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Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs想省钱?先帮你的房顶降温吧!The roof of a house can get pretty hot in the summer. Even if there is an insulated attic below, some of that heat can work its way into the living space. That can make air conditioners work harder and pump up electricity bills. But a thin, paint-like coating could help keep roofs cooler, a teen researcher finds. And in urban areas, widesp use of her new roofing treatment might even cut the formation of lung-irritating ozone on hot days.夏季炙热的太阳烤的屋顶奇热无比,尽管有有隔热作用的阁楼,但还是抵挡不住骄阳的高温穿透屋顶进入房间内。这可累坏了家里的空调,甚至还会有额外的电费账单等着付呢。但一位青年研究员发现一层薄薄的涂料就能帮助房顶凉爽下来。在市区内,尽管是很热的天气,使用她的新式屋顶隔热法即使在很热的天气下也能减少会对肺造成刺激的臭氧的形成。Shingles come in many colors, but dark ones are especially popular, says Jesseca Kusher. The 18-year old attends Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. Like most dark objects, shingles absorb a lot of heat from sunlight. In the summer sun, they can easily reach 73.5° Celsius (164° Fahrenheit), she notes. If those shingles reflected more sunlight, they#39;d stay cooler. And that could help cut down on home cooling bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioning consumes about 5 percent of all the energy used in the ed States. Cooling buildings costs the nation about billion each year.据一位来自南加利福尼亚州斯帕坦堡走读学校的18岁学生Jesseca Kusher介绍,这种特殊的屋顶由多种颜色组成,黑色尤为受欢迎。像多数黑色物体一样,这种材质的屋顶吸收阳光热量。经过夏天太阳的照射后,他们能很容易的达到73.5摄氏度(164华氏摄氏度),如果这种屋顶能返射更多的光,那么他们能保持更加凉爽的状态。家用降温设备产生的额外费用也会因此减少。根据环境保护署提供的数据,美国每年在降温设备上就会消耗约110亿美元。Jesseca Kusher, an 18-year-old researcher from Spartansburg, S.C., invented a paint-on coating for roofing shingles. Her formula could reduce a home#39;s cooling costs and possibly cut ozone pollution in urban areas.Jesseca Kusher,一名来自斯帕坦堡走读学校的18岁学生发明了一种房顶隔热涂层。她的发明能减少一个家庭因制冷而产生的额外费用并同时降低市区的臭氧层污染物。So Jesseca looked into ways to make shingles reflect more light. She mixed tiny particles - a powder - made from any of several different substances into a clear paint-like coating. One coating got graphite, the same material in pencil lead. Another recipe included gypsum. That#39;s a soft mineral often found in the drywall干式墙 used in construction. She even tried adding mica. That#39;s a mineral used in some lampshades. It ily breaks into small, glittering flakes.Jesseca也尝试过寻找能让这种屋顶反射更多光的方法。她把由任意几种不同物质组合而成的粉状物,也就是微小粒子混合成一种类似涂料的东西。这种涂层包括黑铅(和铅笔芯一样的材料),另一种成分是石膏,这是一种常见于干式墙建筑中的软矿物材料,甚至她还尝试着加上云母,一种很容易被捣碎成闪亮的晶片的矿物。Each of these powders came in several colors. In each of Jesseca#39;s test recipes, her reflective powder accounted for 40 percent of the weight of the final mixture. She also prepared some of the paint-like coatings with no additive. That would let her judge whether a powder - versus the transparent goop it was added to - affected a shingle#39;s reflectivity, she explains.每一种粉状物都会放入几种不同的颜色,在jesseca的成分实验中,能进行反射的粉占最终混合物重量的40%。同时她也准备了无任何添加的类似涂料的东西,这样她能判断单纯的粉状物以及添加了透明物质的粉状物是否会对屋顶光的反射产生影响。译文属 /201506/379857。

