音乐响起) (做完后,三个人坐在沙发上)Mom:You are so good today.M: mom…Mom: What’s the matter?A:Can we have some money,please?Mom:Why?M:we want to buy some candies.A: Sweet candies! ……Mom:You can’t. They are unhealthy.Please go and do your homework.(置之不理,转头看报,孩子走开)(M做出难过的表情)A:I know.(诡秘的表情,轻声在M耳边说)M:good idea ! Let’s go !(两人走到妈妈的前面)A:Mom .I want a new ruler,M: I want a new eraser.Mom:No,no,no…(继续看报)A;My ruler is broken.(拿出尺子)M:My eraser is so small.(拿出橡皮)Mom:(看后)Ok,But,don’t buy the food at the school gate.It’s unhealthy.Do you know?AM: Yes,madom.Mom: Here you are.(给钱)AM:Thank you ,mom,bye bye.(非常高兴,下场)N: The next day, when the class is over ,Maggie and Alice come to the salesman again. They buy some candies and eat them, (孩子高兴地买了糖,边吃边回家,小贩,M,A下场,)N: but soon they feel a stomachache. M: Aiyo!……(孩子到家后肚子痛两人躬着背进场) A: Aiyo!…. Mom: What’s wrong? M: I’ve a stomachache! A: Me too! Mom: What did you eat? Candies? M A: Yes. We had some candies just now. Mom:Oh! You’ve cheated me! I told you that don’t buy the food at the school gate, they are unhealthy!(生气) M A: But they look nice! MA: Aiyo…… Mom:Well, Let’s go to the salesman together and have a look! MA: OK. Scene : (At the school gate) N: When they get to the school gate, a policeman is asking the salesman to go away. (正走到校门口,发现警察驱赶校门口的小贩)P: Hey! You shouldn’t stay here, leave now! C: Let’s go home, let’s go home! (轻声并拉小贩) S: Why? My candies are nice and popular here! And…M: Mom,it’s him. Aiyo…(指着小贩)Mom:: He? (警察走过来问妈妈,朝小孩) P: What’s the matter with them? Mom: They got a stomachache after having his candies. S: Really? No,no,no…… P: Stop!(打断小贩) Look at the two girls!You must go with me!(非常严厉,然后抓住S) S: Oh ,no. (羞愧) Policeman(对小孩): Girls, please listen! Don’t buy the candies next time. They are unhealthy. Mom::Yes, And you shouldn’t tell a lie to me. Try to be an honest person! Will you? MA: OK, mom.P: Let’s take them to the hospital now. D: OK, Let’s go. (全部退场)N(出场): A few days later, the girls recovered. (全部出场)And this story is trying to tell you that some of the phenomenon must be kept down, we hope it could be improved soon.Thank you !(谢幕)本文由网整理 英语 话剧 剧本福清红十字医院男科 拉萨旅游景点英文介绍:西藏物馆 --1 :: 来源: -- ::9.0Top attractions in Lhasa, China[9]- Chinadaily.com.cnTibet,travel,attraction,temple,LhasaTravel6887Travel@webnewsenpproperty-->拉萨旅游景点英文介绍:西藏物馆 Tibet Museum Located in Lhasa, the Tibet Museum is the first large and modern museum within the Tibet autonomous region. It was inaugurated in October 1999, with a permanent collection related to the cultural history of Tibet. Covering a space of 53,959 square meters, the museum displays more than 1,000 artifacts, including Tibetan art and architectural design such as Tibetan doors and beams.- Admission: Free 西藏物馆 拉萨 旅游景点福清融强医院彩超检查好吗

城头镇治疗尿道炎多少钱小学英语满分作文--My Family -- :51: 来源: 小学英语满分作文--My FamilyThere are three people in my family. They’re father, mother and I  My mother is a Chinese teacher. She is not tall, nor short, just right. She is fat. She likes to eat noodles and vegetables. Her favorite colors are brown and red. She doesn’t like animals. She lets me to learn playing piano. I love her because she is nice and hard-working. She cares me a lot. She is take cares of grandparents. Sometime my father and my mother fight each other  My father is a manger. He is thirty-six years old. He is fat and tall. He is good at maths and physics. He cares me much. Sometimes he buys me stationary. I like my dad  Now it’s my turn. My name is Tina. I’m eleven years old. I’m not thin, nor fat, just right. I’m tall. I go to Simon English School. I’m in grade four class one. I like to eat french-fries and some friends but I don’t like meat. I can paint. My best friends are Lily and Helen. My favorite colors are black, white, yellow and blue  Sometime in my family everything is very nice 旅游英语口语情景对话:入住宾馆(part 6) --01 1::5 来源: A: I've got a reservation here. My name is John Sandals.B: Mr. Sandals, may I see your ID, please? A: One second, please, while I dig it out. Here. B: Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Yes, I do. Do you accept American Express?B: I'm sorry, Mr. Sandals, but we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: That's okay, I've got plenty of cards. Here's my VISA.B: Okay. You're in room 5. It's a single queen-size bed, spacious, and nonsmoking. Is that suitable?A: Yes, that's just what I wanted. B: Here's your key, sir. If you need anything, just dial 0 on your room phone.旅游英语口语,旅游英语专业,旅游英语对话,旅游英语词汇,旅游英语作文,旅游英语专业介绍 旅游 英语口语 情景福清哪里割包皮比较好阳下街道中医医院如何挂号



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