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郑州大学第三附属医院脱毛多少钱郑州中心医院割双眼皮价钱费用TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/467985郑州/韩式文唇哪家医院好 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/461832郑州华山医院打瘦脸针多少钱

河南省华山整形医院激光去斑多少钱While the plague took, it could also give.瘟疫尽管有夺 但也有予In the first year of the Black Death,John Crudchate, who is a minor,在黑死病的第一年 约翰·克鲁切特 一个小孩became an orphan, but an orphan with assets,because he could now inherit the lots left to him by his father and another relative.成为了孤儿 但却是个有钱的孤儿 因为他可以继承他父亲和另一个亲戚 给他留下的财产This must have been the making of a small but serious village fortune.瘟疫使得零散的农村资源开始整合In another place in the rolls, we learn that the harvest had become twice as expensive to gather in.在卷宗中提到的另一个地方 可以看到 为获丰收 需投入的成本整整提高了一倍Twelve pence, written in Roman numerals, per acre,because, the rolls say,of the plague and the scarcity of labour.每英亩需十二便士 那是用罗马数字写的 按照卷宗中所说 这是因为瘟疫和劳动力缺乏Workers, it seems, were thin on the ground and were beginning to charge accordingly.看起来 市面上的工人越来越少 要价自然也就水涨船高Farnham#39;s story could be repeated all through Britain.法纳姆的故事在英国随处可见The countryside after the Black Death was an irreversibly altered world.黑死病后的农村 发生了永久性的改变For one thing, there were no more serfs.其中之一就是 再也没有农奴了For centuries, being a serf meant being tied by custom and by birth to your local lord.几个世纪以来 成为农奴意味着 你在道义和血统上都依附于你的领主He gave you a tiny spot of land on which you could farm,and in return, you put in hours of grinding toil,unpaid, on his very big farm.他给你一块小得可怜的土地让你耕种 而作为回报 你得在他的大农场中 无偿地做苦力There were other ways, too, in which you were not free.生活的方方面面 你都没有自由You had to ask his permission to marry,and you were not, repeat not, ever to leave.until, that is, the Black Death.得到领主的允许才能结婚 而且你永远永远不得离开 直到 黑死病的降临 /201611/478870荥阳市开眼角手术要多少钱 Think about all the stuff you can do on your phone. You can get directions, translate stuff, make movies. You can check your pulse, start your car, see Earth from outer space, power a satellite—no, really. Your phone has enough power to put a man on the moon.想想你可以在手机上做的所有事情。你可以知道路怎么走、翻译东西、制作影片。你可以检查脉搏、发动汽车、从外层空间看地球、驱动卫星--不,真的。你的手机有能力把人送上月球。Now, use your phone to draw a moon. Exactly. Your phone can help you do anything fast; it just can#39;t help you draw something simple fast. Think about it. If you#39;re not a designer and you wanna make a quick party flyer, where do you even go for that? You probably have to download some app or buy a design program. So a few of us at Google created AutoDraw. It#39;s a drawing tool for the rest of us. AutoDraw pairs the magic of machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help you draw stuff fast.现在,用你的手机画一颗月亮。没错。你的手机能帮你快速完成任何事;它就是没办法帮你快速画个简单的东西。思考一下。如果你不是设计师然后你想简单做张派对传单,你要去哪做出来呢?你可能得下载什么应用程序或购买一个设计软件。所以我们一些在 Google 的人就打造了 AutoDraw。那是给我们其他人用的绘图工具。AutoDraw 将机器学习的神奇和才华洋溢的艺术家的画作搭在一块,帮助你迅速画出物品。Say you wanna make your friend a poster for her birthday—you#39;d go to the AutoDraw site from your phone or computer, and you#39;d start doodling something that sort of looks like a cake. The AutoDraw suggestion tool then guesses your doodle, and you pick a cake you like. And you can do this with all kinds of drawings: flowers, dolphins, socks, furniture for a new living room layout, a bike for an event poster, a giraffe, on a house, in the sky, for no good reason. You could make a coloring book. And your aunt can sketch out her weird dreams. You can also draw without the help of the AutoDraw suggestion tool. So you can doodle in meetings, play tic-tac-toe, sketch a stranger at a bus stop...yada yada yada.