In March of this year, BuzzFeed News told you that Apple had a new Apple TV in the pipeline and planned to unveil it in June at its annual Word Wide Developers Conference. Two months later we told you the company scrapped that plan, delaying the device to do a bit more work on it. It opted instead to focus its keynote-address attentions on its next generation operating systems and Apple Music streaming service。今年三月,BuzzFeed就报道过苹果正在筹备Apple TV的面市,并且打算在六月的世界开发者大会上发布。三月份之后的两个月,苹果却改变了计划,延迟发布AppleTV,为的是再打磨一下产品。在主题演讲里,苹果公司把注意力集中在了下一代操作系统和苹果音乐流媒体务。Now, as Apple heads toward its annual fall event, the successor to its superannuated set-top box is once again top of mind and at last headed to market — and for real this time。现在,苹果公司正着力准备其一年一度的秋季活动。新产品也将取代之前老旧的机顶盒,这一次这个机顶盒又成了焦点,并且最终要面市了——这次是真的。Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell BuzzFeed News that the company intends to announce its next-generation Apple TV in September, at the same event at which it typically unveils its new iPhones. The device itself is pretty much as we described it to you in March, sources say, but “more polished” after some additional tweaks. Expect a refreshed and slimmer chassis and new innards; Apple’s A8 system on chip; a new remote that sources say has been “drastically improved” by a touch-pad input; an increase in on-board storage; and an improved operating system that will support Siri voice control. Crucially, the new Apple TV will debut alongside a long-awaited App Store and the software development kit developers need to populate it。据熟悉苹果计划的消息来源,苹果公司打算在今年9月份发布下一代Apple TV,而这个时间段也正是苹果发布新iPhone的时间。Apple TV和我们今年三月份报道中的描述相差无几,但是消息称其在打磨之后“更完美”了。全新和外壳和内置;苹果芯片的A8系统;触控输入使得遥控性能“大大提高”;机载内存提升;持Siri声控系统。最重要的是,随Apple TV发布的还有让人等待已久的应用商店,以及开发者用来普及该产品的软件开发工具箱。It’s a significant overhaul of the diminutive set-top box, which hasn’t seen a material refresh since 2012, and one that Apple hopes will inspire a big upgrade cycle through the annual winter holiday consumer binge, setting the stage for the subscription internet-TV service Apple’s been trying to get off the ground for years. While that service is most certainly in the offing, sources tell BuzzFeed News that Apple does not currently plan to announce it alongside the new Apple TV。这应该是这个小小机顶盒的一次大翻新。自2012年以来,机顶盒并没有实质性的改变。苹果也希望通过这次Apple TV的发布,能够趁着一年一度的冬季消费热引发一场设备大型的设备的更新。这样也能为之后苹果努力已久的互联网电视订阅务打下基础。消息称,虽然订阅务的发布近在咫尺,苹果公司并没有打算和Apple TV一起发布。While launching new Apple TV hardware apart from a new subscription TV service might seem counterintuitive, it does make strategic sense if Apple doesn’t yet have the deals in place to field such a service. Certainly, Apple doesn’t need to debut the two things together. By rolling out the new Apple TV and SDK ahead of the service, Apple is giving developers some lead time to develop compelling apps for the device — and taking good advantage of a holiday shopping season that will likely drive sales, further growing the Apple TV installed base to which it will someday sell streaming service subscriptions。有点违背直觉的是,这次要发布的是Apple TV这么一个硬件,而不是全新的电视订阅务。然而,苹果在无法落实订阅务之前,这样的策略也是可以理解的。当然,苹果也没有必要非得让Apple TV和订阅系统同时发布。在订阅务发布之前,通过先发布Apple TV和软件开发工具包,苹果也给了开发者一些前置时间,用以为该设备开发更优秀的应用。同时也可以利用假日消费季刺激销量,进一步普及Apple TV,从而等待某天流媒体订阅务的到来。Apple declined comment。苹果公司未表态。 /201508/390201。

Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases《伤寒杂病论》Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases is one of the most significant books in the history of traditional Chinese medical science,written by Zhang Zhongjing (150 N 215) in the Eastern Han Dynasty, who was called the miracle-working doctor by the descendants. During his time, with war-lords fighting for their own territories, many people were infected with febrile disease .Zhang#39;s family was no exception. He learned medicine by studying from his townsfellow Zhang Bozu, assimilating from previous medicinal lit-erature, and collecting many prescriptions elsewhere, finally writing the medical masterpiece .Shortly after its publication the book was lost during the wars that ravaged China during the period of the Three Kingdoms. It was collected by later people and com-piled into two books, namely Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases , which was a discourse on how to treat the epidemic infectious diseases causing fevers prevalent during his era, and the other, Jingui Yaolue , a compendium of his clinical experiences. This medical master-piece was the greatest achievement of the medical theory since the Qin and Han Dynasties, which was applied broadly in the medical practice. It is also considered to be a monumental work for the school of febrile diseases by cold injury in traditional Chinese medicine.《伤寒杂病论》是中医历史上影响最大的古典医著之一。作者张仲景(150-215),东汉人,被后世称为“医圣”。他所处年代天下割据混战、兵戈扰攘,很多人染上了疫病,张仲景自己宗族中的人也有死于疫病的。他拜同乡张伯祖为师,钻研医学,吸收古代医学典籍里的知识,四处收集大量的药方,最终完成了这本医学名著。这本书成书后不久,便在之后全国战局动荡的三国时期失散。经后人收集整理,编成《伤寒论》和《金匮要略》两本书,前一本书论述对张仲景所处年代蔓延的传染病的治疗方法,后一本书是他临床经验的概要。这本医学名著集秦汉以来医药理论之大成,并被广泛应用于医疗实践。该书也被认为是中医“伤寒学派”的奠基之作。 /201601/419335。

If you want a smartwatch to make travel easier, Apple Watch is hard to beat. But what about all those Android competitors? There are too many to list here, including models from Sony and Samsung. Still, after taking Apple Watch for a test run several weeks ago, I gave a few popular watches for Android users a whirl (one nimble contender, Pebble, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices).如果你想买块智能手表,让旅行变得更方便,苹果手表可能是最好的选择。不过,那些安卓竞争者呢?它们的种类太多了,无法在这里一一列举,包括索尼(Sony)和三星(Samsung)的多种款式。不过,几周前,我试用苹果手表之后,也试了试几款流行的安卓手表(其中一个灵活的竞争产品是Pebble,它既能在安卓系统使用,也能在苹果的iOS系统中使用)。Apple Watch, among the newest additions to the smartwatch market, raised the bar in terms of intuitiveness and elegant functionality. And its travel apps are perhaps the most useful to date. But of course, not everyone wants an Apple. Below, a look at three popular Android options, and the pros and cons for travelers.苹果手表是智能手表市场的最新产品之一,它提高了直觉性和优雅功能性的标准。它的旅行应用程序可能是目前最有用的。但话又说回来了,并非所有人都想要苹果产品。下面我研究了三款流行的安卓产品,并分析了各自的优劣。Pebble and Pebble TimePebble和Pebble TimeFrom for Pebble; 9 for TimePebble,99美元起;Time,199美元STYLE With its colorless display and retro push buttons on the side of the face — which, in an age of touch screens, is a refreshingly uncomplicated way to navigate — the boxy Pebble calls to mind the watch David Hasselhoff used to summon his talking car in “Knight Rider.” It doesn’t have a touch screen, and its “e-paper” display (it’s easy to in sunlight) isn’t as crisp as others. But you’re not buying this (or any smartwatch) for looks. Like Crocs, it’s about utility. Besides, the company’s second-generation watch, which is being rolled out as I type, is, well, cute. One model of the new Pebble Time, with a gleaming white silicone band and color display, has a sporty Swatch-like look made for summer.