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Move aside, Washington D.C. Step away, Singapore. Beijing has you both beat.华盛顿?新加坡?都靠边站吧,北京把你们都甩在后面了。According to a new study, Beijing is now the world#39;s eighth-most global city, breaking into the top 10 for the first time.根据一项最新研究,在全球化程度最高城市的排名榜上,北京位居第八,这是该城市首次进入前10名。The global cities index, published Monday, found that China#39;s capital city is eclipsed only by New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Chicago, in that order. Its analysis is based on factors such as business activity, information exchanges and cultural experiences. The report, which covers 84 cities, also weighs political engagement, as defined by how influential a given city is in #39;global policy dialogue,#39; and other factors such as presence of embassies, international organizations and number of political conferences annually hosted.周一发布的全球城市指数显示,北京目前的全球化排名仅次于纽约、伦敦、巴黎、东京、香港、洛杉矶和芝加哥。该指数的分析是基于商业活动、信息交换和文化体验等因素做出的。这份研究报告涵盖了全球84个城市,排名还考虑到政治参与度这一因素,考察内容是一个城市在“全球政策对话”中的影响力有多大;其他考察因素还包括外国使馆数量、国际组织数量和每年召开的政治会议次数等。Published by Chicago-based consulting firm AT Kearney, the report attributed Beijing#39;s jump in the rankings to its increase in Fortune 500 companies, international schools, museums and broadband subscribers.该报告由位于芝加哥的咨询公司AT Kearney发布。报告称,北京排名的上升得益于《财富》(Fortune) 500强企业、国际学校、物馆以及宽带用户数量的增加。It#39;s unclear whether speed of broadband--often lamentably slow in China--was a factor in the ranking. (One also presumes the fact that the country#39;s Internet is cut off from numerous foreign websites would be a knock against openness of information exchange, or more specifically freedom of expression, another criteria the report measured.) AT Kearney didn#39;t immediately respond to a request for comment during Asian business hours.目前还不清楚宽带速度是否也是考察因素之一,中国的宽带速度相当慢。(也有人会认为,中国互联网切断了与众多外国网站的连接,这对中国的信息交换公开程度(更具体来说就是言论自由)而言是一个减分因素,而言论自由是报告评估的另一个标准)。记者在亚洲工作时间联系了AT Kearney,但该公司没有立即回复记者的置评请求。The second-highest ranked mainland Chinese city was Shanghai, which trailed Beijing by a considerable factor and clocked in at No. 18, though it enjoyed a higher #39;human-capital#39; ranking, given its larger foreign-born population and levels of education, the report said.中国大陆城市中,排名位于北京之后的是上海。上海排在第18位,落后北京好几个名次,但上海的“人力资本”排名高于北京,因为上海的外国人数量更多,教育水平也较高。Other cities whose stars rose or fell significantly included Istanbul, which jumped nine places to 28. Bangkok, meanwhile, slipped 16 places thanks in part to repercussions from recent political instability. Boston took a tumble to 21 place, down six spots, with the authors saying that, among other changes in the city#39;s landscape, its #39;music and theater scene have also failed to keep up with those of other cities.#39;其他排名上升或下降幅度较大的城市包括伊斯坦布尔,该市排名上升九位至第28位。与此同时,曼谷的排名下降16位,一定程度上是受该国近期政治动乱的影响。波士顿的排名降至第21位,下降六位,报告作者称,波士顿的城市景观发生了一些变化,其中该市在音乐和剧院景观方面表现也未能跟上其他城市的步伐。 /201404/288639

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