比方说你想替朋友她的生日做张海报--你用手机或计算机到 AutoDraw 网站,接着你开始乱画一个看起来有点像蛋糕的东西。AutoDraw 建议工具接着会猜出你的涂鸦,然后你挑选一个自己喜欢的蛋糕。你可以用这完成各种图画:花朵、海豚、袜子、新客厅陈设的家具、活动海报的脚踏车、一只不知道为什么在房子上然后飘在空中的长颈鹿。你可以做一本着色本。你的姑妈可以描绘出她怪诞的梦境。你也可以在没有 AutoDraw 建议工具的帮助下画东西。你可以在会议中涂鸦、玩圈圈叉叉、在公车站速绘一个陌生人...之类的。With AutoDraw, there#39;s nothing to download, nothing to buy, and it works anywhere. It works on your phone, your computer, your old laptop, your new laptop, dusty desktops, and fancy tablets. So no matter who you are or where you are, with AutoDraw, you can draw anything fast.有了 AutoDraw,什么都不用下载、什么都不用购买,而且它到处都可以使用。它可以在你的手机、计算机、旧笔电、新笔电、长灰尘的桌电,还有新潮的平板上使用。所以不管你是谁或人在哪,有了 AutoDraw,你就可以快速画出任何东西。AutoDraw: Fast drawing for everyone.AutoDraw:人人都可快速绘图。 Article/201705/511125河南省郑州市去色素痣多少钱

郑州上街区去除眉间纹手术多少钱You both have a lot in common because you both have quite extreme phobias. Right? Yes.你们身上有一些共同点,因为你们都有很严重的恐惧症是吧?是的。Pauley, what#39;s your biggest phobia? I have a lot of them.玻利,你害怕什么?我害怕很多东西。And the rule is that if you have a phobia...I#39;m sorry. I#39;m not gonna tell anybody it does #39;cause it#39;s serious.如果你特别害怕某种东西。抱歉,我不会说出来,后果会很严重。You never tell anybody what the big ones are.通常我们不会告诉别人我们特别害怕的东西There#39;s other like fringe phobia you can talk about like—like say I#39;m terrified of ovens.可以告诉别人的有比如条纹恐惧症,或者你可以告诉别人你有烤箱恐惧症Ovens? Yes. I don#39;t own a oven. I can#39;t stand ovens. Microwaves are fine. But ovens no. Yes. And then movie theaters. I only bakery.烤箱?是的,我没有烤箱,受不了那个。但微波炉还好。烤箱就不行,是。还有电影院。我只去面包房So would you not go near ovens? It#39;s like 3,000 miles away.所以你总是远离烤箱?恨不得离它几千米远No, I do pretty well over there.不会,在厨房还好I#39;m terrified of movie theaters. So I#39;ve not been in the movie theater and probably like 20 years. And magicians, big one, big time.我还害怕电影院。我已经20年没去电影院了。还有魔术师Sorry. Scared of magicians? Scared is an understatement.抱歉,你害怕魔术师?说害怕都算轻的What is it about them that#39;s terrifying? Everything.你害怕他们身上的哪一点?每一点I mean it#39;s all about deception, it#39;s all about foolery and it#39;s all about something and I can feel them coming from like a mile away.魔术师全身都散发着一股欺骗和愚弄人的气质,我在一英里外都能感受到他们的存在Well, you#39;re feeling it now. Please welcome—I#39;m kidding. I#39;m kidding. I#39;m absolutely kidding.那你现在应该已经感受到了。让我们欢迎——我开玩笑的,真的是开玩笑的That#39;s an amazing thing to be scared of. You think it#39;s amazing?害怕魔术师这事儿挺让人惊讶的。你觉得这很让人感到惊讶?Well, kind of. It#39;s just not one of those things that you hear. Well, ask him what his is. Go on.是啊,有点。平常没怎么听别人说起过这种事。那你问他害怕什么。说说看I hate balloon animals. You know the guys make balloon animals.我讨厌气球做的动物,和做气球动物的那些人My wife and I walk like a mile around that guy. Because that guy is like hey—我和我妻子走路都离商场那个捏气球的人远远地。因为那个人老是——Oh, so it#39;s...hang on. I don#39;t know if people know what you#39;re talking about. Hey, hey, hey, hey.哦,等一下,我不确定观众听不听得懂你说的是什么。别,哎No, I#39;m saying, no, I#39;m saying... You mean, you mean like... No, I#39;m not making fun—I#39;m saying it#39;s that noise. Don#39;t make fun of phobias. If someone says—不不,我是说,你是不是说,哎呀,不要取笑,我是说这种声音。不要取笑别人的恐惧症。如果有人说Yeah, that would be it. And twist it there. Make a poodle or something.对,就是那个。然后这里扭一下。就做成了一只What are you talking about, Perrette? It#39;s not your phobia. Because you can turn it into a magic trick at any moment.你插什么嘴,玻利?你又不害怕这个。你随时会拿它变个魔术I#39;m not gonna do a magic trick. That can turn into a rabbit or something. No, it#39;s not. I#39;ve made a hat for a very small child.我不会的。它可以变成兔子或别的什么东西。不,不会的。