外观:四四方方的Pebble让人想起了《霹雳游侠》(Knight Rider)中大卫·哈塞尔霍夫(David Hasselhoff)召唤自己会说话的汽车时用的那块手表。它的显示屏不是色的,表盘旁边设有古董按钮。在触摸屏时代,这个按钮倒是清爽的简单操作方式。这款手表没有触摸屏,它的“电子纸”显示屏(在阳光下看得很清楚)不像其他手表那么明快。不过你买它(或任何智能手表)不是为了外观。像Crocs的鞋子一样,重要的是实用性。另外,该公司正推出的第二代手表I型(I type)比较好看。新Pebble Time的其中一款拥有闪亮的白色硅胶表带和色显示屏,外形像斯沃琪(Swatch)夏季运动款手表。TRAVEL APPS Unlike its competitors, Pebble can go days without charging. It’s also water-resistant. You can shower with it on or go surfing or swimming. However, the first generation can hold only eight apps at a time. On iOS you’ll find versions of some travel apps such as Yelp, but many standard apps are not available. There’s no Hotel Tonight or Expedia, for example. So I branched out and tried Toilet Finder, an app that alerted me to nearby bathrooms— or tried to.旅行应用程序:跟它的竞争对手不同,Pebble好几天都不用充电。它还防水。你能戴着它洗澡、冲浪或游泳。不过,第一代只能安装八个应用程序。在iOS系统中,你能找到一些旅行应用程序,比如Yelp,但是很多常见应用程序都没有。例如,没有Hotel Tonight和Expedia。所以我稍微扩大范围,试了试Toilet Finder,这个应用程序能提醒我附近有厕所。NAVIGATION If you want directions on your Pebble, you need to load an app. The most helpful iOS app I tried was PebbleNav, but you have to enter your destination on a companion app that lives on your phone. It’s only after doing this that Pebble comes to life with turn-by-turn directions. An added step, yes, though after setting it up you can put away your phone and just glance at the watch’s detailed turn-by-turn directions, something that’s missing from a number of competitors.导航:如果你想用Pebble指路,你需要下载一个应用程序。我试过的最有用的iOS应用程序是PebbleNav,但是你必须在手机的配套应用程序上输入目的地,然后Pebble才能激活,一步一步指路。是的,它是多了一个步骤,不过,设定好之后,你可以把手机收起来,只看手表上的详细指引就行——有好几个竞争对手的产品都没有这个功能。PROS An affordable watch for those who want to texts and see what’s nearby, especially households where there are both iOS and Android devices. It’s water-resistant, has a long battery life and is well-sized for small wrists.优点:这款手表价格实惠,适合那些想用手表看短信或了解附近设施的人,特别是家里既有iOS又有Android产品的人。它防水,电池使用时间长,非常适合手腕细的人。CONS Frequent fliers and road warriors who have come to rely on an arsenal of travel apps (and Google Maps) will miss them.缺点:经常旅行的人会想念他们已经非常依赖的各种旅行应用程序(和谷歌地图)。LG Watch Urbane (Android Wear)LG城市手表(LG Watch Urbane,适配安卓系统)About 0约350美元STYLE This watch may be chunky, and the stitched leather strap may be slightly stiff, but it looks like the real thing (that is until you start talking into it).外观:这款手表可能看起来有些笨重,它的缝制皮表带可能有点硬,但它看起来很智能(直到你开始对它讲话才会发现它也没那么智能)。TRAVEL APPS You primarily use this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then asking for directions to, say, a museum, or instructing the watch to send a text or an email or jot down a note. When I lifted my wrist and spoke aloud, “O.K., Google, how do you say ‘table for two’ in French?,” up popped the words: “table pour deux ‘table for two in French’ ” Neat. (Though this wasn’t quite so smooth when there was a lot of ambient noise and the watch couldn’t hear me.) As with all smartwatches, popular travel apps are pared down or must be used in conjunction with the phone. For instance, to call up an American Airlines boarding pass, the watch told me I first had to view it on my smartphone.旅行应用程序:这款智能手表的主要使用方法是,先说“好的,谷歌”,然后询问去往某个目的地(比如物馆)的路线,或者命令手表发短信、发邮件或记笔记。当我抬起手腕,大声说“好的,谷歌,怎么用法语说‘两人桌位’”时,手表上跳出这些字:“table pour deux (法语两人桌位)”。棒极了(不过,当周围噪音很大、手表听不清我讲话时就没这么顺畅了)。和所有的智能手表一样,很多热门旅行应用程序都不能用,或者必须和手机协同使用。例如,我命令手表显示美国航空公司(American Airlines)的登机牌,它告诉我,必须先在智能手机上查看。NAVIGATION Google Maps makes navigation on this watch among the best to be found on a wrist. Ask for directions and up pops an arrow indicating which direction to begin driving or walking, along with the number of miles you should keep heading in that direction.导航:谷歌地图让这款手表的导航成为你能在手腕上找到的最好的导航方式之一。你问路之后,手表上会跳出一个箭头,指示开始往哪个方向开车或行走,以及你要接着往那个方向走多少英里。PROS Good navigation, voice-activated search and the ability to send texts and emails from your wrist make this a handy digital companion on the road.优点:导航优良,能声控激活搜索,能发送短信和邮件,这些优点让它成为旅行途中的便捷数码伴侣。CONS Apps that many travelers have come to rely on are not functional enough to be useful solely on the watch. And transitioning between activities takes some getting used to.缺点:很多旅行者所依赖的应用程序不能在这款手表上单独使用。不同活动之间的切换需要时间适应。MOTO 360 (Android Wear)托罗拉360(MOTO 360,适配安卓系统)From 9.99149.99美元起STYLE The fat, round face of the Moto 360 felt as weighty as an antique pocket watch, though the oversize color touch-screen face makes for easier ing. And you can customize, choosing from several bands and faces with the company’s “Moto Maker” at motorola.com.外形:托罗拉360圆乎乎的表盘感觉像古董怀表一样沉重,不过它的超大色触摸屏更易查看。你能在motorola.com网站上通过该公司的Moto Maker选择自己喜欢的表带和表盘。TRAVEL APPS Like the LG Urbane, you talk to this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then making a request. When I asked it to send an email it instantly asked “To whom?” When I asked for directions to the nearest gas station, it brought up choices from Mobil and Exxon. You can load a travel app such as Orbitz, but tap the icon and, as with the Urbane, you’ll be directed to your phone to fully use it.旅行应用程序:和LG城市手表一样,你能对着这款智能手表说“好的,谷歌”,然后开始下命令。我让它发邮件时,它马上问道:“给谁发?”我询问最近的加油站时,它显示出美孚(Mobil)和埃克森(Exxon)的几家加油站。你能装载旅行应用程序,比如Orbitz,但是点击图标后,你会得到指示,需要搭配手机才能完全使用,这一点跟LG城市手表一样。NAVIGATION After asking the watch to navigate to Union Square, New York, it showed me an arrow and the direction to set out. More detailed directions, including a map with turn-by-turn voice directions, appeared on my phone. Even if I were just planning to use Google Maps on my phone, it was still faster to ask the watch and allow it to instantly display a map and fire up navigation.导航:我要求这款手表把我导航到纽约联合广场(Union Square),它显示出箭头和出发方向。更详细的导航出现在我的手机上,包括带有逐步声音导航的地图。尽管我本来就打算使用手机上的谷歌地图,但是询问手表、让它立刻显示出地图并开始导航,还是更快一些。PROS Good navigation and effective voice-activated search from a watch that’s less than half the price of the Urbane.优点:导航良好,声控激活搜索高效,价格不到LG城市智能手表的一半。CONS The travel apps are pared down; you’re better off using most of them on your phone.缺点:很多旅行应用程序不能使用;大部分程序在手机上使用更好。 /201506/379287。