我只是给小孩子做了一顶帽子。That#39;s what I#39;ve done. But what is it about it that#39;s really scary?这就是我做的。关于这个你是害怕什么呢?It#39;s the sound of it. Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it.它的声音。好好好,我不弄了By definition they#39;re irrational fear. So therefore we don#39;t have to rationale lies them to you.从定义上来看恐惧症是无法用道理解释清楚的。所以我们也没必要跟你解释我们为什么会觉得恐惧I#39;m not saying it. You do. It#39;s gone. It#39;s gone.我不说了,你讲讲吧。我把它拿走了。Needles. I hate needles. Needles. Yeah. Oh, I#39;m the worst.还有针,我还怕针。针,没错。哦,我最害怕这个了。But you#39;re so hard. You#39;re such a rocker. But a needle around a balloon is fine with me.但是你看起来很胆大的,你可是个摇滚歌手啊。但是把针和气球放在一起就就没事。But you mean you#39;re going for a blood test or something.你说过测血什么的。They can put my head in a guillotine or they can put a snake around me, hang me or stick anything.我宁愿他们把我送上断头台或者在我周围放一条蛇,在我面前放些东西,我都不想挨针。A blood test is like two weeks of me ooh, I don#39;t know about that. I haven#39;t had a shot probably in you know 30 years, 40 years.但是如果两周前告诉我要测血的话……我不知道,我差不多有三四十年没打过针了Please don#39;t pull out a shot. No, don#39;t worry. I#39;m not going to. I didn#39;t even think about that.你可别拿出一根针来。别担心,不会的。这点我还没想到I don#39;t mind a shot like you know when they do the one in the ass.如果针扎到屁股上我倒是不介意I actually, we were shooting here before we had to—before we launched. And we were doing a piece in a sneaker shop.事实上——我们刚就打了一针——就在拍这段之前。我们当时在一家运动鞋商店取景。And I had a really, really sore throat. So a doctor come this sneaker shop.我喉咙突然很痛。医生来到鞋店In the changing room of this sneaker shop she said I#39;m going to give you a shot. I#39;m really not good with needles. She said I#39;ll do it in your ass.在鞋店的更衣室里,她说我要给你打一针。我很不喜欢打针。她说要打在屁股上。Do it quickly. Do it quickly. I#39;m in. Pants pulled down and she just went like this. She went bang. Spanked me.快点打完,我说行。我把裤子脱下来,然后她就在我屁股上拍了一巴掌。Was it cortisone? I don#39;t know. It was hard to remember, I had such an erection.是因为打的是可的松吗?不知道,我不记得了,我当时都勃起了。 Article/201706/513764 If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?如果你可以和任何人共进晚餐,活着或过世的都可以,你会选谁?Kylie Minogue. Marilyn Monroe.凯莉·米洛。玛丽莲·梦露。Oh God, I wouldn#39;t have a clue.老天,我不知道耶。I know, straight up. Paul Hogan.我知道,真的。保罗·霍根。Kim Kardashian. No! No, no.金·卡戴珊。不!不、不。I#39;d like to have dinner with Justin Bieber.我想和小贾斯汀一起吃晚餐。What? He#39;s not coming to my house.什么?他才不能来我家。I#39;d have Bob Hawke. Dave Hughes. Barry Humphries. Jimi Hendrix.我要和鲍勃·霍克。戴夫·休斯。贝瑞·亨弗里斯。吉米·亨德里克斯。People who have made a difference in the world—maybe Nelson Mandela at the dinner table.为世界带来影响的人--或许和曼德拉一起吃晚餐。Hello! Come in! I don#39;t know what he#39;s gonna say. I#39;m scared.哈啰!进来吧!我不知道他会说什么。好害怕。If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose?如果你可以和世界上任何一个人吃晚餐,你会选谁?Probably our whole family, like, our whole extended family.可能是我们全家人,像是,整个大家族。Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.妈妈和爸爸。妈妈和爸爸。Does it have to be a celebrity? Could it be family?一定要是名人吗?可不可以是家人?We love it. We talk about how school is. We ask Mom and Dad how their day was.我们爱一起吃。我们会聊学校怎样。我们会问爸爸妈妈他们今天过得好吗。Family. Yeah. Mom and Dad.家人。嗯。妈妈和爸爸。Family! Who would you like to have dinner with?家人!你又是想和谁一起吃晚餐?They just want to be with us while they#39;re eating food, which is pretty cool.他们吃饭时只想和我们一起,那真是满棒的。They see us above everything. Oh, I#39;m gonna get...他们把我们看得比一切重要。噢,我要...Yeah. Yeah. Bit of message in it for me. Yes!嗯。嗯。给了我一些启示。没错!What are we having for dinner?我们晚餐要吃什么? Article/201612/482010郑州/惠济区做文眉手术多少钱登封市激光除斑多少钱



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